Sharp Objects: A Novel PDF å Sharp Objects: PDF/EPUB

Sharp Objects: A Novel PDF å Sharp Objects: PDF/EPUB

  • Format Kindle
  • 272 pages
  • Sharp Objects: A Novel
  • Gillian Flynn
  • Anglais
  • 19 September 2016

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Sharp Objects: A Novel❮PDF / Epub❯ ✅ Sharp Objects: A Novel ❤ Author Gillian Flynn – As loyal Entertainment Weekly subscribers we have been fans of Gillian Flynn for her smart funny and spot on reviews of books movies and TV but we were not prepared for her stunning debut novel Sharp As loyal Entertainment Weekly subscribers we have been fans of Gillian Flynn for her smart funny Sharp Objects: PDF/EPUB ² and spot on reviews of books movies and TV but we were not prepared for her stunning debut novel Sharp Objects a wickedly dark thriller that Stephen King calls a relentlessly creepy family saga and an admirably nasty piece of work We re calling it a cross between Twin Peaks and Secretary sinister sexy and stylish Perfect fall readingDaphne Durham Second Interview A Few Words with Gillian FlynnDo you prefer writing novels or reviewing A I think writing ispure and actually a bit easier for me It s just me and my laptop not me and my laptop and a TV show that people have worked on Reviewing keeps you sharp I can hardly watch or read anything without taking notes now but plain old writing I find actually relaxingDo think your writing is influencedby books that you have read or shows movies that you have seen A My mom spent her career as a reading teacher and my dad is a retired film professor so I was really steeped in both books and movies growing up To this day when I get my dad on the phone pretty much his first sentence is Seen anything good lately I love putting words together I ve never met a simile I didn t likebut when I write I often think in scenes I want these two people in a dirty bar with this song playing in the backgroundI hear you are working on your second bookis it is too early to ask what it s about A I m still playing around with the whole plot when I wrote Sharp Objects I wasn t even sure who the killer was for a bit But I can say the new book has to do with family loyalty false memories a wrenching murder trial and a dash of good ole s hair metal and devil worshipWhat is your writing process like Have you changed anything about how you work since your first book A My writing process is incredibly inefficient and hasn t changed between books I really don t outline I know basically how I want the story to start and vaguely how I want it to end though like I said with Sharp Objects even that changed Then I just write Some characters I start findinginteresting some less I write entire swaths that I pretty much know I ll cut I have an entire file of deleted scenes I guess the one thing that has physically changed is I moved into a new place since my first book it has a great bathtub and I ll prop my laptop up and write in the bath for hours Which is admittedly weirdChapter One My sweater was new stinging red and ugly It was May but the temperature had dipped to the forties and after four days shivering in my shirtsleeves I grabbed cover at a tag sale rather than dig through my boxed up winter clothes Spring in Chicago In my gunny covered cubicle I sat staring at the computer screen My story for the day was a limp sort of evil Four kids ages two through six were found locked in a room on the South Side with a couple of tuna sandwiches and a uart of milk They d been left three days flurrying like chickens over the food and feces on the carpet Their mother had wandered off for a suck on the pipe and just forgotten Sometimes that s what happens No cigarette burns no bone snaps Just an irretrievable slipping I d seen the mother after the arrest twenty two year old Tammy Davis blonde and fat with pink rouge on her cheeks in two perfect circles the size of shot glasses I could imagine her sitting on a shambled down sofa her lips on that metal a sharp burst of smoke Then all was fast floating her kids way behind as she shot back to junior high when the boys still cared and she was the prettiest a glossy lipped thirteen year old who mouthed cinnamon sticks before she kissed A belly A smell Cigarettes and old coffee My editor esteemed weary Frank Curry rocking back in his cracked Hush Puppies His teeth soaked in brown tobacco saliva Where are you on the story kiddo There was a silver tack on my desk point up He pushed it lightly under a yellow thumbnail Near done I had two inches of copy I needed six Good Fuck her file it and come to my office I can come now Fuck her file it then come to my office Fine Ten minutes I wanted my thumbtack back He started out of my cubicle His tie swayed down near his crotch Preaker Yes Curry Fuck her Frank Curry thinks I m a soft touch Might be because I m a woman Might be because I m a soft touch Curry s office is on the third floor I m sure he gets panicky pissed every time he looks out the window and sees the trunk of a tree Good editors don t see bark they see leaves if they can even make out trees from up on the twentieth thirtieth floor But for the Daily Post fourth largest paper in Chicago relegated to the suburbs there s room to sprawl Three floors will do spreading relentlessly outward like a spill unnoticed among the carpet retailers and lamp shops A corporate developer produced our township over three well organized years then named it after his daughter who d suffered a serious euestrian accident a month before the job was finished Aurora Springs he ordered pausing for a photo by a brand new city sign Then he took his family and left The daughter now in her fifties and fine except for an occasional tingling in her arms lives in Arizona and returns every few years to take a photo by her namesake sign just like Pop I wrote the story on her last visit Curry hated it hates most slice of life pieces He got smashed off old Chambord while he read it left my copy smelling like raspberries Curry gets drunk fairly uietly but often It s not the reason though that he has such a cozy view of the ground That s just yawing bad luck I walked in and shut the door to his office which isn t how I d ever imagined my editor s office would look I craved big oak panels a window pane in the door marked Chief so the cub reporters could watch us rage over First Amendment rights Curry s office is bland and institutional like the rest of the building You could debate journalism or get a Pap smear No one cared Tell me about Wind Gap Curry held the tip of a ballpoint pen at his grizzled chin I could picture the tiny prick of blue it would leave among the stubble It s at the very bottom of Missouri in the boot heel Spitting distance from Tennessee and Arkansas I said hustling for my facts Curry loved to drill reporters on any topics he deemed pertinent the number of murders in Chicago last year the demographics for Cook County or for some reason the story of my hometown a topic I preferred to avoid It s been around since before the Civil War I continued It s near the Mississippi so it was a port city at one point Now its biggest business is hog butchering About two thousand people live there Old money and trash Which are you I m trash From old money I smiled He frowned And what the hell is going on I sat silent cataloguing various disasters that might have befallen Wind Gap It s one of those crummy towns prone to misery A bus collision or a twister An explosion at the silo or a toddler down a well I was also sulking a bit I d hoped as I always do when Curry calls me into his office that he was going to compliment me on a recent piece promote me to a better beat hell slide over a slip of paper with a percent raise scrawled on it but I was unprepared to chat about current events in Wind Gap Your mom s still there right Preaker Mom Stepdad A half sister born when I was in college her existence so unreal to me I often forgot her name Amma And then Marian always long gone Marian Well dammit you ever talk to them Not since Christmas a chilly polite call after administering three bourbons I d worried my mother could smell it through the phone lines Not lately Jesus Christ Preaker read the wires sometime I guess there was a murder last August Little girl strangled I nodded like I knew I was lying My mother was the only person in Wind Gap with whom I had even a limited connection and she d said nothing Curious Now another one s missing Sounds like it might be a serial to me Drive down there and get me the story Go uick Be there tomorrow morning No way We got horror stories here Curry Yeah and we also got three competing papers with twice the staff and cash He ran a hand through his hair which fell into frazzled spikes I m sick of getting slammed out of news This is our chance to break something Big Curry believes with just the right story we d become the overnight paper of choice in Chicago gain national credibility Last year another paper not us sent a writer to his hometown somewhere in Texas after a group of teens drowned in the spring floods He wrote an elegiac but well reported piece on the nature of water and regret covered everything from the boys basketball team which lost its three best players to the local funeral home which was desperately unskilled in cleaning up drowned corpses The story won a Pulitzer I still didn t want to go So much so apparently that I d wrapped my hands around the arms of my chair as if Curry might try to pry me out He sat and stared at me a few beats with his watery hazel eyes He cleared his throat looked at his photo of his wife and smiled like he was a doctor about to break bad news Curry loved to bark it fit his old school image of an editor but he was also one of the most decent people I knew Look kiddo if you can t do this you can t do it But I think it might be good for you Flush some stuff out Get you back on your feet It s a damn good story we need it You need it Curry had always backed me He thought I d be his best reporter said I had a surprising mind In my two years on the job I d consistently fallen short of expectations Sometimes strikingly Now I could feel him across the desk urging me to give him a little faith I nodded in what I hoped was a confident fashion I ll go pack My hands left sweatprints on the chair I had no pets to worry about no plants to leave with a neighbor Into a duffel bag I tucked away enough clothes to last me five days my own reassurance I d be out of Wind Gap before week s end As I took a final glance around my place it revealed itself to me in a rush The apartment looked like a college kid s cheap transitory and mostly uninspired I promised myself I d invest in a decent sofa when I returned as a reward for the stunning story I was sure to dig up On the table by the door sat a photo of a preteen me holding Marian at about age seven We re both laughing She has her eyes wide open in surprise I have mine scrunched shut I m sueezing her into me her short skinny legs dangling over my knees I can t remember the occasion or what we were laughing about Over the years it s become a pleasant mystery I think I like not knowing I take baths Not showers I can t handle the spray it gets my skin buzzing like someone s turned on a switch So I wadded a flimsy motel towel over the grate in the shower floor aimed the nozzle at the wall and sat in the three inches of water that pooled in the stall Someone else s pubic hair floated by I got out No second towel so I ran to my bed and blotted myself with the cheap spongy blanket Then I drank warm bourbon and cursed the ice machine Wind Gap is about eleven hours south of Chicago Curry had graciously allowed me a budget for one night s motel stay and breakfast in the morning if I ate at a gas station But once I got in town I was staying at my mother s That he decided for me I already knew the reaction I d get when I showed up at her door A uick shocked flustering her hand to her hair a mismatched hug that would leave me aimed slightly to one side Talk of the messy house which wouldn t be A uery about length of stay packaged in niceties How long do we get to have you for sweetness she d say Which meant When do you leave It s the politeness that I find most upsetting I knew I should prepare my notes jot down uestions Instead I drankbourbon then popped some aspirin turned off the light Lulled by the wet purr of the air conditioner and the electric plinking of some video game next door I fell asleep I was only thirty miles outside my hometown but I needed one last night away In the morning I inhaled an old jelly doughnut and headed south the temperature shooting up the lush forest imposing on both sides This part of Missouri isn t uite mountainous but the hills are massive like giant rolling swells Hitting a summit I could see miles of fat hardy trees broken only by the thin strip of highway I was on You can t spot Wind Gap from a distance its tallest building is only three stories But after twenty minutes of driving I knew it was coming First a gas station popped up A group of scraggly teenage boys sat out front barechested and bored Near an old pickup a diapered toddler threw fistfuls of gravel in the air as his mother filled up the tank Her hair was dyed gold but her brown roots reached almost to her ears She yelled something to the boys I couldn t make out as I passed Soon after the forest began to thin I passed a scribble of a strip mall with tanning beds a gun shop a drapery store Then came a lonely cul de sac of old houses meant to be part of a development that never happened And finally town proper For no good reason I held my breath as I passed the sign welcoming me to Wind Gap the way kids do when they drive by cemeteries It had been eight years since I d been back but the scenery was visceral Head down that road and I d find the home of my grade school piano teacher a former nun whose breath smelled of eggs That path led to a tiny park where I smoked my first cigarette on a sweaty summer day Take that boulevard and I d be on my way to Woodberry and the hospital I decided to head directly to the police station It suatted at one end of Main Street which is true to its word Wind Gap s main street On Main Street you will find a beauty parlor and a hardware store a five and dime called Five and Dime and a library twelve shelves deep You ll find a clothing store called Candy s Casuals in which you may buy jumpers turtlenecks and sweaters that have ducks and schoolhouses on them Most nice women in Wind Gap are teachers or mothers or work at places like Candy s Casuals In a few years you may find a Starbucks which will bring the town what it yearns for prepackaged preapproved mainstream hipness For now though there s just a greasy spoon which is run by a family whose name I can t remember Main Street was empty No cars no people A dog loped down the sidewalk with no owner calling after it All the lampposts were papered with yellow ribbons and grainy photocopies of a little girl I parked and peeled off one of the notices taped crookedly to a stop sign at a child s height The sign was homemade Missing written at the top in bold letters that may have been filled in by Magic Marker The photo showed a dark eyed girl with a feral grin and too much hair for her head The kind of girl who d be described by teachers as a handful I liked her Natalie Jane Keene Age Missing since Last seen at Jacob J Asher Park wearing blue jean shorts red striped T shirt Tips I hoped I d walk into the police station and be informed that Natalie Jane was already found No harm done Seems she d gotten lost or twisted an ankle in the woods or ran away and then thought better of it I would get in my car and drive back to Chicago and speak to no one Turns out the streets were deserted because half the town was out searching the forest to the north The station s receptionist told me I could wait Chief Bill Vickery would be returning for lunch soon The waiting room had the false homey feel of a dentist s office I sat in an orange endchair and flipped through a Redbook.

About the Author: Gillian Flynn

En tant u’auteur connu certains de ses livres fascinent les lecteurs comme dans le livre Sharp Sharp Objects: PDF/EPUB ² Objects A Novelui est l’un des lecteurs les plus recherchés Gillian Flynn auteurs dans le monde.