And Eternity Incarnations of Immortality #7 Kindle Ó

And Eternity Incarnations of Immortality #7 Kindle Ó

And Eternity Incarnations of Immortality #7 ❮Download❯ ✤ And Eternity Incarnations of Immortality #7 Author Piers Anthony – In Pursuit of the Ultimate GoodAfter an overwhelming succession of tragedies life has finally mercifully ended for Orlene once mortal daughter of GaeaJoined in Afterlife by Jolie her protector and the In Pursuit Incarnations of PDF ☆ of the Ultimate GoodAfter an overwhelming succession of tragedies life has finally mercifully ended for Orlene once mortal daughter of GaeaJoined in Afterlife by Jolie her protector and the sometime consort of Satan himself together they seek out a third Vita a very contemporary mortal with troubles attractions and an unsettling moral code uniuely her ownAn extraordinary triumvirate they embark on a great uest to reawaken the Incarnation of Good in a world where evil reigns facing challenges that will And Eternity Kindle - test the very fiber of their beings with trials as numerous as mysterious and as devastating as the Incarnations themselves.

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  1. Kewpie Kewpie says:

    I used to love reading Piers Anthony I started in the mid eighties reading all of the Xanth Blue Adept and Incarnations of Immortality series Somewhere around book 14 of Xanth I got sort of a creepy feeling reading his books The stories seemed to focus and on panties and young teens discovering sex in a very childlike manner The final Blue adept book made me uncomfortable for the same reasons However this book blew me away One of the characters in the book was a judge in his mid 50s He takes a 12 year old prostitute and has her live at his house He writes several paragraphs about struggling with being sexually attracted to her Then he writes several paragraphs justifying his attraction even though it is illegal he was a judge AND she was put into his home for protective custody so she would not be in sexual situations with adults It reminded me of some writings I've seen for NAMBLA And then he decides that they can have a consensual sexual relationship And they have lots of sex and call each other cutsie names After reading this book I felt dirty I also uit reading Piers Anthony books

  2. Nate Nate says:

    There were a few things to love about this book the concept behind it its thought provoking nature at times and several great scenes The problem is that there were too many bad things offensively bad things to count I say this as a lifelong Piers Anthony fan I read with enthusiasm all the biographical Author's Notes from this series and I remember him fondly as the famous author who responded to a letter from my sister in the mid 80s with a thoughtful critiue of the short story she wrote and sent her personal advice on how to make it as a writer The lost potential made me even angrier at the end of the book than I would have been if it had no redeeming ualitiesThis book makes clear Piers Anthony's strange obsession with underage girls There's something wrong when you write up the character of a middle aged man who falls in love and repeatedly has sex with a 15 year old girl and have every other character try to justify this by saying age is just a construct and they're really in loveIn Lolita the story was at least presented without glorifying pedophilia instead it seemed designed to make you feel uncomfortable by following the point of view of a very flawed villainous figure and showing the damage that resulted from the violation of trust when a grown man pursued a sexual relationship with a young girl Here it is clear from the outset that the design is to try and convince you that there is nothing wrong with itHe doesn't even try a she may be 15 but she's much older in maturity angle The good main character says that he fantasizes about young girls and what he likes about her is her immaturity Anthony even takes pains to repeatedly highlight just how young the girl is She starts about half her sentences with Gee including sexual uotes that appear out of nowhere for absolutely no reason like Gee I wish I could be having sex with my 50 year old boyfriend right now The older man refers to her with pet names like my juvenile delightDialogue that was so over the top that it was funny With lines along the lines of I must admit although this tryst we have just completed has me spent I will do my utmost to recuperate with haste in order to achieve a reiteration an awkward Evolution vs Creationism debate in which the 15 year old runaway drug addict prostitute somehow knows enough about science to be the champion of Evolution and repeated pointless sex scenes round out why this book could have been very good but instead was a big disappointment

  3. Justin Justin says:

    So I read this when I was about fifteen and I learned that men who don't rape women are automatically noble creatures because it's really hard not to rape Once I start taking testosterone I'll let you know if I get a sudden urge to go around raping people but I'm going to go ahead and guess with no

  4. Todd Todd says:

    A big disappointment especially coming on the heels of Being a Green Mother and For Love of Evil either of which would have made fine finishes to the series the former being the original ending these last two added later Anthony really began to add complexity to his depiction of Satan over the course of the series and he made each of his Incarnations entertaining to meet and follow along However throughout his depiction of God and Heaven was uite unsympathetic I expected he might do with this book as he did with For Love of Evil that is surprise the reader with a sympathetic nuanced depiction of God Perhaps he might even have shown God's love and intervention working throughout in ways so subtle the other characters were missing it all along the way he up ended readers' expectations with his examination of Satan in the previous work In fact the Incarnation of Night ends up as the subtle character and might have played a great God except without all the sex Alas no Anthony's atheism wins out and his depiction of God and Heaven is as negative as ever This leads to problems even in terms of the internal logic of Anthony's own series In this book he tries to embrace and reconcile Big BangEvolution with Creation yet he shows the Incarnation of God being created uite a long way into the process leaving open the uestion of who actually was doing the creating He also fails to address the problem posed the Big Bang theory by the first two laws of thermodynamics which is somewhat surprising as Anthony's grasp of basic science was always better than his understanding of or affinity for religion Perhaps I am overthinking a bit of light fantasy though Anthony did choose this topic and these characters so forgive me for expecting him to have thought this through better Likewise he does a lot of moralizing throughout but can't seem to make up his mind about that either In short he shows the fallacies of ends justifies the means and has Satan use this as a source of temptation in book 6 yet he himself declares that a person's morality ought to be judged by intentions alone in fact both War and Nature are shown trying to destroy the world and all humanity with the best of intentions and Anthony certainly does not hold it against either character on a moral basis He proposes disposing of man's free will uite casually in his examination of pregnancy and overpopulation the popular global problem when he wrote this though now the pundits are beginning to howl about declining populations much like then they were concerned with the coming ice age while now they howl about global warming proof positive that the tyranny of any one idea over all of us is probably not a good thing He defends the right to suicide like a good 19th century rationalist then goes on to show how suicide is selfish and hurts others And so on his insistence on moralizing but his inability to come up with anything satisfying or consistent is a detractor throughout the series but perhaps hits home hardest here In fact so much of this book is about crime sex and every sort of evil one wonders how this got to be the God book where He only makes a cameo appearanceAnyway it doesn't ruin the other books to read this one the way watching Highlander seuels ruined the first but it doesn't add much either Probably one would be satisfied stopping the series on book 6 I understand authors have to make a living too but didn't Anthony have enough other pokers in the fire already? In fact if he wasn't so busy with so many other things maybe he could have devoted thought and originality to this one and made it worthwhile

  5. Natasha Natasha says:

    I've read this book a few times over the years and I'll state the same thing at the beginning of reviewing all the I of I books this is a re read and the first time reviewing the books I'm reviewing all of the books after I finished re reading the entire series which I don't normally do didn't do deliberately this time eitherread in 2016 but I'm counting this as a 2017 book since I'm finally reviewing it nowThis book falls a little flat for me though it has lots of Satan bits with keeps things interesting Orlene just isn't a very loveable character for me but I love Jolie and you end up really cheering for Vita though her love affair with the Judge who's twice her age throws me for a loop or five The love affair for Piers Anthony anyway is relatively well done though really why couldn't Piers have written the man to be ten years younger so the story line still fits but the love affair isn't uite so eww? The series does really wrap up in this book though and mostly ties up all the loose ends and definitely brings together all of the other books but there's just so much I'd really like to know that the book doesn't answer Mainly what happens next to Orlene and the world at the end of book 7? I'm really always let down at the end of this book because I want to see how the world changes and evolves We've just read over 2000 pages talking about good and evil Heaven and Hell how the system is corrupt how we need changes and then nothingThat being said my standard comment applies Piers Anthony is a pig so much so that sometimes I'm ashamed of reading his books as a woman and I will never ever actually pay money on one of his books because I just can't support an author who devalues women as much as he does at least these books aren't uite as bad as the Xanth books are

  6. Josh Josh says:

    Was awful The trashy cover is actually an accurate depiction of the storyline I still cant believe this awesome series ended so badly I still have trouble believing Piers actually even wrote this I think he has issue with believable female characters

  7. Gwen Gwen says:

    Each time I read this book I like it less and less I loved it when I was in high school Now I despise Piers Anthony's blatant sexism and wonder how much damage he did to my teenage psyche

  8. Jadon Jadon says:

    Replace God? Awesome idea Kudos to you Piers

  9. Matt Guion Matt Guion says:

    I'd give it zero stars if I couldIn trying to remember this series I honestly couldn't remember a whole lot about And Eternity I remembered the premise I remembered the three protagonists I remembered the Creation vs Evolution debate and I remembered the ending I vaguely remembered enjoying this book overall I just couldn't remember much of it So I figured at worst it would be another vague disappointment like Being a Green Mother and it certainly couldn't be any worse than Bearing an HourglassSettle in Because ho boy was I wrongSo let's start with the most infuriating things about the book first At the start of the book one of the characters Orlene gets slowly turned into a man and is so overcome by the masculine urges that she immediately tries to rape her female companion because apparently men are at their core horny animals who would be having sex with anything that stands still long enough if not for the fact that we've spent that last several millennia learning to control those urges First this represents a complete misunderstanding of the motivations of rape ie it's not about sex it's about power Second Anthony has basically said with this scene that the excuse of I just couldn't control myself is a perfectly valid justification for rape Which based on his other writings including those in this book I'm sure he didn't mean to say but say it he didBelieve it or not though that's not the worst aspect of this novel The worst aspect comes when another protagonist Vita a fifteen year old girl who has been forced into prostitution comes under the protection of a judge described as middle aged so no younger than forty and the two of them start a fully sexual relationship That's bad enough But what's worse is that this relationship is treated by pretty much everyone as true love The rationale here is that they both want the relationship that age is just an arbitrary number and that a person's maturity is measured by their experiences not their age and that Vita has experienced enough to be mature enough to enter into this relationship with an older man which come to think of it sounds exactly like the rationale of a fifteen year old girl Age of consent exists for a reason Yes it's an arbitrary number but it HAS to be because the alternative is judging every person's maturity level subjectively And Vita's experiences of rape and forced prostitution are all the reason why a sexual relationship with a forty or fifty year old man who takes unabashed pleasure in having sex with a teenage girl is completely and utterly fed up This isn't true love this is a Jerry Springer segmentAnd the really irritating thing about both of these things is that they were COMPLETELY unnecessary There was no reason for the rape scene and there was no reason for the relationship to become sexual And yet they're so firmly integrated into the main part of the story that it's really hard to separate them Every time I'd start to enjoy some aspect of the story they'd make some reference to this relationship and it would just piss me off all over againSo this book was going to have to try really hard to redeem itself And unfortunately the vast majority of the book that wasn't about jailbait pretty much just devolved into a video game plot where Orlene had to collect items from each of the Incarnations in order to get her baby back So we spend a pedantic few chapters revisiting each of the Incarnations in turn and not getting much of an insight into them than we did in their books When the plot isn't plodding along in this way Anthony turns to his characteristic preaching on his own personal definitions of good and evil Midway through the plot there's a random debate between creationism and evolution which though again unintentionally I'm sure based on his other writings treats evolution not as a scientific fact but as a beliefThe book only started to redeem itself at the very end when it finally started to dig into what should have been the main premise of the book the Incarnation of Good has spent the last thousand years contemplating his own greatness neglecting his duties and the mortal realm and thus needs to be replaced So the mortal realm must vote to impeach the officeholder and the Incarnations must unanimously choose a replacementHOW WAS THIS NOT YOUR STORY??? Why did you waste nearly ninety percent of the book and plodding preachy and insultingly asinine crap when you could have been writing about this extremely provocative and interesting idea?The one part of this book I liked was the very end where they arrive at their decision of who the new God should be It's the only part of the book where the nonsense makes some kind of sense However the ends in this case DO NOT justify the means I shouldn't have had to wade through over two hundred pages of garbage to get to this end and it would be easy enough to just remember the ending be glad the book ended on a positive note and give a better review But it's just way too little way too late I can't say for sure that this is the worst book I've ever read but believe me It's up there Or rather down thereWorth Rating Less Than Worthless

  10. Joan Joan says:

    Nox who is the incarnation of Night plays a part in this title where she takes Orlene's baby and sends her on a nearly impossible journey to get powerful items from each of the Incarnations Will Orlene get her baby back or will she find herself in a position she never imagined doing? The final pun in this story is worth the cost of the book right there However the story raises many societal issues as well as some scientific issues ie evolution population control etc This is one of the best of the series as well as the end of the series Addendum 122019 This is not the last of the series any Under a Velvet Cloak was published 2007 It is not available in my local library systems and prices seem to start about 65 for this title I assume that is because the publisher has gone under making the book out of print After reading the very mixed reviews I am definitely not spending that kind of money for the final title I am not going to change my rating of this title And Eternity but if I did it would lose a star A lot of people got hung up on the underage sex but that doesn’t bother me when it clearly is presented as desired by both parties with no harm being done There is a hint of homophobia which does bother me but it is a bare reference done once It’s possible I was reading into the sentence than I should I do love Anthony’s change from “gypsy” to “Romani” He discovered that the second term is the group’s preferred term and that gypsy has negative connotations Good for him I did enjoy the discussion of evolution vs creationism but am unpersuaded to accept creationism It is a valid point that if you stretch the biblical “day” into enormous amounts of time millennia that the two philosophies could be somewhat reconciled I’ve enjoyed my rereading of this series

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