The Accidental President of Brazil PDF Ä President of

The Accidental President of Brazil PDF Ä President of

The Accidental President of Brazil [Epub] ➞ The Accidental President of Brazil By Fernando Henrique Cardoso – Fernando Henriue Cardoso received a phone call in the middle of the night asking him to be the new Finance Minister of Brazil As he put the phone down and stared into the darkness of his hotel room he Fernando Henriue Cardoso received a phone call in President of MOBI ó the middle of the night asking him to be the new Finance Minister of Brazil As he put the phone down and stared into the darkness of his hotel room he feared he'd been handed a political death sentence The year was and he would be responsible for an economy that had had seven different currencies in the previous eight years to cope with inflation that had run at percent a year Brazil had The Accidental PDF/EPUB or a habit of chewing up finance ministers with the ferocity of an piranha This was just one of the turns in a largely unscripted and sometimes unwanted political career In exile during the harshest period of the junta that ruled Brazil for twenty years Cardoso started his political life with a tentative run for the Federal Senate in Within fifteen years and despite himself this former sociologist was running the countryAnd what a country Brazil it is often said is on the edge of Accidental President of PDF Ê modernity striding with one foot in mid air towards the future the other still rooted deep in a traditional past It is a land of sophisticated music and brutal gold digging of the next global superpower and the last old time coffee plantations It is gloriously ungovernable irrepressibly attractive and home to the family friends and extraordinary life of.

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  1. Karolinezs Karolinezs says:

    President Fernando Henriue Cardoso wrote a delightful book filled with history politics and hints of sociology All this in a light hearted humor charm and intelligenceI am a huge FHC admirer; his life story and legacy are incomparableAs a Brazilian I am proud to say we had such a diplomatic brilliant President who has a deep love for Brazil

  2. Micah Micah says:

    Hard to be objective when you're a former politician painting the story of your legacy But Cardoso did some pretty dope stuff He was a sociologist by training and approached the presidency from a sociological point of view Stabilized the currency He was in favor of legalizing drugs Interesting guy Would love to hear the other side of this story too

  3. Celso Celso says:

    This book was originally written in English and it has been recently translated into Portuguese Every Brazilian citizen should read this book in order to better know the best president Brazil has ever had

  4. Menjol Almeida Menjol Almeida says:

    More than Accidental It was tragical A huge disaster

  5. Frank Stein Frank Stein says:

    This is a wonderful history of Brazil as seen through the eyes of one sociology professor who happened to become President Or rather the country is seen through the eyes of Fernando Cardoso's family whose history has been so intertwined with their country they're hard to disentangle His great grandfather fell in and out of power during the reign of the reformist Portuguese Emperor Dom Pedro II until he ended as the governor of a major western province His grandfather was one of the three military officers to overthrow Dom Pedro in 1888 with hopes for a new rationalistic progressive order Order and Progress began the new nation's motto He then served as aide to several presidents before supporting the young lieutenants or tententes who tried to overthrow the elitist order His son the author's father helped carry through tententes revolt and install Getulio Vargas as president in 1930 before spending decades as a major military figure So Cardoso was surrounded by politics and presidents from a young age and his eventual presidency seems much less accidental than he imagines Yet he did choose the atypical path of becoming a professor His studies of racial ineuality in the 1950s electrified a nation that claimed it was a pure racial democracy without significant racial divides His later blockbuster work on Latin American Dependency and Development put him on the center left of the ongoing debate on economic growth but distanced him from many Marxists economists and professors dominating Latin American governments at the time The 1964 military coup against the erratic president Jango upset all his uiet plans Cardoso went on the run to Argentina to Chile to France before returning just in time for an even brutal crackdown As a professor however he continued putting out books that subtly challenged the military's dominance and then in 1977 won a Congress seat in Sao Paulo for the official opposition party He helped orchestrate the end of the dictatorship in 1985 and then most importantly became Finance Minister in 1993 where his Plano Real finally ended the 1000 percent inflation that had bedeviled the country This catapulted him to the presidency running as he would again against his longtime friend and rival the metalworkers union leader Lula de Silva who would eventually succeed him As President he instituted those reforms that are now often dismissed as neoliberal He controlled the budget deficit kept inflation down sold off state properties and opened up trade These reforms worked so well that even Lula came to embrace themBrazil has since retreated from the policies Cardoso enacted and it is suffering the conseuences This book however helps one remember how hard won his victories were and how fortunate the country was to have a sensible pragmatic president for 8 years

  6. Anson Cassel Mills Anson Cassel Mills says:

    Cardoso rightly calls this book a memoir rather than an autobiography because it emphasizes only the author's political career But Cardoso's political remembrance also serves as a fine introduction to the history of Brazil stretching back through his privileged family to the nineteenth century Although obviously intended for the educated North American reader the work wisely assumes little specific knowledge of a country as large as the United States but one still struggling to outgrow its top to bottom heritage of economic and political irresponsibility Cardoso remains a left of center sociologist though one has the feeling that his earlier radicalism has been softened in the telling but his current political stance is “Clintonesue” and pragmatic Cardoso's personal admiration for Bill Clinton is open and fervent and Clinton contributed the preface The book's idiomatic English makes the book eminently readable and credit for this readability should be given to Cardoso's co author the young journalist Brian Winter Indeed Winter presumably wrote the first draft of the book after interviewing Cardoso and reading the Portuguese manuscript history of his presidency thus leaving Cardoso as the former president modestly admits in the acknowledgments of an editor than an author Though all political memoirs tend to be studies in reputation burnishing one leaves the book with a sense that Cardoso was truly a self effacing public servant regardless of what one thinks of the specific political and economic policies he promoted while in office

  7. Kenneth Kenneth says:

    This is a truly excellent book Extremely informative and readable Indeed much of it reads like a cliffhanger as we follow Cardoso into exile through his opposition to the military regime into the finance ministry during the hyperinflation and into the presidency during the cascading Emerging market crises that led to the eventual devaluation of the Real he worked to hard to establish though this did not lead to a default as it did in neighboring Argentina Additionally the reader will come away with a general understanding of the history of Brazilian politics in the 20th and the 21st centuries with some understanding its roots in the 19th It is a truly excellent work I read it in five days

  8. Oswaldo De Freitas Oswaldo De Freitas says:

    President intellectual entertaining writer Many people consider FHC the best president Brazil ever had I agreeHe is a respected intellectual author of numerous publications and this book shows that he is also and entertaining writerWith the power of his intellect he predicted in this 2006 book that The foundation for a richer prosperous country and perhaps one day a world power seems to be firmly in place With our naked eyes at the present we have reason to be less optimistic Should his prophecy be fulfilled it will not be without big bounces back and forth

  9. Brian Pate Brian Pate says:

    Fantastic book cowritten by Brian Winter This was exactly the book I was looking for An interesting introduction to the history politics and culture of Brazil through the lens of Cardoso's family and political life Regardless of whether one agrees with Cardoso's political philosophy or policies I highly recommend this book to learn about Brazil

  10. Emi Kottasz Emi Kottasz says:

    A very good history lesson and insight into Brasilian politics It made me understand the culture of corruption and racial division

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