Max Finder Mystery: Collected Casebook Vol. 1 PDF ☆

Max Finder Mystery: Collected Casebook Vol. 1 PDF ☆

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  1. Soph Soph says:

    These books are my childhood and they are still just as good as I rememberedWhen I found these books at my local public library I was than excited I was absolutely thrilled I have been feeling nostalgic for my youth lately and I knew these books would bring me right back to my childhood I was correctEach of these books has a collection of comics in which we hear about a mystery that Max Finder and his friend Allison are trying to solve And at the end of the comic the reader is instructed to solve who did it using a series of clues left in both the text and in the visuals of the comic itself I would reccomend these books to anyone they are thoroughly entertaining

  2. Darlene Darlene says:

    Book 66 Bibliographic CitationO’Donnell L Cho M 2006 Max Finder mystery collected casebook Volume 1 Toronto OWLKidsAgeGrade Level Ages 8—12 Grades 3—6SummarySeventh graders and amateur detectives Max Finder and his friend Alison are on the case and ready to help friends out Through cartoon framing with detailed illustrations and clues embedded in the text the reader is invited along to solve the cases alongside Whether movie reels go missing in the theater sand is sprinkled on the ski trails or a BMX bide is stolen from the rack Max scours the surroundings and potential suspects to ferret out the solutionAwardsReviewing SourcesBooklist July 2009 Vol 105 No 21School Library Journal May 1 2009Curriculum ContentStandard for 21st Century LearnerThis book would work well for an upper elementary language arts class studying the genre of mystery From the crime to clues and suspense students can analyze this collection of tales for elements and work towards writing a mystery of their ownAASL Standards413 Respond to literature and creative expressions of ideas in various formats and genresRecommendation for student’s personal literature selectionThis book is an interesting example of a graphic novel and would appeal to the upper elementary student seeking a mystery with embedded clues in a graphic novel formatGenre Graphic NovelsMystery

  3. Rachel Rachel says:

    This is a mystery series where all the clues are presented to you concisely There is little story continuity between panels for each case focuses exclusively on relative information and events The solution is left to the reader to figure out although answers are provided in the back Included throughout are some neat facts and little games It may not be strong in plot but this is an excellent series for those detectives out there There are multiple ways to solve each case and the conclusion is presented as well Clues are provided not only in the dialogue but in the images themselves so keep a sharp eye out and make some deductions

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  5. Sandra Hernandez Sandra Hernandez says:

    charming read reminded me of encyclopedia brown I really did enjoy this comic cute and simple

  6. Theresa Theresa says:

    Max Finder Mystery Collected Casebook Volume 1 byu liam O'donnell is a short graphic mystery shows you all the clues and solves the case

  7. Snow Snow says:

    reviewing for Good Comics for Kids

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Max Finder Mystery: Collected Casebook Vol. 1 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ Max Finder Mystery: Collected Casebook Vol. 1 Author Liam ODonnell – Max Finder is a self described fact collector — the obscure the better There’s nothing the brainy 12 year old likes better than to apply his talent for trivia to solving mysteries But even with hi Max Finder is a self Mystery: Collected PDF ✓ described fact collector — the obscure the better There’s nothing the brainy year old likes better than to apply his talent for trivia to solving mysteries But even with his growing reputation as a junior Sam Spade Max still relies on his best friend and partner in crime the Max Finder ePUB Ò spunky Alison Santos to help crack each of his cases In this exciting collection Max and Alison also need the help of the reader to solve ten puzzling crimes From a stereo smashing hooligan to a mysterious art attack to the White Pine Werewolf each case is crammed with clues stuffed with suspects and riddled with Finder Mystery: Collected MOBI í red herrings Budding sleuths can hone their crime solving skills by cracking message mix ups unscrambling suspect’s names and deciphering fishy warnings The solutions are in the back of the book — but real detectives never peek.