City of Dogs PDF/EPUB ☆ City of ePUB Ò

City of Dogs PDF/EPUB ☆ City of ePUB Ò

City of Dogs [PDF / Epub] ☉ City of Dogs Author Livi Michael – Sam has always wanted a dog but Jenny is a dog like no other She has come from another worlda parallel world of mythology where the whims of the gods decide the course of Destiny Jenny fled in terror Sam has always wanted a dog but Jenny is a dog like no other She has come from another worlda parallel world of mythology where the whims of the gods decide the course of Destiny Jenny fled in terror after her attempt to save the life of her first beloved boy interrupted the gods plans for a City of ePUB Ò battle for control of the world But now her escape threatens Sams world as well So Jenny has to convince her motley pack of dog friendstiny Pico giant Gentleman Jim slow moving Boris excitable Checkers and nervous Flothat its their destiny to restore the worlds to order before its too late Norse mythology a huge respect for the hearts and minds of dogs and many dashes of humor combine to tell the tale of a grand epic uest to save the world for humans gods and dogs.

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  1. Alex Alex says:

    When Sam adopts a dog named Jenny he gets than he bargained for as Jenny is from another world and time Jenny finds new friends in the local dog community and together the dogs must fight their fears and unite unlikely allies to stop Ragnarök from happening It took me awhile to get into this book and I love dogs It felt a little forced but once I surrendered to it City of Dogs was fun

  2. Jennifer Priester Jennifer Priester says:

    At first in the first few chapters after the prologue I got the impression that the author didn't know much about dogs other than breed stereotypes and a few facts but before I put the book down the problem was resolved when I got far enough in to learn that it was only the opinions and ideas of the various dog's owners in the book After this I started really enjoying the storyIn the story aside from the Poodle Flo which is uestionable due to the fact that her owner dyed the dog's hair with hair dye that Flo ended up being allergic to none of the dog's come from good home families except for the dog called Gentleman Jim whose life changes from good to bad during this storyThe storyline is very good although there were a few parts relating to Norse mythology that I had trouble following and understanding I really like how each dog's story is told from that dog's viewpoint and the author seems to really understand and realistically portray situations that dog's end up in all the time and the owners who are uick to get rid of the dog rather than try to understand them and fix the situation The only exception here is possibly with the dog Boris whose situation is a bit bizarreAlthough not from homes where they are happy the dog's all do their part to save the world they come from The ending to the boy's part in this story of which there is one and although I haven't really mentioned him I did like him and thought he was a perfect candidate to be the dog Jenny's owner was a bit surprising and unexpected and although I expected a happy ending for all the dog's even how things worked out for them was just a little different than how I thought things would be

  3. Marianna Marianna says:

    For review on my blog Norse mythology and dogs two of my favorite things in one book Can this get any better?The City of dogs start out slow and once all the dogs are interduce everything takes off Like I say in another review I rather have the backstories done early on then in the middle of action Each dog has its own personalities and act naturally like dogs There good humor and a great story about each dog overcoming their fears Plus Jenny is a Jack Russel Terror a dog I use to have It may not mean anything but I tear up when Sam found herIt mentions a few times that Vikings wear helmets with horns At the time I was mad but people do make mistakes or don't do research The blend of Greek and Norse mythology was interesting although not well done in balancing it out The twist with the mistletoe dart puts a new spin on the ragnarok myth Character 45Plot 45Writing 35 The writing lack in flow and felt dry at times 1 for Jenny being a Jack Russel there awesome 5 for a uniue storyTotal 12520 35stars

  4. babyhippoface babyhippoface says:

    After her attempt to save her master results in her world being thrown into turmoil Jack Russell terrier Jenny escapes to Earth Trouble spills over from one universe to the next and soon both Jenny's world and Earth are threatened Enlisting the help of five neighborhood dogs Jenny sets out to stop the legendary Cerberus and evil wolf Fenrir Action and danger abound but the strength of this novel lies in Michael's vivid characterizations of the dogs each drawn with great depth and emotion Checkers the excitable chewer; slow but thoughtful Boris; fearful pink poodle Flo; Pico a courageous Chihuahua; and Gentleman Jim a lumbering giant whose body is beginning to fail him Humor adventure suspense and elements of classic mythology combine in one truly memorable fantasy for upper elementary

  5. Lynda Lynda says:

    Jenny a dog from another world is running from saving her master's life when shee meets a boy Sam But she discovers that her old master must die if the 9 worlds are to be saved So she enlists the help of her dog friends and Sam's aunts who are from another world too to save all 9 worlds including earthIt was ok A lot of action and edge of your seat suspense Good characters but something lacking to make it great

  6. Rena Katz Rena Katz says:

    In this book Sam adopts a dog names Jenny who is a dog unlike any other dog Jenny fled to England from another place and you will find out where and why if you read this book You won't regret it

  7. Ben Ben says:

    This was a really bad blend of Greek and Norse mythology

  8. Brieanna Brieanna says:

    Good Kinda crazy but good

  9. Brysa Brysa says:

    you have to read till chapter 3 or 4 till it gets better

  10. Brie Brie says:

    Pretty good A little crazy and silly at times but still a very cute and enjoyable read

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