The Magic Goes Away eBook ´ The Magic ePUB Ò

The Magic Goes Away eBook ´ The Magic ePUB Ò

10 thoughts on “The Magic Goes Away

  1. Andy Oerman Andy Oerman says:

    Brilliant ideas writ hollow

  2. Ashish Ashish says:

    Niven's Warlock Series is a classic example of the fantasy genre in the hands of a science fiction writerThis has been the most scientific treatment of magic I've read yet Mana as a finite consumable resource in the last days of it's availability and the two worlds it makes possible one by it's existence and one by it's exhausted absence And Niven has thus built a bridge between fantasy and fact just like he does in sci fi but this time coming from the other side He's not just used the rules of fantasy writing brilliantly he's also shown us how they got written And yes written a few himself The satire is fairly evident as well we see the parallels between then and today's world running on a near magical substance that makes life as we know it rich colorful luxurious possible And how scarcity is changing that world And the hope that when it's finally over there will be a new world that arises building on the remains of the old reborn from the old with a new soul Long ago one resource finished and made our today possible Today another will end and turn the page for the next And the stories will continue

  3. Phillip Berrie Phillip Berrie says:

    My favourite genre is science fiction because of the 'Oh wow' moments it can engender Larry Niven is one of my favourite traditional science fiction writers and I'm glad to say can produce 'Oh wow' moments even when writing fantasyThis is the last and final book in a series of three The major premise of all three books is that magic is a finite resource which will eventually run out The author explores this simple premise in great depth and for those who have read the earlier books you will be pleased to hear that the character 'Warlock' plays a major part in the storyAn added bonus to this story is an included scholarly essay at the end of the book where Sandra Miesel discusses the series in detail and Larry Niven's contribution to the fantasy genre I was particularly appreciative of her description of Niven's work in this genre as being 'Logical Fantasy'I recommend this book to readers of fantasy who like it to be consistent and readers of science fiction who are willing to stray into realms fantastic

  4. Craig Craig says:

    The Magic Goes Away is the first volume of Niven's long running fantasy series It was one of the best fantasy novels written with the same rules and logic applied as a science fiction novel should have This first edition was also notable for being one of the first trade paperbacks that was lavishly illustrated through out; the interiors by Maroto add a lot to the experience It's a very good read thought provoking as is almost all of Niven's work After this one appeared subseuent volumes featured work from other authors and a number of collaborations

  5. Christaaay Christaaay says:

    25 STARS They had come ill euipped and moved too fast Too much had been forgotten about the gods Perhaps nobody had ever known enough” Premise Unicorns are dying Atlantis falls Centuries old magicians finally grow grey haired and tired The magic is going away But one posse of magicians—including a reanimated skull a Grecian warrior and a Native American—determine to manufacture a solution Together they decide to seek out and resurrect the last living god hardly considering the implications of raising the god of love and madness from its decaying slumber Thoughts I recently came across mention of this novella in a Fantasy Reference work and found the premise intriguing Magic as a non renewable resource? Very clever The very beginning introduces us to Orlandes a Grecian soldier who helped overthrow Atlantis and only barely survived the fall That opening grabbed my interest immediately Plus there's the Grecian hunk on book cover #1 Mmm mmThe humorous introduction to the next two characters also amused me Two old magicians travel across a desert on pack unicorns—horror of horrors What respectable magician travels on a pack unicorn?—to an inn where they reanimate the dead skull of an old enemy all to seek help on their missionThe climax and results of their journey made the story worth reading for me I enjoyed the clever ending and what it conveys about gods and magic So I understand why the story might have been popular when it was published in the seventies what with the oil crisis and all The popularity of this first short story turned novella spawned several works set in the same universe Some consider them classic FSF “must reads”Clearly some readers found all they wanted in the sparkling satire and rigid “logical” magic system of this short satiric adventure uest The theory of the magic disappearing—and the reappearance of beloved characters from previous stories—appeal very much to faithful readers of Larry Niven’s science fiction These reviewers usually praise the sparkling satire and magic systemUnfortunately I found little of interest in the story beyond that original premise and the interesting climax I wanted to skip the entire middle portion and get to the point Uninteresting characters and simplistic character relationships dulled the whole adventure for me; the only woman of the group is especially dull See book covers We don’t get much in the way of description explanation or worldbuilding either beyond the magic system since this is only a novella Newcomers will find little originality beyond the premise Overall Interesting premise gripping intro and climax Meh characters saggy middle Recommendation Clearly some readers enjoyed these stories If the idea sounds intriguing to you—or if you’re familiar with Niven’s work already—you might be able to get past the un relatable characters and into the clever ideas of the worldbuilding If you liked this review you can read of my speculative fiction reviews on my blog

  6. Skallagrimsen Skallagrimsen says:

    I like the central conceit of The Magic Goes Away the only Larry Niven novel I've ever read magic is a non renewable resource that gets used up by casting spells explaining why it once but no longer exists I like that it's profusely illustrated almost to the point of being a hybrid of novel and comic book It's a form I'm fond of and wish was commoner But I found Niven's writing undistinguished and his story rather unmemorable For a superior fantasy with a similar premise I recommend On Stranger Tides by Tim Powers

  7. Armada Volya Armada Volya says:

    I loved this book but I must warn that point of view shifts You're in one character's head one moment and in another's the next I personally don't have a problem keeping up with this sort of mind hopping but many readers dislike it Aside from that it was a great adventure in the world of depleting magic

  8. John Yelverton John Yelverton says:

    This was a well done and arguably ground breaking work because it's uite obvious that this book has been the inspiration if not the source of intellectual theft for numerous fantasy novels My only complaint was the ending but everything else was so good that I could honestly overlook the ending

  9. Timothy Nichols Timothy Nichols says:

    One of the greatest hard science fiction minds of our time blends folklore from multiple cultures to speculate about why the magic always seems to be bigger the further back in time you go A fun read

  10. Pete Pete says:

    This is a very good fantasy novel from Niven This is a seuel to a couple of short stories by Niven that I may have read years ago but one of the things that I liked best about this novel is that Niven did not spend much time on background details All the reader knows is that magic is inexorably getting weaker in the world from a period where gods and warlocks were commonplace to the current state where gods are largely myths and the remaining warlocks vie for control of the remaining sources of magic The story is episodic and efficient and filled with tantalizing details about the magic The characters include an ancient warlock his older apprentice the animated skull of a rival and a greek warrior who had caused the fall of Atlantis They embark on a uest to raise the last living god so that they can steal its manna magical power The book is heavily illustrated by Esteban Maroto and the illustrations are uite striking However they often seem out of synch or unrelated to the story so they are occasionally distracting The seuels are shared world anthologies and I intend to read these as well

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The Magic Goes Away ➡ The Magic Goes Away Ebook ➧ Author Larry Niven – Once there was magic in the world But hordes of selfish short sighted magicians have used up the mana that moved the world and the magic goes away Even the most powerful spells are fast becoming futil Once there was magic in the world But hordes of selfish short sighted magicians have used up the mana that moved the world and The Magic Goes Away Even the most powerful spells are fast becoming futile and so Orolandes sad Achaean with half a sword goes on a uest in search of the lost power But all the gods and The Magic ePUB Ò Fair Atlantis are dead The creatures of spirit the unicorns and centaurs are dying Soon all the sparkling things will be gone from the world and only clay will remain and those damned stupid barbarians with their damned stupid swords will win after allInterior black and white drawings by Esteban Maroto.