The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon MOBI Â Mystery of

The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon MOBI Â Mystery of

The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon (Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators, #14) ➶ [Read] ➲ The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon (Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators, #14) By Nick West ➾ – The Mystery of the Dragon Seal film AlloCin The Mystery of the Dragon Seal est un film ralis par Oleg Stepchenko avec Jason Flemyng Jackie Chan Synopsis L'explorateur Jonathan Green reoit l'ordre de P The Mystery of the Dragon Seal of the PDF/EPUB » film AlloCin The Mystery of the Dragon Seal est un film ralis par Oleg Stepchenko The Mystery PDF/EPUB or avec Jason Flemyng Jackie Chan Synopsis L'explorateur Jonathan Green reoit l'ordre de Pierre Ier le Grand de dessiner The Mystery of Marie Mystery of the PDF/EPUB ì Roget — Wikipdia The Mystery of Marie Roget est un film amricain ralis par Phil Rosen sorti en Le film est tir de la nouvelle Le Mystre de Marie Roget d'Edgar Allan Poe Synopsis Cette section est vide insuffisamment dtaille ou incomplte Votre The Mystery of Henri Pick A best selling novel The Mystery of Henri Pick M mins Directed by Rmi Bezanon In present day France on the wild and outrageously beautiful Breton coast there is a village book shop The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion | G The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion He was a senior CIA official tasked with getting tough on Russia Then one night in Moscow Marc Polymeropoulos's life changed forever The Mystery of Taiwan – AIER The Mystery of Taiwan Amelia Janaskie – November AIER Daily Economy Government Crisis Authoritarianism Print In most countries in the world locked down their societies with the goal of controlling the Covid pandemic There were some outliers Sweden Belarus Tanzania and some US states deployed little in the way of “nonpharmaceutical interventions The mystery of Dr Birx opinion CNN The mystery of Dr Birx Opinion by Kent Sepkowitz Updated GMT HKT August JUST WATCHED Birx on Pelosi criticism 'I will stake my year career' on data Replay More.

10 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon (Alfred Hitchcock and The Three Investigators, #14)

  1. Quentin Wallace Quentin Wallace says:

    This one was entertaining but slightly predictable than some of the others It had some other differences as well There was no other boys their own ages involved and the villain wasn't uite as sinister as in previous volumes The story seemed a little lacking though as in there wasn't much variety as far as settings go and the characters weren't uite as interesting That being said this was still entertaining This is such a great series

  2. C. C. says:

    Once again I have abandoned Mrs Dalloway for the simpler pleasures of a children's book but even the relatively un challenging prose of Virginia Woolf reuires too much cognitive processing from me right now So I turn to an old favouriteuite apart from the undeniable coolness of running a detective agency out of a trailer hidden in a junkyard I always liked the Three Investigators because they seemed to be independent less childish and intelligent than other child detectives In The Mystery of the Coughing Dragon Jupiter Pete and Bob become entangled in a bizarre mystery involving disappearing dogs dragons of uestionable reality giant insects and gold bullion It's not a brilliant example of this series the bare bones of the solution to the mystery are clear from the outset but it's still relatively ingenious and appealing enough for meLike their Enid Blyton counterparts the heroes of our story seem to live life in one endless summer holiday have blissfully unconcerned parents and little need for any company aside from each other Also there are no girls in their world Unlike their Enid Blyton counterparts however they do not seem to fall into mystery simply by existing and they use their wit and intelligence to solve puzzles and save their own lives rather than blind luck and a bit of courage On a scale ranging from the most generic and carbon copied of Blyton to the most brilliant and ingenious of Agatha Christie the Three Investigators would fall somewhere in the middle Nothing brilliant at least not in this book but not too bad either

  3. Mark Mark says:

    original 2009 review The boys are hired to find a missing dog but then discover the dogs owner has spotted a coughing dragon coming up the beach in front of his house Investigating that the boys discover hidden caves and a long abandoned underground railway before coming face to face with the dragon itself This is preposterous but such good fun that you can forgive the plot holes you’d use a dragon for that purpose? and the humorous interplay between the boys is superb the dialogue here in fact is probably some of the best in the series With a limited cast and well realised and used locations this is real treat Highly recommended2014 update I stand by the 2009 review completely this is a very well written mystery with some wonderfully humorous dialogue It’s still preposterous of course but as with “The Mystery Of The Dancing Devil” if you’re willing to buy into the central concept as I was then it’s a great deal of fun and it’s told at a cracking pace too With well realised locations a nicely constructed history to Seaside and some strong set pieces this is a great read and very highly recommended

  4. Sarah J. Belcher Sarah J. Belcher says:

    I've been reading this series for over 15 years now and I've been collecting them for nearly as long This particular one wasn't my favorite it has a great story and plenty of adventure but I think I prefer the writing style of some of the other author's of the series over Nick West's The beginning felt a little rocky and awkward but by the middle it began to get into the rhythm of the typical T3I mystery As always the boys find than they bargained for and end up putting themselves in several dangerous situations I know I'm a good bit older than the target audience for this series but it is never evident than when I catch myself wondering What are these boys' parents thinking letting them run around all over California at all hours of the day and night? While I did enjoy this volume my favorite of the series so far is still the first one I ever read The Mystery of the Green Ghost

  5. Kest Schwartzman Kest Schwartzman says:

    Well Jupiter Jones is the kind of asshole who won't tell his friends what he thinks is going on because that makes it easier to pretend he's always right and he is ALSO the kind of asshole who doesn't listen to his friends or in any way respect their opinions and ALSO the kind of asshole who risks his friends lives repeatedly Oh right and also the kind that treats his chauffeur as not a person I probably missed some other ways in which Jupiter Jones is an asshole

  6. Jeff Stephenson Jeff Stephenson says:

    AHT3I Update 14 read 14 hardbacks to go Yes I am now halfway done with the hardbacks in the series There are 15 additional titles all originally released in paperback versions that I still need to read as well Of course Alfred Hitchcock does not appear in the last 13 titlesKin Platt aka Nick West only wrote two of the T3I titles this one and book #16 Given the limited number of titles that this author wrote for the series it would be easy to deduce that he was not the best T3I writer and there may be some merit to that deduction This is not the best of the T3I books but I would not classify it as the worst either Ok it is a predictable plot and almost any adult reader will see through the mystery fairly uickly I even just tried to play along and let the action unfold naturally but I had the bad guy figured out not long after his introduction in the book The ending was a bit cheap as well It is much unrealistic than one might expect from a T3I book Even a child might correctly uestion why a bad guy finishes his crime in the way this story ends it Still the book is a fun book to read Despite the new author for the series this book contained lots of continuity to the previous Three Investigators books All three boys are back Worthington and the Rolls Royce not to mention several of the main characters' family members play roles in this title Even Alfred Hitchcock plays a larger than normal role in this mystery than he has in any of the previous tales The secret headuarters is used and it is nice to see a few connections to previous cases mentioned in this text For example Blackbeard the parrot from Book #2 returns for a cameo appearance in this story Overall this is a fun tale that does justice to the series even if it is not the best Three Investigators story to be published

  7. David Phipps David Phipps says:

    The Three Investigators is a juvenile detective series published in the 60s 70s and 80s that spans about 43 books They feature three teenage boys who mostly investigate paranormal type stuff that they debunk somewhat like Scooby Doo or other abnormal crimes that the police do not handle They report their cases to Alfred Hitchcock or a fake director depending on which versions you read Their base of operations is hidden away in the depths of a junkyard and it has multiple hidden entrances I discovered these books in the library during middle school and promptly read them all As such I have a lot of nostalgia for these booksThe Mystery of the Coughing Dragon is #14 in the series The boys are investigating some missing dogs as well as the sighting of a dragon This one was OK but nothing really stood out from the rest of the series I read an online ebook version of this since most of these books are out of print

  8. Paul Street Paul Street says:

    Don't come back to this one very often but a recent read shows it wasn't too bad with some crisp writing and a uniue plot It's a uirky story of the sighting of a sea dragon and the search for some missing dogs up the coast from Rocky Beach at a place called Seaside Unusually Alfred Hitchcock plays a prominent role in a number of scenes The real significance of this book the first of only two by Nick West aka Kin Platt he also wrote #16 Nervous Lion is that it helped continue the series at a time when it was in danger of being discontinued after Robert Arthur's death MVCarey came on board with #15 Flaming Footprints and together with William Arden Dennis Lynds the series re established itself on firm footing It's a pity Kin Platt only wrote two T3I stories

  9. Natalie Natalie says:

    I read the few books in the series that the local library had when I was in 4th and 5th grade I had not read this one It appears it is a repackaged version of Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators References to the legendary director are mostly changed to a made up mystery writer However the editors failed to change all the times Hitchcock's name appears so it confused me The mystery was okay I would have probably liked it when I was younger but as an adult it wasn't very challenging

  10. Cliff Cliff says:

    This is another good entry into the series this time by first time writer Nick West first time with this series that is His sense of the characters is fairly good though a bit reliant on previous text In fact the opening conversation where Jupiter starts to surmise about how to pull off a crime is pretty much straight out of the Mystery of the Vanishing TreasureBut forgiving that we have a good plot though again it seems to be cribbed from Secret of Terror Castle Perhaps this is due to the author playing it safe with what works

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