Literature Structure Sound and Sense ePUB ✓

Literature Structure Sound and Sense ePUB ✓

Literature Structure Sound and Sense [PDF] ✅ Literature Structure Sound and Sense By Thomas R. Arp – An authoritative bestseller for over fifty years PERRINE'S LITERATURE STRUCTURE SOUND AND SENSE continues to be an essential and highly effective introduction to literature for today's students Writte An authoritative bestseller for Sound and Epub Ü over fifty years PERRINE'S Literature Structure Sound and Sense continues to be an essential and highly effective introduction to literature for today's students Written for students beginning a serious study of literature the text introduces the fundamental elements of fiction poetry and drama in a concise and engaging Literature Structure PDF or way addressing vital uestions that other texts tend to ignore such as Is some literature better and How can it be evaluated A remarkable selection of classic modern and contemporary readings serves to illustrate the elements of literature and ensure broad appeal to students of diverse backgrounds and interests.

  • Hardcover
  • 1522 pages
  • Literature Structure Sound and Sense
  • Thomas R. Arp
  • English
  • 15 March 2016
  • 9780155038226

10 thoughts on “Literature Structure Sound and Sense

  1. Marzieh Torabi Marzieh Torabi says:

    Yes FinallyI've been studying this book for the last two semesters Reading this book I learned a lot about the basics and introductions to English literature I read many good short stories poems and plays that were included in the book Well I haven't read them all but I will Someday I just need some free time to go through these three books to review what I've read and read what I've skipped

  2. Jeff Jeff says:

    As a general rule I don't post any books here that I haven't read completely hence no design books since honestly I only hunt and peck through those This is one exception to the rule I haven't read every page of this And I haven't read all the stories but I've read every one of the considerable number of poemsThis was one of my dad's books A text book apparently Printed the year I was born When I went to college I took it with me and it sits right now with its tattered spine on my secondary bookshelf It's not as pretty as the volumes on my living room showcase shelf but no single volume on my shelf deserves credit for fueling my love for deep challenging artistic word smithing Most memorable poems from the collection A White Rose John Boyle O'ReillyThe 'Je Ne Sais uoi' William WhiteheadVergissmeinicht Keith DouglasMy Star Robert BrowningThe Mill Edwin Arlington Robinson; The Changeling Charlotte Mew Terrence This is Stupid Stuff AE Housman and The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock by that British poet who was born in St Louis and had a fondness for practical cats

  3. Marziye Foroughi Marziye Foroughi says:

    A really useful one

  4. Paras2 Paras2 says:

    who am I kidding I'll never let this book go but for now I'm done

  5. Robert Locklear Robert Locklear says:

    This is a great book a wonderful guide and resource for writers to get a refreshing taste of good writing of other authors I'm not in total agreement with all of what Perrine tries to teach since a lot of it is based on his opinion than what is actually what I have found to be true but it gives you another person's perspective on good writing which can influence your own The various short stories plays and poetry that Perrine uses in the book are wonderfully written and as I mentioned before a great way to refresh yourself and learn how to become a better writer for as we all know the you read the better you write I'd recommend this book

  6. Jeff Jeff says:

    As for how much I liked the creative work within it's a mixed bag Some things I really enjoyed and felt led me to grow in my understanding of literature while others fell flat I was wavering on giving this 3 stars but considering the excellent lessons and thought provoking uestions I thought it only fair to add a star Obviously one reading isn't enough to fully grasp this tome but I can't help but believe that with diligent application of the teachings spread throughout my future readings of such works will be much profitable

  7. Zander Zander says:

    Normally I don't dignify school textbooks with reviews but I think it's necessary to explain why I hate this book so much Aside from containing multiple factual errors this book is written in a tone that is pretentious and self important to the point of giving the reader nausea By far the worst part of an AP English class that I otherwise loved

  8. Erhans_poonis Erhans_poonis says:

    this book was very helpful for me to do my thesis thx goodreadscom n tahx all

  9. Howl Howl says:

    I liked this textbook enough that I payed the 60 or so to keep it when I left highsch00l

  10. ashes ➷ ashes ➷ says:

    One of those books where not reading it in its entirety doesn't mean it's a bad book It's just a textbook Many thoughts incomingThis was one of the first books I decided I had to either read or get rid of It's massive but it's mostly short fiction so I figured I'd know uickly whether I wanted to keep it or not and I do want to keep it because some of these short stories are fantastic and fantastically hard to find I'm not a poetry person so I didn't read the poetry half see other reviews for that The stories are very good Objectively each one is doing something interesting whether the trick of writing an entire short story about only an hour or creating a surrealist narrative that nonetheless feels grounded in reality or being James Baldwin There's really not a story here I'd say had to be removed or wasn't good enough All of them were very impressive in extremely uniue ways and I was happy to see many female authors and a few certainly not as many authors of color among the groupSo why was I having so much trouble reading this? It sat on my bedside table for months I would read one short story or maybe even too but then I'd feel full I would be done And I would feel markedly averse to picking the book up again for another week I found myself often needing time to 'recover' from these stories And the answer is I'm afraid that they are depressing There's nothing wrong with writing about sexual assault For that matter it's very important to and for that matter I have enjoyed many narratives that discussed it The trouble is when nearly every story all by women but still is oppressed by it Every story by and about a woman has to include harassment Did they include a black author? They're sure to discuss drug issues There were exceptions but this made the book hard to read and honestly it made me understand why so many people don't like reading or literature For that matter where was the genre fiction? Sure you can laugh but I've never met someone who would deny Ray Bradbury his place as an influential classic author Though I don't read much fantasy it has its greats as well It's not hard to find a fantasy or sci fi story that espouses any of the narrative ideals described here And the collection DID include one story by Ursula K Le Guin The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas which while one of the best stories ever written is probably as far as Le Guin could get from sci fi This book is still 4 stars at least on the fiction side poetry looked like a nice selection too though again I'm no poet Again it's not that any of the story choices were bad I think they should have been padded out with the above suggestions genre fiction non 'important' stories stories by women and authors of color NOT about traumatic experiences but the stories themselves really aren't bad and collecting them together doesn't make them or the book bad But it made me feel for literature students who are forced to read one genre realistic fiction by one group of authors and only when it has been deemed 'important' I especially feel for female students who are going to be forced for the sake of Art to read about assault over and over and over and students of color who will not be allowed to read works by authors of color unless white people have deemed them sufficiently pity inducing It's not fair It's not right And it doesn't help anyone learn to love the written word

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