From Here You Can't See Paris Seasons of a French Village

From Here You Can't See Paris Seasons of a French Village

From Here You Can't See Paris Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant [Ebook] ➨ From Here You Can't See Paris Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant By Michael S. Sanders – From HereYou Can't See Paris is a sweet leisurely exploration of the life of Les Arues population 159 a hilltop village in a remote corner of France untouched by the modern era It is a story of a dyin From HereYou Can't See Paris is a sweet You Can't Epub Ù leisurely exploration of the life of Les Arues population a hilltop village in a From Here PDF \ remote corner of France untouched by the modern era It is a story of a dying village's struggle to survive of a dead artist Here You Can't PDF/EPUB é whose legacy began its rebirth and of chef Jacues Ratier and his wife Noëlle whose bustling restaurant—the village's sole business—has helped ensure its future Here You Can't See Paris MOBI :Ú The author set out to explore the inner workings of a French restaurant kitchen but ended up stumbling onto a wider much richer world Whether uncovering the darker secrets of making foie gras hearing a chef confess his doubts about the Michelin star system or absorbing the lore of the land around a farmhouse kitchen table after a boar hunt Michael Sanders learned that life in Les Arues was anything but sleepy Through the eyes of the author and his family the reader enters this world discovers its still vibrant traditions of food cooking and rural living and comes to know the village's history sharing along the way an American family's adventures as they find their way in a place that is sometimes lonely often wondrous and always fascinating.

10 thoughts on “From Here You Can't See Paris Seasons of a French Village and Its Restaurant

  1. Laura Laura says:

    This book was so respectful of life in the village where the author lived for year Having read almost all of Peter Mayle's books I found this to be a step above I felt like I understood the life of the village from the inside after reading this book It wasn't all poking fun at French idiosyncrasies It certainly made me laugh occasionally but it didn't put the French down but it wasn't an over glorification of French country life either The best part was I read it right before going to France and I was able to eat at the restaurant I would highly recommend the book and the restaurant in that order a feast for the mind and palette

  2. Megan Megan says:

    I was wandering by a display in my local library and picked out this book I have only been to France once to Paris for 4 days I admit I have romantic imaginings about the French countryside dancing in my head So I thought I'd indulge those fantasies by reading this book It is non fiction and written by an author from the US who moves to a very small rural village in the French countryside with his family for a year He decides to profile the one restaurant in the village which is pretty well known and is often booked solid during the tourist season The main subject in this book is food French style And in France it seems food is life so he intertwines many stories of the people in the village who all seem to be involved in producing cooking or serving food in one way or another You can learn all about how foie gras is made yuck how to cultivate truffles and the kinds of dishes that are served in a small French restaurant As with most stories about rural lives I was reminded that it is not an easy life but there is a richness there that is much different than the lives of we city folks

  3. William William says:

    I read every book whose them is observations of an American transplanted in France And most are pretty predictable American discovers just how ultimately satisfying it can be to learn to enjoy life like the French This is much the same but done very well Author wife and young child spend a year in tiny Les Arues a small farming community with a popular seasonal restaurant The author is engaging and enlightening and he adds a lot to the discourse of Americans discovering the French Si vous aimez la France ce bouuin vaut la peine

  4. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Great book about a family's year in a very small town in southwest France and the town's restaurant It takes you on a tour of the markets and farms where French food is grown and raised vegetarians beware the chapter on foie gras and really gives a sense of what a traditional small Fench village is like Very enjoyable

  5. Erin Erin says:

    This book tells the story of an American writer who moves to a tiny village in southwest France with his family to write about the changing nature of the French countryside He spends most of his time in La Recreation the one restaurant in Les Arles profiling the owners and their cuisine Sanders makes excellent observations about French culture people and food The book is very atmospheric and highly enjoyable If you like this book check out From Paris to the Moon by Adam Gopnik

  6. Liz Liz says:

    Sooo I enjoyed this mostly because Michael Sanders writes about food I have to admit though that I think he is a bit wordy There were plenty of times throughout the course of this book where I felt he could have written the exact same thing in half the space Still enjoyable except for the descriptions of foie gras which really I don't need to know about nor do I need to ever try it

  7. A A says:

    Pretty boring especially compared to all the really great similar stuff out there

  8. Joje Joje says:

    Half way through as of today A gift from Nancy last year A good tale of a village with the details that inform Even if so much is familiar and recognizable to one who lives partly in French villages there are other sections that are newly informative especially about the agricultural past in the Lot and of course the story of a successful restaurant Perhaps a good parallel would be the book about a library and its cat in the midwest that someone else gave me SusanThis remained interesting and informative even for bits I sort of am familiar with and at the end are some very good references to the area and practical cultural advice on how to have a good meal in a French restaurant especially outside of tourist areas but even there I ended up liking the villagers than I might have from a distanced viewpoint I can't say and of course liked the author himself and his project My main problems were with the repetitions of full bits of information almost like what happens when beginning a seuel which its chapters are not They are not even meant to be read alone which might explain it And the typos or misspellings whichever they were maybe 1 per chapter or at least those that I noticed even some French sorts of misspellings a doubled consonant or an E before the ment that ends both the English and French words for the same thing

  9. John Nebauer John Nebauer says:

    This is a very well written homage to French village life Sanders initially arrives to write about 'La Recreation' the new restaurant that has helped breathe life into the new village Inevitably Sanders' portrait becomes one of the whole village While the characters are interesting in their own right what is fascinating is the light they shine on Les Arue specifically and rural France generally While this is a delightful tribute to la belle France rural it is not idealised We learn of the trouble the French truffle industry is in Running a restaurant in a rural setting is still very hard graft Perhaps so because hard decisions need to be made about how long and how often to open good staff are harder to replace The issues facing rural France are of a declining and ageing population which means that there are fewer people to support traditional industries and methods This reality fuels the impetus to industrial scale operations But Les Arues prospers for now Whilst the book is somewhat out of date they still use francs for example it is still a book that Francophiles should read The tips at the end of the book on how to eat out in France still apply

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    Michael S Sander's memoir of his year spent in a tiny French village was absolutely charming Though Sanders started out to write about life in a French restaurant the book is actually about the villagers themselvesCentered around the city's main business a restaurant in an old schoolhouse Le Recreation or recess the book takes us through a year in the life of Les Arues The elderly mayor the family who makes its living keeping ducks for foie gras the restaurateurs and their staff this is really a book about people than it is about food Where the food comes into play is in the way that it brings the entire village togetherSanders' prose puts the reader right in the middle of everything whether its the village fete or the orchards where truffles might be found I learned about foie gras and trufficulture than I imagined possible just to name two things Mostly I came to admire the folk of Les Arues just as Sanders and his family didHighly recommended for Francophiles and foodies alike

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