Breakup The End of a Love Story Kindle ☆ The End of

Breakup The End of a Love Story Kindle ☆ The End of

Breakup The End of a Love Story [Epub] ➞ Breakup The End of a Love Story ➣ Catherine Texier – I will never forgive youI will never make love with you againI do not love you any Breakup is the erotically charged chronicle of the tempestuous final months of an eighteen year romantic and literary I will never forgive youI End of Epub â will never make love with you againI do not love you any Breakup is the erotically charged chronicle of the tempestuous final months of an eighteen year romantic and literary partnership self destructing in the aftermath of the ultimate betrayal Fearlessly and courageously Texier chronicles the end of that love as it is wrecked by infidelity and deceit in a Breakup The ePUB Ò literary tour de force reminiscent by turns of Marguerite Duras and Henry MillerTexier writes in harrowing detail about the powerful sexual relationship she shared with her husband even during their breakup how sex between them became a substitute for real intimacy and how the fabric of a marriage a shared cup of café au lait on a yellow table every morning the memories of giving birth The End of MOBI ô to two glorious daughters of coediting their own literary magazine is brutally dissolved Breakup is unsentimental and unflinching a journal of love's exuisite torture Every emotion including rage disgust self pity hatred sympathy and jealousy is mined Heartbreaking too is the effect of the breakup on Texier's two children who sometimes The End of a Love ePUB Ò caught in the crossfire of their parents' turmoil are trapped as the relationship spirals out The End of a Love ePUB Ò of control and their once secure home becomes a battlefieldUltimately Breakup is about the risks one great passion involves It is a journey of the heart in all its wild beating; a courageous diary of a soul laid bare and the redemptive power of love.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Breakup The End of a Love Story
  • Catherine Texier
  • English
  • 23 March 2016
  • 9780385495233

10 thoughts on “Breakup The End of a Love Story

  1. KOMET KOMET says:

    Catherine Texier's story of the breakup of her 18 year relationship with a man who was also her literary partner lover best friend and father of their 2 daughters can best be described as 'an anatomy of an affair' From the book's first pages Texier provides the reader with an open access into the gradual unraveling of what had been for her a loving and satisfying relationship Her partner was in emotional withdrawal Oftentimes he was surly abrupt or would give her the silent treatment The I read the his selfishness became evident to me Texier found it so hard to let go of what they had together And in his own way even after admitting while both were seeing a psychologist to help sort out their evolving feelings about each other and their dying relationship to having an affair and continuing to spend time with 'the other woman' he and Texier continued an intermittent fiery sexual relationship As I was reading all this I wanted to say out loud Why don't the two of you make a clean break of it? Easy for me to say I know as a single man with no children But that's how I felt as I watched their relationship slowly deflate and disintegrate I felt sorry for Texier because she was completely blindslided by her partner stepping out on her with this woman In Texier's words The rage of being rejected It’s one thing to be with a guy and see that he’s losing interest and maybe you are too and uite another to have built a family and two literary careers and a house and eighteen years of shared companionship the passion still going full swing in spite of the mounting tensions and to feel the plug being pulled out overnight without warning”There is a denouement between Texier and her ex partner As a way of fully coming to grips with the end of the relationship she has a big blowout party in the apartment she had shared with him and their children The party was meant as the kickoff of my new life It was packed It went on all night It was exhilarating A kind of exorcism I was reclaiming my sexuality on the turf of our love The very place where we had loved and hurt each other I performed it with the ferocious energy of life feasting over a still warm corpse I barely had to lift a finger Everybody had come to celebrate with me A week before I had bought a secondhand Isaac Mizrahi poppy red stretch dress with spaghetti straps I had carefully chosen the dress Nothing short of red would have done The dress worked its magicBREAKUP The End of a Love Story has valuable lessons to provide the reader about the dynamics of an intimate relationship that comes to an unhappy end

  2. Lisa Lisa says:

    Gut wrenching real memoir of the last year of a marriage This is a tangled web of Catherine's feelings when she finds out her husband has cheated on her and is planning to move out She goes through many stages as she still loves him Sorrow anger calmness confusion and acceptance

  3. David David says:

    Without exageration this is one of the most moving stories about the end of a relationship I've read I don't know if it's the way that it staddles both the side where the serious passion existed and the side where that passion is over but it's something I expected to only see the rage against the nonspeaking partner and the hurt felt by the writer but it seemed like I felt everything There has to be everything if it's going to be real because a breakup where there was nothing to morn has no magnitude Of course I can't say I had a good judgment of the guy but still The writing the words everything in this book hits hardbut at the same time with a uniue tenderness The words are lite rapid fire emotional bullets gem like dazzling and beautiful bullets This is uite a story

  4. Kevin Kevin says:

    Really raw stuff Brutally honest and affecting A couple of representative uotes1 It's not true that stories climax and resolve It's only true in the make believe world of fiction In the real world stories get told over and over like a Mobius knot And though Texier embraces this sentiment of stories told over and over her repetition is about emotional release than really telling stories I kind of wish there were scenes stories2 Passionate love affairs die hard They convulse and writhe and agonize till the bitter end But the bliss and the headiness of love is worth the agony of the breakup Death always comes at the end of lifeOh the hard and brutal truths of life

  5. Sarah karney Sarah karney says:

    this book will totally inspire you the next time you think you can't live without the one who left Brutally honest

  6. Fiona Fiona says:

    Raw and affecting Read it years ago and just came back to it recently

  7. Allison Allison says:

    Read this after it was recommended by Chloe Caldwell It's entirely unforgettable

  8. Samantha Grabelle Samantha Grabelle says:

    I will not soon forget this one For most of the book very little actually happens but my heart raced and I couldn’t put it down My marriage ended in twenty minutes I am now grateful for that But as painful as it was she turned the breakup into something remarkable and unlike anything I’ve ever read before I kind of want to thank her That’s how good it is

  9. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Basically an unedited stream of consciousness diary through the breakup of a marriage Repetitive and way way way too much detail about exactly who does what to whom sexually Yes brutally honest but tedious

  10. Sally Sally says:

    I read it straight through What a woman what a love story I had a magical romance that came an unexpected and abrupt end I couldn't believe it either She has captured the anguish well

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