Paperback Þ Leslies Journal PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Leslies Journal PDF/EPUB Ú

Leslies Journal ❴Reading❵ ➶ Leslies Journal Author Allan Stratton – A gripping story about the dark side of a first loveAwards for the previous editionAmerican Library Association Best Books for Young AdultsAmerican Library Association uick Picks for Reluctant Young A A gripping story about the dark side of a first loveAwards for the previous editionAmerican Library Association Best books for Young AdultsAmerican Library Association uick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult ReadersAmerican Library Association Popular Paperbacks for Young AdultsThe Best Notable and Recommended List Teacher Librarian MagazineLeslie can't seem to avoid trouble whether it's at school or at home Just as life seems at its lowest Jason McCready the exceedingly cool new guy at school enters her lifeNow Leslie is the envy of all the girls But Jason's appearance is deceiving he is determined to control every aspect of Leslie's life and he begins terrorizing her in unimaginable waysWhen a substitute teacher reads the private English class journal in which Leslie reveals Jason's abuse Leslie is suddenly forced into hard choices and terrifying action to take back her lifeUpdated to reflect the contemporary world of the Internet cell phones and text messaging Leslie's Journal is a suspenseful fast paced story about love friendship and what it means to stand up for yourself.

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • Leslies Journal
  • Allan Stratton
  • English
  • 15 January 2015
  • 9781550376647

10 thoughts on “Leslies Journal

  1. Allan Stratton Allan Stratton says:

    HiI'm the author of Leslie's Journals I love meeting readers so if you have a uestion for me feel free to email me through this website or my own website wwwallanstrattoncomLeslie's Journal is a thrillersuspense about a fifteen year girl Leslie who is mad at the world Her parents are splitting up she'd losing her best friend to a cliue that tries to exclude her her marks are dropping she's acting out and all of a sudden the apparently charming devoted senior enters her life Only he's a very sick dude When Leslie tries to break it off he refuses and blackmails her with digital pix he took one night when he'd gotten her drunk What she does and how she rescues herself from this pit is the storyI wrote the book because of an absolute certainty that the proplem of stalking and bullying against young women is under reported and that young women need a book that lets them know they're not alone And guys need it to help figure out what they can do to help In the adult world women can see the stalker in his car across the street and call the police But in the teen world the stalker can be giving the girl the evil eye in the hall the classroom the library wherever and the teachers school police will think it's normal for him to be there And if the relationship's been sexual he can blackmail her And if she's at risk she'll be especially afraid that no one will believe herVery scary Which is what ultimately makes Leslie a very special person one about whom I care deeply

  2. Sana Sana says:

    The MC is probably the most annoying piece of trash on earthDisrespectful? Whining on the first fucking page? A fucking brat? No thank you

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    I read this a couple of years ago and when I saw it in the library I decided to re read it I give it 4 stars I'm sure a lot of people would read this book and probably be annoyed with the main character or just not like the book I just like it because it really seems possible It's creepy and disturbing The girl in the book seems to be really focused on how her peers perceive her and she gets caught in a very horrible situation I don't think the author wanted a uietshy girl type of character I think he purposely made his character to be like a normal teenage girlnot like every teenage girl just the average one He made her naive and rebellious with something to prove Maybe he did this so people could see how easy you can be put in a bad situation or maybe he wanted people to be able to relate in some way to LeslieAnyways she gets involved with the wrong boy I enjoyed the book because it isn't afraid to show how scary an abusive relationship can be I enjoyed it because Leslie went through a lot of growth and she was pretty brave at timesThe one thing that could definitely turn off readers is Leslie To put it bluntly she can be a brat The first half of the book she's really mean to her friends and family and she's generally not likeable I think she redeems herselfslightly towards the end Throughout the book her character goes through a lot of emotional growth She's still not extremely likeable but you realize she still has a lot of growing up to doI think the book is like 3 and a half stars but lately I've been feeling generous and try to round up It's a uick readjust short of 200 pages but it's really uite disturbing and shows the dark side of teenage relationships

  4. Tina Tina says:

    This was a hard book to read A young girl who falls in love with the wrong guy She has been asked by her teacher to write a journal which is supposed to be confidential even to the school staff except that one teacher decides to read it and helps Leslie understand that what she is living is not love but rather rapeCompelling especially since this is written from the point of view of Leslie She writes innocently about what she thinks is love and as time progresses her journal and the tone gets darker and darkerI think this book does a very good job of showing how rapists and other predators groom the people they want This book shows just how easy it is for a young person or even not so young to fall into the trap thinking that love painWell written many passages made me angry Leslie is strong though in many ways and this book is an important read

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    Leslie's Journal Fails to ImpressLeslie Philips can only be described by one word “Trouble” Stratton 12 She constantly rebels against her mother and teachers experiments with drugs and alcohol and when it comes to school if she decides to show up her grades are less than satisfactory With her parent’s recent divorce and her new “cute perky overgrown cheerleader” Stratton 21 stepmom in the picture it seems as though Leslie’s world is falling apart until she meets Jason the hunky heartthrob newly transferred from a prestigious prep school Tall dark and handsome Jason seems like the perfect guy the conventional bad boy but soon Leslie is thrown into a whirlwind of a relationship she just can’t seem to get out of Set somewhere in the suburban United States Leslie’s Journal tells the story of the trials and tribulations of fifteen year old Leslie Philips as she pushes away her friends and family and enters a new sexually and physically abusive relationship Although filled with both suspenseful and intriguing moments that would have you hanging off your seat Leslie’s Journal fails to impress From the simplistic writing style to the predictable storyline I couldn’t wait for this book to be over The first line of the novel reads “It’s only the first week and school already sucks” Stratton 1 and so does this book The writing style is completely juvenile and overly simplistic with language fit for a twelve year old but with content for much older The author of the novel Allan Stratton takes on a very and I mean very sarcastic ironic and frankly annoying tone When Leslie’s not complaining about homework teachers or girls at school she’s lashing out at her mother for some god awful reason Rude and obnoxious Leslie is in fact a ‘parent’s nightmare’ as I found it hard to connect or even feel a tiny bit of compassion for her The characters are amazingly over superficial from Leslie the raging and rebellious teen complete in her fish net stocking and midriff bearing tops Burdened by the fact that her parents had moved around a lot when she was a child she was unable to make many friends or form new relationships Throw in the cliché divorced parents ordeal; Leslie’s just a ‘lost soul’ looking for a stable relationship and someone to love Enter Jason; the rich snobby motorcycle driving bad boy boyfriend that every girl wants but can’t have “When I look out I see it’s him the guy from the office And come to think of it he is really cute slouched all alone against the goalpost one knee slightly bent hands on his back pockets head back to catch some rays He looks like an underwear model with clothes on” Stratton 17Apart from the stereotypical characters Leslie’s Journal also lacks in plot The ‘I thought he was a good guy but I was wrong’ storyline although realistic has been recycled over and over again in books television and film leaving the novel completely predictable I was hoping for a change in Leslie’s character something that would give the book a ‘morally uplifting’ ending but once again I was let down Despite the realism of the story the outcome was uite unrealistic Leslie was lucky but not many girls in this kind of situation are Overall Leslie’s Journal was uite a let down Despite the novel’s stereotypical intolerable under developed characters Leslie’s arrogant obnoxious tone and its predictable plot I found the book hard to put down I would recommend this book to adolescents looking for a fast ‘leisure’ read and to someone who doesn’t care for the elements that make up a good book As for me I will be moving this book to the back of my bookshelf

  6. Miss.Always.Reading.Books Miss.Always.Reading.Books says:

    I remember seeing this book on a shelf and thinking I have to read this This is when I was obsessed with reading journals diaries I had read `Go ask Alice` `Annie's Baby` `It happened to Nancy` and other booksThis book is powerful gripping and has a little humor in itLeslie is a lonely student who's parents divorced and she only has one geeky friend named Katie Leslie pretends to be popular and lies to her school mates saying she has plenty of boyfriend's when she doesn't Then Jason comes along and her who world changes Jason is cool smooth and bad Leslie starts dating him In the beginning things are going well Jason is romantic to her By the second date he takes her to his house he's rich lives in a house on the hill His parents are gone all the time so he does what he wants he ask Leslie if she wants a drink one minute the next minute he's telling her Get up and put your clothes on you have to get out of here now What happened? Leslie figures it out piece by piece She continues going out with Jason and writing about it then one day a sub teacher reads he journalThe teacher reports it to the principle but Leslie lies and says Its all made up because she does want Jason to get locked up Jason finds out hits Leslie throws her to the ground and starts kicking her She says she's had enough and wants to break up That's when Jason starts stalking and threatening LeslieThe book gets really intense after that I'd recommend this book to anyone who wants a good book to read I can't believe a man wrote this book using the mind of a teenager

  7. Kelly Kelly says:

    Billed as this generation's Go Ask Alice I had great hopes for this book It was so so Teen girls will like the journal format and the fact that Leslie is troubled The story deals with date rape which leads to an abusive relationshi Mom and dad recently divorced and Leslie's bff is finding new friends so Leslie feels left outLeslie's voice is fairly authentic but the entire story is so rushed everything happens so uickly and there isn't much depth to any of it In the author's afterword he talks about how he updated this book to represent today's technology with cell phones and computers so the book has been around for a whileTeens like realistic fiction but this did not come off as realistic to meAlthough I found the book lacking teen girls will probably like it than I did

  8. Tori Tori says:

    2004 I'll admit I didn't have the highest hopes for this story about Leslie a daughter of divorced parents who starts to write her most personal thoughts in a journal assigned to her by her English teacher It seems like Leslie's only outlet and since her teacher promised never to read it what's the harm in putting down personal stuff like the fact she likes Jason? Jason isn't exactly your average boyfriend however His first date with Leslie involves too much alcohol and it isn't until later that Leslie realizes she's been raped Leslie continues to see Jason after this seeing something in the much older and richer guy His behavior just starts to escalate and then a new English teacher turns over Leslie's journal to the principal Leslie's scared for her life and so are the readers in this disturbing story of teenage relationship violence

  9. Alienne Alienne says:

    This is the kind of book that you pick up every time a moment of free time presents itself Once the book gets to a certain point which doesn't take long it is almost impossible to put downThat said I'm not sure whether I actually enjoyed it or not The read yes The storymeh Leslie annoyed me to be frank And the book definitely doesn't read like a series of journal entries; it reads like a typical book written in first person

  10. Shara Weiss Shara Weiss says:

    Have you ever been in a controlling relationship? Have you ever been fearful for your safety? This gripping novel is about a relationship gone bad

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