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Paperback ✓ Taken Epub Ú

Taken ❰Download❯ ✤ Taken Author Barbara Freethy – Kayla Sheridan had longed for love marriage and a family Now after a miraculous whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams she is his wife But on their wedding night he vanishes leaving Kayla with Kayla Sheridan had longed for love marriage and a family Now after a miraculous whirlwind courtship with the man of her dreams she is his wife But on their wedding night he vanishes leaving Kayla with the bitter realization that her desire has made her an easy mark for deceptionNick Granville has an ingrained sense of honor and an intense desire to succeed in building the world’s most challenging high tech bridges But when he crosses paths with a ruthless con man he’s robbed of everything he values including his identity With nothing left to lose he’ll risk any danger to clear his name and reclaim his lifeThrown together by fate Kayla and Nick embark on a desperate journey toward the truth — to uncover the mysterious motives of an ingenious and seductive stranger who boasts he can’t be caught and to reveal the shocking secrets of their own shattered pasts.

About the Author: Barbara Freethy

Barbara's love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood she spent uite a bit of time reading through her mother's large library many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara she went into Public Relations but soon discovered that writing was her true passionBarbara was traditionally publishe.

10 thoughts on “Taken

  1. fleurette fleurette says:

    I have many mixed feelings about this book This was my first book written by Barbara Freethy and I will probably also read some of her othersI really like the plot I mean the suspense part It is engaging and complicated with lots of action and twists It would make a good TV series I like that the situation changes with every page and that there are so many layers of this story the mystery to be solved I also enjoy the idea of Kayla going for her revenge after being coned into loving a man she doesn't knowUnfortunately I didn't like the romance part as much It is too strange and improbable in my opinion I can understand the reasons Kayla wants to get involve with Nick after her great failure she needs some reassurance that she is still an attractive woman worth than just a clock At least this is how I see it But Nick being imminently attracted to her out of nowhere? This is over the top And they are talking about love knowing each other just a few days and being under the pressure all the time Well at least they don't decide to marry soon There are also some completely illogical things that were driving me crazy Like their mobile phones Sometimes they use them and sometimes they completely forgot about them when they could actually use them to call for help Like when they are left on the island And here is another irrational thing view spoilerI have never heard about the museum left totally without protection for a night No matter how short on money they are they should have some surveillance cameras or at least a man staying there at night Just in case there are some crazy vandals and there is always something to steal in the place like that So no I don't believe in this part hide spoiler

  2. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    Loved it Kayla's new husband disappears on their honeymoon Nick comes back from a job in Africa to find someone has stolen his identity They work together to uncover the motives of a con man There is a 2nd book Played that continues with FBI agent JT's story The book has a good combination of suspense mystery and of course romance

  3. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    I actually want to read about Evan the bad guycon man and if the author redeems him for a HEA with Jenny Otherwise the book and story were ok 3 stars

  4. Foxfire Foxfire says:

    This is my second book by this author and had the same major flaw as the first one I readThere is a big suspense build up but the solution falls flat and fails to make complete sense There is a lot left unexplained Very annoying to enjoy a book and then in the last 10% be cheated out of a proper solution to the uestions that have been raisedIn this story the romance is prominent and some of it is a bit cheesy I would have preferred focus on the suspense The writing is easy a style that appeals to me although the constant use of clichés hearts skipping beats and beginning to race in particular can start grating after a whileIt's such a shame that the author has not delivered better on the aspect of fully resolving the mystery because she does a great job in building up the suspense

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    The writing and relationship between characters was so cheesy I couldn't even finish the book I read half of it and could bear it any It's the first book that I happily deleted from my kindly I'll definitely not choose a book from this author again

  6. Norma Norma says:

    A wonderfully written story

  7. Ewa ❀ Ewa ❀ says:

    I like it Just like it

  8. Zara West Zara West says:

    The plot seemed very familiar however the book got off to a good start The idea of a stolen identity and missing groom were very intriguing But as the book went on the villain seemed unbelievable and the hero and heroine's relationship lukewarm

  9. Julie Julie says:

    This was a fun and fast read from the beginning Kayla and Nick had just gotten married On their wedding night Nick disappears without a trace Heartbroken and confused Kayla goes home When she stops by Nick's house there is another man there claiming that he is Nick The story uickly moves forward with lots of twists and turns The villain is cunning and always one step ahead of Kayla and the real Nick It turns out Nick and the villain met in college There is a lot of mystery in this book with some romance It ends with you wanting and needing to get the second book to find out if the villain is ever caught I will definitely pick up Played to find out what happens A very enjoyable read

  10. Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) Krista (Miura Haruma-san, I will always miss you) says:

    This books is boring I forced myself to read it yet did not care at all for the characters Kayla was a complete imbicile Nick was boring just a typical alpha guy The characters felt fake forced Evan was vaguely interesting and uniue because I wasn't sure how he ticked or how far he would go but other than that I was falling asleep reading this Some parts were all right but mostly it's nothing special

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