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  1. Maria Maria says:

    I'm sometimes leery of contemporary romancechick lit because I feel like characters in many of these novels are self absorbed and just generally whiny That's why when I happen to come across a book like Golden Lies I breathe a sigh of relief and tuck in for a good readThe narrative begins with Riley McAllister and his grandmother Riley takes her to an Antiues Roadshow like gathering and they discover that the dragon Nan Delaney found in her attic could possibly be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars Antiues dealers are suddenly coming out of the woodwork and Riley is put in the position of trying to protect his beloved grandmother's interestsOne of those antiues dealers is Paige Hathaway of the super elite and prestigious The House of Hathaway Her father an expert in Chinese antiuities is demanding that Paige acuire the dragon At All Costs so Paige persists until Nan agrees to bring the dragon in for authentication and evaluation But once the dragon is brought in Paige's father David inexplicably decides to take the item out of the store Unfortunately he's attacked and the dragon is stolen leaving The House of Hathaway responsible for the loss of an antiue that is possibly pricelessDavid was mugged after taking the dragon to Chinese American artist Jasmine Chen his lover because he knows she is haunted by images of this item in her nightmares But this meeting doesn't go well David fathered a daughter Alyssa with Jasmine and his refusal to publicly acknowledge his child and the shame this brings on Jasmine has been devastating As Riley and Paige start to unravel the mystery of what happened to the dragon they discover Alyssa and how the Hathaway Delaney and Chen families are connected Worse they discover that the dragon lies at the heart of it all and that the very people who need to give them answers have been telling lies and these lies have cursed their family to experience tragedy unless they are exposed and the dragon is returnedI found this book to be a compelling read I liked the way the city is used as a supporting character throughout how discoveries happen at a measured pace that maintains the flow of action and the way characters feel authentic in their confusion and search for answers Also important is the exploration of the Chinese in the Bay Area a relationship that anyone familiar with California history knows is a social snarl far complicated than it looks at first glance These aspects of the novel make the story feel bigger and situated in a realistic family tangle Riley Paige and Alyssa all feel like the others have had the better lives and upbringing and their insecurities illustrate how people value different things and the cages we create and imprison ourselves withinIf I have one complaint about the book it is that it introduces a mystery involving the mother of one of the three main characters and then doesn't really do anything to resolve this subplot This is a story where the author resolves or seriously addresses almost all of the plot threads and this one sticks out for me especially because of the character it involves I would have appreciated an epilogue of some sort especially because this is a stand alone novel As a further note I will add that I received this novel as a free Kindle download which is a large part of the reason why I read this book by a novelist I had never read before I find that I like the way Freethy writes and how she constructs her narrative I have the feeling I will me reading from her in the future

  2. Jen Jen says:

    It's been awhile since I have read Barbara Freethy thanks to free books on my Kindle I am rediscovering her I enjoyed this bookmystery romance family issues

  3. Barry Doughty Barry Doughty says:

    You know what they say about judging a book by its cover Anyway to be fair to the author it was not a bad read I suppose “love story with a bit of intrigue” might sum it up It is a story about a beautiful rich debutante whose family owns a large and exclusive antiues business She becomes involved with a handsome young man who runs a security firm not as you might expect though his business with her family’s store but because his grandmother finds a rare Chinese antiue in her loft “now how often does that happen?” about every week on the antiues road show Anyway under the supervision of her grandson guess which store they take it to be valued You guessed it and here the love story begins along with the intrigue when the precious antiue disappears It took a while to finish this book simply because was one you could put down I would like to add however that the author conducts dialogue between the couple very well but a little intrigue and less of the obvious romance angle might have been better

  4. C. McCarty C. McCarty says:

    What begins as an attic find that gets appraised as a rare and valuable antiue dragon uickly turns into mystery with countless twists and turns Sure handsome man meets beautiful woman but various complications turned it into a compelling read that kept this reader curled up While offering a peek into family dynamics the story continually unveils hidden secrets that intrigue the main characters who are often at odds albeit physically attracted to each other For me it was the interesting secondary characters who heightened my interest as much as the mystery surrounging the valuable antiue dragon Using San Francisco as a supporting character made the flow of action fun and I loved history lessons about one of my favorite citiesThis was an original story that shows how most people have their own insecurities despite their socialfinancial status This story also teaches that we must accept the past in order to move forwardIt was an enjoyable read and I look forward to reading of her novels

  5. Evelyn Evelyn says:

    To escape the enemy during WWII two soldiers and a local Chinese man devise a plan to smuggle ancient artifacts into the US After a mysterious fire the artifacts are lost and the men part ways Now than 50 years later the sins of the fathers have come to light and it is up to their 3 grandchildren to make things rightAnother good romantic suspense from Freethy Lots of family emotion and Chinese lore Freethy always includes a list of book discussion uestions Similar to Kristen Hannah orBarbara Delinsky

  6. Iluvbooks44 Iluvbooks44 says:

    Phenomenal bookI love Barbara’s books she is one of my favourite authorsI loved this book from start to finishI love the characters and the story

  7. Beth Peninger Beth Peninger says:

    I read books like this when my brain is tired from thinking and just needs a break or when I am not sure what book I really want to read and just need something to get me through until I decide I consider books like this one filler books Not horrible but not terribly great either rather predictable This isn't the first Freethy title I have read and it won't be the last because I always need filler books But also Freethy doesn't write badly and in this particular book she even includes a bit of a mystery to break up the predictable lust story Paige Hathaway and Riley McAllister are introduced through his Grandmother's find of an ancient Chinese dragon in her attic What it is doing there how it got there is anyone's guess Paige's father acts oddly upon seeing it and it disappears from his possession upon a visit to Chinatown Thus begins the search for the dragon and why it's so important In the process of trying to solve the mystery of the dragon Paige Riley and Paige's newly discovered half sister Alyssa learn things about their parents and grandparents that explain much of their lives I probably don't have to spell out what is also discovered between Riley and Paige That's the lust part of this story When all is said and done the dragon ends up revealing important parts of each families histories and their ties to one another It was a decent enough filler book truthfully the intrigue part around the dragon saved it from being 100% predictable

  8. Sarah Pearce Sarah Pearce says:

    Golden Lies is a nice cosy read Just add one large glass of red wine and one bar of Dairy Milk for the perfect eveningIt has love lies intrigue mystery betrayal and family secretsI was kept guessing as to whether the two main characters would end up together or whether the chips on their shoulders were simply too largeMost of the characters had skeletons in the closet which made the story all the intriguing There was much to be revealed throughout the bookThe only thing that prevented me from giving this book five stars was the lack of surprise at the end I felt that the build up that kept me intrigued throughout the book had been a little misleading Although interesting revelations had occured throughout the story the ending seemed a little flat and predictable But I have based my four star rating on the enjoyment factor for the vast majority of the book

  9. Gail Gail says:

    Barbara Freethy does a good job of introducing a variety of settings in her books This one had a lot of Chinese art information life in Chinatown in San Francisco Yet it's not just boring information but information woven into the story line The one warning I have after reading three of her books she's an excellent writer with an interesting story but seems to include several unmarried sex scenes in her stories and they are all the same I think she just changes the names of the characters in each book So great writer but I'm not planning to start another book by her since there's lots of good books on my 'want to read' list My one complaint about owning an e reader I download books that I'm not able to flip through the pages first get well into the book before I realize it's not really my style

  10. Mona Mona says:

    My Rating System3 stars A good book that I enjoyed reading4 stars – Struck a chord with me made me think or uestion5 stars – Something about the book haunted me or stayed with me long after I finished it UnforgettableMulti layered contemporary that revolves around the discovery of an ancient Chinese dragonthat happens to carry a curseReading Golden Lies is like sneaking into a chocolate factory and indulging in every kind of treat imaginablesweet bitter or mellow it's all yummyI especially enjoyed the unexpected connections between the characters While we all like to think our grandparents are special and can do no wrong the sad truth is they're just as prone to lapses in judgment as the rest of us This was a painful discovery for the young people caught up in the intrigue

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Golden Lies ➶ [Reading] ➸ Golden Lies By Barbara Freethy ➫ – EVERY FAMILY HAS SECRETS SOME TOO INTRIGUING TO RESISTSOME TOO DANGEROUS TO IGNOREFrom bestselling author Barbara Freethy comes a novel about three remarkable families the fifty year old promise that EVERY FAMILY HAS SECRETS SOME TOO INTRIGUING TO RESISTSOME TOO DANGEROUS TO IGNOREFrom bestselling author Barbara Freethy comes a novel about three remarkable families the fifty year old promise that once bound them together the fiery betrayal that tore them apart and the ancient bronze dragon that could destroy their futureRiley McAllister Paige Hathaway and Alyssa Chen come from very different worlds Tough guy Riley has overcome the hard knocks of a working class upbringing Paige struggles to define her place as the heir to a famous antiues emporium And Alyssa feels trapped by the restrictions of her family's old world attitudes Now this unlikely trio of strangers must come together to follow an elusive trail through the streets of San Francisco from glittering Pacific Heights to colorful Chinatown to trendy south of Market Each will have to make the impossible choice between romantic love and family loyalty between sheltering lies and revealing truth Once the door to the past is opened there's no turning back.