Paperback ✓ Ask Mariah eBook Ú

Paperback ✓ Ask Mariah eBook Ú

Ask Mariah [Download] ➻ Ask Mariah ✤ Barbara Freethy – AN UNFULFILLED HEARTJoanna Wingate knows something is missing from her life something she never dreamed she'd find in an handsome stranger's children mischievous six year old twin sisters who look up AN UNFULFILLED HEARTJoanna Wingate knows something is missing from her life something she never dreamed she'd find in an handsome stranger's children mischievous six year old twin sisters who look up at her adoringlyand call her MamaAN UNSPOKEN NEEDSince his wife's accidental death Michael Ashton has struggled with his many responsibilities as a single parent to twin daughters who though they clearly love him refuse to speak to him Then he meets Rose and Lily's new teacher and his emotions spin out of control For Joanna Wingate is the mirror image of his late wifeMARIAH'S MAGICBizarre coincidence a strange destinyor something altogether different has joined these four lives The twins believe Mariah a magical fortune teller in a crystal ball has the answers But only Joanna and Michael's willingness to confront long buried secrets can guide their families back to wholenessand unite them in a love that seems meant to be.

About the Author: Barbara Freethy

Barbara's love of writing developed out of a love of reading Growing up in an all boy neighborhood she spent uite a bit of time reading through her mother's large library many of which were romantic novels After graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara she went into Public Relations but soon discovered that writing was her true passionBarbara was traditionally publishe.

10 thoughts on “Ask Mariah

  1. Linda Linda says:

    35 starsMichael Ashton was having a bad day His 6 year old twin devils darlings had inadvertently set the kitchen on fire They had made a rash attempt to 'cook' for their tea party That was after the girls had painted their nanny's chair in her bedroom green Needless to say Mrs Polking their caregiver had given her notice but offered him a list of summer schools that might have two openings for new students Since Michael's wife had passed away a year ago his scamps refused to talk to him Immediately prior to her death and in their confusion the twins had made their mother this promise Michael had explained that she was in heaven now but they continued their silent treatment Even visiting several medical professionals hadn't helped with the matter They spoke to everyone else just not to him His job as an architect was foreseeable; he was always in control Unfortunately he found himself floundering with fatherhood 'Mariah' referred to a lady inside a crystal ball that 'answered' uestions Rose and Lily had been given the gift from their maternal grandmother Sophia Thinking it was harmless Michael let them keep it Joanna Wingate had recently lost her dad to lung cancer She had been pursuing her PhD in American history when her father had become ill As an only child she set aside her life to assist her mother with his care Among things that she lost she was dumped by her then current boyfriend Two months had passed since her dad's death and she found herself restless She needed something new to motivate herself and help her mother to move on Lo and behold a close friend suggested a six week job teaching a group of young children First grade is an adorable age were a few words on the subject before accepting the position and hearing bloodcurdling screams A man was dropping off his daughters When the three of them first saw her there was silence Then Mama You came back Call it fate kismet or serendipity but Joanna was the living image of the girls' mother Yes the story was mildly predictable and contained a few cheesy moments There was an abundant amount of melodrama but without it there would have been no plot I thought Ms Freethy could have summarized the romance with 100 less pages Ask Mariah also embraced some funny precious instances that were superb I appreciated that the author included enough tension to make the romance believable The author gave me an accomplished view of grief and how it soaked the lives of people that were left behind

  2. Coco.V Coco.V says:

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  3. Waterfall Waterfall says:

    I don't often say this I almost never say this but the book would have been so much better without the supernatural element the lady in the crystal ball It's nothing than a handy plot device which saves the author from actually having to come up with reasons for why certain things happen and it's also completely unnecessary The plot would have been just the same without it and placed firmly in our world As it is now the book flounders between being a very good realistic romance and a very disappointing supernatural one

  4. Mary Mary says:

    This is a cute story about a woman who is a double for a dead woman Joanna Wingate is mistaken for the mother of little twin girls Romance mystery heartacheand there is mild cursing throughout the book Unfortunately there are descriptive sexual scenes and that ruined the book for me

  5. Iluvbooks44 Iluvbooks44 says:

    Phenomenal bookI love Barbara’s books she is one of my favourite authorsI loved this book from start to finishI love the characters and the story

  6. PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps says:

    Michael Ashton is a widower with twin 6 year old daughters; girls who take a page from the Von Trapp children terrorizing nannies and sending them packing Lily and Rose think their mother is coming back and haven't spoken to their father since their mother's deathHe enrolls the kids in summer school and discovers the teacher Joanne is the spitting image of his dead wife The twins think their mother has returnedThe book is predictable with a few twists but I never doubted the outcome I didn't mind that I knew what was coming The characters were Joanne and Michael were a bit too perfect although the other characters were well rounded The twins' antics were unrealistic but neither too cutesy or two hellion to become annoyingI enjoyed this book I cried at the end ever though I saw it coming This would be a great beach read or a good book to peruse if you're feeling down

  7. Linda Walters Linda Walters says:

    This book had really good main characters with a group of eually interesting supporting people If you are looking for a story that has emotion as well? This book also has plenty of that Also long held secrets that are being ripped open And some painful chips are going to fallAs time goes on it doesn't take long for Michael to get over his shock of Joana's resemblance to his dead wife He begins to see differences between the two; good ones He still tries to fight his attraction though because he can see all the potential roadblocks aheadJoanna falls in love with the girls first Both Rose and Lily capture her heart and they are uite the pair And then Michael follows pretty closely after that Like she says how can she resist this handsome man who is so tender with his daughters? Especially since he is dealing with their refusal to talk to him Oh they love him and they will hug him but no talking at all It's frustrating and hurtful to him but just keeps on loving them and being there for them There not talking to him is just another secret in the story It makes for some interesting situations Joanna's mother is something else She loves her daughter but her possessiveness was bad before her husband died but now it's off the charts So yes there will be fireworks And confrontations and loveThe only thing I didn't care for was the fortune telling aspect of the story But I must have missed that in the information because it was mentioned Going to fortune tellers is a big no no for me But I guess if you look at Mariah as a fantasy creature instead of a fortune teller or psychic that MIGHT be okay She doesn't show up too often Still the decision is up to you in the end Speaking of end it had a pretty good one

  8. Jacky Jacky says:

    I started this review a few times and was going to say I enjoyed several aspects of this book But as I started to list them I realized they were all things that bothered meSo I will say that I liked the idea of the story I still have not been able to put my finger on why I didn't dislike the book when I disliked so many aspects of itA I had to wonder why Joanne after hearing Michael's daughters talking about the secret Mommy told them to keep didn't feel the need to share that information with him B I wondered about the DeLuca's who were supposed to be this wonderful family were really kind of unhappy and unlikeable C I figured out pretty early on why Joanne's mother was so unattractively possessive D The whole Mariah part of the book was unnecessary If the paranormal piece had been left out I doubt it would have mattered E There were so many life altering secrets being kept it was ridiculous There was a lot of selfishness to go aroundF Let's not forget that Michael and Joanne knew each other for ONE WEEK The instalove was a bit much The chemistry was not uite there G It ran on a bit too long The sub plots I guess that's what you call them with the siblings was to introduce future booksTaking all of the things listed above it still wasn't a bad book I enjoy Barbara Freethy books Whatever was o of about this one still eludes me I am glad I was able to read it via Kindle Unlimited

  9. Sheri Sheri says:

    This story had a lot of elements I liked Michael is struggling to pick up the pieces after his wife's death half believing that their unhappy relationship was the ultimate cause of her demise and wondering why his twin daughters will speak to everyone but him The family he married into always seemed to have it all together long happy marriages successful family restaurant close relationships But when he meets someone who looks almost exactly like his dead wife someone his daughters call Mama suddenly the family's perfection begins to look like a veneer Meanwhile Joanna who has been a lifelong lover of history and family heritage begins to uestion everything she believes to be true So we've got themes of identity and family and duty and loyalty which were interesting to exploreThe things I didn't like were the insta love I can believe there would be intrigue though likely of an uncomfortable sort if you see someone who looks just like your former spouse but the whole I feel like I've known you forever business is just a bit over the top and the sprinkling of magic which was really weird in an otherwise realistic story that really didn't need a magical element

  10. J. Florence J. Florence says:

    This is a wonderful book about two little twin girls that think their mother is going to be home just anytime Even though their mother is deceased she had told them she would be back and she never broke a promise They are very ornery and won't speak to their father If you read the book you will find out whyThe summer school teacher was the splitting image of their mother and they thought she had come back and couldn't understand why she had a different name and why she didn't come home to live Mariah is a crystal ball that the girls would ask uestions to and she would answer themTheir mothers side of the family was a large important family in the community As you read the book you will meet the rest of them and find out about them and the girls motherThe book is rather predictable but there are so many things than that in this book There is romance love and mystery in the book along with two headstrong little girls I thought it was a great book to readThe author of this book must have young children or is around small children a lot Some of the thing I read was just too cute I enjoyed this book completely I hope you will also

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