Anatomy of a Disappearance PDF/EPUB ✓ Anatomy of

Anatomy of a Disappearance PDF/EPUB ✓ Anatomy of

Anatomy of a Disappearance ➺ Anatomy of a Disappearance Free ➰ Author Hisham Matar – Nuri is a young boy when his mother dies It seems that nothing will fill the emptiness that her strange death leaves behind in the Cairo apartment he shares with his father Until they meet Mona sittin Nuri is a young boy when his mother dies It seems that nothing will fill the emptiness that her strange death leaves behind in the Cairo apartment he shares with his father Until they meet Mona sitting in her yellow swimsuit by the pool of the Magda Marina hotel As soon as Nuri sees her the rest of the world vanishes But it is Nuri’s father with whom Mona falls in love and whom she eventually marries And their happiness consumes Nuri to the point where he wishes his father would Anatomy of PDF or disappearNuri will however soon regret what he wished for His father long a dissident in exile from his homeland is taken under mysterious circumstances And as the world that Nuri and his stepmother share is shattered by events beyond their control they begin to realize how little they knew about the man they both loved Anatomy of a Disappearance is written with all the emotional precision and intimacy that have won Hisham Matar tremendous international recognition In a voice that is delicately wrought and beautifully tender he asks When a loved one disappears how does their absence shape the lives of those who are left.

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  1. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    Nuri is eight when his mother dies A few years later at a resort where he is staying with his father he meets Mona a woman eleven years his elder who he develops a fascination with that last years His father an ex finance minister whose life is in danger after Gaddafi takes control of his country had already moved his family to Cairo He will marry Mona to give the young Nuri a mother He will eventually be disappeared whereabouts unknown and Nuri will spend his life wondering what has happened to his fatherAfter recently reading this author non fiction book The Return Fathers Sons and the Land in Between I realize this his second novel is partly autobiographical In The Return a now grown man tries to find the father who was disappeared traveling to Libya and reconnecting with the family he has left there In this novel a young man will attempt to make sense of his Father's disappearance as well as trying to live a life with unanswered uestions He will learn much about his father but not exactly what happened to him nor where he is being kept or even if he is still alive This is of course a poignant search since it is partly based on reality I have come to love this author's sparse writing style Clear cut straightforward no words wasted yet still manages to convey much A young boy growing up going through all the things a young boy will go through while having this big hole in his life

  2. Carol Carol says:

    I was fascinated with this spare yet elegantly written coming of age novel because so much of the story parallels the author Hisham Matar’s own life In this semi autobiographical story Nuri a young boy of 14 years loses his father a diplomat and dissident living in political exile in Egypt when he is suddenly abducted and “disappeared” by some unnamed foreign government The novel recounts the next 10 years of Nuri’s life as he uncovers pieces of his father’s mysterious past and attempts to come to terms with the knowledge that he may be gone for goodHisham Matar based this novel on much of his own personal experiences His father was kidnapped from the family home in Cairo and then handed over and imprisoned by the Libyan Gadhafi regime Except for one letter smuggled out in 1995 he was never heard from again In this story details of the political plot and Nuri’s father’s whereabouts were purposely obscure as I feel they should be in order to mirror this author’s personal angst and lack of closure when his own father was kidnapped and permanently “disappeared” from his young life I love this kind of writingspare with no fillers I was absolutely captivated by this lyrical and sometimes surreal gem of a story

  3. kwesi 章英狮 kwesi 章英狮 says:

    My father is a uite type you will always see him sitting in a sofa watching television or sitting in the near bench He never cared of his surroundings or maybe I'm too heartless to share his feelings I live with that kind of situation and never regret that I have a father like him I lived closely with my mom and siblings and if you ask me I used to having my mom at my side than sitting with my uite father Anatomy of Disappearance is written by Hisham Matar a Libyan author and shortlisted for the 2006 Man Booker Price Award with his first novel In the Country of Men I'm so excited to read this book because this is my first time to encounter a Libyan author living in London to write and exploring new authors is my hobby Attention I did not read his first book although I read that this book had similarities with the first one and I'm interested to read it soonThe Anatomy of Disappearance is a story of a young boy looking for his lost father for 10 years He doesn't have any idea where he goes or what really happened to him He died or maybe escaped from his real situation his father is such a mystery and long lost secret will reveal in the eye of an innocent young boy Nuri's mother died in his early years and he lived with her stepmother Mona and fall in love in an imperfect situationSpeculation of the death is still unclear and it hangs open in the end Kamal Pasha el Alfi is the ex minister of his time one of the powerful political icons and become the right hand of their leader Unfortunately things become unclear and concluded that he died mysteriously This time Nuri lost his father when he needed attention from him Whatever happens it is up to you readers to entangle the ribbonThis is a very interesting book; this can be categorized as young adult to support the development of the characters when he was still young till he is old enough to learn his lesson by leaving the dead and to share life with the living This book is well written and the English might be hard for readers as it represents the ways by speaking of the Arabs He also included words Hindu that is very rare for me that I have to reread it again and againThis book also repeated parts of it he keep on repeating the situation every chapter For example the death of his mother he mentioned it till the middle of the book or maybe he is hiding the mystery of his parents and so on But what make this book special to me? Giving it higher than what I thought It is because the lesson learned and depicts in the end is valuable than the otherYou need patience and than that to finish this book This is not as boring as what you guys thought but this is on the literary part of the story But for me the long journey with Nuri and his soul searching adventure is a fun read with me Knowing people should be content what he had in his life people died and people stay and we learned lessons from them The setting of the story was in Cairo and some part of English land I can still remember the part where his father mentioned their place that they can see the pyramids outside their mansion or maybe a simple house It was so beautiful that I want to visit the place Thank you to NetGalley again for sharing this book and to venture new authors and lastly super thanks to Random House Publishing Group for accepting my reuestReview posted on Old Fashioned ReaderRating Anatomy of a Disappearance a Novel by Hisham Matar 4 SweetsChallenges Book #235 for 2011

  4. Ursula Ursula says:

    Is it possible to be enthralled by the writing and yet left wanting by the story of a book? Of course it is and that's what happened for me with Anatomy of a Disappearance The story centers around Nuri who is twelve years old when his mother dies Within a year his father has remarried a younger woman Mona Nuri has complicated feelings about that at least partially related to his jealousy of his father because of his own crush on Mona Everything changes though when Nuri's father is abducted while they are on vacation in Geneva The circumstances surrounding the abduction where he was taken from and why he was there why he was taken what happens now are all part of what Nuri wants to know However Nuri is still just a kid attending boarding school in England and is limited in how he can follow up on those mysteries Also limiting him is the tendency of everyone around him to avoid his uestions or answer with half truths Reading this book is a sensual experience Descriptions abound of small details the uality of light sounds smells Nuri is a keen observer of all those things but he doesn't uite understand people even by the end of the book by which time he is twenty four I wanted resolution on some threads but realize that the book's scope is the aftermath of the disappearance and often in real life we don't get all the answers we want Nuri's experience is defined by the fact that he's only left with the space his father should have filled and only able to examine the edges of his father's existence Nevertheless while I enjoyed the experience of reading the book I can't say I felt satisfied by itRecommended for people who enjoy beautiful writing orphans people who went to boarding schooluote So old and persistent did Mother's unhappiness seem that I had never stopped to ask its true cause Nothing is acceptable than that which we are born into

  5. رحاب رحاب says:

    I’m really charmed On every page I was torn between turning the page uickly to know what happens next and slowing down so that I can enjoy it for longer The language is so intense so condensed distilled is a better description yet so elegant

  6. Chad Sayban Chad Sayban says:

    When a young arab boy Nuri loses his mother to illness he and his dissident father must emotionally support each other in their apartment in Cairo However bikini clad Mona arrives in their lives and Nuri must watch as his advances go unnoticed and she falls in love with his father But when Nuri’s father disappears under mysterious circumstances Nuri must come to grips with his relationships with his father and Mona while trying to find his own place in the worldHisham Matar does a good job of painting the world of Nuri el Alfi an adolescent Arab boy living in Cairo whose mother has died and father is an exiled confidant of a murdered King Matar frames the circumstances of Nuri’s existence and lends emotional depth to him and his longings Matar’s writing is very readable in fact uite comfortable Unfortunately the story languishes after the initial setup Anatomy of a Disappearance could have turned into either a thriller or a coming of age story but it doesn’t do either one Matar stops short of allowing the reader to really understand Nuri and he doesn’t provide depth to any of the other characters Nuri is an observer who isn’t very observant surrounded by people who don’t say much of anything So many uestions are left unanswered that they story loses any emotional weight While Nuri says that he misses his father and wishes he would come back he really doesn’t do anything to try and uncover any truths The few nuggets of information Nuri does find out just fall in his lap While Matar’s writing is lyrical and his scenes are beautifully constructed by the time we reach the ending the most important plot uestion remains untouched and the story concludes with a twist that really doesn't have much punch for either Nuri or the reader Anatomy of a Disappearance begins as a promising seed but Matar fails to harvest a ripe story leaving the reader to watch it wither on the vine neglected

  7. RK RK says:

    “In the Country of Men” was one of the first books that I read by Hisham Matar and I gave it five stars In many respects I think it may be the best that he has writtenI then read “The Return” and that got five stars as wellReading “Anatomy of a disappearance” I was already aware of the story of “The Return” and that made me read this as a semi autobiographyrightly or wronglyI do like what some reviewers have described as his “spare prose”plotwise there were aspects of the book that made it a less comfortable read I’m also not sure if my reading of it was influenced by the fact that I read it on KindleWould I have liked it better if Mona was the culprit not Abdu of the foreign ministry “There was something unsettling about how welll he had survived the tragedy”I felt that there were many loose threads that could have been better drawn together But maybe that was just my understanding of the book because I read it on Kindle

  8. Gina Roitman Gina Roitman says:

    “There are times when my father’s absence is as heavy as a child sitting on my chest”With this tender opening sentence Hisham Matar begins to weave a subtle pattern of absence and loss that defines the emotional territory of Anatomy of a Disappearance his second novel The narrator of this beautifully paced story is Nuri el Alfi who at 14 loses his father when he disappears from an apartment in Geneva likely the victim of a political kidnapping The loss is unbearable yet even before his father’s disappearance; we discover that Nuri is no stranger to the subtractions of life At birth Nuri had already lost his native country because his father a close advisor to the deposed king had been forced to flee to Egypt when a military regime took power Safe in Cairo the small el Alfi family lives in a uiet luxury that belies the friction Nuri an only child senses between his parents Nuri’s mother is habitually withdrawn wrapped in a self imposed silence and his father travels often on business The only constant in the boy’s lonely life is Naima a young servant girl who is devoted to him in a way neither parent can seem to manage When he is ten Nuri’s mother dies suddenly of an unnamed malady that the narrator in retrospect believes was the result of deep sorrow “So old and persistent did Mother’s unhappiness seem that I never stopped to ask its true cause Nothing is so acceptable as that which we are born into” Although in the end Nuri will have three mothers this is a story about the complicated relationship between fathers and sons Like an insatiable thirst Nuri craves an intimacy with his father that their love for each other fails to summon He yearns “for an easy sympathy a kind of emotional elouence and ease”Instead his father unwittingly becomes Nuri’s rival when they both fall under the spell of the sensuous Mona whom they meet poolside at a resort in Alexandria Mona is half English provocative and uickly inspires a new nexus of desire in Nuri The triangle – father son and Mona grows brittle and difficult when Mona becomes Nuri’s stepmother despite his insistence that “I saw her first”Soon after the marriage Nuri is sent off to a boarding school in England where he concocts schemes to steal time with Mona As is often the case you must be careful what you wish for After his father’s disappearance the relationship with Mona unravels as his father’s secret life is slowly revealed and Nuri learns what most children rarely acknowledge that we really know little about the lives of our parentsThis is semi autobiographical ground for Matar who was born in New York City to Libyan parents and raised in Tripoli and Cairo His father Jaballah Matar was an influential businessman and a addafi opponent who was disappeared from Cairo in 1990 and interred in Libya It is not known whether he is still alive as no one has seen him since 2002 Now a resident of London Matar’s first novel In the Country of Men was shortlisted for the Booker prize in 2006 It also was narrated by a young boy growing up in Libya with an unhappy mother and an absent father Yet knowing how closely his fiction runs to Matar’s life in no way undermines the power of his writing the aching simplicity by which he builds mood and pitch “Relatives and neighbours who might have filled the chairs in the hall if Father had died were silent in the face of his disappearanceA great emptiness began to fill the place of my father It became unbearable to hear his nameAt times it was almost possible to imagine he never existed Yet every morning when I opened my eyes I believed he was there that I would find him sitting at the dining room table holding a cup of coffee in the air as he looked down at the folded newspaper in his lap”In passage like these Matar limns the borders of loss with a fine delicate hand and reminds us that not knowing can be the heaviest burden to bear

  9. Trish Trish says:

    This story is a novel but reads like a memoir Judging from the short biography about the author on Goodreads one must assume Matar is “writing what he knows” since the thread of the novel closely follows the arc of his life In real life his father a former Libyan government minister is persecuted by the Gaddafi regime and is subseuently kidnapped In the novel we know the family is in exile in Cairo but we never learn the country from which they fled Matar is extravagantly talented his sentences are polished measured clear and hold the hint of portent I must admit to a strong curiosity about the details of a life and the thoughts of a wealthy young man in this case the fictional Nuri from the Middle East attending a private boarding school in England I am privy to his innermost thoughts and can sit in on dinners in places I will never go But with great wealth comes great responsibility and Nuri’s background and the kidnapping of his father weighs heavily on him He makes some friends but he is very reserved and careful and alone for a teen Those of us living in the US with no great history no great wealth and no visible class distinctions have no real barriers either It is easy to forget how lucky we are

  10. Ellie Ellie says:

    Anatomy of a Disappearance A Novel by Hisham Matar is a fragile dream of a novel a sliver of memories from the childhood of the narrator At first it focuses on the death of his mother and the woman he and his father meet at a hotel Mona Both the 14 year old boy and his father fall in love with the woman but the father marries her and soon the boy is sent away from Egypt his home to a boarding school in EnglandBut when his father is kidnapped from Switzerland and is not heard of again when it appears he is a political prisoner taken for his activism for a democratic state the son reconsiders everything he knew or thought he knew about his father And revelations over the next ten years continue to force him to rethink his father's relationship with him his wife and everyone the boy knew back at home in EgyptThe book offers a fascinating glimpse into the culture of Egypt and a political climate of which I was unaware It also examines the relationship of a child with their parent a relationship so close that neither one can really see the other

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