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claire-obscure PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

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  1. Elizabeth Elizabeth says:

    I just finished 'claire obscure' and I'm utterly spent I had to reads passages through my fingers because I was worried about what might happen There were so many twists and turns near the end even within the space of just a few paragraphs I was certain something was about to happen or that a certain character was going to say something and then in a uick jerk I was pulled to something that a paragraph earlier I was sure wouldn't occur or be said or felt by the characters I found myself saying NOHHH out loud and then breathing a sigh of relief when the NOHHH passed or closing my eyes or breathing deeply with relief Then back to how can this be happening? It is I don't want it to How can she say that? Please mean it but I'm not sure she does When will this twisty twirling ride end? It hasn't even now that I've read everything Unbelievable Unbelievable And the writing the language the words Oh oh oh I feel like I was right there watching everything happen but no one could see me Beautiful Dark Stark Murky Languid Luxurious Fast Ferocious Terrifying Dreamy good dreamy Stark white Gray Black Refracted prism colors everywhere Back and forth and back and forth this way throughout the book I don't know if such an extraordinary work should or can be rated This book does not belong in and defies that system but as it's all we have I give it five bursting at the seams stars I will return to try to write a review of my experience I can't even say a review of this book I have never read anything like Billie Hinton's writing before period This is a uartet of books Part of me wants to download the next uarter of the uartet so I can read it immediately Another part of me says Rest Let everything seep in and find it's place inside you before you make any choices I can't imagine starting a new book today or tomorrow So I will sit with what I've experienced learned and taken in for as long as I need I will however download the next uarter in the uartet right now I want to know that I have it with meYou want to read this book I know you can't know why this book is so incredible if you haven't read it I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started reading I'm so grateful to the author Billie Hinton for writing claire obscure' If she were here right now I would be at a loss for words save thank youUpdates below are from date I began reading and date I finished 0531 So good Utterly transported all my senses are alive to bursting I'm savoring every word I'm mesmerized but I'm rationing how much I read at a given time because I never want what I'm thinking and feeling to end I also want to eat up every word as uickly as possible and devour the entire book in one sitting I've never read anything like 'claire obscure' oh it's soread it read it read it0601Page 80What an incredible work I don't know how I could ever explain it to anyone or do it justice in a review I've never read anything like 'claire obscure' The synopses on goodreads and elsewhere do not describe the 'claire obscure' I'm reading I think whoever wrote them either didn't understand 'claire' or were uncomfortable afraid or unable to describe the truth of it I think the descriptions are somewhat misleading and they definitely barely scratch the surface of what this work is0601 Potential readers who choose to read 'claire' will read a book that is so far removed from what the blurbs say about it The book they describe is so different from what my experience understanding of what I'm feeling and thinking as I read On the other hand readers will be in for an incredible and glorious surprise as they as they take in each word and continue rounding each corner of every page they turn What an experience What an experience I see myself at certain points in the character Claire I see parts of myself at different points in my life I wonder how many women would feel the same way? I say many but I wonder whether they or I could share that whole truth with others?0601 How will I find the words to share without laying myself totally open and bare? This is extraordinary Extraordinary Wow Billie Hinton Wow0601 Page 145 I'm a readin' fool who's lovin' life Oh yeah baby Thank you 'claire obscure' and many thanks to your author Billie Hinton0602 omg I knew this was only a matter of time something would happen in some way but I'm crushed and crying and had to stop reading That's how well developed and attached I've become to these characters That's how incredible the writing of dialogue voice and plot are unbelievable Crying I haven't had a book touch me and throw me around with so many thoughts and feelings like this in I don't know how long

  2. Rachel Cotterill Rachel Cotterill says:

    First a warning this is not a book for the faint of heart It starts with rape that's described bluntly though not graphically and follows through the conseuences in Claire's lifeI don't even know how to categorise this book; it's like nothing else I've ever read It has a classic chick lit romance premise one girl two boys a difficulty in choosing but has nothing else in common with that genre This may be the darkest book I've ever read yet there's not a single scene that feels like it's been added gratuitously for 'shock' value It feels sort of like a thriller but although there is a dead body in suspicious circumstances the suspense really comes from somewhere else Whatever anyone else may do to Claire it's arguable that what she does to herself is the most terrifying In a way it's a story of mental illness though never uite named as suchWhat I can say is that I read this in two sittings staying up well after midnight because I couldn't put it down The whole thing was just thoroughly compelling The writing flows smoothly in gripping present tense narrative and the story progresses uickly It's not a light read though I stormed through it uickly but it continues to challenge me after I've put the book down

  3. Kathleen Valentine Kathleen Valentine says:

    claire obscure is both horrifying and mesmerizing and not for the feint of heart It is the story of Claire a lost young woman who grew up in a bleak family situation the only child of a cold bitter mother and a father who was coming to the acceptance of his homosexuality At 17 Claire is brutally raped and from that point on she lacks any sense of boundaries or self regard She is intelligent and lovely but utterly and completely lost She dresses in vintage clothing from consignment shops writes secret letters to Virginia Woolfe and works for a predatory bisexual woman named Ann whose husband manages to disappear at the most inconvenient times Billie Hinton has an extraordinary gift for language Her writing is both mellifluous and harsh She writes the story of Claire's conflicted relationship with two men eually strange and remote in their own uniue ways with mesmerizing detail and a sort of come hither sensuality that beckons you in then leaves you standing at the closed door wondering what just happened It is intoxicating because I found myself getting annoyed at Claire and her constantly self destructive behavior but yet so intrigued I couldn't stop reading The two men who soon find their way into Claire's life are eually hypnotic Finn Weston is an affluent medical student who invites her to live with him in a huge apartment but she soon discovers that while she is attracted to him and he is intensely possessive and controlling of her he is incapable of a sexual relationship with her though he seems uite able to function with other women Claire's jealousy notwithstanding Finn becomes intimate with Lucy who winds up mysteriously dead though nothing can be proven to the contrary all of Claire's friends suspect Finn Her other lover Raoul Duras is part of a Special Forces Delta team and spends his free time rescuing prostitutes and other lost women Claire becomes his new fascination but even though he grows to love her and longs for her to live with him she cannot bear his long absences when he is on assignment and so she returns to Finn With Finn she begins a descent into degradation with other men emotional and eventually physical violence and other humiliations but she is held hostage by his claims to need her to be helpless without her The story becomes painful at times as Claire goes back and forth back and forth back and forth between these two men This is a well crafted deeply penetrating study of three people all with their own separate wounds I was somewhat struck by the fact that Raoul the eventual hero of the story had the last name Duras because the haunting style of story telling Hinton employs was reminiscent to me of some of the stories of French writer Marguerite Duras particularly The Ravishing of Lol Stein This is a very seductive book not always easy to read but even harder to turn away from

  4. Naomi Naomi says:

    I love this book for the complexity of its' characters This book reminds me of another book I read called Sherry and Narcotics in which the main character had a naivety to her that you know isn't going to bode well for her on sooo many levels This book had me on the edge of my seat and was even darker than what I had expected Final GR Rating 455 StarsBTWhere is my review This book and author were recommended to me and I am so happy she was This book was fantastic If you read this book superfically it almost comes off almost as a light read Read deeper you see the darkness and destruction from Claire's naivety This book gave me chills and a pit in the bottom of my stomach at the same time Loved this book This was a book I had to force myself to a certain number of pages to read per day to keep up with the other books I was reading and let me tell the reader of this review it was incredibly difficult esp as Claire was obliviously getting deeper and deeper in

  5. Saphrina Saphrina says:

    This is some thoughts on the book rather than a reviewI've rated the book three and half stars although unfortunately I can't add half a star here on goodreads I really really want to give it four After dwelling on it some I decided to give it four stars The fact that I've just blown off four odd hours in the middle of the day and the gamut of feelings was incredible in the first half of the book Although I do read other books in the same fashionI've been reading a lot of romance of late not my usual forte as I keep saying but it's been convenient Lately I've been thinking a lot about reviews because usually I don't like to write them I feel inadeuate since my thoughts are emotionally biased and driven but on the flipside I think that a review perhaps is the least we can do for an author and lately for the amount of indie authors That all being said this isn't uite a romanceFirstly I'll admit that the title didn't grab me and I do wish the artwork on the cover was a little better or a little inline with the bookThis book is an ethereal stream running out to meet the ocean It's poignant and beautiful as well as being painful and dark Billie Hinton writes beautifully let that be noted It's interesting that the way in which Claire's teenage rape is written is without full impact on the reader The Claire I read has withdrawn into herself and it's not until later on that I felt it hit me just how much impact it and other events in her life have and on her behaviour and decisionsI think the first half of the book was great I'm not sure if I was comfortable with all the places it took me but the discomfort was effective I'm still feeling it nowI wish there was connection with Finn the ending left me with feeling that Finn's character whispered away on the wind some sort of enigma in black turmoil Yes the relationship was incredibly unhealthy and enabling I'm torn between the effectiveness of the ambiguity and the unanswered actions in the book The contrast between Finn and Raoul was beautifully written I felt that Finn has was hard in his softness and as Raoul was soft in his hardnessSome of the book dragged a little but I was glad I perservered it What stood out to me most was Claire's inability to say no and in some respects protect herself and the others around her It's like she is able to give of herself in the moment but she is unable to do so outside of that Her waxing and waning connections with people all seem to stem back to what has happened to herOne of the parts I felt was saddest was Claire's relationship with her father who loves her and is trying to connect with her It's so sad that she admits she leans towards her mother who is distant and disinterested I feel as though she punishes her father with this distrust as though her conception was a lie because her father is gay yet she allows others to take advantage of her while she internally wades through her emotions Though her interaction with her parents in the book is minorShe never uite takes the leaps she needs to rebellions aside meaning she never really uite makes the decisions Clarie's situations almost seem to be one of circumstanceI don't think I'll be reading the seuel After seeing the blurb and seeing the line about Bingham I felt that was a little too obvious that's not to say that I might not change my mind I liked his character a lotDefinitely worth the read albeit being uite a dark read I did like it very much but not for the faint of heart

  6. Elaine Elaine says:

    Claire – her name Obscure – not clear describes her Her life Her wants and desires What she wants from Finn He asked her to move in with him but they don’t share a bed They don’t share their bodies Does she want to? She doesn’t know Her feelings toward him are obscure – not clear and he’s not making it easy He’s just as messed up as she is Probably so as you will learnOther parts of her life are obscure to her Her father is gay Her mother has never showed her affection She wants so much to please her mother To receive some kind of praise A hug Some affection She studies and memorizes words in her dictionaries If only she selects and uses the correct word then maybe her mother would love her Obscure – confusing Taken advantage of repeatedly during high school she is unclear whether she enjoys it or not Confused And Beth her boss There’s confusion there as well Beth wants her but Finn doesn’t seem toShe shows how small she thinks of herself in the way she signs the letters she doesn’t mail using all small letters instead of initial caps She makes a phone call to a disc jockey just to have someone to talk to Claire is involved in three relationships One as confusing as the other because each has holes – voids they need to fill Pain they need to extinguish Suspicious death of a friend A bi sexual relationship Cutting Rape All this yet it’s not done for its shock value but as part of the lives and pain each endures Escape Need This is unlike any other I’ve read Everything about this story is dark including the clothes our protagonist wears The sex she uses as a means of filling the void and in place of love never does what she wants it to leaving her almost an empty shell of herself The ending feels very rushed I’ll explain below as a spoiler Otherwise this story is well thought out and rich with emotion and that being mostly of deep pain and sadness Spoiler I would have expected from Finn at the end especially since he had such a hold over her There’s no chase where he tries to win her back No fight for her from Raoul Her therapy is only mentioned in the last letter she writes but doesn’t send It’s as though she left Finn and things only got better from there with hardly a struggle

  7. Lyn (Readinghearts) Lyn (Readinghearts) says:

    When I read the synopsis of this book I was expecting to read the typical mysterythriller Girl meets boys boy is a murderer girl and friends have to solve the murder Boy was I wrong This book is nothing ordinary It is the very complex story of a very complex cast of characters Sometimes I loved them sometimes I hated them sometimes I was just disappointed in them But always I was intrigued by them I could tell right away that this book was going to be a dark one At the halfway point I really had no idea how I was going to feel about the story in the end At one point I even contemplated whether I should finish it but I couldn't turn away It was like watching a train that is on the wrong track You know it is going to wreck you don't want to see it but you can't turn away The only thing that I will say though is that I couldn't read this book straight through I had to read some each day but read other things along with it This is the first book by Billie Hinton that I have read but I will certainly be reading She really knows how to tell a story that keeps you involved I loved her edgy descriptions use of symbolism and the complexity of the characters I find that I HAVE to know what happens to these characters and hope to read the seuel to this one soon Kudos Ms Hinton A very complex very dark story

  8. Gaele Gaele says:

    as copied from my reviewObscure perhaps far too much so I picked up the book simply because it looked far different from the norm and I was drawn to the title It took me nearly 3 weeks to finish this book of 260 or so pages A record slow read for me It didn't excite me to read it I found the characters to be rather self absorbed and mired within that self proclaimed obscurity Sad because the premise of a girlwoman with a general dissatisfaction in her life and no real impetus to make change is a great premise But while others will and do I am sure say that they got to know the characters intimately to me it felt like listening in on a therapy session When they were all mixed upThe writing is well crafted I just didn't appreciate the skill as I couldn't connect at all with the story or the characters The story was too choppy as if we were being treated to a stop motion flip book into sections of her life but it also didn't work for me as a memoir I can't define where it fell apart for me but perhaps it was that it felt like that book that you are assigned to read because you shouldIt certainly wasn't the book for me I've tried twice to pick it up again and give it another read without success

  9. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Beautiful and tragic Not everyone will understand this tale which is at times difficult to read But those with wounds that run deep will perhaps relate and weep Loved the word that she finally found in all her searching cicatrice the scar of a healed wound I want to feel the ups and downs and passions of life without worrying that it's all too much I'm still a ways away stuck outside the edges of the life I want to live and the person I want to be What I know every relationship is its own place a country you live in for awhile and then you leave In my life I have been exiled held hostage I've wandered across borders without notice I'm lost in the wilds of it still pieces of me remain But there's a new country unnamed and unexplored It has been there all along It was always mine it still belongs to me This is my last letter it's time to find my way backLooking forward to reading the seuel to this

  10. Jean Jean says:

    Claire is a fractured young woman and as a result she allows herself to be abused physically and mentally by men This book is not for the sueamish as it is very graphic in places an in other parts it's downright creepyI'm not usually one for abuse and weirdness but Billy Hinton presents an excellent story with albiet seriously mentally unbalanced charactersholds one's attention throughoutI am left with a new respect for the saying People who hurt hurt others Wow Lots of psychological thoughts turning over in my mind

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claire-obscure [PDF / Epub] ✅ claire-obscure Author Billie Hinton – Lonely unfulfilled and envious of her best friend who has moved to Italy Claire Caviness heads out to the same old club one night but takes a right turn out of her usual routine and meets Finn Weston Lonely unfulfilled and envious of her best friend who has moved to Italy Claire Caviness heads out to the same old club one night but takes a right turn out of her usual routine and meets Finn Weston a mysterious and disturbed medical student who lures her into a folie a deux a shared madness that forces Claire to look at the things she's tried desperately to leave behind When Claire's friend Lucy is found dead and Finn is implicated in the murder Raoul Duras a Delta Force operator with a penchant for rescuing prostitutes offers a way out of the madness In a raw edgy journey from trauma to restoration Claire examines her deepest fears grief for her distant mother and gay father the awakening of her conflicted sexuality and the darkness that pulls her to the intrigue and danger of two very different – and dangerous men.

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Billie Hinton lives on a small horse farm in North Carolina with her human family two horses a painted pony two miniature donkeys five fanciful felines two Corgis Pembroke and Cardigan and a Golden Retriever girl learning to be a service dogShe sees magic happen every single day.