The Meaning of Isolated Objects PDF/EPUB Ô of

The Meaning of Isolated Objects PDF/EPUB Ô of

The Meaning of Isolated Objects ➹ [Download] ➵ The Meaning of Isolated Objects By Billie Hinton ➼ – An alchemical tale exploring love grief and the mysteries of connectionScott a CIA agent and remote viewing expert divides his life between the US and Afghanistan ignoring the toll this takes on his m An alchemical tale exploring of Isolated PDF Ê love grief and the mysteries of connectionScott a CIA agent and remote viewing expert divides his life between the US and Afghanistan ignoring the toll this takes on his marriage his relationship with his daughter Wendell and his own heart Scott has secrets he has never shared with anyone but when Wendell a young archaeologist just out of college suddenly rebels against his absences and takes off on a secret trip of her own he can The Meaning Kindle - no longer keep the two halves of his life separate Things unravel as Wendell settles in Texas and discovers she is being followed She finds notes from a mysterious man who seems to know her Scott fears the worst the CIA wants Wendell because of remote viewing skills she doesn't even know she has He follows her to Texas and they go on the run together discovering that they share than just remote viewing skills They share the same walled off Meaning of Isolated PDF ´ hearts To open them they must piece together a painful but redemptive puzzle of grief love and loss.

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  1. Hanako Hanako says:

    I had such a hard time with this First of all on my kindle version there wasn't even a page break when switching between characters point of view and with three narrators this was really jarring Then I couldn't get into the writing or the story It felt like the author was really trying to be deep and symbolic and have beautiful writing but I kept getting thrown by strange word choices that looked like she used a thesaurus too much And the characters were all pretty awful I couldn't feel sympathy or care about them almost at all And to top it all off there's no real plot No real resolution to most of the story lines And the character that does change it's not believable Thank goodness it was free But I wish I could have my time back

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    This novel revolves around a father and his daughter both forging ahead on separate yet parallel paths toward an inevitable collision To be honest this book will not be for everyone If you are looking for a fast paced novel you may not enjoy this book If you are looking for an effortless laid back novel you may not fully appreciate this book This is a novel overflowing with symbolism as the title suggests; therefore this will appeal most to readers who like to seek out deeper meanings within the novels they read In some areas the symbolism is obvious; in other areas it's almost poetic in it's subtle imagery and philosophical undertones It is a slow and steady paced read that gradually develops a strong connection between the reader and the central charactersI felt a connection with the daughter Wendell almost immediately She's always on the move; restless and unable to stay in one place for very long; continuously searching for her place in the world I liken Wendell's character development to peeling back the layers of an onion as the author gradually takes us deeper and deeper into her most intimate thoughts Wendell is running but is she running away from or towards something? Her father Scott feels disconnected from his daughter's life and is determined to ensure her decisions are different than his own He wants to shield her from the loneliness and regrets he has amassed as a result of a career that he was unwilling and unable to walk away fromWhile the subject of remote viewing for the CIA is present in this novel it is certainly not the central focus The main theme of this novel centers around the strained relationship of a father and his daughter and their personal journeys of self discovery Like magnetic poles that repel and attract each other father and daughter dance both attempting to avoid one simple and powerful truth Are the familial ties that bind them strong enough to bring them together or will their choices past and present ultimately tear them apart?The book is well edited well written and not easily forgotten I read this book a couple months ago finally getting around to writing a review and yet the characters and their actions are still fresh in my memory In my opinion a novel that has staying power is a rare treat I highly recommend this meaningful read It reminds us among many other things thatnot all who wander are lost

  3. Sheila Sheila says:

    Billie Hinton has become one of my must read authors Her books are fabulousthey are dark gritty and very much real Whenever I finish a book of hers it takes me at least a couple of days before I can start a different book The characters are so frustratingly real and there are times that I actually get angry enough with them that I put the book down I pick it right back up though because I need to know what happens nextIn this story you meet Scott and his daughter Wendell After losing his wife when Wendell was born Scott struggles with life as a whole He throws himself into his work which takes him out of the country and his sister in law takes over raising Wendell Now that Wendell is an adult Scott is trying to come to terms with his choices his memories and himself I cannot provide additional details without spoilers so I will just say read the book If you like your characters so real you can see them in your head and long to throttle them when they do something you KNOW is going to have conseuences they won't like and your story lines a bit fantastical while also very true to life as it really is you'll love this book

  4. Rachel Cotterill Rachel Cotterill says:

    Do you have authors whose work you ration forcing yourself to find breathing space in other books between times lest you read their entire bibliography back to back in only a few days? I do which is the only reason I haven't yet read everything Billie Hinton has writtenThe drama in this novel comes from the interplay of complex and highly flawed characters as much as from the plot Scott struggles to overcome his past as his daughter takes her own route to come to terms with her childhood and what she knows and what she imagines about her fatherThe Gordian knot of human relationships is made into an even inseperable tangle by the influence of remote viewing In Hinton's imagining of the techniue viewing and interacting aren't entirely distinct leading to a number of strange conseuences I won't spoil the plot by saying any I found this book both gripping and charming; I didn't want to put it down It had dark moments but the overall tone was hopeful shining a light on love as well as on pain and dysfunction

  5. Marti Marti says:

    This was one strange book In the first uarter or so I almost gave up on it and in some ways I wish I had I found the plot slow and plodding In the early chapters the narration switches among three major characters Scott a CIA agent Wendell Scott’s 23 year old archaeologist daughter and Lynnie Scott’s wife who died in childbirth with Wendell The Scott and Wendell chapters are written in third person while the Lynnie chapters are written in first person with the reason being that we are reading her journals The story does pick up the pace somewhat from the middle on but it still seemed like a chore to get through it I feel in many ways this would have worked better as a novella I would not recommend this book except perhaps to insomniacs

  6. Jenna Jenna says:

    The most bizarre story that I've ever encountered It started from Scott as a CIA agent assigned in Afghanistan then it switch to the wife and then to Wendell the daughter First off I don't like an author whipping the characters often and thinking I was still reading the same person and realized it switch from mother to daughter I almost give up with the story and drip while reading It's weird because Wendell going with different guys and since the mother died the Aunt was taking care of her while sleeping with Scott the father This story does not have a sparkle at all

  7. Mary Moore Mary Moore says:

    This is the dreamiest most romantic book I've read in many years yet not at all formulaic Hinton has a gift for depicting complicated internal states of love anger loneliness and connection while also telling a compelling story that covers all kinds of physical terrain I had minor credibility issues with some parts of the plot but the characters live and breathe and are wonderfully unpredictable Again VERY romantic a great Valentine's book

  8. carmie carmie says:

    beautiful odd understated a little sparse on the plausibility but it stuck with me this skill called remote viewing could've been described a little the implication that it was caused by brain tumors caught my attention but the author never expounded on it

  9. Michelle Norton Michelle Norton says:

    If I don't enjoy a book I find it hard to read on through but this was the best thing I had on my kindle at that time and it was OK for tube journeys It's a plodding slow story with no climax and not a good read

  10. Alison Alison says:

    kindle 269 thriller

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