Paperback Þ Night's Landing PDF/EPUB Ú

Paperback Þ Night's Landing PDF/EPUB Ú

Night's Landing ❰Reading❯ ➷ Night's Landing Author Carla Neggers – Archaeologist Sarah Dunne is prepared for anything when she returns to her family home in Night’s Landing Tennesseeanything except the news that her twin brother Rob has just been seriously wounded Archaeologist Sarah Dunne is prepared for anything when she returns to her family home in Night’s Landing Tennesseeanything except the news that her twin brother Rob has just been seriously wounded by a sniper in Central Park She rushes to New York to be with him only to come up against no nonsense Nate Winter also wounded in the attackAs a deputy US marshal Nate is the best but he’s willing to break the rules to track down the would be killer Nate believes the official investigation is going in the wrong direction especially when he learns that Sarah is like a surrogate daughter to her Night’s Landing neighbour none other than the president of the United StatesWhen Nate suspects that Sarah has held back crucial information he follows her because he will let nothing – neither his and Sarah’s growing attraction for each other nor the mounting danger they face – stand in the way of the truthBut in a place filled with betrayal greed and long held secrets truth is guarded with a deadly vengeance.

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Night's Landing
  • Carla Neggers
  • English
  • 03 November 2015
  • 9780778323983

About the Author: Carla Neggers

Carla Neggers is the New York Times bestselling author of the Sharpe Donovan series featuring Boston based FBI agents Emma Sharpe and Colin Donovan and the popular Swift River Valley series set in the small fictional New England town of Knights Bridge With many bestsellers to her credit Carla loves to write now as much as she did when she climbed a tree at age eleven with a pad and pen and s.

10 thoughts on “Night's Landing

  1. Diane Wallace Diane Wallace says:

    Awesome series a well written series with interesting characters which was also very well developed paperback

  2. fleurette fleurette says:

    I’m not new to Carla Naggers stories and I usually like them Some of them some of them less but I’m generally okay with her writing Night's Landing is of the books from this author that I truly enjoyedOne of the reasons are the likeable characters This applies to both the main hero and heroine and to the exceptional secondary characters Sarah and Nate are three dimensional fascinating characters that are very easy to attach to But these are Rob Juliet and Ethan who I truly fall for I can’t wait to read their books And I think that may also like Nate’s sisters storiesThe suspense part is also really nice It’s starts with an earthuake – Nate and Rob the US marshals being shot by a sniper in the Central Park It uickly turns out that there may be someone after Dunne family not only for Rob but also for his twin sister Sarah The fact that she is like a surrogate daughter to the President can’t go unnoticed I really enjoyed the intrigue and follow all the twists – some of them truly unpredictableThe romance part is also okay with me Sarah and Nate definitely feel something for each other I’m glad that they don’t push too hard after all and try to take it all slowly It makes things believable As I said I am really curious of the stories of the other characters

  3. Cheri Cheri says:

    This one started off a little slow but uickly picked up its pace I look forward to reading the others in this series

  4. Ns Ns says:

    Night's Landing was a uick read for all the right reasons engrossing exciting and mysterious which were all sustained from start to finish A romantic suspense that is driven by appealing characters who are integral to the story There are no bystanders or wasted moments; every event counts and is relevant to the plot The trigger moment occurs at the beginning with a sniper's bullet that targets two US marshals One of which happens to be a friend of the President Is it a random act of violence? Or is it by design and if so why? What starts off as a seemingly ordinary investigation for Deputy Nate Winter one of the men shot at becomes a much deeper mystery His partner Deputy Rob Dunne is seriously injured in the attack and he takes it upon himself to look after Rob's twin sister Sarah A responsibility that takes on seriousness when she receives a threatening letter Soon it becomes clear that the many coincidences of random events and meetings are part of a deliberate and deadly agenda of someone dangerous The urgency in the story never falters and neither did its appeal Sarah Dunne may be historical archaeologist with a Phd whose occupation does not put her in daily risk she is far from weak Although she is unprepared for a threat on her life and her family her intelligence becomes her strength that is evident during danger She does not need saving or protection but becomes of a partner to Nate uite different from Sarah is Nate an experienced US marshal who is used to danger and used to rejecting relationships and romance because of it He cannot see himself devoted to a relationship when much of his life deals with danger Although his mutual attraction to Sarah exist from the moment they meet he is unsure of how to proceed Romance aside the duty to protect is ingrained in him which he has no trouble projecting on Sarah As danger looms and the stakes rises Sarah shows she is capable of protecting herself and Nate trusts her to do so She earns his trust his respect and his love There are other characters who are also appealing and are important to the story Their presence are not only meaningful but are developed in such a way that an extension is natural and desired As part of a series after finishing one story you want to pick up another one to see where the characters are now The story was interesting from a combination of things secrecy a mystery a past and a prominent figure with ties to the Dunne family What you get is a an enjoyable and engrossing read and I am anticipating novels from this author

  5. Linda C Linda C says:

    US Marshalls Rob Dunne and Nate Winter are shot by a sniper in Central Park Rob is seriously injured When his twin sister Sarah arrives in NYC Nate learns they are neighbors and friends of the President who comes from TN and that their parents are diplomats currently on a Commission in Amsterdam Can the shooting have been intentional related to their task force or their family connections? Nate intends to stick close to Sarah and dig deeper Secrets in TN may be coming to the surface and associations from the past have hidden motives There are side characters that have reason to be involved but could be potential lead characters in future volumes We get a glimpse of their backgrounds and personalities here I liked the way we see things from varying perspectives and agendas and how they converge Better than the first book Looking forward to in the series

  6. Joy Joy says:

    Not one of Neggers's best efforts the plot's a hot mess with so many subplots that the central characters and their romance don't shine

  7. Linda Linda says:

    35 StarsNot bad a little slow after the initial shooting but perhaps that also has to do with parts of the book being set in the South where things are slower paced and parts are in New York with throw backs to Amsterdam It begins with a shooting in Central Park We learn that in a very convoluted way the shooting in the park ties to one thing Of course what that is doesn't come out until close to the end of the book but you get hints here and there with no concrete what does the individual want? What throws things off is there is another tangent going on which is how Ethan comes in He was an interesting character along with Juliet Perhaps a future book so this one is setting the stage Ethan is looking into the murder of his wife He knows that somehow it ties into the Dunnes but not the why how of it Then there is Janssen and he links Ethan to the Dunnes and Amsterdam where the parents are currently working Janssen has his own agenda with the Dunnes but again no real tie to Nate and Sarah's storyline It is just another thing that confuses the situation and throws off who is responsibile for the shooting and if Sarah will be targeted next And poor Rob This wasn't really his story but caught in the middle I cannot say that this was a romance but there was that It was definitely of a suspense intrigue thing what with the Dunnes being friends with the president I have to agree with another reviewer that the romance part felt kind of secondary You knew Nate and Sarah would get together but there was emphasis on figuring out who the shooter was and his reasons for the shooting That isn't to say that I did not enjoy the story or its twists and subplots but definitely going on than what was expected and still leaves you with uestions such as who is the president's real parents and why was he left on the Poe's doorstep I also feel like I missed something without having read the Winter sisters book Perhaps a step back before I can step forward is needed but I do hope that Ethan's story is told along with Rob's

  8. Penny Evenson Penny Evenson says:

    Sarah Dunne has just returned to her family home in Tennessee when she gets news that her twin brother Rob has been seriously wounded in a sniper shooting in Central Park She rushes to New York to be with him only to come up against his no nonsense partner Deputy US Marshal Nate Winter is the best and he believes the official investigation is going in the wrong direction—especially when he learns that Sarah is extremely close to her family’s famous neighbor the president of the United States Nate follows Sarah back to Night’s Landing because he’s determined to uncover the truth and he will let nothing—not his and Sarah’s growing attraction for each other not the mounting danger they face—stand in his way Great mystery had a little too much romance for me but loved the mystery plot The ending surprised me I have read several of Carl Neggers' books Will be reading for sure

  9. Lori Lori says:

    Archaeologist Sarah Dunne is taking a break from work at home in Tennessee when she hears that her twin brother Rob has been shot by a sniper in New York She rushes to be with him only to find herself embroiled in a mystery that stretches from New York to Tennessee and even to the White House Nate Winter who was injured in the same shooting finds himself watching out for Sarah while trying to connect the dots between Sarah Rob and their Tennessee neighbor who happens to be the current President of the United States Nate has to figure out if Sarah is a potential victim or suspect

  10. Ada Iaboni Ada Iaboni says:

    An interesting concept A descendant of Poe becomes president of the USA and the neighbor a PhD of history gets unknowingly mixed up in some strange happenings that go back to before she was even born Of course she falls for the US Marshal that is protecting her as he falls for her A good story with some good twist and turns and a seemingly weak woman saves the day

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