Ascension PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Ascension PDF/EPUB Ú Kindle Edition

Ascension [PDF / Epub] ☆ Ascension By Caris Roane – Ascension is both the title of the first book and the name of my dimensional world full of winged vampires hunky warriors and women with extraordinary preternatural powers  To become a vampire a mort Ascension is both the title of the first book and the name of my dimensional world full of winged vampires hunky warriors and women with extraordinary preternatural powers  To become a vampire a mortal man or woman must demonstrate power and prove worthy of ascending to the next dimension  But the process of Ascension is dangerous since the enemy intent on conuering two worlds tries to corrupt the most powerful ascenders and turn them into beautiful but villainous death vampiresBattling the enemy are the Warriors of the Blood a small brotherhood of men vampires one and all weary from centuries of war each craving but resisting the presence of a woman in his lifeDestiny does not rest does not sleep but plots the undoing of each warrior’s heart as a series of preternaturally powerful women arrive on the scene to torment to challenge to demand surrender.

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  1. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestDNF p 69 tee hee Cut to a woman sitting alone in a darkened room with a glass of wine There is a book on the table before her The book is on fire She is laughing She is crying Despair is everywhereWhat even is this book? Oh my God it sounded amazing A hero with supernatural powers? An angel vampire hero? Um yes Yes yes and yes It sounded as fanfictiony as all get out Let me plop a uarter in my mentioned uizilla in a review again jar and tell you about this fic I used to read called Would an Angel a Demon or a Vampire Fall for You? by user icemakesyoumelt This book was about a human girl you who was courted harem anime style by three guys who all wanted her because well because Anyway then Satan came to destroy the earth and spoil the fun except JK because Satan was hot too and was even a chaotic evil love interest for those of you into that sort of thing and you got to fill out survey uestions throughout the fic to find out who you would end up with at the end of each chapterBut no ASCENSION was all kinds of bad The heroine was so backwards she made Bella Swan look like a women's studies professor at a liberal arts college The whole beginning of the book consists of her 1 being a jealous bitch to her sister for having a husband and being pregnant to the point where she's fighting back angry tears and acting curt instead of congratulatory because 2 despite having a good job and a decent life and being attractive and privileged AF life is meaningless if you're alone and your womb is empty boo hoo hoo and 3 the last guy she was with she apparently went Rogue on X Men style on account of the superpowers she also isn't interested ingrateful forI'm sorry but WHAT on a bun is that? Are you kidding me? I'm supposed to root for this bitch?Uh uhI was initially excited because a therapist heroine who is tall 6'0 was exciting for me a tall women with a psychology background but the emotional whingeing and the whole Black Dagger Brotherhood vibe this book was projecting really didn't work for me multiverse theory or no1 star

  2. valee valee says:

    5 STARSOMFG WHY WHY hasn't anybody who read this series recommended it to me before now??? Seriously guys shame on you all I just wish I had read this book much sooner than now it's freaking amazing A Must read for all pnr romance lovers out there like meAs I have mentioned many many times in my previous reviews there are several things a book in this genre has to have to be a fav for me1 Amazing Characters In this book we get introduce to many new characters but specifically to a band of brothers by blood who have swear to protect humans from the bad guys I haven't read about a close and funny group like this since BDB and midnight breed If you loved those series as much as I did you're gonna adore this book We have that amazing camaraderie between warriors that one which makes as laugh and love them so much We also have a head who rules above them and in this case she is a kick ass girl about 9000 years oldlol what's not to love?? 2 Most original plot I have read in a while We have a world with 6 different Earths situated in different dimensions First Earth is ours the one we know and live in Then we have 2nd Earth which is the one our super HAWT warriors live in To get to that Earth you must ascend The other Earths we don't know nothing about as the doors to them have been close several thousands of years ago and not even communication has been possible We just know the ascended you are the most angelic the plot becomes Our warriors are no angels though they are thought sons of bitches who would sacrifice everything to save humans from people from 2nd Earth who has gone rougeFor me the plot is one of the most important things I appreciate in a book Not many authors in this genre take it really into consideration so when I see a book with an amazing plot like this one I just can't help to love it3 A Terrific HERO and HEROINE Let's start with the hero OMG what can I say? Just HAWT I loved him Sexy possessive and lethal He may have not been the leader of the warriors but he was one of the strongest I loved that the writer didn't start the first book with the most strongest of them all as the hero because now that will be the book I will be longing to read the whole time I'm reading this series Kerrick has suffer so much which is only natural as he has been alive for thousands of years It will take him a while but to understand he really can have some things he decided not to have ever again but that will only make it sweeter once he gets themThe heroine was just amazing I have been dying to read about a heroine like this since forever I love my heroines STRONG and powerful and Alison Wells is just as strong as the leader of 2nd Earth But the amazing thing is that she has been human for 30 years and containing her powers because they made her a freak Then from one moment to the next she gets the possibility to ascend a super hot vampire with how wings as her guardian and the possibility to live in a world she has always dream of But she is also very sweat and good hearted which makes us see her even real4 Super strong and unnatural attraction IMPOSSIBLE to avoid This has been used in many series but not all authors know how to do this well Caris Roane is definitely one of the wise ones I just couldn't get enough of this couple The attraction was perfectly managed because while they needed to be together and recognized they were destined to mate they still tried to avoid it as it could only end bad So we get this constant sexual tension between the two of them but the necessity to not see it through Here is where most authors mess up because they have us waiting for something to happen between the hero and the heroine the first 80% of the book BORING well in the case of this author we get it from the beginning just little by little but it doesn't take them much to get the whole thing Also there's just so much in a mating between beings from 2nd Earth is amazing To really mate they must share their bodies blood and mind all at the same time and both of them must do it together5 Science fiction Rocks I adore well created fictional plots and this is definitely it In this installment we don't have humans with some weird powers no we have super strong beings who can do so much with many different amazing powers We have different dimensions we don't know nothing about but will be dying to know the whole time Sigh I haven't been this excited about a series in this genre since the big ones like BDB Psy changeling midnight breed LOTU dark hunter Immortals after dark and demonica This series has serious potential I just hope the next books are better because this could become a new obsession for me I'm so excited to read

  3. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    Ascension took me a while to read when I typically devour most paranormal romances The writing style didn't grab hold of me and refuse to let me go which is a shame However I did like enough about this book to keep me wanting to continue the seriesWhat I likedThe concept of ascensions was captivating I loved the idea that there were various Worlds accessible via dimensional gates that only a person who had ascended could pass through This had some metaphysical aspects that appealed to me as a person with interest in the ethereal and the scientificI liked the mix of high tech science with fantasy aspects which are integral to this bookThe romance was strong and involving despite the dense writing style The steam and attraction elements were well doneI'm a sucker for a brotherhood of warriors What can I say? view spoilerI like the way Roane sort of makes fun of the seemingly obligatory aspect of the brothers going out to a club to get drunk drink blood and have sex with willing nubile females This has become uite a convention of the paranormal genre which I can’t say I’m in love with I like that Alison talked about how sexist that was with Kerrick because it’s a thought I often have when I read these books even as an admitted paranormal addict hide spoiler

  4. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    Ok first off I think the story was very long winded and that pages could have been edited out and it would have made the story flow better There where part I didn't understand The main story has a good base to it where she could build a nice series but I didn't really care for Alison She was a flippin crybaby My God she was crying every 5 seconds and she cried every time they had sex or talked or the wind blew Kerrick I liked I love that he is a sweet man and I enjoyed his caveman moments lol I like the others brothers too His brothers n law was a jerk but I can understand he is hurting too overall not too badhttpsjessicasoverthetopbookobsessi

  5. Laurie Garrison Laurie Garrison says:

    Caris Roane has an awesome start for a hot paranormal romance series in The Guardian of Ascension Series I found Ascension very compelling and thrilling to read I have seen some compare this to other major paranormal romance authors I didn’t see this one bit in fact I like the way Caris stuck to the romance in her story then other authors and with the touch of Sci Fi world build with the characters traveling between different dimensions oh yeah defiantly very different from the rest and explained easy In this book you get one hot vampire warrior and one sexy very dangerous heroine I like that the author wasn’t afraid about creating a very strong heroine so much so her power can kill people and it does you'll have to read and find out who Alison is no ordinarily human You’ll just have to read to find out what all this extraordinary this woman can do I wouldn’t say the hero Kerrick is tortured but he has some issues that take a bit to overcome but he is always proud of Alison no matter what she throws at him I loved how the author bought these two together and build their romance The sexual tension is smoking all the way through the book the sex is very steamy but there’s not a lot of it and it takes a long while to get to it Yeah I know I don’t have to have it that much but crap the tension was so hot it was killing me LOL The other warriors in very present in the story and the author also gave a peek to who may be the next mate for a couple of them It just makes reading a series so much exciting because you cant wait for the next book to see what’s going to happen Now I want to say the author has a very deep storyline with a lot going on plus uite a few different characters so be preprepared for going back in fourth between characters It can be confusing at first until you get to know them so just take your time The cussing can be a bit much so if your one who doesn’t like it be prepared I recommend this to any paranormal romance lover I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in trying this series especially if you love romance with some dangerous action

  6. Melindeeloo Melindeeloo says:

    From the title of this promising paranormal romance series starters I was expecting angels and while the winged warriors are very much like angels and while humans with special powers `ascend' to join their world author Roane adds a thin vampire veneer and fangs so the `ascended' become vampires instead of angels The good guys of this world protect the Earth from other vampires who have succumbed to the addiction of drinking dead blood and who have become killers seducing their prey with an unearthly beauty I thought that the vampire angle was a bit odd but I am a sucker for a guy with wings so this one worked for me There's also some interesting dynamicsconflicts being laid out for the overworked hard drinking warrior band one of whom lives on earth so he won't kill the brother warrior he can't forgive one who has turned traitor to fight for the enemy another who will not use his wings and the leader who keeps a woman hidden and there are other issues which also mean that these guys will have to work to win their potential mates even though there is a mate bonding urge to give the pairs a little kick start I did like Ascension yes there are pieces of this series which feel very familiar to someone who has read a great deal of paranormal romance and personally I'd have liked just a bit male bonding moments so really my only nit is that the author tends to overuse some her descriptions But the potential's there and the series' version of mate bonding is steamy and cool the pair seal the deal by being joined body blood and mind and that scene was really hot As I've already mentioned Roane has already positioned some of the other warriors for stories and the next installments are coming not too far in the future with Burning Skies Marcus and Havily being released in May and Wings of Firein September

  7. Kelli Kelli says:

    I really hate to do this because I know how much work goes into writing and having a book published Butthis book was almost a did not finish for me It had all the elements attractive men paranormal romance theme vampires; all of the things that keep me turning pages but it fell short Now I am a JR Ward BDB KMM Fever series Larissa Ione Demonica Chloe Neill Chicagoland Vampire Jeaniene Frost Cat and Bones fan I can't put this book anywhere near those And for those of you who have read my reviews on KMM's series this was a I don't think I can continue past mile 1 on the elliptical for me The characters were outrageous and totally unbelievable their profanity and love scenes were gratuitious It reminded me of eating sushi from a supermarket chain The intent is there but it lacks substance and falls far short of what it was supposed to represent

  8. Chelsea Kumer Chelsea Kumer says:

    The best way that I can explain Ascension by Caris Roane is this Imagine that JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books and Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter books had a baby and that baby grew up into a troubled teenager That's this book But troubled teens aren't irredeemable right? Sure it's going to take some discipline on the part of the editor and a lot of patience on the part of the reader but it could still turn out alright At least that's what I told myself as I powered through the first two thirds of this book In the end though it's just a bad seed and not really one I cared to stick withHere is my list of issues with this book1 This is a fated mates book Hero and heroine are destined to be together because the author says so Their sexual chemistry is instantaneous and irrationally overblown The initial stages of getting to know one another involve smelling each other gazing longingly into each others eyes and dreaming of each other I'm not against fated mates as a rule but there is a right and a wrong way to do it The wrong way is taking away all of your character's choices and forcing them on one another and using the mate bond as a stand in or even total replacement for growing affection For the most part this book does it the wrong way2 The groups of hulk like warrior men battling evil? It's been done before Many times And done better than this This book is just generally unoriginal kind of like fan fiction where all the names have been changed3 Roane's writing style is horrible Typos awkward wording abrupt and freuent shifts in POV one and two word sentences needless repetition The dialogue is the worst with lots of phony sounding tough talk One glaring example was when in detailing a character's thoughts Roane used helluvan instead of hell of an Now I was willing to chalk up a lot of these issues to Roane being a new author but upon flipping to her bio I saw that she has published many books under the name Valerie King I couldn't believe that an experienced author would write like this4 Silly half baked world building For one thing the heroine is given an incomprehensible number of super powers And the hero and his band of brothers are vampireswith wings I started calling them wampires There are good wampires and bad wampires and the bad ones are blue for some reason There are multiple dimensions including Mortal Earth and Earth Two So there are all kinds of rules about where the wampires can fight and how they can fight And there's vocabulary to learn as well My favorite was the power of making objects disappear and appear which is called folding Whenever it set folding his sword into his hand I could not stop picturing him folding a sword in half Bottom line all of the concepts are B movie uality at best5 And finally the seuel baiting You want to buy the next book right? That's going to be Marcus' story He sounds cool right? Buy his book Buy it Ugh I just want to enjoy the novel I'm reading and get a complete story without having to spend another 8 to complete the taleWhat can I say that's positive? When the heroine Alison is first introduced I thought she might be interesting She has a lot of emotional issues and identity issues that I wanted to see her work through But when it became clear that her powers and her relationship with Kerrick were going to be her new identity I lost interest in her Kerrick bored me with his angst self pity and stubbornness He did sound physically attractive though Many of the secondary characters like Endelle the military leader were intriguing This was ruined the second they spoke a word of dialogueSo if you really like fated mates haven't had your fill of vampire gang wars and don't mind sloppy writing go ahead and try this book 1 star

  9. Lacy Lacy says:

    45 stars I really liked this book It captured my interest imagination and emotions and kept me reading from the very startI really am sucked in and have been fighting sleep at night to read it I think the series has a lot of potential In some ways it's very original and in others it is similar to other brotherhood warrior books But it's definitely holding my attention which doesn't happen often I love the characters and the world she's created is really interestingIt has a lot of cool action scenes it's intense a little dark and the romance is sweet steamy and intense So far BDB and the Sentinels are the only warrior brotherhood books I've read completely It's not at that level yet but it has the potential to be I think for meThe only thing that I'm not liking is her focus on a particular character bad guy but not on the pivotal one But I think it's intentional foundation laying for the series

  10. Emily Emily says:

    Living a life and having to hold back the person you truly are is not an uncommon feeling for Alison Wells whose special abilities have put others at risk Alison is plagued with dreams that promise a future she knows she will never obtain but give her glimpses of hope even if it is only in her dreams Alison's dreams are about to become a reality when a warrior saves her life Kerrick is a vampire warrior forced to protect Alison while she prepares for her Ascension Over the centuries Kerrick has refused guardian details on all females but his leader is forcing the union and Kerrick is finding it hard to resist as a rare bond becomes apparent between Alison and Kerrick Incredibly creative Ascension takes readers to another level as you learn about two earths Full review on Single Titleshttpsingletitlescom?p5607

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