No Man's Mistress MOBI ☆ No Man's eBook ó

No Man's Mistress MOBI ☆ No Man's eBook ó

No Man's Mistress ❮Reading❯ ➹ No Man's Mistress ➱ Author Mary Balogh – The dark devastating stranger rode into the village fair and wagered twenty pounds at the throwing booth — for a chance to win the daisies in Viola Thornhill’s hair The Gypsy fortune teller had wa The dark devastating stranger rode into the village fair and wagered twenty pounds at the throwing booth — for a chance to win the daisies in Viola Thornhill’s hair The Gypsy fortune teller had warned “Beware of a tall dark handsome stranger He can destroy you — if you do not first snare his heart”Recklessly Viola flirted then danced with him around the Maypole And then came his delicate delicious kiss Viola did not regret that she had let down her guard — until the next morning when he appeared No Man's eBook ó at her door to claim her beloved Pinewood Manor Lord Ferdinand Dudley won her home in a game of cardsViola hated him for trying to take everything including her soul She was mistress of Pinewood Manor Yet Dudley refused to leave even as his conscience rebelled at compromising this beautiful innocent whose only proof of ownership was a dead earl’s promise Dudley held the deed but at what cost Each day under the same roof brought its share of temptation intimacy and guilt But Viola knew it was a battle she could not afford to lose Marriage was out of the uestion and she would be no man’s mistress Even as Dudley’s unnerving presence his knowing smile threatened to melt her resolveAgainst his better judgment Lord Ferdinand Dudley was beguiled This maddening beauty had stirred him as no woman had before And he was bound and determined to make her his own.

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  1. Rane Rane says:

    For the past two years Viola Thornhill life has been peaceful and calm After picking up the pieces of her life and starting anew Viola’s life seems almost perfect Until she meets a handsome stranger at a May Day celebration and is warned by a fortuneteller there to beware of him as he could destroy her life if she doesn’t snare his heart first Not taking the warning to heed Viola finds herself attracted to this stranger and at the end of the fair kisses from him Thinking nothing of this stranger she’s surprised to see him at her door and telling her that he’s the new owner of her home Lord Ferdinand Dudley has always had a wild streak in him always willing to take up any challenge After he wins in a card game no less the picturesue Pinewood Manor he feels mighty happy for himself That is until he goes toe to toe with the resident and so called owner of the manor With the owner scheming along with the neighbors to have him booted out Ferdinand charms and outwits anything thrown at him While trying to fight the growing temptation to his unruly opponent But when a wager is thrown down by Viola between her and Ferdinand there’s at stake then the manor but their hearts are now on the line It’s hard to have a seuel that can hold up to it’s beloved predecessor No Man’s Mistress does this and holding it’s on The story takes place four years later after “More Than A Mistress” with Ferdinand the younger brother of Jocelyn The first half of the book is charming as Viola tries to protect her home by pulling childish pranks to get Ferdinand out but time and again she can’t help but admire his will to prove her wrong as slowly she sees he’s not the big bad wolf she thought him to be Viola’s past haunts and torments her deeply and to save not only her family but her sense of self Viola throws down a wager she uickly regrets I liked Viola at first I thought she was very childish in trying to kick Ferdinand then later just down right bullheaded that I wanted to smack her upside the head a few I felt her running away to many times somewhat tiresome and really dragged down the story toward the end Plus how she kept throwing hurtful words into Ferdinand’s face was a low blow although the first time he did deserve it But as the puzzle pieces fall into place Viola wasn’t thinking about herself or even her well being but her beloved family and the shame she felt she would bring to Ferdinand if he knew the truth about her Ferdinand FerdinandI adore his name as much as I adore him While his brother was cold and sometimes coming across as unfeeling Ferdinand is happy go lucky but has had his share of past hurts from his parents but mostly his mother which caused him to look at sex differently Carefree and charming with a innocence about him made him such a great hero I totally fell in love with him cried when he cried and hurt when Viola turned him away Ferdinand was a lot stronger than he first appears and willing to sacrifice even his heart for his lady love to be happy I cheered for Ferdinand when he finally was able to get through Viola’s thick skull It made me mad that she had such little trust in him after all he did for her But leave it to Ferdinand to win any challenge he puts his mind to The love scenes between Viola and Ferdinand were so touchy and sweet they were true love scenes in ever form and fashion Together both are great and bring something to the table the other lacks The love between them gives you that warm fuzzy feeling long after It was also great to revisit the Dudley family Jocelyn has become a totally different man showing how much he loves his family and his brother whom he’s very proud of Makes me wish to see the next gen of Dudleys I was also happy that the villain got his just desserts by the hands of Ferdinand with some help from his brotherOverall one of those books that surprise and delight you that makes you smile and get a little teary eyed at the end as you read the happy ever after of this beloved couple

  2. Wollstonecrafthomegirl Wollstonecrafthomegirl says:

    I can't believe I'm giving this 1 star A 1 star for a Balogh I just I'm in a state of shock I bought this because I wanted to read something that would be steady and reliable I wasn't expecting fireworks I just wanted enjoyment Instead there was this And I paid FIVE ENGLISH POUNDS Which since Brexit is about 15786 I jest for effect but reallyOh boy Nothing about this worked for me Spoilers ahead I'm not warning bracketing them because frankly if I can steer you away from reading this I'll be doing you a favourThe 27 year old brother of a Duke would not be a virginHe would not marry the highest priced courtesan in the history of the ton Even if that event occurred he would not in any sense be able to gain her acceptance into society He certainly wouldn't be able to bring that very experienced courtesan to levels of pleasure heretofore never experienced his first time out the gate And one does not stumble across the clitoris like it's new gastropub down the road The heroine is pretty darn unlikeable for 90% of the book but that didn't stop me feeling sorry for her when the hero discovered her former profession and reacted pretty awfully The hero is improbable to say the least but was also entirely blandAs was the whole story I was bored for the first 66% and baffled by ridiculous revelation after ridiculous revelation after that If you want a courtesanVirgin story Milan has written one and it's better than this although I still didn't love itJust Don't There are other Balogh better Balogh Read those instead

  3. Jane Stewart Jane Stewart says:

    Too much stupidity I hated it Viola did too many stupid things which ruined the story for meShe was the illegitimate daughter of an Earl who promised her ownership of an estate view spoiler When he died she moved there but she never went after the paperwork to prove her rights to it When Ferdinand later arrived and claimed it she refused to leave even though he appeared to have legal rights which I felt was wrong of her at that time Later she offered him a wager that if she could seduce him within a week he would have to sign the land to her legally He was stupid enough to accept the wager and then he lost They fell in love with each other he wanted to marry her but she said no because she loved him too much and felt her past would hurt him which again was stupid because he knew about her past and did not care Before she had the land she had become a high paid courtesan to pay off her family's debts The Earl then paid off her pimp to free her when he gave her the land Later the pimp believed the paid in full papers had been lost so he went after her saying she still owed him Instead of getting Ferdinand's help she decided to leave Ferdinand and return to the business of working for the pimp Later she decided to go to Ferdinand's brother and borrow the money to pay off the pimp and she would promise never to see Ferdinand again so she would look like a mercenary to Ferdinand In the end it was Ferdinand who solved the problem with the pimp hide spoiler

  4. Missy Missy says:

    285I enjoyed this book slightly than His Secret Mistress book 3 in the series I'm discovering that I'm not a fan of books where the main characters have a secret past It gives me unnecessary anxiety There were times in the second half of the book I couldn't stand the heroine particularly when she would put on her view spoilercourtesan hide spoiler

  5. Petra Petra says:

    Lovely story with few surprises along the way I came out liking Ferdinand much than Viola our heroine I really appreciate that Mary Balogh is not afraid to deal with hard subjects in this story I always trust her to pull of even the most difficult plot into a satisfying conclusion MB has a skill for making really good arguments that strongly justify characters actions words and thoughts; that’s why I love to read her Everything makes sense even though it is completely fabricated When our MC’s start to live together in the same house crazy idea Mary Balogh made it absolutely believable and my super critical and analytical brain could buy into The relationship between Hh is beautiful almost destined to be with some angst that was sueezing my heart as I read itBut the book didn’t sweep me of my feet as the #1 in this series did I think it was the heroine she was uite a challenge

  6. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Ummmm loveloveloved it This story just grabbed me and took me along Other reviewers have given story details I think so I'm just going to say I really wasn't expecting the two surprises Mary Balogh has given us with this story and they made it all the special for me A great story and a nice romance

  7. Chumchum_88 Chumchum_88 says:

    I'v decided I'm In love with Mary Balogh even though Julie Garwood would still remain my first love XDFerdinand was a totally different type of Hero's that usually come my way I loved him instantly he was so sweet and adorable especially when I knew that he was one of the few men who are virgins he was so cute then He's the smiley cheery and cheeky type of guy he's the type that you just can't help but like that's why I liked his efforts with the villagers I sided with him since the beginning Voila was a different matter entirely at first I hated her then I felt sorry for her and then I want it to smack her on the head well to tell the truth I had that urge throughout the whole book When she went at first and asked the assistance of all the villagers I indignant for Ferdinand cause that was basically cheating she had the upper hand there since she knew everyone there plus how she made him sound like a useless drunk and rapist while sometimes she encouraged the kisses However her story was dramatic a bit different from my usual of Ms Balogh but it made it interesting trying to figure out how everything will solve itself I loved the parts where Ferdinand used his uizzing glass just like Jocelyn XD I loved the scenes where Jocelyn was with his children how Ferdinand so shocked every time that this fatherly figure is his brother I loved later what I knew about Voila's father and how he doted on her and how he loved herOverall thumps up

  8. Jasbell76 Jasbell76 says:

    Heroine was a courtesan That is not my type of heroine sorry Even if she did it for good reasons

  9. Georgie-who-is-Sarah-Drew Georgie-who-is-Sarah-Drew says:

    I like Mary Balogh's world it feels a little rounded than that of many other Regency writers as it acknowledges non standard heroines they aren't always virgins and some of them have experimented uite a bit and some non standard heroes who are not necessarily born with a sense of honour but may achieve it But on the whole it's a world that operates loosely according to historical probability This book is however a rare flop The first part of plot is well rehearsed in other reviews and the blurb and as far as it goes it's not a million miles away from the possible though it doesn't cast the heroine in a particularly attractive light My issue is with the second half view spoiler where the hero is at 27 rich handsome pleasant well connected still a virgin the heroine has been pimped out by the villain for four years and is to boot the bastard daughter of a dead earl Balogh simply doesn't offer a sufficiently credible explanation of Ferdinand's state and unlike the magnificent Unclaimed by Courtney Milan his virginity is not central to the plot Yet predictably he reaches skill levels that impress the much experienced Viola almost immediately My main gripe is with the end Let's pass over the fact that Viola although distressed by her unconventional past is not really pyschologically scarred by it to any marked degree Instead let's consider whether it is in the slightest degree likely that a bastard daughter who has slept with a significant proportion of the ton's male population and is known as a fairly profligate courtesan whether such a one would be welcomed by the ton's female population just because the Dudleys and her half brother have taken her up I simply can't see that happy ever after and this together with my issues about Ferdinand and Viola's slightly unpleasant treatment of him in the first half means that I won't be going back to this book again hide spoiler

  10. Wealhtheow Wealhtheow says:

    Ferdinand Dudley is pleased to win a small estate while playing at cards But when he visits his new mansion he finds the supposedly deserted property already has a resident a young beautiful and demure woman named Viola Thornhill Viola is as sure that the property is hers as he is that it's his and she sets out to prove to him that he wouldn't be comfortable in the country To her consternation the interloper laughs off the badly cooked food roosters at dawn and smoky rooms and even wins over her friends and servants He's beginning to win her over too but then Ferdinand's older brother the proud Duke of Tresham comes to visit view spoilerAnd it's then that this book completely defies my expectations It turns out that far from being a naive girl Viola is actually an infamous courtesan who retired two years ago after an earl gave her the property This revelation makes many of her actions which seemed silly or foolish at the time make a lot sense Ferdinand is horrified to realize the country miss he was falling in love with is actually a hardened slattern Viola makes him a deal if she can seduce him in just one week he'll give the property to her for good She succeeds realizes that Ferdinand was a virgin and that she can't bear to play the courtesan any longer and flees back to her downtrodden family in London Ferdinand follows her and eventually with the help of his brother and talkative sister destroys the pimp blackmailing her and ushers her into Society Is it likely that an earl's bastard who's slept with half the Ton would be welcomed with open arms just on a duke's say so? Possibly not But I was so pleased that Viola and Ferdinand were happy I didn't care hide spoiler

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