Song of the Cuckoo Bird PDF î the Cuckoo PDF/EPUB

Song of the Cuckoo Bird PDF î the Cuckoo PDF/EPUB

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Song of the Cuckoo Bird
  • Amulya Malladi
  • English
  • 16 September 2016
  • 9780345483157

10 thoughts on “Song of the Cuckoo Bird

  1. Gorab Jain Gorab Jain says:

    Excellent read When I think back on what was so good about it there isn't anything particular A story spanning across generations from 1960s of inhabitants of Tella Meda an unconventional ashram also serving as an orphanage and an old age houseNothing exceptional about the plot or the writing style or the characters Most of it is like a commentary on their day to day lives But the way these characters blend and form that bonding is what makes it an interesting readEvery chapter begins with a couple of major news headlines from that year That makes it way easier to relate to the passage of time between chaptersAmulya's mother Lakshmi helped her write this book Their conversation about the characters of this book is added as a Reader's Guide in the end That gives insight on how these characters were etched Enjoyed reading that conversation very muchRecommended For folks who love to immerse themselves in day to day lives of their book characters without bothering much about where or how the plot is moving

  2. Chandler Chandler says:

    My treasured mother recommended this book There are so many things I love about this book the first of all that it is set in INDIA Generally I find books set in India and written by Indian authors wonderful and this was no exceptionWhat else did I love? It is set in a Ashram with a female guru The Ashram is run by the bizarre father of the guru and how he impacts each of the inhabitants is fascinating Each woman is located at the ashram because of less than perfect circumstances and watching them grow as souls is delicious I loved the depiction of Indian culture and relationships The rich way the author describes all aspects of this book like feeling a complex fabric tapestry Oh the depiction of different types of love soul opening

  3. Em*bedded-in-books* Em*bedded-in-books* says:

    One of the best books I've read so far this year I just loved this book from the first line to the end though the end was a bit bizarre I loved the house the disjoint characters the way they live together and help each other inspite of glaring differences between their temperaments and circumstances I would like to reread this book and I would definitely recommend this to anyone and every one These sort of stories are my forte where nothing much happens days pass by and people do the best to live and to learn I felt very close with all people It was as if I was an impartial observer living with them Amulya Malladi is great

  4. Chahrazad Chahrazad says:

    This is the 3rd book I read by Malladi She's an excellent writer and her prose is great but it's her characters that leave a significant impact on me Her characters are so real so complex yet so simple; they go about their daily lives without any fuss but the impact they leave is so pronounced Kokila Chetana Charvi Subhadra and others will stay with me for a long time I definitely recommend it

  5. Aditi Varma Aditi Varma says:

    After the previous 2 books that I read by the author this book was a disappointment It's not like I haven't ever read and liked some book set in a very different time or culture But nothing about the setting the characters the storyline enticed me about this book I kept waiting for it to get better But it didn't It wasn't a pleasure to read It had a proper ending even if somewhat rushed Highly unsatisfactory

  6. Emily Crow Emily Crow says:

    Song of the Cuckoo Bird provides a glimpse into Indian daily life and social change through the eyes of the women who inhabit Tella Meda a house in village by the Bay of Bengal The story revolves around three women in particular Kokila an orphan; Chetana a prostitute's daughter; and Charvi believed by some to be a guruThe history of Tella Meda begins when Ramanandam a writer who is controversial for his views on women's euality thinks he recognizes signs of holiness in one of his daughters Charvi At first Charvi herself denies being a guru but many people find comfort in her presence and the house becomes an ashram and a sanctuary for the unwantedSong of the Cuckoo Bird was interesting and it was easy to get into the story but it never engaged me on an emotional level Perhaps that was the result of the sheer scope of the story a snapshot of so many characters taking place over several decades I was most interested in Charvi and why she kept playing the part of a guru when she never seemed to believe it but the narrative only rested on her point of view occasionally Even so I would definitely recommend it

  7. ☆Ruth☆ ☆Ruth☆ says:

    Based in India during the second half of the twentieth century this is the story of a house and the women who lived in it I found myself experiencing a completely different culture and way of life through the lives of the protagonists It was a fascinating and engrossing read the characters lived and breathed for me and regardless of the difference in backgrounds I could identify with their pain their heartache and their joy Naturally there were words and cultural references that I didn't understand but I found that it didn't really interfere with my enjoyment of the book

  8. Reena Reena says:

    The most heartbreaking thing about this book is the plot and chracters have so much potential which I felt was not realized in the execution of the story They were only tapped into in the most banal and contrived way that did not bring out the magic inherent in a story like this In the way that Jhumpa Lahiri or Kiran Desai really understand how to deliver Malladi does not

  9. Sujithra Sujithra says:

    This book is tremendous Though few stuffs seemed little difficult for me to accept to have happened in late 1900s the book kept me anxious I have always read thriller books with so much of interest wanting to know what happens next but i never expected i will have a similar feel with this one A well written well depicted story that made me to stop and think about life for a whileSimple loved itThis was the first book of Amulya's that I read Planning to read her other writings tooWould definitely recommend for those who love Indian classics

  10. Heather Heather says:

    Well written great story with very personable characters and plot line I liked the time lapse between chapters and historical details woven it It made the passage of 50 years much easier to grasp and work with the story The only issue I had was that some of the chapters re summarized what happened the chapter before to explain the actions of a character This is somewhat repetitive since you read the actual details a few pages before Other than that I enjoyed the book

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Song of the Cuckoo Bird[PDF / Epub] ✅ Song of the Cuckoo Bird ⚣ Amulya Malladi – Malladi's fourth novel transports readers on a cinematic journey through late twentieth century India as seen through the eyes of the inhabitants of Tella Meda a religious community on the Bay of Beng Malladi's fourth novel transports the Cuckoo PDF/EPUB ì readers on a cinematic journey through late twentieth century India as seen through the eyes of the inhabitants of Tella Meda a religious community on the Bay of Bengal Kokila comes to the ashram in as an year old orphan Song of MOBI :Ú She later renounces her arranged marriage to stay within Tella Meda's restrictive walls a move she comes to regret The ashram's guru attracts a cast of misfits from near and far widows abused wives and their neglected children the daughter of a prostitute a father guilty over of the Cuckoo ePUB ☆ his daughter's suicide each illuminated by Malladi in her kaleidoscopic perusal of both the ills of India's caste system and the repercussions of rigid moral dicta Running historical updates on India's wars elections and assassinations introduce each chapter But the crux of the novel is how Malladi's female characters struggle with the stifling effects of caste and gradually respond to the movement for women's rights that surges as the century draws to a close Deborah Donovan Copyright American Library Association All rights reserved.

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