Ebook Þ Angel ePUB Ú

Ebook Þ Angel ePUB Ú

Angel ➵ Angel Read ➼ Author James Patterson – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk an alternate cover edition can be found hereIn the seventh book in the bestselling series evil scientists are still trying to convince Max that she needs to save the world this time by providing the g an alternate cover edition can be found hereIn the seventh book in the bestselling series evil scientists are still trying to convince Max that she needs to save the world this time by providing the genetic link in speeding up the pace of evolution Worse they're trying to convince her that her perfect mate is Dylan the newest addition to the flock The problem is that despite herself Max is starting to believe it Fang travels the country collecting his own gang of evolved humans but the two separate flocks must unite to defeat a frightening doomsday cult whose motto is Save the Planet Kill the Humans And this time the true heroine for once might just be little Angel.

  • ebook
  • 264 pages
  • Angel
  • James Patterson
  • English
  • 02 December 2016
  • 9780316185202

10 thoughts on “Angel

  1. Kaela Kaela says:

    SPOLIERS LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS for all reading this I want you to know that I am an avid crazy obsessed max ride fan its just that this one installment well you'll seeI might update this later when I sound normal and get the disapointment out of my systemand since it's MR I can't rate it lower than a four Sorry to all those who agree with the following review Dear James Patterson I am willing to forget Maya and Dylan and this 'book' that you published if in the next one you bring Max and Fang back together There are many different types of books that you can pull off a romance switch like that but Max Ride isn't one This is where the fandom interrupts your writing because nearly 90% are team Fang SO I suggest that this next and final novel you are writing should end with Max and Fang This isn't about what you want as an author You can go and write a side novel just for yourself to satifsy this whole Dylan romance switch feeling But you are selling these books and if you want to make money then you need something people want Which is FAX And even though I think you are trying as hard as you can to make it a clean break I think it would be an insult to all the other books along with all your fans to not fix their relationship At least have them be best friends again PLEASE COMPLAINTS1 UOTE Never Max Dylan said I'm programmed to imprint on you You know it I can't fight the urge to be with you no matter whatUNUOTEJAMES PATTERSON PLEASE DON'T TELL ME YOU JUST MADE A FREAKING TWILIGHT REFERENCE 2Mr Patterson you must be kidding meYOU WANT MAX AND DYLAN TO HAVE KIDS? It wouldn't be that bad if it was FangBUT DYLAN? AND KIDS? That whole subject in this book disgusts me It's like it came out of some spaztic teenage girl's messy fanfiction Its a plot twist that yes confused many and was unsuspecting to all readers but its JUST WRONG The only good thing that came from that was the jet scene the only scene where there was a MaxFang moment that didn't end in oh yeah thats cute but I'm supposed to hate you so forget it 3 MAYA JUST NO NOT COOL And Dylan should have died after that hypodermic needle incident just sayin'GOOD PARTS ? The plane ride I already mentioned that but still favorite scene Angel's alive and has forgotten about the I rule the world idea but how dare she pick Dylan over Fang That Iggy didn't stay brainwashed And the Ella thing fell apart That Jeb is possibly dead along with Dr Gunther Hagen That there is a possible way this book can end that would work for me sorry for being so selfish in this review There is a way Since the Fang Gang and the Maxalators didn't completly wipe out the Doomsday Group then that means in the next book they can do so And since Max's clone is hangin around that means that Dylan may have a chance to get a little side tracked So brings me to myconclusion What could happen? PLAN #1 The world catastrophe ends either the world is destoryed or they save it Since this is Maximum Ride and not The Hunger Games I'm guessing the latter Maya and Dylan both die Max Fang PLAN #2 No Max Fang I burn the book PLAN #3 Dylan meet Max's clone who is a bit nicer and prone to not hating you Maya meet Dylan And in the back Max and Fang get back to normal This for me is the best but it might be a bit too Disney But then again so are most of the relationships in this book Thanks for reading if you spent the time to listen to my complaining and actually get down this far to read this complaint I hope that the next and final btw book will finally bring this series to a semi happy close EDIT 4912I tried to reread this Looking back its way way worse than I let on before It is a horrifically written book guys my five year old brother could write better than this

  2. Paige Paige says:

    Finished this so long ago but never reviewed SO MANY FLAWSLove Maximum Ride but really James Patterson I'm beginning to hate youFlaw 1 Max and Fang were in LOVE They were best friends before that and would tell each other ANYTHING Once they see each other in this book they have nothing to say to each other and act like strangers Okay maybe I was expecting a little heartfelt reunion but THIS?? What the hell was THAT? That was two middle school friends seeing each other after 20 years and having nothing in common any NOT the best duo I could possibly ever think of That was a MAJOR plothole Try to intertwine some memories please JamesFlaw 2 Dylan As soon as Fang leaves Max sits in her room for a day then runs with open arms to Dylan Okay Fangs gone time to move on I don;t THINK so Max apparently fell in love with him? Sure Okay She knew him for like 3 months and knew Fang since they were little Dylan is a freaking ROBOT FANG has been with you all of those times not DYLAN So much to write butI just can'tFlaw 3 Max 2 Nothing has to be saidFlaw 4 2308 Not even going to get into those The whole book sucked and at parts I had to put it down for the rest of the day I was so wound up I swear if max doesn't end up with Fang in the last book and DYlan doesn't get his heart broken BRUTALLY I will organize a lynch mob andoh nevermind I've never been this disappointed or pissed at a book in ym life When I threw it against the wall it left a dentIt was the angels

  3. Alex Alex says:

    nooooooooooooo is not fair is iggy's turn People in James Patterson's personal page he posted the first 8 chapters of Angel and they were disturbing you'll see when you finish chapter 8

  4. Ayla Ayla says:

    Hmmm I think if Fang dies I will too So that's why I feared for my life in Fang I think I know what Max would say right about now If Fang is in any way harmed if he gets a hangnail you won't see another morningAs for the whole MaxDylan thing it would depend on if it lasts This would be the ideal situation 1 Max falls for Dylan2 Max sees Fang or hears from him or something like that3 Max realizes that she loves Fang than Dylan4 Fang gets jealous protective of Max5 Dylan leaves or diesThe endBut I think this is what will happen instead1 Max will resist falling for Dylan2 Max will fall for Dylan then will hear from Fang and be all mad at him4 Fang will get jealous and will either fight an internal war or come and beat the mess out of Dylan I'd prefer option #25 JP will give us another agonizing year long waiting period to sit and wonder what'll happen next I think I'd rather have a cliffhanger because that'll mean there's a guarantee of another book Sorry people I'm a screaming fangirl for these books But a little sophisticated now that I've suealed for around an hour after reading about Angel Can't wait regardless of how the book turns out Unless of course Fang dies Then I'll die too but not before burning the books

  5. Lyndsey Lyndsey says:

    Also posted on STRANGEMORECOMOh schnikesJames Patterson is now using the word imprint now God help us allWell considering the imprinting in this book is from one teenager to another and that they are actually BIRD mutants the term imprint originated from the act of a baby bird bonding with it's mother it isn't uite as icky as a wolf imprinting on and falling in instatruelove with a newborn baby Because we all know that bestiality combined with pedophilia is totally romantic right? But still Patterson WTF?Other than the obvious blatant attempt to appeal to the Twilight generation with the onset of a love triangle between a blond Adonis type mutant and the rugged dark haired broody mutant I had a lot of fun reading this book and the series in generalI probably should be ashamed to say that I read the Maximum Ride series but who am I kidding? I have no shame It's a guilty pleasure I started reading them before I matured literaturicly and no I'm not sure that I'm proving my point by using a made up word like literaturicly but So what? Who cares? multiple exaggerated shoulder shrugs The Rundown For you sci fi gurus you may notice similarities with James Cameron's masterpiece television series Dark Angel which if you haven't watched what the hell is wrong with you? Let me break it down Jessica Alba as a mutant kicking ass while wearing leather Do you need convincing than that? REALLY?Some facts about the Maximum Ride series by James Patterson Girl named Max short for Maximum She kicks ass and doesn't stop to take names She is a mutant with special abilities because of her recombinant DNA She has a flock of other friends with special abilities Her love interest is part of her group but it seems they are destined to NOT be together Her main job is saving the world but she mostly ends up just doing a few odd jobs here and thereWhile this may not be Dawson's Creek with mutant teens who have a ridiculously large vocabulary it IS a lot like Dark Angel complete with angst wangst and a love triangle but specifically with recombinant DNA bird kids WOOOOOOThese books are by no means brain food In fact most would consider them juvenile which is one thing I love about them They don't use complex or lyrical language They can be melodramatic at times but mostly they are just unadulterated fun not to mention entirely addictive The Tone and Pacing The Maximum Ride books usually fly at a breakneck speed and don't often slow down The flock is always on the move always performing ridiculous feats of awesomeness and always making stupid jokes Regardless of the camp in these books they have a lot of heart also as well as great messages for younger teens or pre teens There's nothing dangerous than someone trying to act for the greater goodWhich is so true in lots of ways Many horrific things have been done in the name of the greater good Hitler thought the Holocaust would create a superior master race Religious extremist think that ridding the world of all religious opposition is for the greater good People who think they have the best intentions can often be the most ruthlessApart from messages about saving the world and being the best version of yourself there are also not so complex undertones about doing what's right and taking care of the planet It did get a little preachy for my taste in one or two of the books but overall the series is still worthwhile and hella fun to read And there is only ONE after this book cries like a little baby like a little baby in it's crib The Verdict I'm so ridiculously attached to these books and these characters that I just can't give this one any less than 4 starsThere are not very many articulate reviews of these books I mean one review actually calls a main character butt poop and unfortunately the books themselves are not highly intelligent There aren't really any prereuisites here No thinking reuiredThe Scarecrow could read these books sings If I only had intelligent conversational techniuesThese books are FUN FUN FUN And mainly just that which is exactly what I needed

  6. Ashley Ashley says:

    I'm just wondering how many books in this series there are going to be Even the description admits it evil scientists are still trying to convince Max that she needs to save the world STILL? Come on Mr Patterson how much can you drag this out? Seriously here are my suggestions1 Kill Angel the evil little back stabbing brat2 Let Fang return3 Let Max save the world4 Give the Flock a happy ending Edit 317 Much much better Let me revise me old list1 Angel can stay Don't kill her off or I will cry2 Fang can I don't even know Be happy on his own with the Fang gang I guess3 Let Max save the world4 Give the Flock a happy ending5 And a new suggestion Keep Dylan around

  7. Sakina (Y.L.) Angel Sakina (Y.L.) Angel says:

    Max and Fang are gonna get to see each other before the whole twenty years spiel? PhewImpending love triangleOoFor me the Voice may have said that Dylan was Max's genetic match but Fang will always be her soulmate

  8. Michaela Michaela says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOANGEL IS GETTING A BOOK?But the she demon is evil she nearly got the flock killed and caused Max and Fang to break up for 20 years Yet she gets a bookWhat are you thinking JPMax is believing that Dylan is her perfect match seriously thats impossible You better fix this mess JP or you will be slaughtered by vicious fangirls

  9. Canadagirl Canadagirl says:

    This series should have ended three books ago before all that stupid global warming stuff And I hear there will be yet ANOTHER book coming out after this I LOVE Maximum Ride but seriously even good things have to come to an end And if this ends up like all the other series I read that went on too long the series is only gonna get worse From what I've read of Angel that's the way it's going to beI mean issues Dylan Ewwwww Just no Fang leaves News flash James Patterson Fang is one of the ONLY reasons people read Maximum Ride In fact I think it should be called Fang not Maximum Ride Angel I get that Max still sees her as a little well angel but she ISN'T She is a backstabbing trouble maker with an ironic name The Voice Ignoring the fact that the idea of a Voice is stupid the voice is a hipocrite Fang is your soulmate So Max listens to the Voice and dates him Then the Voice is like Dylan is your perfect other half Would the Voice just make up his her? mind? Iggy Gazzy Nudge Iggy againcause I love him So when did these characters become like non exsistant? They havn't done anything substantial in a while Plot Find oneThere's but I'm too lasy to type it But I think I'm alowed to be too lasy to type the issues if James Patterson is too lazy to fix themAll I can say is that I hope I'm not wasting my money on yet another dissapointing seuelAFTER READINGWorst Max Ride Book EverYou could tell just by they way he ended it in a cliff hanger that he didn't know how many people would buy itOne thing about people is they change but I can guarentee that no one does so much so fast Fang Max Angel They are COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLEAnd let's also point who was in maybe 5 chapters in the book Iggy Nudge Jeb Ella Dr Martinez Voice Akila Total GazzyThe Fang Gang nobodys that we don't care about got mention than really anyone aboveI believe that JP is forgeting who is in his books and what powers they had because no one really used their powers eccept for the Fang GangAnd worst of allrry Spoilers ahead so I hid them with arrows Just scroll down to see itG BECAME A JERK yeah i know suckish and it ruined the whole thing Maya Max II is stupid and how could he just replace Max with her?

  10. Erica Erica says:

    This was one of the first books that taught me what makes a bad book I was 14 when this book was released Before this point I had read books in the past that I didn't like but I never thought it was a bad book until this abomination was releasedTerrible writing horrific character assassination and contrived plot points that go nowhere It's an insult to the original books Patterson should fire the ghostwriters who wrote thisThat's all

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