Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns through Two Millennia eBook

Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns through Two Millennia eBook

Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns through Two Millennia ✬ Sisters in Arms: Catholic Nuns through Two Millennia Books ✮ Author Jo Ann Kay McNamara – Spanning two thousand years of Christian religious women's uest for spiritual and vocational fulfillment Sisters in Arms is the first definitive history of Catholic nuns in the Western world Unfolding Spanning Arms: Catholic Nuns through Epub / two thousand years of Arms: Catholic PDF Ë Christian religious women's uest for spiritual and vocational fulfillment Sisters in Arms is the first definitive history of Catholic nuns in the Western world Unfolding century by century this epic drama encompasses every period from the dawn of Christianity to the presentHistory has until recently minimized the role of nuns over the centuries In this volume their rich lives their work and their importance to the Church are finally acknowledged Jo Ann in Arms: Catholic Nuns through PDF \ Kay McNamara introduces us to women scholars mystics artists political activists healers and teachers individuals whose religious vocation enabled them to Sisters in PDF/EPUB or pursue goals beyond traditional gender roles They range from Thecla the legendary companion of Paul who baptized herself in preparation for facing the lions in the Roman arena to Hildegard of Bingen whose visions unlocked her extraordinary talents for music medicine and moral teaching in the twelfth century They also include Sister Mary Theresa Kane who stood before the pope and an American television audience in and urged him to consider the ordination of womenBy entering the convent McNamara shows nuns gained a community that allowed them to evolve spiritually intellectually and emotionally; but the convent was never in Arms: Catholic Epub â a perfect refuge Women's struggles continued against the male church hierarchy the broader lay community and the larger cultural and historical forces of changeThe history of nuns is an important part of the larger story of western women whose gender provoked resistance to their claims to autonomy and power As we enter the third millennium this groundbreaking work pays fitting tribute to the sisters who have labored with prayer and service for two thousand years who have struggled to achieve greater recognition and authority and who have forged opportunities for all women while holding true to the teachings of in Arms: Catholic Nuns through PDF \ the Gospel.

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  1. Czarny Pies Czarny Pies says:

    Anyone who has seen and understood the Blues Brothers with John Belushi and Dan Ackroyd will understand what great ualities this book has It is a profoundly erudite thoroughly researched and tremendously elouent book that tells the history of the female religious orders and their extraordinary contributions to the Catholic Church Christians do not follow a dogma they follow a person Jesus You come to know him by letting him become your friend For large numbers of Christians like Jake and Elwood Blue it is the nuns through the the love that they display for all human beings that have convinced them of the value of being a follower of JesusDespite being very much a mainstream Catholic who believes that it is extremely important that Catholics should rigorously follow the magister of the Church I feel that Ms McNamara who clearly has liberal views than I do f has made an enormous contribution to the discussion of how the Catholic Church including both clergy and lay members can effectively carry out its function to spread the Gospel of the Church She explains that the male dominated clergy throughout most of the history of the church has made livfe difficult for the female orders and often exploited them financially The female orders were freuently founded by beuests from parents or other relatives of the nuns The first reaction of the male orders was to demand that the female orders be put under their value and that the property beueathed to the sisters should pass under their control It was a very long struggle for the female orders to win their independence They were able to do so because of outstanding churchwoman such as Teresa of Avila and Hildegarde von BingenMcNamara who displays an extraordinary knowledge of the writings of Medieval churchwomen in French and Latin makes a very compelling narrative for this phase of the history of the female religious ordersPrior to the French Revolution nuns were primarily cloistered and dedicated to prayer In the nineteenth century they acuired a role of leadership role in the Church As the economy evolved from being primarily agricultural to industrial it was necessary that all members of the population learn to read The secular nuns took on this task brilliantly For over 150 years Nuns assumed the responsibility for providing primary education to Catholic children They also provided the nursing cooking and housekeeping services in Catholic hospitals Finally as we know from the Blues Brothers they ran orphanages By performing these vital functions the nuns demonstrated the great value of the Catholic church to societyIn the last 40 years the number of nuns in North American and Europe has declined dramatically The Catholic Church is much the poorer for it One senses that MsMcNamara would like to revitalize the female religions orders by allowing women to say the mass to become bishops and to be granted authority Without wanting to contest the magister of the Church I feel nonetheless some measures should be taken to make the religious vocation as appealing to women as it was in our very recent pastMs McNamara has written a very good book and made an important statement on what directions Church policy should be following

  2. Siria Siria says:

    Sisters in Arms is a hefty tome well over 700 pages in hardback covering the history of nuns and canonesses in the Catholic tradition from the beginning of the church through to the mid 1990s McNamara has written an account of women religious and their contributions to both the church and their wider societies which is decidedly celebratory She sees nuns as than just adjuncts to monks and priests but as active preservers of the important role which the laity had in the early church It's an impressive overview of 2000 years of history though not without its flaws—neither truly chronologically geographically or thematically organised at times it can be a little confusing to follow the threads of McNamara's argument and her argument means that she's not open to ambiguity in the reception of female religious Issues of colonialism and cultural imperialism centring on nuns' missionary work are barely dealt with at one point I believe she claims that nuns became less popular in developing countries because the indigenous populations became less grateful and McNamara is interested in discussing nuns as struggling with a misogynistic ecclesiastical hierarchy than in looking at instances where they too became part of an oppressive socialcultural hierarchy True many of the instances of abuse in for instance female religious run institutions in Ireland were only beginning to be known at the time McNamara was writing Still it's hard to believe that the history of nuns is uite so uneuivocally positive and feminist as she presents here

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