Das Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im Ohr ePUB

Das Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im Ohr ePUB

10 thoughts on “Das Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im Ohr

  1. M. Sarki M. Sarki says:

    I really loved reading this book though the third and final section was not as good as the first two One of the best memoirs I have ever read

  2. Hrafn Hrafn says:

    Thought provoking eg this„Further the caste in which my mother ranked herself was a caste of Spanish descent and also of money In my family and especially in hers I saw what money does to people I felt that those who were most willingly devoted to money were the worst I got to know all the shades from money grubbing to paranoia I saw brothers whose greed had led them to destroy one another in years of litigation and who kept on litigating when there was no money left“ P 6 in Elias Canetti The Tongue set free Picador 1979

  3. Adam Lowy Adam Lowy says:

    Amazing mind lifebook This covers the early years of Canetti until about age 30 ending before World War II But what it covers and how it does The development of a consciousness observing his parents mostly mother himself others the world through each of these and the world through books His struggles to engage and observe to analyze his world is presented so honestly and in such a wonderfully flawed way He is always missing the mark then slowly subtly coming back to himself and his flaws and his flawed vision and then his writing about it There is the intellectual gossip angle as well a European People magazine of a different time when the stars were not Kardashians but Mahler Thomas Mann Brecht Musil and primarily Karl Kraus Living in this world this depiction of this world was is needed for me

  4. Jeffrey Jeffrey says:

    Autobiography when written well is thrilling If an author understands their craft and knows how to present their journey there is a surprising unfolding of the realizations that life bringsBut this effect is even intense when the author writes so well that he can credible make a claim of beginning the book with a scene from when he was two years oldOf course Canetti could be making the whole business up but the wealth of details by which he colors his events and the ensuing realizations etched with the acid derived from memory create a remarkable picture This ephiphany about his mother from when he was about eleven years old and living in Zürichillustrates a critical realization he has about not just her nature and his own but the nature of the worldIt was no wonder that at such moments feeling myself her mute eual I loved her the most She was certain that she had once again concealed her distrust from me; I perceived both things her ruthless acumen and her magnanminity At the time I didn’t know what vastness is but I felt it being able to comprise so many and such conflicting things knowing that seeming incompatibles can all be valid at once being able to feel that without perishing of fear having to name that and think about it the true glory of human nature—that was really what I learned from herThis takes patience but my patience was rewarded Canetti's scenes of his life and insights in Europe children teachers just about anything imaginable are remarkable I highly recommend this book

  5. Pooja Manne Pooja Manne says:

    Usually memoirs tend to bore me I think I just automatically hate memoirs unless I have a special interest in the person the memoir is about Upon reading the first few lines of the first chapter I decided to give this book a chance even though I didn't have the slightest clue who Elias Canetti was Anyways it's a really well written memoir It's very vivid and stark in detail if that makes sense It's surprising how specific Elias is on certain memories of his experience growing up it makes me think I have bad memorylol because if someone were to ask me to write an autobiography I don't think I'd have such specific instances to write about Then again of course Elias's life was abundant than mine's is so it makes sense Additionally he was intellectually stimulated growing up From a young age he had parents that nurtured his curiosity from his fatherwho died shortly after Elias's family moved to Manchester who gave him novels to read to his mother sitting down to read and discuss Shakespeare with him at the age of 10 I've also never read any accounts of a Sephardic Jew so it's very interesting because I've only ever readheard of Ashkenazi childhoods The point is I'm enjoying the novel so far and I feel like I'm living through his voice and I feel like that's a good thing I'll add once I'm done w the book

  6. Susan Susan says:

    Had a harder time with this the third part of Canetti's autobiography than I did with first two parts I'm unfamiliar with many of the writers artists and musicians he writing about The first two volumes had I remember of a focus on his family But he writes beautifully and carefully about the people and events in his life The mentions to the turbulent times Vienna in early and mid 1930's were to me surprisingly obliue But always present

  7. Charles Montague Charles Montague says:

    Actually I read these in French translation in the late 1980s and I loved it I have dipped into English version and it doesn't grab my attention the same way Perhaps we need another translation

  8. L L says:

    Strange fellow honest account sensitive soul

  9. Fernanda Fernanda says:

    this is a book I have a lot to learn from his readings when he was a child his relationship with his mother it's all sheer poetry

  10. Gopa Thampi Gopa Thampi says:

    An extraordinarily honest biography

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Das Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im Ohr ❮Download❯ ➽ Das Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im Ohr Author Elias Canetti – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The uncompromising achievement of Elias Canetti has been matched by few writers this century His novel Auto da Fe and his work of social theory Crowds and Power are modern classics displaying a voraci gerettete Zunge/Die ePUB ¹ The uncompromising achievement of Elias Canetti has been matched by few writers this century His novel Auto da Fe and his work of social theory Crowds and Power are modern classics displaying a voracious Das Augenspiel/Die PDF/EPUB ² intellect and an exuisite Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im PDF/EPUB ² sensibility that reflect their author's polyglot background A Ladino Jew born in Bulgaria Canetti was raised in Vienna Manchester and Zurich finally settling in England Canetti worked brilliantly in many forms Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die eBook ☆ but the three volumes that compose his autobiography are where his genius is perhaps most evident The first volume The Tongue Set Free presents the events personalities and intellectual forces that fed Canetti's early creative Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im PDF/EPUB ² development The Torch in My Ear explores his admiration for the first great mentor of his adulthood Karl Kraus and also describes his first marriage The final volume The Play of the Eyes is set in Vienna between and with the European catastrophe imminent; here he vividly portrays his relationships with Hermann Broch and Robert Musil among others The three volumes read together make it clear that this spiritual and intellectual autobiography is much than a compelling account of the development of a great artist it is a portrait of the tragic character of an entire era.

  • Hardcover
  • 983 pages
  • Das Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im Ohr
  • Elias Canetti
  • German
  • 09 September 2014
  • 9783861503835

About the Author: Elias Canetti

gerettete Zunge/Die ePUB ¹ Awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for writings marked by a broad outlook a wealth of ideas and artistic powerHe studied in Vienna Before World War II he moved with his wife Veza Das Augenspiel/Die PDF/EPUB ² to England and stayed Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die Fackel im PDF/EPUB ² there for long time Since late s he lived in London and Zurich In late s he started to live in Zurich permanently He died in in Zurich Author of Augenspiel/Die gerettete Zunge/Die eBook ☆ Auto da Fé Party in the.