Time Enough for Love Epub ✓ Time Enough eBook

Time Enough for Love Epub ✓ Time Enough eBook

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  1. Lyn Lyn says:

    Was Robert A Heinlein a dirty old man? Yes But he was also a visionary who saw the trends of Western Civilization and expounded out into a foreseeable future not just in terms of science fiction but also in regard to cultures morals sociology and ideology Time Enough for Love demonstrates the fundamental attractiveness of science fiction the eternal hope that things will get better Dystopian fantasies aside science fiction deals with the future and that there are people in the future still carrying on everyday lives At its heart science fiction is about hope hope that we’ll see a few years ahead Time Enough for Love goes one step further and introduces us to Lazarus Long though he was in prior Heinlein novels as the oldest living human over 2000 years old Thus Heinlein allows us to imagine an almost eternal existence and without the need to live at night and drink blood I like reading Heinlein because I like Heinlein chauvinistic and militaristic as he may be; he is also a libertarian humanist who loves life and tells a good story He’s not misogynistic he clearly loves women and sees them as capable and wonderful people Heinlein’s voice whether Lazarus Long or Jubal Hershaw is that of Heinlein himself his experience is cast upon science fiction of the future The best thing about Heinlein is that he is a good writer a great writer of science fiction And that is demonstrated both in the positive and negative in TEFL When he is telling a story it is very good but in the “in between sections” it drags poorly The best section is the story about Lazarus and his marriage to short lived Dora and their pioneer life If RAH made the “Tale of the Adopted Daughter” a full length novel cutting out about 300 pages this would have been a very good story Ultimately it’s just too long Heinlein is too ambitious and throws too much in and it collapses under it’s own weight

  2. Manny Manny says:

    Mr Lazarus Long since you happen to be passing through the early twenty first century could you give us a few priceless gems of homespun wisdom for the Goodreads membership to marvel at? Gosh darn it when I see all the cute females on this site how can I say no? Could you just pass me the cuneiform tablets? Papyrus rolls? Parchment? Oh yes laptop Sorry hard to keep things straight So1 If you're a tired SF hack who's completely run out of ideas don't worry Just recycle the old ones and pretend nothing's wrong2 You may imagine that the books will come out painfully thin Far from it They'll be thicker than ever3 Next time someone calls you a motherfucker simply take them at their word Of course a time machine is useful here4 Don't make these lists too long By the time you've got half a dozen items everyone will already be yawning5 Er6 That's it Done Now surely there's some gorgeous woman here who's dying to have sex with me?

  3. Manuel Antão Manuel Antão says:

    If you're into stuff like this you can read the full reviewCompetent Man “Time Enough for Love” by Robert A Heinlein“A human being should be able to change a diaper plan an invasion butcher a hog conn a ship design a building write a sonnet balance accounts build a wall set a bone comfort the dying take orders give orders cooperate act alone solve euations analyze a new problem pitch manure program a computer cook a tasty meal fight efficiently die gallantly Specialization is for insects”In “Time Enough for Love” by Robert A HeinleinThis my favourite Heinlein uoteI really am the competent man; the only thing from Heinlein's Dictum that I cannot and have not done is conn a spaceship and butcher a hog but I have seen it being done; I don’t know about the part of dying gallantly I’ll tell you afterwardsI wasn't brought up on a farm or in the middle of nowhere I'm from a large town Lisbon It's about learning and honing skills and treating every opportunity as a chance to try them out For example I learned the praxis of trigonometry not just the theoretical part before I learned it in high school It's all very well just knowing it but to be a capable man you need to go further

  4. S.C. Jensen S.C. Jensen says:

    People seem to have a love it or hate it kind of relationship with Heinlein’s Time Enough for Love And I’ve gotta say I’m strapped firmly to the former bandwagon Granted I can see why some of the negative Nancy’s are getting their panties in a knot okay maybe the incest theme goes a little far but Heinlein’s weirdness just doesn’t bug me And I think some critics have missed the mark entirely by focusing on the wrong stuff Which is fully within their rights of course and an opinion is only an opinion Blah blah blah Here’s my two cents on why they’re wrong Time Enough for Love is set up as a series of tales told by the oldest living man in the universe Lazarus Long Lazarus is confined to a rejuvenation clinic where he is being held against his will by a team of people dedicated to preserving his knowledge You see they’ve “rescued” Laz from attempted suicide in order to record his life’s story and hopefully glean some of the wisdom he’s accumulated in over two thousand years of life And Lazarus has agreed not to try to take his own life again until he’s told them about the most important lessons learned in his long life Time Enough for Love is like Arabian Nights but in reverse; Laz is telling his stories for his right to dieSo the structure necessitates a kind of “bracketing” set up wherein Lazarus’ tales are divided by his present experiences in the rejuvenation clinic And I’ve got to admit Lazarus’ voice is where Heinlein’s storytelling excels I sometimes had to restrain myself from skipping forward until the next story although in the end I’m glad that I did restrain myself that is Heinlein brings everything together nicely once Lazarus regains an interest in life and goes on to set up his free lovin’ hippie commune on the planet Boondock and all of a sudden his present becomes the next taleThe number one complaint that I’ve noticed in other reviews is with Heinlein’s apparent preoccupation with incest But I think that unusual as the theme is in modern writing it has a place in the story and is essential to Lazarus’ character First and foremost is the fact that Lazarus Long is completely obsessed with genetic purity As one of the first “long lifers” on Earth he was contractually obligated to reproduce only with other long lifers in order to preserve the longevity they had acuired Then there is the fact that old Laz being nearly three thousand years old is the great to the nth degree grandfather of nearly everyone in the universe so the older he gets the harder it is for him to find partners with whom he is genetically compatible not being related to them is virtually impossibleLazarus comes to view the appropriateness of sexual pairings solely through the lens of healthy reproduction—and then only if reproduction is the goal in the most extreme example view spoilerLazarus travels back in time and accidentally falls in love with his mother an affair that is able to be consummated only because his mother is already pregnant and therefore won’t become pregnant by Laz hide spoiler

  5. J.L. Sutton J.L. Sutton says:

    There is plenty of Heinlein's reshapinguestioning of social s in Time Enough for Love much like Stranger in a Strange Land; however without the driving force of Stranger's narrative behind it Time Enough mostly feels disjointed and long winded The novel begins with a recalling of adventures from the oldest man alive There are some interesting stories here including one involving colonization on a primitive planet and time travel to one's own youth; however the developed stories occur very late in the novel Throughout the book his spokesman makes interesting observations on life and love but some of that is undermined by Heinlein's patriarchal tone preoccupation with incest and his seeming belief that most women want to have lots and lots of children The biggest problem though was lack of a sustained narrative I will read Heinlein but this one didn't uite do it for me

  6. Till Noever Till Noever says:

    Read the other reviews for plot summaries No point in rehashingHeinlein has profoundly influenced my thinking and life since I was but in my early teens so I guess this review isn't exactly impartial Still there are books of his that bored me among them Stranger in Strange Land In other words I know the man's limitationsWith all this said I still think that TEFL ualifies as a curmudgeonly masterpiece and it banged my head against a wall again and again and said Get a life man Get a sense of perspective about what matters and what doesn't For that's what it's all about uoting the man himself “May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live” It was YB Yeats who wrote that “Sex and death are the only things that can interest a serious mind” While that almost covers it and while it's a very Heinleinian thing to say even though it came from Yeats I suspect that Heinlein would have replaced the word 'sex' by 'love' with a particular emphasis on the 'romantic' kind In TEFL like in other novels Heinlein cut through taboos and especially those relating to sex and its many expressions with gusto He had the audacity and it still scandalizes a lot of people today as evidenced by the comments on this book to assert that all taboos are social construct—which they self evidently are—with possibly a biological basis eg incest; but when that basis disappears then screw the taboos Move on and get a life The biggest one of these taboos is incest I wonder how long it'll take until for example consenting non child issue sex between consenting adult siblings will be decriminalized and destigmatized and become so accepted that the 'ick' factor disappears from people's knee jerk reactions Anybody reading TEFL has to confront this issue and their own reactions to it The point is that Heinlein shows the breaking of these taboos not as something to be disgusted about or as something that has terrible social conseuences which is the usual way of representing it in almost all fiction but rather as no 'biggie' at all About that other subject of the Yeats uote aboveIt's been said that TEFL is Heinlein's personal 'fantasy' about immortality written at a time when he was pretty much staring his own death in the face Sure that's what TEFL is also all about A very thoughtful treatise on human life beyond the boundaries currently imposed on it And along the way for those who think about the potential for significant human longevity becoming a reality fairly soon it gives us a lot of food for thought Because if human life expectancy is indeed extended on a large scale to possibly hundreds of years all bets are off and the rules of society and personal life as we know them now are going to go out the window But if we're still wanting to be 'human' despite our longevity and if we continue to be driven by our basic human urges how will we cope with that? Heinlein is the only author I know of who had probed this in sufficient depth both intellectually and emotionally—and for that alone we should look to this novel as a guide into a possible future by a visionary and passionate humanist who was many decades ahead of his timeBut in the end TEFL is really about the central story the tale of the adopted daughter which is still one of the most touching stories I've ever read It's about love and death and being human and what it all means; what it all can mean if it's to mean any damn thing at all And can you really ask for than that from a storyteller?

  7. Caroline Caroline says:

    This is one of those books that I wanted to stop reading but I persevered in the hopes that something would redeem it by the end There was no redemption; only sadness and a burning expletive on the end of my tongue In a book with over 20 characters the only one I enjoyed was a talking mule In a book with nearly 600 pages only 30 of them contained a story I cared aboutview spoilerThe author’s command of the English language was acceptable but there were a few spelling errors that made me stumble not to mention irritating characterization of everyone but the main character affecting nearly all of the females While Heinlein is fully capable of stringing together a coherent sentence his inability to SHOW and not TELL leaves the story to drag on uite painfully for nearly 600 pagesThe first issue I have with this story is the disturbing lack of conflict which is what usually drives the characters and plot forward Unfortunately the main character Lazarus Long LL is written as a God character used as a vehicle for Heinein to self insert and fantasize about impregnating women These God type characters also known as a Marty stus male or Mary sues female are most often found in fanfiction but not exclusive to that medium Their purpose is to be amazing receive compliments and attention from other characters and to breeze through conflicts while demonstrating how fantastic they are Lazarus Long fits this description perfectly; he is ornery has an answer to everything lectures everyone about how they are wrong and he knows everything everyone is drawn to him and fights to keep him alive and works together to make him happy Anytime there is a hint of conflict where I wondered “how will they get out of thi ?” it was uickly solved by LL’s all knowingness Of course LL isn’t 100% perfect as he suffers from an unnamed condition that is evident by how many women beg him to impregnate them This is typically triggered whenever he announces he is going anywhere which usually involves women asking for his babies and then crying when he denies their reuest which results in him impregnating them He has been approached by every woman in the story NOT ONE WOMAN has been able to resist his allure and this is a story that includes a computer inserted into a cloned human body twin female clones of LL himself and his mother His mother didn’t beg for babies though but she made up for it with her bawdy comments and advances She was conveniently able to sleep with LL without guilt because her husband knows that she is lustful and would not be able to control herself while he was in the army and so trusted her good judgment to sleep with a man she liked and then tell him all about it after This book is rife with incest or at the very least emotional incest where LL becomes romantically andor sexually involved with a woman he’s raised from childhood While I’m not a prude when it comes to this topic I felt disturbingly numb to the concept by the end of the book when LL declared he was IN LOVE with his mother In her defense she didn’t know he was her son simply believing him to be a distant relative or at worst her brother Five hundred pages of emotional incest had dulled my senses to genetic incestIn addition to incest the women do not behave as real women do They seem to enjoy being flirtatious and affectionate to a fault existing only to warm men’s laps make men feel better have floppy breasts get pregnant and then on one occasion flippantly discuss aborting their fetuses if the gender is not female Protip even if a woman chooses to abort her baby she is not flippant about it nor does she joke about it with her friendsThis book is not ergonomically safe and I do not recommend it to anyone who has issues with their eyes I suffered repetitive strain injury from rolling my eyes – usually triggered when someone begged for LL’s babies Sadly? this is an unfinished story In the middle of one of the two action scenes in the whole book LL is shot and then supposedly “killed” The next few pages show an almost epilogue style scene where LL is magically back on a spaceship saved by his Tetrius family aka the hippie love family and brought back to life FIN What happens next? I don’t know I wanted nothing than for this book to END but when it finally did I grudgingly noted that it reuired 50 pages to actually tie up its loose ends Even at the end when I should have been happy that I wouldn’t have to read any Heinlein has robbed me of any satisfaction in knowing things are wrapped up I’m now plagued by wandering thoughts about “what happened next” It is a cheap trick to make readers think of a Marty stu character when they should have been able to put his existence out of their mindsI hope the same trick is not used in Heinlein’s other books Against my better judgment I’m allowing my significant other to convince me to read them Perhaps they will improve my opinion of Heinlein hide spoiler

  8. Angel Angel says:

    I have a love hate relationship with Heinlein Some of his stuff is great Some of it like Farnham's Freehold which I reviewed here I simply hate However I like enough of his work that I seek This was a book that took me a long time to get through but when I got done it was well worth it I read it back in 2002 From my journal back then I found it to be a book that makes you think I thought the opening was a bit slow but once the narrative was set up it got interesting I found that reading the book in segments a part here and a part there worked better for meOne of my favorite parts was the Notebooks of Lazarus Long a section of maxims full of common sense I also enjoyed the tale of Dora very much a moving tale of how Lazarus fell in love with an ephemeral woman and their life together til death did them part I also recall the ending for having a nice twist I am not saying go read it instead This is a book about a rascal a picaro to borrow the Spanish word which is so much better than just saying rascal if nothing else It integrates different genres In some ways reminded me of works like One Thousand Nights and a Night and Don uijote not the Man of La Mancha's idealism but the novel's integration of different genres and elements This has become one of my favorite books

  9. Jim Jim says:

    This is one of his pivotal books Until the 60s he was uite constrained by what he could write by contracts eg Scribner Juveniles editors After his big hit with Stranger in a Strange Land several others his popularity grew the reins slipped off In 1970 he had a close brush with death was desperate to publish what he wanted without restraint did so The result was I Will Fear No Evil his descent into wordiness weird sex This book followed a few years later The Number of the Beast used this one to take the idea of multiple universes further which then allowed him to tie all his characters stories together YuckLazarus Long the main character of this book is a great character in a lot of ways I first recall reading about him in Methuselah's Children He's one of the early Howard family members a sport who manages to survive long enough to become pretty much immortal Now he's 3000 years old tired of life but the families don't want to let him go due to his wealth of knowledge experience Interesting horrifying on different levels which Heinlein uses as the vehicle to explore a lot of subjects in this brick of a book Lazarus freuently lapses into recollections that are novellas Interludes explore a variety of other subjects such as what love is how people attitudes have changed sometimes just a few pages of saucy sayings I think the sayings are also published as The Notebooks of Lazarus Long same things just a way to grab money A lot of it is interesting but be prepared to skim other parts He gets very wordy as Lazarus Heinlein expounds on certain ideasUnfortunately he descends into exploring sex not a topic that he handles well The free love isn't bad but he did it better thoroughly in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress Transgender homosexuality issues were OK in their time but now they're common place his handling was rather clumsy The worst was the age of consent promotion of incest These are social attitudes that are certainly valid to explore but he manages to turn me off completely Heinlein doesn't seem to understand kids at all Unsurprising since he never had any There's a huge disconnect between their intelligence emotional maturity which he completely ignores Age of consent varies a lot depending on the culture in part because of how the society educates shapes expectationsI wonder if he didn't harbor a streak of pedophilia I read The Door Into Summer not long ago the romance creeped me out even though Dan at least waited until Ricki grew up Still there are a lot of older men bopping young girls in his books In Farnham's Freehold Hugh is bopping his daughter's friend Barbara After 1970 practically every book is full of it Younger men men not boys having sex with older women isn't uncommon in his books but that's consenting adults IMO The girls are often barely at or below what I'd consider mature enough levelsAs for incest he's just weird I don't understand his fascination at all As a mental exercise exploring such a forbidden topic his friend Theodore Sturgeon who belonged to the same nudist colony did a much better job in the short story If All Men Were Brothers Would You Let Your Sister Marry One? Heinlein is just crass about it but then what passed for his sex scenes were always awful Maybe I'm just being provincial but I can't think of anything that turns me on less than the thought of having sex with my daughter or mother There's some scientific thought that this is actually hardwired into ushttpwwwscientificamericancomarthttpsenwikipediaorgwikiIncestAnyway if you're a fan of Heinlein read this book but do it as text so you can skim at times It has a lot of great stuff but a lot of dreck too

  10. Emily Emily says:

    What would you do if you could live 4000 years? Try out every profession at least once? Make enough babies to populate a planet? Travel as far as the galaxy goes? Lazarus Long has done all that and He’s about to die peacefully when he’s kidnapped and rejuvenated and coerced to tell his memoirs I could read stories about Lazarus’ life for months but unfortunately this book only contains two The rest is action in the ‘present’ 4272 Gregorian and at the end an account of Lazarus’ trip back in time to visit his “first family” parents brothers and sisters grandfather This is the first of the last four books Heinlein wrote and it was clear he was nearing the end of his life looking mortality straight in the face and writing his fantasy of living forever Lazarus shares his collected wealth of knowledge and wisdom although he’d insist he’s got nothing to say of any worth and much of it is the best advice I’ve ever heardThose not familiar with Heinlein might find his morals a little depraved especially the sexually straight laced although science fiction often contains stories of societies whose taboos are not our own and would be scandalized by ours The only complaint I have about the book is how annoying that is that certain parts are omitted then return to the story in the middle of the sentence It’s not smooth and although the omissions are mostly for brevity’s sake I felt like I missed something important I wish I had access to the complete memoirs of Lazarus Long but unfortunately they won’t be available for a couple thousand years and I’m pretty sure I’m not going to live that long

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Time Enough for Love ❰Read❯ ➵ Time Enough for Love Author Robert A. Heinlein – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The capstone and crowning achievement of Heinlein's famous Future History Time Enough For Love follows Lazarus Long through a vast and magnificent timescape of centuries and worlds Heinlein's longest The capstone and crowning achievement of Heinlein's famous Future History Time Enough for Love follows Lazarus Long through a vast and magnificent timescape of centuries and worlds Heinlein's longest and most ambitious work it is the story of a man so in love with Life that he refused to stop living it; and so in love with Time that he became his own ancestor.

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