The Winter Solstice The Sacred Traditions of Christmas PDF

The Winter Solstice The Sacred Traditions of Christmas PDF

  • Paperback
  • 228 pages
  • The Winter Solstice The Sacred Traditions of Christmas
  • John Matthews
  • English
  • 28 April 2015
  • 9780835608343

10 thoughts on “The Winter Solstice The Sacred Traditions of Christmas

  1. Aj Aj says:

    Some great information within but it is of a coffee table style book which was a bit frustrating to read at times Lots of information that I did not know but the suggestions for celebrating didn't inspire me at all I will say that I liked Saturn and the Dragons of Solstice tale in the back

  2. Min Min says:

    Covering cultures around the world yet focusing mostly upon the European roots and traditions of what is Christmas tide A celebration suggestion is offered at the end of each chapterA section at the end is dedicated to the 12 Days stories traditions and feasts for each day What makes this book special for me is the inclusion of an original rite that can be performed with a group or used as a personal meditation written by the author called The Sun in the Greenwood Included in the cast is Santa Claus The Green Man Mother Carey and St Lucy amongst many others that offer an active way to participate in the stories of these characters introduced in the book's textAlso is a Mystery Play by Martin Ludgate named Saturn and the Dragons of the Solstice A piece for eleven people yet can be performed with fewer by doubling parts

  3. Rachel Kopel Rachel Kopel says:

    This is the most wonderful book for celebrating the Winter Holidays It speaks elouently about the age old traditions that people have observed during the time of increading darkness and the return of the light It is also very interesting to see which of these are echoed in the Christian Festival of Christmas I get it out each year put it on the coffee table and dip into it from now until the end of the year Beautiful illustrations and the Matthews are excellent writersThis is back on the shelf for another year It got put aside this year for the other Christmas season book I was reading but will always come out again1109 Back on the coffee table for the winter solstice season Always a wonderful sign of moving into winter

  4. Timothy Timothy says:

    Had some interesting history of various winter customs Seemed to be somewhat scattered in its organization Nice illustrations Where it lost me was in the new age application of some old customs Or just new age concepts that are loosely based on ancient practices For example it goes through how the 12 days of Christmas were celebrated One day didn't have a particular celebration tied to it so the author just decided that you should use that day to honor Snow And then writes a page or so on honoring snow in his mind Contains some promising recipes and a great list of alternative holiday music in the back including the Christmas Revels and Medieval Baebes My only disappointment was when it strayed from history into new age suggestions; I was looking towards true history

  5. Ami Ami says:

    I read this book during Winter Solstice 2009 It is uite a thorough discussion of the history of the solstice in other times and cultures and in our own It gives some interesting information about Christmas and how traditions for that holiday have often evolved from Winter Solstice traditions There are lots of nice photos too along with some recipe and activity suggestions I saw another reviewer write that she uses it as a seasonal coffeetable book and that sounds like a perfect use for it I read it all the way through but I think it would have been enjoyable to savor a bit at a time

  6. Gofita Gofita says:

    This time I didn't skim through the chapters; I actually read through the whole thing He really gives a wonderful and insightful overview of Winter Solstice traditions throughout the many centuries He gives suggestions on how to plan for one's celebration from Dec 1 through Epiphany of January 6th I'm planning on adding a few traditions to my own family's celebrations This is an excellent resource

  7. Amanda Amanda says:

    just the best book on the winter holiday season

  8. Katee Katee says:

    I was hoping that this book would be scholarly than it ultimately was certain parts particularly those concerning the celebration of one aspect of Midwinter or another seemed geared towards readers with a background or interest in pagan spirituality I've nothing against that personally and can appreciate the desire to engage in traditional Solstice customs in a society whose holidays have become significantly disconnected from their roots but the tone shift from intellectual to spiritual was disconcerting and I would have skipped all of the shrine building and meditation leading sections if I weren't a stickler for completionAdditionally the layout of the book doesn't lend itself well to serious sit down reading as each chapter is chopped up into a large number of sub sections that often only span half a page in column format with photographs and images scattered throughout There's little flow from section to section which makes the book suited as a coffee table accessory than anything elseDespite these two relatively small complaints plus the presence of a few typographical errors and silly pop culture references I'm still cringing at the Koontz reference I really enjoyed reading The Winter Solstice and can definitely say that it gave me the renewal of holiday spirit and enthusiasm I was looking for My advice is to read this while listening to some nice brass orchestral arrangements of your favorite holiday carols it'll have you hankering for a festival in no time

  9. Claudia Loureiro Claudia Loureiro says:

    This book is really a must for the end of the year festivities regardless of your religion It not only compares traditions of the celebrations of light from pagan times onwards but offers explanations of the symbolism of all that we take for granted in what goes to make the season jolly Recipes crafts and lots of other great ideasThe table of contents has1 The Solstice Dream this chapter talks to Solstice celebrations and lore across the world and across the ages from egypt to china to Rome Poetry and prose from other sources are included All chapters end with celebration activites2 Child of Wonder this chapter talks to the birth of different gods across the ages such as apollo mabon jesus3 The Green Bough this chapter talks to the symbolism of the tree the use of evergreens versus cherry tree etc Green man is also discussed4 Old Sir Christmas this chapter talks to the jolly old elf as well as the Shaman in the Tree and others across the cultures5 The Solstice Animals this is about the slaughter of animals 'nough said there go vegetarian6 The 12 days of ChristmasAt the end of the book is a few pages on additional resourcesreferences which is pretty goodGreat book Most complete I've found and I like how it looks across culturesIt is of a scholary history than a magickal book I love it

  10. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I've re read this book every year at least in part for the past several years There's a lot here mostly European and from Roman times forward but still including the occasional other times and places too Poems songs stories recipes all within a frame discussing some of the recurring images and figures in winter solstice celebrations in many times and places Fascinating for any fan of comparative mythologyanthropologycultural historyA long section on the 12 Days of Christmas highlights traditions associated with each day but like other reviewers I was bemused by the random inclusion of snow day as a filler on one of the days without many historical connections Also the writer includes suggestions for meditations or modern ways to celebrate the same traditions; easy to focus on those short sections if you're so inclined; easy to skip if you're notI've noticed a few minor errors and I've seen other reviewers point out others Sources aren't really cited which is a shame because I've seen enough of this elsewhere also in snatches to long for a scholarly work on the same general topics Still a fun read and a reminder of how generations of people have marked or celebrated the shortest day of the year and the days around it

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About the Author: John Matthews

Solstice The MOBI ó John Matthews is an historian folklorist and author He has been a full time writer since and has produced over ninety books on the Arthurian Legends and Grail Studies as well as short stories and a volume of poetry He has devoted much of the past thirty years to the study of Winter Solstice The Sacred Traditions PDF/EPUB or Arthurian Traditions and myth in general His best known and most widely read works are ‘Pirates’ CarltonAtheneum.