Badlands Badlands #1 PDF/EPUB ✓ Badlands Badlands

Badlands Badlands #1 PDF/EPUB ✓ Badlands Badlands

Badlands Badlands #1 ❴Reading❵ ➷ Badlands Badlands #1 Author Seleste deLaney – After a brutal Civil War America is a land divided As commander of her nation's border guards Ever is a warrior sworn to protect her country and her ueen When an airship attacks and kills the monarch After a brutal Civil War America is a land divided As commander of her nation's border guards Ever is a warrior sworn to protect her country and her ueen When an airship attacks and kills the monarch Ever must infiltrate enemy territory to bring home the heir to the throne and the dirigible Dark Hawk is her fastest way to the UnionCaptain Spencer Pierce just wants to pay off the debt he owes on the Dark Hawk and make a life for himself trading across the border Badlands Badlands ePUB Ò When the ueen's assassination puts the shipping routes at risk he finds himself Ever's reluctant allyAs they fly into danger Ever and Spencer must battle not only the enemy but also their growing attraction She refuses to place her heart before duty and he has always put the needs of his ship and crew above his own desires Once the princess is rescued perhaps they can find love in the Badlands if death doesn't find them first.

About the Author: Seleste deLaney

Author of speculative romance aka Julie Particka My uirky spy series Agents of TRAIT is published by Entangled GAMING FOR KEEPS CONNING FOR KEEPS FIGHTING FOR KEEPS and DYING FOR KEEPS My steampunk romance series is from Carina Press BADLANDS and CLOCKWORK MAFIA The Blood Kissed novels KISS OF DEATH KISS OF LIFE and TALES OF THE BLOOD KISSED are available from Seleste deLaney Books.

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  1. Lyndsey Lyndsey says:

    The hottest novella from Carina Press today is Baaaaadlands This book has everything technology a la steampunk airship battles a strangely named heroine and hafnawawoWhat's hafnawawo you ask?Well the thing every good action flick needs or at least usually seems to have Half naked warrior womenThe badlands are a desolate land of crime and fighting Criminals are sent north away from the populated areas A tribe of warrior women patrol the borders fighting off the criminals to keep them from crossing back overThe ueen of the tribe is murdered Ever our main character is tasked with finding the princess to assume the ueen's duties Right at the start of her uest she is injured and picked up by an airshipOnboard the Dark Hawk she manages to catch the eye of the men It wasn't a difficult task considering she was half naked at the time she boarded since the warrior women usually fight in various stages of undressSeriously though What women in their right mind would want to fight battles half naked with their goods hanging outWell there's Xena and GabrielleAnd of course the girl contestants of survivorBut why actually fight naked when you could get the same effect with these Boob Scarves ?Anyway an exciting airship battle ensues with Ever manning the military turret After taking down the enemy for them she enlists the crew of the Dark Hawk to help on her missionI am absolutely fascinated by the way the author set the mood of the book I saw everything so clearly in my mind Our heroine Ever yes I'll get to the name in a minute and her comrades are the female version of Spartans The bleak setting blends flawlessly into the background against the stark contrast of gore creating a 300 esue vibe in the beginningI would love to see of the world in Badlands Most of this novella took place onboard the airship instead of on the battle grounds of the womenAs pretty as the name Ever is it can also cause confusion It can easily be mistaken for the word even at the beginning of a sentence or as part of the sentence instead of as a name It certainly took some getting used tooThe one big gripe that I have is over the perspective Clarity on this subject isn't exactly the authors strong point Because of the way that some sentences are phrased it came across at times as head jumping and I was left wondering who's perspective we were supposed to be gettingFav uote He laughed and the sound touched her in places far intimate than her earsDecent romance sexual tension and love scenes There is a love triangle No way Great battles Not too shabby writing The thing I liked is that it didn't feel like a romance novel right from the first word as so many doOverall this was a very good short novel The steam technology wasn't all that present but it was obviously being used as a backdrop Beautifully toned and shows great PROMISE but I wouldn't call this great just yetA strong 3 12 out of 5 stars I'm very interested to see from this author and even in this world A full length novel with based in the tribe of women would be very intriguingOh and I almost ignored another tribe of women who fight half nakedCan't forget the girls of Jersey ShoreI received this as a review copy from Netgalley Thanks Netgalley and Carina Press

  2. Mandi Schreiner Mandi Schreiner says:

    Ever is a warrior and has been patrolling the borders of the Badlands for the past seven years The Badlands is a separate country near Texas It is her job to take the men the United States sends to prison and keep them secure in the prisons of the Badlands She is not afraid to kill men anything to keep her ueen and the Badlands safe But someone is out to overthrow the monarchy and soon her ueen is dead Badly injured Ever needs to get to Philadelphia to retrieve the princess to restore order for without a ruler chaos ensuesMaking a run in his dirigible to the Badlands Captain Spencer Pierce needs the money he will make off of unloading cargo in this dangerous land His ship the Dark Hawk is not really his yet – still owned by Congressman Mason While making this run he sees a very badly injured woman and picks her up to save her In doing this he is unable to unload his cargo as the atmosphere is rife with violence But if he helps Ever recover the princess he will be compensated able to secure the Dark Hawk as his As they go forth in this dangerous mission they both reluctantly build an attractionBadlands starts right in the middle of action Boom You are immersed in this steampunk world For this reason it took me a little while to grasp the world and exactly who and what Ever is fighting for – but Seleste deLaney soon lays out this world – and it is a really fun one The Badlands lie south of the United States – ruled by a Monarchy Ever is one of many female warriors who take the worst of the worst prisoners the US has to offer However most of the book takes place aboard the Dark Hawk ship and I kind of wish Badlands had been explored Ever is a fabulous heroine So fierce stubborn and smart No time for frills or feminine behavior – she has an in your face attitude that I loved She loves the Badlands and her former ueen and will risk anything to deliver the princess back to her land Although she is grateful for the help from the Dark Hawk crew they give her than she bargained forThe romance is not rushed and is flows really well I love how Ever and Spencer each care about their own separate missions yet it is fun to watch the romance slowly become foremost on their minds For a shorter book the romance is very believableI think there is so much to explore in the actual Badlands I hope there is another book that dives into the world But for now I definitely recommend this oneRating B

  3. Alisha Alisha says:

    Rating 35uick Take An imaginative and adventurous read I greatly enjoyed the world and broader elements of the story but felt like some of the particulars could have been well served by further development or perhaps even omissionReviewNovellas can be tricky can't they? The content of such written pieces sometimes fits perfectly with the reuisite length developing a complete story world and cast all whilst fostering reader attachments to one or all of those elements At other times it's fairly clear that the story just desperately needs content either in uality or uantity I found this tale to be of neither extreme; it was certainly entertaining and intriguing but I finished the book longing for a bit development of specific elementsBefore delving further into the latter half of that assertion I'd like to first discuss what I really enjoyed This book is a steampunk tale set in America or rather a version of the land mass we would recognize as the US of today The humanpolitical geography of this world is fascinating playing on some of the natural features of the landscape and historical conventions to serve as the basis for the book's main adventure Swaths of the Southwest are what's known as the Badlands under a sort of monarchical rule and secured by highly skilled and deadly women The ways in which the author played with her world such that the overall dynamics were at once recognizable and fantastical were uite a joy to discoverNow I love romances and I love adventures so I can appreciate a book that balances the two This tale would not fall completely into either camp nor should it The combination provided a change in the pacing every so often breaking up the intense turn of events with something softer identifiableIn my personal opinion always to be taken with a grain of salt as you well know by now the book could have supported a longer form As it was there were some plot developments that were uite sudden or random some details that would have been compelling if delved into further Main character Ever's intense fear of robotics for instance; it didn't seem to be very relevant to the plot nor did it develop the character beyond the strictly factual In shorter tales where space is limited one would imagine each and every inclusion is there for some specific reason But I dunno; I'm not a doctor ^^All told I really did enjoy this book and I truly hope the author dips back into the world for another story or five ^^ It could support the future tales of many fascinating characters and riveting adventures

  4. ᴥ Irena ᴥ ᴥ Irena ᴥ says:

    I am not rating how this is written or the story The book made me so angry that I don't even want to think about how it is written or anything Ever is the dumbest character I've come across Let's see her land is attacked her ueen is killed and she as a really tough warrior has an obligation to secretly get to the heir and bring her home And what does she do? First when she is saved by Spencer's crew she argues about her clothes At that moment in the story she is half naked by the way Next she places his crew at risk Not even a hint of secrecy or something which would show her as someone who should have been entrusted with her task And the worst thing of all she is judgemental This book made me so angry view spoilerEver since the great warrior has needs uses Zeke the sex was meaningless hilariously short and not really good and she deserved that and when Spencer opens the door and sees them she says It's not what you think Then she goes on how he doesn't even care Note that there is nothing going on between Spencer and Ever at that time and he though hurt tells her that her life is her own Why would he care? I am not talking about her being with Zeke She has the right to do whatever she wants I am talking about her behaviour later hide spoiler

  5. Mrs. Badass Mrs. Badass says:

    For a Novella this was great I would LOVE to see this world explored fully I am completely interested in learning about the Badlands The majority of this novel took place aboard the Dark Hawk Ship manned by Captain Spencer Pierce Amongst the crew; Henri Medic Zeke WarriorWeapons Noah Mechanic This novel made subtle references to steam punk it wasn't all gadgets gizmos and glorified steam engines Moreover this novel was Romance based I liked Ever She was very strong and loyal to her lands and ueen The problem I had with Ever lay with Zeke but you can read for yourself to see how things play out Spencer was great for such a short novel I liked his calm steadfast mindset The romance between Spencer and Ever was believable I liked the twists the author threw at us at the endThank goodness for an epilogueI hope Seleste DeLaney writes in this world

  6. Kelly Kelly says:

    I always listen to music when I read Actually I just always listen to music While I was reading this book the song Ghost Town by Shiny Toy Guns came on and started circling in my head Over and over and over It was just a few lines of it but they fit so perfectly that I couldn't shake itThese are the badlands the worst place to fear making graves for the ones we left herePerfect I love it when things like that happenThis book starts off with a bang and sends us on a high flying uest into enemy territory to rescue the princess Being steampunk we get dirigibles clockwork critters corsets and some uptight morality We also get one immodest warrior woman who has no problem walking around nakedAll in all it was a fun little jaunt on an airship with some good battles some hot glances and some repressed desires uick fun and bloody Just the way I like it Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  7. Julie Julie says:

    Full review originally posted at ’ve only read one thing written by Seleste deLaney before One tiny little twenty page short storythat really impressed me You can read my review here I enjoyed Seleste’s writing voice so much in those twenty little pages that when I saw that she had a novella coming out through Carina Press I immediately got itwithout even a second thought I wanted to see what Seleste could do with than a few pages I wanted to see what she could do with a whole 100 pages And what I found was that she could do uite well thank youBadlands is about Ever a Commader in the Badlands military and her mission to bring home the heir to the throne after the ueen gets killed during an uprising Ever climbs up the side of a cliff flags down a ship and tells its captain that she needs his assistance Thank goodness Captain Spencer Pierce agreed to help her out; otherwise this wouldn’t be much of a book ;Ever What a fabulous name She was a strong and likable character I liked her strength throughout this whole story and I liked how layered her character was even though this was a shorter storyCaptain Spencer Pierce was nice What I mean by that is that he was niiiice I liked him with Ever I only wish their initial attraction was developed There is a tender side to Spencer that was nice to see with Ever and a tender almost vulnerable side to Ever that she showed Spencer Like I said I liked them togetherBadlands itself is a pretty neat sounding place I would have loved to know about it though In fact almost everything I know about it is from the blurb I understand that this is a novella and therefore the story and the characters have to be the focus but I would have really enjoyed learning about the setting itselfThe pace was good And just as you get comfortable reading this little story and think that since you are approaching the end of the book you are pretty clear on what is going onBam a mystery starts up and who you think is responsible isn’t really responsible so you’re left wondering what’s going on? I loved that Very well done SelesteAnd the endingit made my heart hurt And let me just say that thank goodness there was an Epilogue Otherwise I would have been a little sad and a lot bitter I probably would have cursed Seleste a lot a little When you read it you’ll understand exactly what I meanI wasn’t 100% sure what to rate this book when I just finished it I never thought bad though don’t get me wrong But I found myself still thinking about it the next day and I even spoke to a couple of people about it on Twitter That’s when I realized that yes this was a very good novella – one that I would recommend to anyone who likes a slight Steampunk twist to their romance who likes a strong lead heroine and who enjoys a little “wow I didn’t see that coming” in their tales4 stars

  8. Kasie Kasie says:

    Badlands by Seleste deLaney is a novella and the first in her series Badlands I’m not sure what compelled me to pick this up It’s short so I won’t say it was a horrible waste of time Entertaining for the most part but it felt rushed and hard to put togetherThis must have received some good feedback though because it was turned into a series with the second being released this year Please note I don’t often read novellas so I may be criticizing something that is normal for this styleWarning Spoilersview spoilerWhere to begin This is a short novella in a separated steam punk style United States The narrative is from two points of view the leading lady Ever and the man she meets Spencer I always enjoy multiple POVs not just for seeing the story from the eyes of another person but for seeing the main character that wayThe book begins in a a confusing manner The setting isn’t described very well but I was able to determine they were in a desert type of region A battle breaks out within the first couple pages and the next thing you know Ever is half naked and leaving her comrades behind to fulfill a special mission of princess rescue Dehydrated exhausted and wounded she rests on a rock formation sending out an SOS via crossbowPOV swap Captain of an airship a Zeppelin? spots the SOS signal from Ever Before I realize what’s going on she’s on the ship Rewind how? Good uestion which I’m still not sure of the answer to One of the crew members seems to have jumped from the vessel while tethered to catch her mid fall The only problem I have is that it was never described she fell from anywhere Still half naked they drag her in to receive medical care She ends up spending almost the first of the book half nakedThe second half of the book involves man vs self while Ever battles her feelings for the captain and somehow sleeps with one of the crew members in the process ¬▂¬ eehhhhhEventually she owns up to the feelings of course they’re mutual and all is well After a run in with mechanized birds insert steampunk half birdhalf machine here the princess is found and the return trip begins It gets a little exciting here with the betrayal and tiny love triangle of which I never expected The final shoot out ensues and right when you think it’s all over happy ending epilogueDid I go too far into this? It wasn’t easy keeping my thoughts together with the book all over the place I didn’t hate it and as I said before I don’t read novellas so perhaps this is the norm when regarding the pace and detail With this in mind I won’t be picking up any in the near future but I will be reading her second book since it’s twice the length and continues in the same world The story characters and environment were interesting enough I just wish for detail and less rush hide spoiler

  9. Marcela (BookaholicCat) Marcela (BookaholicCat) says:

    This review is also published at Commander of the ueen’s Border Guards of the Badlands finds herself in the middle of battle after a surprise attack in their lands Soon after she learns that ueen Lavinia has been assassinated As her duty she needs to bring back as soon as possible the heir to the throne Princess Laurette who is in Philadelphia Before the Badlands get affected with chaos after the dead of their leader the new ruler must be instatedEver is gravely injured in battle but this doesn’t stop her From the top of a hill she is able to signal an airship the Dark Hawk and is brought on boardCaptain Spencer Pierce is in route to the Badlands to make delivery of goods He needs the money of this delivery to pay off the debt he has with Congressman Mason for the Dark Hawk to be his After picking up Ever he learns that the Badlands are under attack and it will be impossible for him to land and finish this runEver asked for his assistance in exchange for the money he needs to pay off the Dark Hawk’s debt He is intrigue by Ever and maybe a little bit attracted to her too So he decides to help her and set course toward PhiladelphiaDuring their trip they will fight than their attraction; they will fight forces that want them to fail in their missionEver is a very likable character she is strong and focus completely loyal to the ueen and the Badlands She is an style warrior in all the sense of the wordSpencer is not your typical hero; he’s a mild mannered man with a nondescript body but at the same time he has “something” that makes him a very attractive man The development of their attraction is well pace and realisticThe supporting characters are a nice complement to the story; they provide us with than one “what” momentMy final thought This short novel was a very entertaining read I like the steampunk factor Setting the story in the dirigible Dark Hawk make it different and interestingI love the idea of the Badlands’ matriarchy with its “” style warriors; I think this was a fresh difference from other booksI would love for Mrs DeLaney to have a next installment full novel length based in the Badlands and its female power government

  10. Book Perfection Perfection Book Perfection Perfection says:

    First of all major thumbs up for uniueness I can honestly say this book is nothing like anything else I have readWhat I loved The role reversal and the tough heroineIn this story Ever the heroine is the tough one the one with weapons the fighter the one who has sex with who she wants when she feels like The hero Spencer while not a wuss is the passive character the forgiver the loverI love how this was done Ever's country the Badlands and this appears to take place around the Civil War but with lots of clockwork stuff and ships has been taken over by prisoners and the ueen murdered It's like a country full of bad ass tattooed women Ever has to get the next in line to the throne from Philly Just when she's on death's door Spencer sees her from his shipThere's a jealous woman doctor a temporary bedmate see above comment about role reversal sexual tension crazy mechanical birds manipulation lies a bad manWill Ever be able to use Spencer's ship to get the princess safely back to the Badlands? Or will others stand in their way? And then there is the rising feelings between Spencer and EverI found the name Ever a bit irritating Especially in those instances where there was for Ever I had to do double a take sometimes I think it was an annoying name choice and I felt at times the characters were slightly roboticlack of emotion However Ever wasn't exactly a typical emotional femaleA B review from Opal of Book Perfection Reviewswwwbookperfectionblogspotcom

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