Paperback ✓ Slow Hands ePUB Ú

Paperback ✓ Slow Hands ePUB Ú

Slow Hands ❮Download❯ ➸ Slow Hands Author Lauren Bach – Alec Dempsey an undercover ATF agent returns to his hometown as part of an assignment to recover money stolen from a truck heist Part of his duties include protecting a woman he jilted nearly ten year Alec Dempsey an undercover ATF agent returns to his hometown as part of an assignment to recover money stolen from a truck heist Part of his duties include protecting a woman he jilted nearly ten years ago Will she let Alec close enough to protect her.

About the Author: Lauren Bach

Cate Noble Book one of the trilogy DEAD RIGHT was nominated for a Romantic Times Magazine’s Reviewer’s Choice Awards Publisher’s Weekly called DEAD RIGHT “impressive” Her most recent release DEADLY GAMES wraps up the saga of three missing CIA agentsA certified Life Strategies Coach and former accountant Kathy is passionate about the craft of writing and personal achievement She smiles a lot and is a member of International Thriller Writers Crossroads Writers Conference and Apex Writers Kathy writes full time and resides in Alabama.

10 thoughts on “Slow Hands

  1. ♡Karlyn P♡ ♡Karlyn P♡ says:

    35 stars A sexy romantic suspense definately better than average read My issuses were all small but they added up When I consider that this is the authors second book I find myself really impressed I realize this is the hardest genre to write so I give the author credit for a great job considering all the research that needs to go into one of these books to be truly great The best part of the book was a great ending and what a twist at the end No spoilers but I will say great job there But my main issue is a common gripe with this genre that I believe this genre shouldn't rewrite laws and legal systems just to make a plot work which this one seams to do subtley but often Example for an agent concerned about his client she is alone a lot And I can't imagine the Feds OK ATFs but same thing for this example ever being able to release a lifer after only 5 year into the same small community wher he raised the hell growing up And as much as I liked the heroine her need to be alone so much was a classic B rated horror movie move ploy you scream at her not to go into the room but she still doesDespite the plotting errors there was a lot right about the story and especially with the writing This author has HUGE potential and given a well plotted story she could really rule this genre And her sensualsex scenes deserve an A She built great chemistry between heroheroine I will read by this author but why hasn't she published recently??

  2. Julie (jjmachshev) Julie (jjmachshev) says:

    I got Slow Hands from paperbackswap after a recommendation from a friend at work I'm very very glad I took that recommendation This book has a likable heroine a redeemable hero hot passion great suspense and a HEAKeira had loved Alec with all of her heart until he left town the day after asking her to leave with him and never contacted her The pain and humiliation she suffered in her small town where everybody knew everyone's business was almost unendurable Now 10 years later Alec has come backAlec hated the small town where he grew up the son of an unwed mother with all the disapproval only small towns can inflict He loved Keira but knew he had nothing to offer her so he left joined the military and tried to forget her knowing she deserved a better man He thought nothing could drag him backuntil he found out Keira was in dangerA really good book If you like Iris Johansen and Linda Howard's romatic suspenses you'll love this writer too

  3. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    Wonderful romantic suspense There wasn't a place to put this book down It starts right off and goes Nice characters good development Neat secondary characters too Humor regrets oh the regrets mistakes and love all packed into this well written little book It's centered in Freedom Arkansas a fictional small town Loved Grandpa Willis And FrannyPay attention to the history that the author tells via a story a character relays It's important to the storylater All of the information in the beginning come into playI'm going to look for others by this author

  4. Hbeebti Hbeebti says:

    This was good Not great by any means but decent Alec and Keira were high school sweethearts But Alec wanted he wanted out of his small town Freedom Plans were made and they were broken Alec broke Keira's heart Now 10 years later Alec is back as an undercover FBI ATF Agent His cover is to work at Keira's company and fake a renewed romance in order to catch the bad guy Thing is that Keira still loves Alec does he still love her?I have to say that this had major potential I was kinda disappointed with how it all went down First off yes Keira fought the attraction and the longing a women can only be so strong Alec was making me really frustrated and mad through out the book It was like god I miss her Lets see how much I can piss her off He loved to get a rise out of her But my problem was that Keira says a few things about how he hurt her but they never really really talked about any of it I wanted emotions and tears and him begging for another chance But that never really happened Thats why the rating was lowered Then ending was suspense and I thought oh this will be good Then it was kinda blah It felt rushed and I was like really ? Thats it? The sexual tension was great the sex was great The concept of the baddies was good But it just never got better never gave me of what I wanted Yes there was some creep factor creepie crawlies from the spider scene Oh well another one that was just alright

  5. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    I could not put this one down I'm a Lauren Bach fan now I was totally engrossed in this story for hours and could not put it down The story is excellent and the characters are very well developed Kiera was heartbroken 10 years ago when her love Alec left town She had thought they were going to get marriedbut he never came back Now 10 years later he is in the ATF working with the FBI on a case involving Kiera in his home town His cover is that he is back in town to get Keira back You must read it

  6. Sandy Sandy says:

    This book was alright nothing special The story doesn't resonate as a whole 25 stars

  7. Jessica Macri Jessica Macri says:

    Good story but good god once they started doing the dirty they did not stop Half the book is meh written smut Really cheesy lines and phrasesThe story though is slightly original ignoring the normal romance tropes

  8. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I remember really liking this one Going to reread and give a detailed review

  9. Barbara ★ Barbara ★ says:

    For someone who walked out on his fiancee without a backward glance I liked Alec but found his behavior abhorrent His reasons were explained but still lacked realism We're talking about soul mates here and he ups and walks without explanation or apology Not my kind of guy And when he is forced to return to his home town and go undercover with Keira he refuses until her life is in danger But again here is he making time with Keira's arch enemy while he's supposed to be feigning a relationship with Keira Again not a typical hero Of course he comes up to scratch eventually but the damage is doneOn the other hand Keira knows he's a not for her and yet she allows him to basically take over her life crawling through her window to make breakfast or dinner Yet she spends way too much time alone while a dangerous man terrorizes her She had many moments of TSTL dom and horror movie stupidity but again I liked her This is my first Lauren Bach book and though I liked the writing something was missing which kept it from a higher rating

  10. Tina Tina says:

    Hero 710Heroine 710Romance 310Humor 010Pace 710Suspense 610This was a good story Not great and it certainly didn't wow me but decent I think my biggest issue was being unable to connect with the characters I never understood why they did what they did Why did they love each other? Besides the sex Both in past and present that was the only explanation for their love That's lust not love So for me the romance portion of the story felt one dimensional and fell flatThe suspense was a little inconsistent When Keira was in danger the suspense was great Edge of my seat exciting and the pacing was excellent But as soon as the scene was done it got boring for me The end felt really rushed too Which always disappoints me The good points is of course the writing steady pace overall and a believable plot Pretty average read I have no regrets it was good enough for me to not DNF

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