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The Woman in Red (Arthur Crook, #9) JULIA ROSS Had A Dreadful Premonition About The New Job For Which She Was Applying But She Was Hungry And Lonely And Out Of Work Otherwise, She Would Never Have Rung The Door Bell Of That Dark, Forbidding House At 30 Henriques Square And When She Did, It Was Too Late To Retrace Her Steps, Too Late To Avoid The Strange Little Old Woman In Red, Too Late To Escape The Fateful Net About To Close In On Her.Next Morning Julia Ross Had Vanished Completely, As If By Magic Into Thin Air A Few Days Later Notice Of Her Death Appeared In A London Paper But A Young Man, With Whom She Used To Dine, And Arthur Crook, Eccentric Lawyer, Were Skeptical, Persistent And Patient Enough To Find Sometime Later A Young Woman Of Another Name, Halfway Across England, Being Slowly Driven To Insanity And Death.