The Spellman Files PDF Ê The Spellman PDF \

The Spellman Files PDF Ê The Spellman PDF \

The Spellman Files ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ The Spellman Files By Lisa Lutz ➢ – Bem vindo ao mundo da família Spellman Eles são divertidos muito unidos calorosos e extremamente competentes e dedicados ao seu trabalho Bom talvez um bocadinho dedicados de mais Donos de uma agênc Bem vindo ao mundo da família Spellman Eles são divertidos muito unidos calorosos e The Spellman PDF \ extremamente competentes e dedicados ao seu trabalho Bom talvez um bocadinho dedicados de mais Donos de uma agência de investigação privada ue emprega uase todos os membros da família desenterrar os segredos das vidas alheias é a coisa mais natural no seu dia a dia O pior é uando já não conseguem separar o trabalho da vida pessoalOs Ficheiros Spellman é ao mesmo tempo uma comédia hilariante e enternecedora e um manual sobre como levar a família à loucura tudo por amor.

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  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    The Spellmans are a dysfunctional family of detectives When Rae the youngest goes missing her sister Izzy drops what she's doing and goes looking for her while delving into the Spellman family's past Who kidnapped Rae Spellman? And does it have something to do with a cold case Izzy is working on?The Spellman Files reads like Sara Gran on mood elevators The writing style reminds me of a humorous version of the Claire DeWitt books As for the Spellmans themselves they remind me of The Royal Tannenbaums if the Tannenbaums were a family of dysfunctional detectives instead of uirky for the sake of being uirky Wes Anderson charactersI'll be honest Usually humorous crimemystery books aren't my bag Hell Lawrence Block and Donald Westlake are two of my favorite authors but their humorous works are largely untouched by me I'm proud to say that the Spellman Files made me reconsider my stance on mixing mysteries and mirthThe Spellman Files is one entertaining book and came highly recommended by Amanda and Carol two ladies who I've learned not to doubt during my tenure at Goodreads As the kidnapping plot slowly unfolds Izzy reveals what got the Spellman family to that point a hilarious tale of mistrust familial surveillance and liesMysteries especially those purported to be humorous aren't generally known for their well drawn characters but the Spellmans and those unfortunate enough to get pulled into their orbits all seemed like real people to me Even though a family of detectives isn't the most likely of protagonists I had no trouble believing in the way they constantly violated one another's privacy in the name of loveIzzy reminded me of Sara Gran's Claire DeWitt uite a bit as if Claire had been raised by a family of detectives and uit doing every drug known to man once she left high school Her dialogue and thought processes won me over in the first 10 15 pages I love how she said things like He was destined to be ex boyfriend #9 when meeting Daniel while on a job Izzy's battles against her family's constant surveillance manage to be hilariously outlandish while still being in the realm of possibilityI think this book worked for me while other humor mysteries failed is the way it was structured mostly being an exploration of the Spellman family rather than a straightforward mystery Also the tone was consistent It didn't try to juxtapose comedy with grim violence or anything like that It was a mystery that happened to have comedic elements not a comedy with a lame mystery shoehorned into itWith The Spellman Files Lisa Lutz and her dysfunctional detective family have earned a place in my hearts and a future void in my wallet Five out of five stars

  2. carol. carol. says:

    This book won’t work for some but head into it in the right frame of mind and it’s a fun ride a modern screwball comedy crossed with spy caper Harriet the Spy meets Claire DeWitt and the City of the DeadIsabel is a private investigator in the family business Spellman Investigations It’s been a hard road getting there after a decade of childish rebellion “Since David her brother had cornered the market on perfection I had to settle for mining the depths of my own imperfection” Spellman co workers include younger sister Rae “Rae would eventually throw everything off balance but I’ll get to that later” Then there’s her parents her mother Olivia who met her father when she was spying on a potential brother in law and her father and former police detective Albert Albert has a special sense of humor “His sense of humor is purely cheap vaudeville yet everyone falls for it Some of his routines–like sneezing Eastern European names–he never grows tired of Only his children have suggested he work up some new material”A recent addition to the team is former officer and born again gambler Uncle Ray perhaps the only straight shooter in the family “I asked him what he’d been up to for the past two weeks and he replied ‘Let’s see I went on a five day bender sobered up during a forty eight hour poker game Had a few dates in Reno Another poker game Three days for the life of me I can’t remember” Her brother David refused to join the family business–he’s rebelled by becoming a lawyer “The truth was the job didn’t interest David He thought people had a right to privacy The rest of us did not”One of the most interesting aspects of the story is its deconstructed structure A number of journal entries flashbacks interrogations and scene shots build both current story and background but reuire reader synthesis Isabel is a little obsessed with keeping track or proving her case and a number of her exploits are list oriented reminding me of Cursed For instance there’s profiles summarizing relationships through “Ex Boyfriend #8” #6 and #9 “simply cannot reduce to the data that will fit on a three by five index card“ and Uncle’s series of benders known as “Lost Weekend #” There’s also the three main incidents that changed her path from her life of irresponsible hedonism to one of maturity While it is the type of structure that can smack of authorial gimmick here it worked Perhaps the disjointed set up allows for certain parallels to be made between the narrator and the reader so that they are at similar perspective when the main event appears However Lutz is smart enough to not stay with the device too long; once past the introduction and historical context narrative smooths out and becomes linearWriting is clever with lines that make me laugh out loud Much like the screwball comedy the humor isn’t based on one liners but a clever set up that suddenly resolves into an absurd scenario There’s a scene on a stake out with young Rae that particularly amused me The romance plot is a series of harebrained schemes that escalate from one little liePlotting is interesting; truly the story is about a dysfunctional family who specializes in investigative work than any specific mystery There’s a sub plot of Ex Boyfriend #9 which really does start to resemble screwball comedy and a war between the Rayes that is remarkably calculating Those who want a crime solving story are apt to be disappointed I hesitate to compare it to Janet Evanovich‘s Stephanie Plum series; this is in many ways darker less functional less “I Love Lucy” There’s proliferate mention of drug use in the past and some uestionable family dynamics The reader gets the feel there is a mystery in the beginning but it’s only hinted at in an early interview with a police detective Half way through Isabel is given her own cold case to work but the conclusion and resolution were no real surprise to me as a reader It serves as a foil for the narrator’s own family I didn’t mind the lack of suspense involved with it as by then I understood the real story is the family and IsabelI enjoyed it–like frozen yogurt with sprinkles it went down smooth and clean with no ice cream headache or aftertaste Note that it likely has high re read potential especially given it is about character and relationships than mystery Next one already ordered from the library524 Re read Still holds up; added it to my e library when it was available for a deal Also probably worth noting it passed the mom test

  3. Amanda Amanda says:

    I'm one of those people who will forgive anything of a movie or a novel as long as I enjoy the characters If I like the characters if I find them amusing or admirable or realistic I'll gladly read hundreds of pages in which nothing really happens just for the pleasure of their company This is one of those novels and as such while I enjoyed the hell out of it I probably won't actively recommend it because I don't want anyone wondering I don't get it What did she think was so special in this thing? Nothing really happens Sweet bibliophilia she book raped me And then there are the awkward months of refusing to make eye contact with me in the hallways the whispering behind my back She's the one who book raped Edna and the nervous tics that will inevitably manifest themselves when I'm spotted with a book in my hand and approaching someone And so I will not insist that anyone read this novel although I think a person might enjoy it if he willingly chooses to read it of his own free will with no pressure from me whatsoever The Spellman Files is about an eccentric family of private investigators although it is narrated through the viewpoint of 28 year old Isabel Izzy Spellman the middle child of the family When Izzy was younger she knew there was no way that she could live up to her impossibly perfect older brother so she instead dedicated her life to rebellion and anarchy Izzy was a success in making her parents' lives a living hell always in trouble with alcohol drugs vandalism however she cleans up her act to a point when her sister Rae is born and emulates everything Izzy does Fortunately the directionless Izzy's past makes her a perfect employee in the family's private investigation business She has no scruples about following the law or the rules has only a loose interpretation of morality and actually enjoys detective work While Izzy has matured she hasn't lost her razor sharp tongue or the uirks that make her an enjoyable character The novel's plot seems secondary to the character development and while this would drive a lot of readers insane I didn't mind it In the beginning you learn that Rae has disappeared and the police believe Izzy is somehow connected Through interviews and case reports Izzy goes back and constructs the family dynamic that exists among the Spellmans After working for so long in the PI business they are all paranoid and hyper sensitive to plots treachery and falsehoods which lead to intrafamily battle royales over real and presumed betrayals This is a family that loves each other but they have strange ways of showing that love it's nothing in the Spellman family for a relative to bug your room put a wire tap on your phone run a background check on your current boyfriend pick the lock to your apartment put you under surveillance etc The methods used by the Spellman parents to make sure their children are on the straight and narrow often lead to hilarious results and the banter between the Spellman children seems authentic and real There's no real suspense here and what little there is can be easily pieced together but that's not the real point of the novel anyway this is a uick light read about the bonds that hold even the most unconventional of families together Cross posted at This Insignificant Cinder

  4. Katie B Katie B says:

    Oh that wacky Spellman family I first read this book almost 5 years ago and I just finished it for the second time I rarely reread books so that's a testament to how much I love this author and her crazy cast of charactersTwenty eight year old Izzy Spellman is a private investigator working for her parents' firm Spellman Investigations She has a straight laced lawyer brother and a fourteen year old sister named Rae Spying on people and digging up dirt is what this family excels at and those skills as well as wiretaps come in handy when you need to snoop on a family member But after being surveilled by Rae in an effort to get the goods on her dating life Izzy has had enough She thinks getting out of the family business will put her on the path to a normal life She agrees to take on one job for her parents before she leaves a fifteen year old missing person caseIt was an interesting experience rereading this book knowing what happens in the rest of the books It's cool to see how the author laid the groundwork in this book for future plot points While I definitely like this book I wouldn't say it is the strongest or my favorite of the six books It does provide a good introduction to the Spellman family and is certainly very funnyI've described this series as being similar to Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series but with clever humor and actual character development Not to knock the Plum books as they can be fun reads but you do start to have a sense of déjà vu if you have read 5 10 of them I think with the Spellman series you get of a payoff as a readerDefinitely recommend checking out this series if you enjoy reading books with humor hi jinks and heart

  5. Silver Silver says:

    Beach read Funny read I want to be this character read Lisa Lutz if you ever read this please don't take it the wrong way By beach read I mean that I was completely entertained laughed out loud a couple of times and didn't want to move while I read it Your book sucked me in and kept me there When I had to put it down the story and characters stayed with me enough so it was easy to pick back up Izzy Spellman reminded me of Thursday Next The Eyre Affair and Jane Charlotte Bad Monkeys I have the galley of the follow up Curse of the Spellmans and am starting it today Thank you Lisa for Izzy Rae and the whole Spellman family

  6. LJ LJ says:

    THE SPELLMAN FILES Private Investigator Izzy Spellman San Francisco Cont – PoorLutz Lisa – 1st bookSimon and Schuster 2007 US Hardcover – ISBN 9781415432392First Sentence I duck into the parking garage hoping to escape Izzy Spellman is a private investigator from a family of private investigators Her parents sent Izzy and her brother David out on their first official surveillance when they were 12 and 14 years old respectively Izzy eventually decides to uit the family business but is told she must take on one last case—a fifteen year old cold case of a young man who’d gone missing I know I often complain about lack of character development but not this time The entire book was character development with oh yes a plot as a minor secondary aspect over half way through the book The book starts out with some funny scenes but uickly degrades to mildly amusing and finally to downright boring as the story plays its single theme over and over It is redundant in the extreme I found myself not particularly liking the characters as they uickly become the poster family for the dysfunctional and the protagonist seems proud of her periods of indiscriminate sex and drugs and inability to form a relationship The cold missing persons case was interesting but by the time it’s introduced into the story I found myself skipping everything else around it to find out what happened with the case The book wasn’t awful but I'm sorry I wasted my money on it and know I shan't read any in the series

  7. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    I still haven't forgiven this book for looking so appealing on my own personal also in my bedroom bookshelf that my daughter who was about 12 at the time and a precocious reader snitched it from my shelf and read it I didn't find out until after she was finished It's not the worst thing in the world that she could have read at that age but it has some adult content that let's just say I wasn't uite ready for her to be exposed to yet And yes it was totally the book's fault and not mine Although now I do tend to hide my adult content books in harder to find places Anyway this was a fairly enjoyable humorous read about a uirky family of private investigators the latest mystery they're trying to solve and their relationships with each other and with other people The MC Isabel Izzy Spellman age 28 is the middle child and a former juvenile delinuentMy teenage years were defined by meetings at the principal’s office rides in suad cars ditching vandalism smoking in the bathroom drinking at the beach breaking and entering academic probation groundings lectures broken curfews hangovers blackouts illegal drugs combat boots and unwashed hairIzzy has now straightened out mostly and has a job with her parents' PI firm but is thinking of striking out on her own But first she needs to solve an old missing person mystery that may have something to do with a problem in her own family It was fun read but not really my thing I've since dumped the book on PBS and I didn't feel any compelling urge to go read any books in this seriesAnd not just because I would have had to find a better hiding place for them Content Advisory Scattered F bombs a non explicit seduction and descriptions of drug use and teenage misbehavior aka Things I Didn't Want My 12 yo Reading Yet

  8. Marty Fried Marty Fried says:

    I had mixed feelings about this one I think it would be better as a TV sitcom perhaps mainly because there's not that much happening other than character development and humor I liked the humor but after getting close to half way I started to get bored; it seemed to be going nowhere and even though it was enjoyable I wondered whether I wanted to finish it But finish it I did and I liked the second half better either because there was of a story or I got to know the characters better Getting to know them was a little complicated by the fact that two of them had the same name The youngest of the siblings was named after their uncle who was on death's bed at the time dying of cancer but apparently it wasn't his time uite yetThe premise and story were completely unbelievable but once you accept that it gets better One telling part is that the main character's favorite thing in the world was the old TV sitcom Get Smart from the late 60s which was somewhat the same type of humor as this book With Mel Brooks as one of the writers you can imagine how goofy it was even the musical score Of course not too many people will have even heard of this series much less have seen it

  9. Dennis Dennis says:

    Every once in a great while I stumble across a writer who just gets it one who possesses The Humor – that elusive knack for expressing razor sharp wit by fusing language and wordplay with insight into human nature and the ironies surfacing in relational complexity Lisa Lutz looms large in this category This opening entry in her series about the Spellman family introduces a spirited line up of family members whose San Francisco private investigation business facilitates honing inuiry skills on each other through surveillance background checks and tough negotiations over everything down to the most mundane of household conflictsRebellious Isabel suffers from second child syndrome I know something about that which is manifested through years of drug use underwhelming academic performance and a relatively directionless approach to life and career especially when contrasted with the successes of her “perfect” older brother David who is a Berkeley and Stanford educated attorney Their accidental baby sister Rae is named after her Uncle Ray who often lives in the family home but who also freuents bars when not out carousing with ladies of the night or disappearing for days until finally tracked down debauching in casinos and seedy motels Rae is a precocious and difficult pre teen but also demonstrates a uirky sense of loyalty She uickly acuires tools for surviving in this family comprised of individuals adept at gathering intelligence and using it to their own advantage The Spellman Files focuses principally on the characters but a secondary story unfolds about an unresolved disappearance case Other readers may be seeking a plot driven narrative but far interesting to me are the people and their interactions their back stories and the humor generated through the author's astute and clever observations This book is at least as much about the Spellmans as it is a whodunit and that strikes just the right balance for a mystery novel in a genre I find to be otherwise humdrumThe chapters often bear a structure resembling private investigation files wherein Isabel catalogs detailed lists of information and documents transcripts of conversations as though she is filling out investigative reports My favorite storyline is Isabel's relationship with Future Ex Boyfriend #9 Guatemala born dentist Daniel Castillo DDS with whom she shares a common interest in the 1960s crime series Get Smart I love that Isabel's parents share a strong distaste for and suspicion of dentists and prefer that their daughter date lawyers Their differences however reflect in Daniel's childhood dream of working for CONTROL the American counter espionage agency whereas Isabel's lifelong fantasy is working for its nemesis KAOS This coupling's future is precarious at bestFrom start to finish Lutz demonstrates a uick witted humor and intelligence that immediately drew me in and captivated my attention all throughout This fantastic initial entry into the Spellman series has me convinced to continue on and with anticipation I look forward to reading The International Organization of Evil

  10. Anne Anne says:

    As a mystery novel? No As a cute and funny chick lit novel? YesI asked my librarian to help me find a book that was good but not sad violent or about animals What? I don't like sappy books about animals I wanted something mind numbing to pass the time Something kind of funny maybe?She gave me this book and told me My mother really loved it I really tried to smile at her when she said that There's a possibility it looked like a grimace But I took it anyway because it's just been one of those weeksWell I guess I need to send a Thank You note to her mother because it was exactly what I was looking forThe plot ishard to explain and the mystery isn't really all that engaging It's basically just a story about a nutty family of Private Investigators and all of the good natured damage that they do to each other It may not sound like much but I really enjoyed reading it Definitely going to check out the rest of the books in this series

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