The Three Miss Margarets eBook ´ The Three Kindle -

The Three Miss Margarets eBook ´ The Three Kindle -

The Three Miss Margarets [Download] ✤ The Three Miss Margarets By Louise Shaffer – Um olhar fabuloso sobre três gerações de gargalhadas segredos e lágrimas Miss Peggy a Dra Maggie e Miss Li’l Bit têm em comum o nome e uma amizade ue dura há longos anos Mas por detrás da fac Um olhar fabuloso sobre três gerações de gargalhadas segredos e lágrimas Miss Peggy a Dra Maggie e Miss Li’l Bit têm em comum o nome e uma The Three Kindle - amizade ue dura há longos anos Mas por detrás da fachada irrepreensível ue as levou a serem consideradas verdadeiros ícones em Charles Valley na Georgia têm também um segredo explosivo com décadas ue está prestes a ser revelado Trinta e tal anos antes as três Miss Margarets fizeram algo de extraordinário clandestino e profundamente ilegal Apesar de permanentemente assombradas por essa noite ue mudou as suas vidas acreditam ainda ue o seu crime foi apenas uma forma de corrigir um mal imperdoável Porém a chegada de um estranho à cidade e uma morte trágica vão abrir as comportas da memória e a lealdade a amizade e a honra serão postas à prova como elas jamais teriam imaginado – principalmente uando têm de enfrentar Laurel Selene uma jovem ue passou toda a sua vida a braços com uma mãe alcoólica e um rancor desmedido Laurel está prestes a descobrir o ue aconteceu na noite em ue as três Miss Margarets fizeram o seu juramento secreto ualuer ue seja a sua reacção apenas uma coisa é certa nada voltará a ser como dantes.

10 thoughts on “The Three Miss Margarets

  1. Patricia Williams Patricia Williams says:

    Another book that i really loved This one because it was about the south that i grew up in and about people like the ones i grew up with Such a wonderful story about 3 friends who tried to protect the people they loved Will definitely be reading books by this author Another good find thanks to my Ladies Book Club

  2. Sara Sara says:

    I really enjoyed this book until literally the very last page I thought the ending was crap but the rest of it was great and interesting Basically and I mean really basically it's about three old women who had a big scary secret and also the story of a young woman who had a horrible childhood and acted like it as an adult The whole story is about the big secret the Three Margaret's know and the families who had to do with the secret which also tells the entire life stories of everyone in the book and how it resulted in the young woman's childhood being horrible The secret eventually comes out the entire story is told everyone becomes aware of all the situations involved and it was climatic and enjoyable but the reaction of the secret being outted was less than enjoyable and should have been dramatic to counter the drama of the rest of the story EDIT It's over a year later I decided to give it another star because I actually find myself thinking about this book still all this time later Not about the drama or the secret but the story that is in between the lines the story of solid friendship and companionship and love How well you get to know other people in your life and can expect their reactions and emotions to even simple words or stories or people I think this novel definitely showed human interaction in a way that is very real and honest For that over a year later it gains a star

  3. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    As trite as it sounds this book merits negative stars I stumbled upon a copy of this book at Salvation Army and being a fan of the sub genre that is Southern Chick Lit I forked over my dollar and brought it home in my stack So started the beginning of the endUnfortunately this book forces me to focus not on the novel as I would like but on the author whose underhanded distaste of the South and its people is apparent When someone literally knows nothing about the author not even her name and after reading about twenty to sixty pages can wager a bet with near 100% certainty that not only is the author not from the South but she has barely if ever lived there then something is very very wrong with the writing and with a publishing world that would allow this to be released Flashback to me on my daily commute reading These are the thoughts that are traipsing through my head Cliche Handsome Yankee from New York Cliche Cliche Not possible Where are the accents? Why is there a sense that most of these characters hate the South? Cliche Cliche Random character Then I stop reading and to the dismay of my fellow commuters mumble that I have been duped into buying a fake I flip to the back of the book and there is the interloper the author Who is from New York Educated at Yale Drama School Not from the South Joke is on me Ballantine Books The joke is on me

  4. Paromita Paromita says:

    Such a great book It spans across different generations and weaves all the characters lives together I really couldn't put it down I thoroughly enjoyed it and I highly recommend it

  5. Judy Judy says:

    Secrets and lies are couched in good intentions meant to shelter and protect loved ones Three charming ladies in a sleepy Southern town bond over decades taking care of each other saving themselves from bad memories emptiness and loneliness Their tight circle becomes closed as they share the one horrible secret that cannot be revealed But then it's timeand in revealing this awful truth they expand their group to take in another lost young womanShaffer's first novel really draws the reader in She makes this setting so different from many readers' experience and its inhabitants very real The characters are sympathetic although their respective stories may make them seem at times not particularly likable Recommend

  6. Donna Donna says:

    In the reading guide from this book which I always read because yes I am a nerd it asks if you think this book would make a good movie I seriously want to know why it hasn't been done yet This as well as Shaffer's The Ladies of Garrison County would make great movies I love these characters

  7. Jessica Dye Jessica Dye says:

    This is not an easy book to read sporadically The storyline is hard to follow at times and the author continuously jumps from past to present and back again Not thrilled with the ending as I wished for Laurel

  8. Kelly Jean Kelly Jean says:

    I picked up this book at Goodwill and it sounded like a good read I have never read this author before I had a hard time keeping interested in the book It was a little confusing going back and forth between present day and the past and it was hard remembering some of the characters and their history I’m sorry but I agree with someone else that said the ending was crap I thought the ending was completely uneventful and confusing and not exciting at all I’m kind of disappointed

  9. Jelenie Jelenie says:

    i'm halfway through this book and i'm hooked i didn't want to go to work today because i wanted to finish it i think i'll be finishing this tonight before i go to bed the interweaving stories from different characters and from past and present is a nice way of telling the story

  10. Kiran Kiran says:

    This was a fun engaging read with characters that really came to life It's a mystery in a sense in that the author weaves the history background and what really happened? together and parcels it out in small doses which kept me wanting to read all with a little dash of Southern comfort twisted in I wish I'd been able to sit down and devour this book in a day or two it's one of those books I'll definitely be reading the seuel as soon as I can get my hands on it

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