The Ezekiel Option MOBI Ò The Ezekiel Kindle -

The Ezekiel Option MOBI Ò The Ezekiel Kindle -

The Ezekiel Option ❮Reading❯ ➵ The Ezekiel Option ➭ Author Joel C. Rosenberg – Um inesperado golpe de Estado na Rússia pode ter provocado a morte da bela Erin McCoy a agente da CIA ue os leitores portugueses já conhecem dos romances A Última Jihad e Os Últimos Dias e deitado Um inesperado golpe de Estado na Rússia pode ter provocado a morte da bela Erin McCoy a agente da CIA ue os leitores portugueses já conhecem dos romances A Última Jihad e Os Últimos Dias e deitado por terra os planos do seu noivo o conselheiro presidencial Jon Bennett para obter uma paz duradoura The Ezekiel Kindle - no Médio Oriente A Rússia começa a preparar se para a guerra e Israel compreende então ue está perante o risco de ser aniuilado Ao mesmo tempo a secular Babilónia retoma o seu esplendor tradicional Eliezer Mordechai um ex director da Mossad entretanto convertido ao cristianismo considera ue tudo isso são sinais de ue «as Escrituras estão a transformar se em realidade» Prepara então um relatório de páginas muito baseado em certos ensinamentos da Bíblia ue se torna conhecido nalguns círculos mais reservados como «a opção de Ezeuiel»E alguns dos seus pressupostos parecem simplesmente inacreditáveis.

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  1. Skip Skip says:

    The good news is that Joel Rosenberg is writing uality thrillers with plots which are so plausible that some of the things he has written about have come to pass A Russian commercial flight with one of the oligarchs on board is hijacked and headed to Washington DC forcing the President to make the only call possible Meanwhile there is a coup in Russia with a new leader emerging who is polished and appeals for peace and prosperity for Europe eventually causing a UN vote to sanction Israel for its possession of nuclear weapons Now White House advisors Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy are caught in the middle of the coup and have to rely on their old friend former head of Mossad Dr Eliezer Mordechai for help and guidance A bit too much heavy on scripture and Christianity kept this from 4 stars for me

  2. Bethany Bethany says:

    This is the first book I have read by Joel C Rosenberg I do wish I had taken the time to read The Last Jihad and The Last Days as they are a continuing storyFirst of all I have to say I thought this was going to be another Left Behind story or accurately an apocalyptic adventure novel I was actually very pleasantly surprisedI could not believe how understandable and exciting he made such a complex prophecy as is found in Ezekiel I learned SO much about Biblical prophecies and also an extraordinary new understanding of the End Times I have to say I'm uite impressedThe ending of this book is simply put POWERFUL You will get cold chills reading about the the power of God so soon to be revealed to the worldI would highly recommend this book I'm a fan

  3. Joshua Joshua says:

    I really enjoy Joel Rosenberg's engaging writing style that really immerses the reader into Jon Bennett and Erin McCoy's world The storyline is fast paced full of danger espionage and intrigue This book is one of the better stories in this series

  4. Joyce Joyce says:

    This was an excellently researched and written piece of fiction that made me feel like it was today’s history based on the prophesies of Ezekiel I am a secular reader and at times was distracted by all the Christian aspects of the novel but would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who likes this genre Thanks to the Author and Tyndall for an e Galley for an honest review

  5. Merv Jersak Merv Jersak says:

    Picking up from where “The Last Days” left off “The Ezekiel Option” begins with a hi jacked Russian airliner that is about to be flown into the US capitol The airliner is shot down and this becomes the source of worldwide propaganda against the US At the same time the Palestinian Prime Minister and one of the participants in the Israeli Palestinian peace process Dr Ibrahim Sa’id is assassinated His friend and former Mossad head Dr Eliezer Mordechai uncovers a plot for a major coup in Russia but his warnings come too lateJon Bennett wealthy investment strategist and now senior advisor to US President James MacPherson and Erin McCoy CIA operative are in Russia for peace treaty related talks with the Russian Prime Minister when the coup happens The Prime Minister is killed; Bennett is seriously wounded and sent back to the US; McCoy is taken captive by the perpetrators of the coup to obtain CIA encryption codesThe new government wastes no time in preparing for war against the US and Israel selling nuclear warheads to Iran and blackmailing Europe into supporting Russia The new Russian President Gogolov goes to the UN to make his case that Israel be disarmed of its nuclear arsenalBennett is sent to Israel by US President MacPherson to discuss compliance with the UN resolution Israel is determined that if it comes to war it will execute the “Samson Option which is an Israeli last resort defensive posture that would result in mutual destruction ” based on the historical account of an ancient Jewish judge Samson who destroyed the Philistines even as he sacrificed his own lifeDr Mordechai has been studying the ancient prophesies in the Old Testament book of Ezekiel which he believes has predicted this whole scenario of an alliance led by Russia and several Arab countries As the result of his research he proposes the “Ezekiel Option” which reuests that Israel not launch nuclear defensive strikes but rather let God fight the battle on its behalfA series of fast paced events then take place including a UN resolution from which the US abstains causing Bennett to challenge the President and resign from his senior advisory role; Bennett smuggling himself into Russia to try to rescue McCoy; a Drudge Report leak of the Ezekiel Option to the world; Russia’s launch of a nuclear warhead at Israel; McCoy’s and Bennett’s escape from Russia; a massive earthuake that well here you’ll just have to read for yourself how Ezekiel’s prophecy plays out

  6. Paul Paul says:

    Too bad I still can't give this 0 stars and have it register apparentlyA friend recommended this book because it had some interesting things to say about the end times As I am always interested in crazy conspiracy theories and in particular those folks who are eager to force the end I thought I'd pick it upWell I had initial misgivings when I checked the back cover The blurb had a uote from Rush Limbaugh If you only read one novel this year this is it Now I have never seen El Rushbo write any columns in any newspaper or periodical extolling books so I have a feeling that this was the extent of his 'review' But gosh just because Rush likes the book doesn't make it bad does it ?Well based on a sample size of one the answer to that semi rhetorical uestion is yes This is definitely the worst book I've started to read this year It is certainly not something I am going to finish Can you spell 'pot boiler' boys and girls? Wooden characters ? Gepetto would have been working overtime on this one Cheesy romance ? This book has it all and this is just from the first couple of chaptersI can say one thing good about the book you can really read it in your spare time possibly while you are reading another book It takes that little brain power to read this oneRecommended listening while readingWell if you must try William Shatner's song What Have You Done on his latest album Has Been I can't recommend either but at least Shatner's song can give you a few yucks

  7. Jason Jason says:

    As a political and spiritual apocalyptic thriller I found this story to be pretty engaging I don't follow politics and world events as much as I probably should but this book definitely got me wondering if the events portrayed could really come about in the same wayThe pacing of the story starts off incredibly fast with a hijacked plane on target to crash in to the US Capitol building From there the political back story begins to take shape this is a bit slow at times while mirroring Biblical prophecies about the last days The final 100 pages of the story fly by and are packaged in small sculpted mini chapters that keeps the reader on the edge of their seatBeing Christian myself I found the Biblical references and subject matter interesting I enjoyed the spiritual principles brought up and the way certain characters found that they resonated with them while others uestioned them This is true of life in general Since most religious individuals have probably pictured at one time or another what they envision the last days will be like it was intriguing to see one author's perspective of such On top of this the fact that Rosenberg seems to have his finger on the pulse of the current political climate made this story all the engaging

  8. Jerry Jerry says:

    Here is my review of the entire series

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    The last book in Rosenberg's trilogy reads like a Tom Clancy novel ghostwritten by Oral Roberts The fact that the book deals with religious subjects should be obvious to anyone who's picked it up; the title includes the title of a biblical book Ezekiel parts of which are uoted in several chapters That the book's luminous back cover praise comes from Tim LaHaye Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh should also be a clueHowever the book starts off as a decent political thriller with a terrific opening chapter the President of the United States named McPherson orders two F 16 fighter jets to intercept and then shoot down a Russian Aeroflot 747 jetliner with full crew and passengers that has apparently been hijacked The repercussions of this event start the plot rolling Erin McCoy and Jon Bennett have just become engaged while in Russia when they hear the news; shortly thereafter a new dictator stages a coup and eliminates the sitting Russian president Iran renews its nuclear weapons program to the consternation of the United States and Israel is caught in the middle I will state that while I disagree with the fundamentalist tone the book and its characters take there is some good writing here The opening chapters as well as the speech the new Russian Czar Gogolov imaginatively named; check Ezekiel chapter 38 gives to the United Nations is good thriller writingThe book loses its focus when it delves deeply into the prophecies found in Daniel chapter 9 and Ezekiel chapters 38 and 39 Fundamentalists believe that the State of Israel founded in 1948 will apparently be the focal point of the Second Coming of Christ There is also mention of the city of Babylon being restored but this belief contradicts what the Bible states about the city of Babylon When the author attempts to link Babylon the Great in Revelation chapter 18 with the literal city he misses the fact that in Revelation Babylon the Great is spoken of as having immoral intercourse with the kings of the earth and the merchants of the earth How would a literal city do that? Revelation is largely symbolic and it's clear from reading that particular chapter that Babylon the Great has nothing to do with Iran or the literal city of Babylon which to this day lies in ruinsThe title of the book refers to a political brief given to Jon Bennett by his friend Israeli spy Dr Mordechai who is now a Christian Dr Mordechai truly believes that if the world comes to the brink of nuclear war God will intervene and save his people If you are not religious the ending will cause you to roll your eyes If you are a Christian it's a decent read but it's not really that spectacular of a thriller

  10. R. Riddle R. Riddle says:

    This was a very interesting and enjoyable novel It was almost propheticSubstitute Putin for Gogolov and the story suddenly becomes very currentBecause the story was written in 2005 I at first was correcting history but as it went forward I realized that while some elements have changed the basic facts remain Russia is rebuilding its empire and remains an enemy of IsraelIn fact there is a rising tide of antisemitism around the world So while names change the essential truths remain With that backgroundI found that Rosenberg weaved a very believable story And reading it in 2014 proved to be timely as even now we see Russia positioning herself to once again threaten the worldThe thread of Biblical prophecy danger and romance made this book an excellent read It deserved being a best seller and remains current to this dayI gave it 4 stars and would recommend it to anyone

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