Happyface PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Happyface PDF/EPUB Ú Paperback

Happyface [PDF / Epub] ☉ Happyface By Stephen Emond – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Cute girls dig him He has his own fan clubBut he wasn't always this awesome He used to be Mr Comic Book a resident of Lonelyland So when he swtiched schools he slapped on a grin and went from big nerd Cute girls dig him He has his own fan clubBut he wasn't always this awesome He used to be Mr Comic Book a resident of Lonelyland So when he swtiched schools he slapped on a grin and went from big nerd to big shotMeet Happyface This is his journalThis uniue combination of text and fully integrated art follows the journey of a dorky uiet artsy kid as he reinvents himself after moving to a new town where he's nicknamed Happyface Peek in his journal and see the world through his hilariously self deprecating eyes as he learns to shed his comic book loving computer game playing ways Join him as he makes new friends tries to hide from his messy past forgives the people who have hurt him most and ultimately learns to face the world with a genuine smile.

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  1. Tina Tina says:

    Original post at One More PageThe bright yellow cover called me the moment I entered the YA section of Fully Booked Eastwood It was bright and the smiley made an interesting cover and when I took a peek inside I saw that it was a bookwith drawingsBut what really convinced me to buy is when I removed the half dust jacket and saw thisThis certainly got me very very curious How can a book entitled Happyface have a sad face inside?Happyface is the journal of a boy who has been christened Happyface by the girl he likes because of his sense of humor and his happy demeanor Happyface is a high school sopho and a shy artistic kid who tries to reinvent himself when he moves to a new town The journal contains the account of the school year from June to March as he tries to make friends ask out the girl he liked and be the happy person that everyone expects him to beThis isn't exactly a comic book but it's also not a plain novel I like reading journal type novels because I like first person accounts and I'm a journal keeper myself The drawings in this book are fascinating and entertaining at the same time LookI'm not big on graphics or photos in a novel I like words However Happyface made me appreciate art simple as they may be sometimes and the images were not there just to be there but they really add to the story I can't draw to save my life so I am immediately in awe of anyone who can draw something that is than a stick figure I do wonder sometimes how Happyface can have the time to draw and write writing is hard enough but drawing them as well? Wow Of course again I'm not an artist and I can't draw so I can't exactly say how hard or easy keeping a journal with art is Perhaps someone can enlighten me?Happyface may sound and look like a happy book but I was surprised to find myself sighing and feeling reallywell sad about Happyface Like what the dust jacket and cover shows there is to Happyface than his smiley face When I was in college I used to call myself a sugarcoater I remember telling my YFC household head to never ask me how I am once she needed to ask me twice and sometimes even because I automatically answer Fine or I'm okay whenever they ask me how I am Ever since then people were careful to really ask me that and conversations usually start like this Friend Hi Tinamats How are you?Me Hi I'm okayFriend pauses Okay Again How are you?Me take a deep breath and tries to answer the uestion againIt's a defense mechanism I think It's not that I'm never okay or I lie at the first answer but it's become such an instinct to just answer that I am okay rather than explain why if I am not Plus I always felt like if I open up and tell them exactly how I am it's like I'm laying the burden on them I figure I'd be of better help to them if I was okay and I can listen to them better rather than give myself room to rantI'm happy to say that I am doing my best not to be that way any Reading Happyface reminded me of those days and I really empathized for Happyface in his plight It's easy to think Happyface was just a shy awkward kid who would rather spend time in front of the computer or at home with his comic books and sketch books It's easier to think of that because I didn't think he's the kind of guy who has serious problems because he was so cheerful all the time even to himself and this book was supposed to be his journal But as the story went on we find out what happened to Happyface and his family why he moved in the first place and how he really really felt with some help from alcohol It's sad almost heartbreaking and now I really understand the presence of the sad faceHappyface is the dorky boy in school who you would never have a crush on but would be really good friends with He's the guy who'd draw stuff for you join you in shopping and hand you a Christmas gift that he made himself looking all awkward and blushing He's the guy you will call when you're dating someone and you need someone to encourage you or tell you that everything will work out heck he may even help you work things out with the guy Happyface is the guy who is secretly in love with you and you may never ever know because he's too shy to tell you about itAltogether now awwwww I also love how refreshing a male point of view is in contemporary YA fiction I am a girl and I appreciate it if I read a girl's story about life or love or whateverbut let's face it girls we can be too whiny and we over think a lot Happyface's voice is refreshing and funny and it's a relief to read that guys can be awkward and dorky yet be totally sweet all at the same timeHappyface is a fun yet painfully honest journal not about self discovery but realizing that everyone of us hides behind our own happy faces It may not be like how Happyface hides behind his smiles we may hide behind what we wear what we eat what we do who we date how we act but we all hide something that we are afraid of others to see Happyface the novel and the character teaches us that it's okay to and I uote allow myself to cry or sit by myself when I need toand find things to really smile about afterI recommend this book to anyone who's loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky or if you haven't read that yet those who can appreciate a good non paranormal YA story My friend Aaron says this sounds similar to what John Green writes and that I have yet to find out I'm pretty sure girls will like this book who doesn't like reading about sensitive awkward and geeky guys? P but I'd recommend this book to guys who may have been a Happyface at one point in their lifeOh and my favorite part of Happyface? This drawing I really think I look like her when I don't dry my hair properly and when I wear my glasses What do you think?

  2. Kim Kim says:

    Gray skies are gonna clear up Put on a happy faceAs a self proclaimed Pollyanna I will be the first to admit that I would want to punch you in the face if you said this to me What the hell is wrong with a little rain? Huh? You can't be happy if it rains? Fuck youYou can have your gangnum style and complain about never ever ever ever getting back together again and umm okay that's my extent of youth culture you guys like furbies again right?Happy face is old school teen angst There are no vampires or faeries or dystopian threats hell HIGH SCHOOL is a dystopian threat It is the absolute clear definition of dystopia an imaginary place where people lead dehumanized and often fearful lives Can't get much realer than this Brush off the clouds and cheer up Put on a happy faceSeriously Fuck you Happy face is special in that it gives you the out It tells you how to beat this It's all right there in front of you Believe it or not the song has it right Take off the gloomy mask of tragedyIt's not your style;You'll look so good that you'll be gladYa' decide to smileSee? I just told you DO NOT BE YOURSELF You will be ridiculed you will get beat up you will be lonely and want to die You see I was this thing I was a miserable a loaded gun won't set you free so you say sixteen year old who wore my Undead t shirt proudly and played my 1987 UK second issue 3 track 12 vinyl single also including How Soon Is Now? Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want Billie Whitelaw image picture sleeve with light blue die cut and I was totally into IT Where did it get me? Being spit on at Pep Rallys my friend do not follow my example So I decided to stick out my noble chin I decided to wipe off that 'full of doubt' look I decided to no offense to the hair colored challenged go blonde Literally I got rid of the Siouxsie Sioux hair color and cut my bangs and found the bleach beat my hair into submission I even went further I found saddle shoes and letterman sweaters and poodle skirts and listened to rockabilly and man DID I EVER SMILE I slapped on that happy grin And spread sunshine all over the place goddammit And guess what?People actually bought it They totally liked the new me It depressed the hell out of me Didn't they understand the mockery? And then I bought into it I said hell if this is what it takes then this is what I will be And I bounced and I giggled and I hello kittied my way through my senior year So I can relate with Happy Face He gets it If you are pathetic in your old life then create a new one Yes eventually this will lead to some sort of dissociative identity disorder and you may need sleep hygiene therapy but maybe by then you will be out of high school and finding a new society characterized by human misery as sualor oppression disease and overcrowdingWe can only hope And if you're feeling cross and bitterishDon't sit and whineThink of banana split and licoriceAnd you'll feel finejazz hands

  3. Aaron Vincent Aaron Vincent says:

    Also posted at Guy Gone Geek I cannot believe that I will also be writing that line YayDespite being a loyal partisan of social networking sites where you can post about every single update of your life I still do keep a journal I’ve been keeping it for about 4 years now and it is still far from being halfway filled I guess that shows how rare I write on it Here’s my journal next to Happyface’s journalAre reviews with photos the new in thing here in Goodreads? Apparently yesI feel slightly embarrassed with that photo for my journal is a flyspeck compared to Happyface’s and just the mere act of placing it next to his is somehow a heinous crime Happyface’s handwriting is computer font like of course it is but let’s just assume that it is a real journal while mine will reuire you to acuire the service of a symbologist to decipher it before you can read it Reason number two is that he is truly blessed with the talent of art while I however er let’s not talk about it Above all I don’t have a story as interesting and as complicated as Happyface’s He has a story a lot of young people can relate to and learn fromHappyface is a socially awkward guy who is secretly in love with his bombshell best friend and has a family that is slowly falling apart Then ‘the day’ came when his world changed things turn from being bad to utterly miserable He and his mother moved into a different town and he found himself facing a chance for a new beginning He reinvents himself slapped a smile on his face and act like everything is cool This facade works effectively at the start He got a new and his first circle of friends a handful of followers and a new girl best friend to drool for His social well being improved in vast proportions until the day came when his facade was revealed and he was forced to face the past he is trying to escapeOne drawback in journal type of books is that it tends to reveal everything Kudos to Stephen Emond for not falling that trap ‘The day’ came leaving us with a faint idea of what really happened It gave me a sense of mystery to the book and a new dimension to a seemingly simple plotEmond also gave Happyface the guy a damn honest voice it’s as if you are reading an actual person’s journal It is sincere and believable it will make you feel that you were invading someone’s privacy What Happyface can’t tell his friends he tells us and by that he will gain your sympathyThey say that people who keeps diaries or journals are those who keeps a lot of things hidden In Hapyface’s case it is true but it’s natural after that horrible thing that happened to him He tried to protect himself by locking way his real self inaccessible to people and creating this happy person that he will present to them He slowly become this make believe person just in time when he started to appreciate and accept his old self Did he just left that happy persona and started being his old and real self again? No it wasn’t that easy It caused him yet another and unwelcome downfall This time I believe he did the right thing as he tried and struggled to put back the shattered pieces togetherThis gave him a chance to start again not on a clean slate — he realized that we can never have another clean slate again that our life isn’t just a piece of paper that whenever you did a mistake you can crumple throw away and start on a new piece again — with his new friend an old friend in his new life being the person he truly isHappyface the book is not just another awkward boy falling in love with a bombshell story Behind those varying journal entries humor and awe inspiring artworks is an endearing tale of discovery and self acceptance

  4. Tyler S. Tyler S. says:

    Happyface is a great book It is a chill and fast read It relates to my life and many ways I think other people will also relate to this book The storyline is great in this book It may seem random at times but the book is a written in like a diary form With this gist of the entries and the text with the stories it is a great read Tyler S

  5. Gussie Birney Gussie Birney says:

    This book was a very depressing story about the darkness of high school and all its tragic problems I feel like it made high school almost too dark and forgot to mention some really great moments that I'm sure the main character must have felt at least once in his entire four years at his school I think that even in the toughest of times you can still find some like points about it or else the reader is just reading some depressed kids thoughts and personally that makes for not the most interesting story I'm the kind of person that when I read a book if its a darkdepressing conflict there needs to be at least some attracting problem that makes me wanna just keep reading I felt this story in particular lacked in having a reason for me to continue with it All in all there were some really nice chapters though and some memorable lines that the author had written

  6. Avery (ThePagemaster) Avery (ThePagemaster) says:

    I have had so much luck and enjoyment reading Stephen Emond's books; I feel like he is a VERY underappreciated author He writes really good entertaining stories with funny content that also have that deep 'punch in the gut' backstorywhich I believe is eually executed; if not better than a John Green bookPlus he does his own art for his book and I always admire an author who puts 100% and then some in their work

  7. Ariel Acupan Ariel Acupan says:

    Originally posted atPINOYPETERPANEVERYBODY NEEDS A HAPPYFACE SOMETIMES A review of Happyface by Stephen EmondFirst I wanna say thanks to Tina for letting me borrow this great book hugzI’ve read Happyface just when I needed it most It reminded me of three things 1 that everybody could start anew There’s nothing wrong with wanting to move on and leave the past behind You could always put a clean slate in front of you 2 Another is putting a smile on your face could really make a big difference That even though you had a rough time at home you could always smile at the office or at school and worry about it later It’s just like letting the good vibe in because you could not face the whole day by thinking about the things that caused you to frown 3 And finally to not forget to put your game face on I’m not saying that you need to pretend to be someone else but it is sometimes advisable to not let them know you thoroughly Life is a game and in a game you don’t let your opponents know what cards you hold or your plansI like how Emond makes the novel so graphic The illustration makes it feels like somehow I’m reading comics without the balloons The story is a bit typical but it has a sense of authenticity in it It reaches the reader in a personal level because it was written in a way that the character was confiding to his journal The story was also plausible because Emond didn’t make the situation so complicated that it could cross to the reader as something that could happen to anybody I guess I could relate to it personally because me and Happyface got something in common when I was same age as he is in the novel the journal with doodles and drawings in it and the smile My Supervisor always tells me whenever she saw me frown or in a bad mood then immediately switched to smiling “Smile and the whole world smiles with you” She told me that I remind her of that uote from Pancho Magalona I don’t know who the effing guy is or where those uote came from but what the hell right? My Journal Happyface The front page of my Journal This is how I draw myself in my Journal A light read with a fun story and a great illustration to boot I definitely recommend it to everyone If you wanted to read something that reminds you of puppy love of high school life of happy times of friends Read this ^^

  8. Jessica-Robyn Jessica-Robyn says:

    Turn those frowns upside down and remember to just keep swimming I mean smiling I was first attracted to Happyface when I saw the bright yellow cover calling my name from the library shelf I was like a moth to a smiling yellow flame When I opened it up to take a peak inside I was rather surprised The journal format is nothing new when it comes to a coming of age Young Adult novel but Happyface takes this format to an entirely new level as our main character Happyface expresses his life in both art and text Through sketches cartoons comic strips and illustrations in various styles Happyface tells a multi medium story This adds to the book in a way that it would just not be complete without itThe font used throughout the journal for all of the text is something that takes a little getting used to It's a little much when looking at a full page of this font but paired along with the art and empty space it's pretty readableNow our main character nicknamed Happyface is going through some major life changes New town new school family issues girl issues I Am So Lonely issues but decides with this new start he's going to start a project The Happyface project to just keep smiling to improve himself and to distract himself from his ever mounting personal problems by finally getting out there and making some friends and maybe even getting a girlfriend Oh Happyface how to mend a broken heart There is a pretty wide range of characters mainly focusing on the new friends Happyface meets at his new school And right off the bat he has entered into a group of friends when he connects with Gretchen the pretty unattainable girl who uickly takes center stage For the former outsider Happyface is trying his best to adjust to his new postion Throughout all of his changes Happyface's writing feels very genuine His problems are real and he's trying his best to become someone even if it's someone he isn'tThe book was pretty strong for me a solid three stars but I had some problems with the climax and resolution It was handled decently but I had issues with the sudden changes in the characterization of the secondary characters the weak conclusion and the way that the possibility for a deeper message was kind of skimmed over Still this is definitely something I would recommend especially for male readers It's rare to find a solid high school story told from a male point of view that doesn't pander to it's audience Overall I really enjoyed the characters the art and the way the high school experience is portrayedHop over to my blog post on Reading Robyn for a look at some examples of the art inside the book

  9. Arminzerella Arminzerella says:

    This is the diary of Happyface a not so happy as everyone thinks he is teenager In the beginning he’s kind of uiet and awkward and spends most of his time with his sketchbook drawing the world and his best friend Chloe who is smart beautiful and unobtainable Everything changes when Happyface’s parents split up and he and his mom end up living in a small apartment and Happyface goes to a new school He has the chance to reinvent himself as someone else and he starts right away – grinning all the time no matter how he’s feeling on the inside This seems to work for him Soon he’s got a whole circle of friends and other random people wanting to know him because he has this mystiue of cool He’s the class clown; he’s the life of the party He’sreally in love with his friend Gretchen who is smart beautiful and unobtainable – see a pattern here? Even in his diary Happyface manages to keep a lot of his life a secret Only gradually does it come out that Chloe whom Happyface suddenly stops mentioning at all went out with his older brother Everett behind Happyface’s back And that they were in the car together when Everett crashed and died And that Happyface’s dad had some kind of breakdown and wound up in rehab for his alcoholism and counseling And no one is really as happy as they pretend to beThere are some really painful moments when Happyface scares everyone with his intensity He just wants Gretchen to love him and he doesn’t know what to do with all of his emotions He’s bottled everything up – how he felt betrayed by Chloe and his brother his feelings about his brother’s death his parents’ divorce Suddenly the world is crashing down around him and he can’t just deal with everything by smiling It’s hard watch him transform into this fake version of himself and hard to see him fall The sketch diary format worked really well for this story – Stephen Emond is a talented artist and incorporates a lot of different styles of artwork to fit each scene’s particular mood Wished Happyface had been a little less lovesick though

  10. Jeff Raymond Jeff Raymond says:

    This book took me beat me to a bloody emotional pulp and left me on the side of the roadSometimes a book does that and it's great Sometimes the book is Happyface and it's a really terrible timeSo our protagonist known to us only as Happyface moves with his mother away from his broken family into a different portion of the city after a family tragedy He then treats everyone around him horribly can't grasp the social cues necessary to fix the problem and hits rock bottom Without giving away the resolution but this is a YA book so things seem to spiral completely out of control and then the book resolves And yeahI won't lie a portion of my discomfort with this was my identification with Happyface from time to time Not really pleasant Thankfully as terrible as I was to people once upon a time I was never like this and I think that's where the book ultimately failed for me the conseuences existed but not in the way they should have in the long term It's of how one may perceive said conseuences and maybe that was the point but that wasn't how it came acrossThis had great potential and it just didn't work at all for me

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