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  1. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    Excellent audio narration on this one a lovely story of four women told by different voices which was necessary I think This was an entertaining read dealing with the on point topic of infertility In this instance surrogacyI was captivated throughout this was an easy read Four women with very different backgrounds intertwined Jules needs the money to help her father she will donate her eggs Annie is a struggling young mother she needs financial stability with a growing young family Annie will act as the surrogate She forms an instant bond with India who is to be the mother India is a woman whom Bettina cannot stand she is the daughter of India's husband one of the richest men in the country What is India hiding? Bettina is determined to uncover whatever is lurking behind India's perceived shady history The story brings these ladies together all with rich and complex pasts to a satisfying finale Highly recommended as an audio read I was interested from the very beginning to end My first of this author and lucky am I as my work catalogue has a handful audio copies of other titles

  2. Lain Lain says:

    Jennifer Weiner has a way with words there's no doubt about that She has an ease with the written word that carries the reader along easily and is descriptive and funnyButHaving a way with words doesn't make for a great book any than being a good actress makes a great movie There's so much to it I fear that JW is a one note writer the way Goldie Hawn to carry on the actress metaphor is a one note actress No matter what movie Goldie is in she's Goldie Contrast that to say Glenn Close or Meryl Streep someone who disappears into the role and you see what I meanSo with this understanding it's not contradictory for me to say that Then Came You was well written but it was still a lousy bookThe writing was clear and descriptive but the multi angle perspective just did not work Every woman from Annie the no college decidedly middle class mom of two to the uber upper class Bettina to WASPy Jules all sounded EXACTLY the same I often had to leaf back to the beginning of the chapter to see who was narratingAlso without blowing the whole plot for those of you who are still going to read it the huge revelations about India's past were decidedly anticlimactic I thought we'd learn that she had traded her child for crack or had a few murders in her past Nah When the reveal came it was downright disappointingOne final note didn't JW cover the surrogate angle with the dad who dies before the kid is born in Certain Girls? There's plenty of material out there without resorting to copying yourselfAt least there wasn't a dog named Nifkin in this one

  3. Sandi Sandi says:

    I don't read chick lit It's just not my style I prefer science fiction literary fiction and mysterythrillers Stories about women and relationships and emotions just isn't my style It's not that I don't like those elements in the books I read I just don't want them to be the be all and end all of the story However Jennifer Weiner has been making waves lately by analyzing the number of stories and reviews the New York Times runs about women authors vs male authors So I thought I'd give one of her books a shot to see what her writing is likeWhen I checke Then Came You out of the library I expected to spend my reading time rolling my eyes and groaning The premise is such utter chick lit fodder However I ended up getting sucked into the story from the first chapter I grew attached to the characters I was interested in their drama I usually hate drama Yes it was sappy and cheesy and all those other things I expected However I couldn't stop turning the pages and kept reading even at times when I shouldn't have been reading I figured Ms Weiner must have been doing something right to get me so engaged Therefore I'm giving this book 4 stars

  4. Jo Anne B Jo Anne B says:

    Pathetic women all having to do with babies It was doomed from the beginning I didn't like any of the women and found many aspects of the book unbelieveable and of course it was totally predictableI was so looking forward to reading this book I love Jennifer Weiner and have read all of her books It could have been way better My biggest issue is the characters didn't match their descriptions Jules seemed like a freshmen in high school rather that a Princeton graduate Why was she hanging out in the mall hiding from people when she was this tall gorgeous intelligent blond woman? Annie seemed like an old washed up ugly women wirh bad teeth but she was ony 22 and supposedly beautiful Why did she obey her husband when he told her to uit her job at Target when they were poor but then turn around and become a surrogate which he also disapproved of? Wouldn't it have been easier to work at Target? Bettina seemed liked a crotchedy old spinster who had Daddy issues for marrying a 40 yr old woman despite him being 55 Hello that isn't even a big age difference and wouldn't she want him to be happy? I mean hiring a private investigator to look into this woman Worry about your own life She seemed like a closet lesbian that hated the world Why would Darren want to date her? She was mean and vindictive Then India never had a chance with me because of her name I hate this name It is a country afterall She wasn't even Indian I don't know what she was What was this business she owned? It was not really explained And why would she borrow jewelry from a client? Wouldn't that make her look desperate and maybe not such a great business investment to clients? She was out to marry Marcus for his money but then we are supposed to believe she ended up loving him? They seemed like acuaintances Weiner never really developed their relationship There seemed to be no connection between them It was never explained why she couldn't have children Her and Marcus never even had a discussion about having any children Then all of a sudden she is getting a surrogate with a donated egg and of course it all worked on the first try Then she books off when Marcus dies of a heart attack and misses the birth of the baby to rectify her past Who would believe that? And who cares about her past? You would think she would be putting all her effort into being a good mother to her dead husband's baby And when she comes back she is okay with rasing the child with all these other women? I thought she was supposed to be a woman who triumphed and perserved who was determined and relentless in her pursuit to get things she wanted like a rich husband and baby Again not believeableThis book had potential but had way too many flaws I liked how each chapter was told by one of the four women and how they were all connected although we have two seconds to absorb that information before the book ends I just didn't believe any of them and thought they were all too despearate and pitiful This book may have worked back in the '50s but Then Came the Modern Woman This book doesn't represent the women of the present day or at least I hope not

  5. Candace Candace says:

    Jennifer Weiner's Then Came You just found itself a permanent spot on my 'Favorite Books' bookcase I'm not referring to my 'Ordinary Books' bookcase that is in our guest bedroom I am talking about my office bookcase that holds all of my favorite novels Not just any book can find its way onto these shelves but as soon as I started reading Weiner's Then Came You I realized there was something special about itThen Came You takes place during current times Weiner tells her story from the point of view of 4 different women that at first glance have nothing in common Jules is a gorgeous blond blue eyed Senior at Princeton On the outside it seems like she has the perfect life however she is hiding a hurtful family secret Annie is a 24 year old wife and mother of two young boys As happy as she is with her life she can't help but feel discontent with her current situation Running her household zaps her energy while the constant struggle for money makes her wish for things she and her family does not have Bettina is the daughter of a New York Billionaire She does not fit into the party scene she would much rather spend her time at her job appraising art for an auction house She is fairly content in her life until her father shows up with his new bride India India feels that she won the brass ring when she married her wealthy husband The struggles she went through as a child teenager and adult all seem worth it She has finally made it what could she want? Then Came You has all of the aspects I look for in a great work of fiction There are strong female characters that are well written and seem real to me I may not like a certain character but Weiner makes sure that I can sympathize with her The dialog is witty and there are twists that I did not see coming At one moment I found myself laughing while the next moment I was trying not to let the tears fall I was also able to escape reality while reading Then Came Youas much as a mother of a two year old can escape reality during some of my reading my daughter made it her mission to get my attention by splashing me from her baby pool that my feet just happened to be resting inThen Came You tackles many important current issues one of which is Egg donation and Surrogacy Weiner does a fantastic job opening up the door for discussion of this practice How does the egg donor feel about the situation? Will she ever regret her decision or want to know about her biological baby in the future? Can the Surrogate easily tell herself that the baby she is carrying is not really hers? How will she feel once the baby is delivered and placed in its Mother's arms? What about this new Mother how does she react to the newness of it all? Can she easily bond with the baby or will she feel like a babysitter? All of these crucial feelings and are covered in Then Came YouJennifer Weiner's Then Came You is an excellent novel that I highly recommend If you are looking for a book with heart and humor Then Came You should be your first choice

  6. Rose Rose says:

    Then Came You is pretty much a soap opera in book form I don't know how else to describe this book It has all the drama llama riding in it that every typical old fashioned soap opera has I'm not a big fan of soap operas but I do watch one or two episodes of these Very Famous here anyways German Soap Operas when they're on and I catch them It's always the same There's drama and there's trying to deal with too many issues at once in one episode bulimia drug abuse unhealthy relationships for example which doesn't help the potrayal of them when the authors are trying to juggle dealing with thousand frigging issues at ones Apart from that I don't connect with nor care about any of the characters because of the over the top character traits most of them have and show Anyway after I watch episodes of these soap operas I don't feel like I've entirely wasted my time after all there is better stuff I could do but it's not like I would end up doing it but I just know that it wasn't necessary to watch it if that makes sense Then Came You was totally okay at first It was slow paced sure but at some point it got a Revenge esue vibe which always makes #1 Revenge fan Rosie Rose very happy But after a while it lost all of its very little Revenge vibe and turned into full blown soap opera stuff I love Revenge I know it has fairly enough ridiculous stuff but it's still awesome and that's what Then Came You just wasn't? Which is why I'd rather stop comparing it to RevengeAnyway it was a fairly uick read that entertained me or less had a few heartbreaking moments yes I know it succeeded in trying to manipulate me into feeling stuff I didn't cry though so I win but in the end I might as well have watched a soap opera on TV which would at least give me a few hunks to look at Will I try something else by Weiner? Maybe when I'm in a feel like reading a soap opera mood but probably not

  7. Shanda Shanda says:

    Possible Spoiler info was in the synopsis on the book I had but apparently it is not on every copyI told the book club girls I wanted something light and fun and they gave it to mesort of It was an easy read and it kept my attention It really wasn't what I thought it was going to be at all In the synopsis it tells you it is about a couple who have a surrogate and while the surrogate is pregnant the father dies This doesn't happen until the very end of the book There were just too many characters All of the characters were interesting enough but we didn't get to know them as well as I would have liked I didn't like the Bettina character at all It seems like they tried to give her some redeeming ualities but she was such a spoiled brat that even the little bit of good she did did not make me like her any better The ending was just a tad too easy The entire book is a complicated situation and it is just unrealistic to think that things would end up so neat in wonderful with no loose ends I didn't love but I didn't hate it It was what I asked for light easy reading

  8. Megan Megan says:

    Chick lit really isn't my thing But hey this is the start of summer Reading is supposed to be light and fluffy right? Besides my library is currently out of audio books I'd like to listen to and this one appeared on the shelves so Then Came You is the story of four women None of these women are especially likable or relatable They all have daddy issues and they all have difficulty relating to other people in general and other women especially At the center of the story is India a trophy wife and gold digger who is passing off her 43 years as 38 to her insanely rich older husband When they attempt to have a baby they discover that she is infertile and turn to surrogacy to create their family Initially India was my favorite She is flawed and therefore so much likable and relatable than the other three women She has made mistakes in the past which at the very least makes her interesting However towards the end of the novel we learn that her mistakes were the result of matters beyond her control and she really wasn't the screw up she was presented as That is a shame Incidentally India's mother is a hippie flake who was largely absent from her childhood and her father non existent Her first husband was an older man and her current husband Marcus is also much older than her India does not appear to have any female friends Bettina is India's stepdaughter and Marcus' only daughter Marcus does have two sons but they do not play a prominent role in this story Bettina's only purpose appears to be a bitch with daddy issues From day one she is suspicious of India and intensely dislikes her But to be fair Bettina pretty much intensely dislikes everyone she meets Bettina is 23 years old and her parents have been divorced for years Yet her most passionate wish is for her parents to get back together even though she has a fair amount of disdain and disrespect for her new agey mother She is so distrustful of India that she hires a private detective to look into India's past It is also worth mentioning that Bettina has no friends has never had a boyfriend Jules is the egg donor in this soap opera Poor Jules is so beautiful and athletic and smart that she suffers the attention of hoards of men wanting to date her All the time The first time we meet her we have to listen to how annoying it is when men approach her for a date Sorry not feeling the sympathy here She is a recent Princeton grad yet she hates Princeton students Jules is not from a wealthy family and apparently that makes her worthy of her education than her classmates? Or something But she tell me if this sounds familiar has no friends and although she unlike Bettina has dated she doesn't have any significant romantic relationships Jules parents are also divorced Her mother doesn't play an important role in this story but her dad does Jules dad is a long time alcoholic and drug addict Jules hates her step mother seeing her as an enabler eh she probably is At any rate Jules sells her eggs so that she may send her daddy to an expensive rehab facility Finally we meet Annie the surrogate mother Annie is also 23 and a married mother of two Her husband works while she stays at home with the kiddos Annie has a relationship with her mother honestly can't remember if her father is in the picture at all She hates her sister because her sister is thin status post lap band surgery has a rich doctor husband and a college degree Guess what? Annie doesn't have female friends Her hubby Franklin is her high school sweetheart Annie decides to become a surrogate for the money and the chance it will provide her to help her family to get out of debt Initially Franklin goes for it but we flash forward to Annie being preggo and suddenly Franklin has an issue with Annie's pregnancy This all came out of the blue and we readers are left to ponder the reason for Franklin’s disapproval Of course this being chick lit all four women eventually meet up and after some initial uneasiness form an awesome female power band of sistas HrmThe three younger women in this story Bettina Jules and Annie are so bitter and so dislikable These ladies aren't even 25 yet they all sound like hardened angry and depressed middle aged people Further they are all so very judgmental that I didn't want to relate to their problems even if I could Bettina poor little rich girl Jules hates being pretty hates privileged classmates hates her junior analyst job even though she is making six figures straight out of college Annie jealous of her sister and justifies it by saying her sister is mean Whatever bitches Author Jennifer Weiner spent the entire story feeding us the miserable albeit somewhat entertaining drama of these unhappy women and yet expects us to believe that the arrival of sweet little baby Rory brings them all together in some pro female screw you nuclear family happiness Yeah Even though all these women really want for themselves and their parents is a nuclear family Even though these women are fairly self absorbed and have difficulty relating to others and making friends Even though Weiner does a great job at creating and presenting characters who are a hot mess she does not present them with the skillz to overcome their shortcomings We are just expected to click our heels three times and believe Sorry not buying it Rather than spend an entire novel building up the conflict this story would have been so much better had some time been spent reading about characters learning to overcome and work through conflict But whatever This isn't snarky but its still chick lit I didn't expect to be blown away and I wasn't

  9. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    I found this book rather flat with a lot of cookie cutter characters The book is told from a number of perspectives but none of the voices really come to life The whole thing really felt contrived as if the author said Surrogacy and egg donations I bet a story about that would sell and then wrote down every cliche about it she could think of

  10. Ciara Ciara says:

    this is the first jennifer weiner book i have ever read unsurprisingly i checked it out of the library solely because of the infertility plotline this is back when i was still trying to get knocked up now i'm three months pregnant i'm not so sure i will be reading jennifer weiner again in the futurethis book got really convoluted really fast but a uick plot summary a self made PR guru marries a really rich dude they want to have a baby together but don't have much luck conceiving they finally decide to use donor eggs a surrogate the egg donor is a pretty girl who attends princeton sells her eggs so she can use the substantial payday to send her dad to rehab to treat his alcoholism the surrogate is a sweet but broke mother of two just looking to raise a little extra money for her family her husband does not approve of her surrogacy i guess because it makes him feel like less of a man that he can't support his family all on his own? they split up for a while during the pregnancy a fourth character is the rich dude's adult daughter who is skeptical of her glamorous PR stepmom thinks she must be a goldigging hussy out to steal her father's millions or something she hires a private investigator who discovers that PR lady did indeed change her name is in fact a bigamist she married her high school english teacher was never officially divorced but before any of this comes to light officially rich dude kicks the bucket PR lady heads for the hills when the baby is born prissy stepdaughter is named guardianeventually all of the women come together to raise the baby in a different way that honors their contributions whichi don't really think that's how it works the book even acknowledges that the egg donation company never should have given the baby's guardian any info about the donor but they did basically because prissy stepdaughter was all i never asked for this baby but now that i have her i want to know whose eggs she came from yeah that's not really the way it works i don't know there was A LOT about the plot of this book that didn't make a damn lick of sense i'll estimate that perhaps 60% of the text is just exposition the narration keeps swapping among the women but just when it seems like we're getting a forward trajectory happening weiner is all jay kay puts the brakes on everything so the egg donor can wax rhapsodical for another seven pages about how men have always been attracted to her thick golden hair or whatever not my thing i guess

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