Bound by Moonlight PDF/EPUB î Bound by MOBI :Ú

Bound by Moonlight PDF/EPUB î Bound by MOBI :Ú

Bound by Moonlight [Download] ✤ Bound by Moonlight ➸ Nancy Gideon –  POLICE DETECTIVE CHARLOTTE CAISSIE AND HER SHAPE SHIFTING PARAMOUR MAX SAVOIE THOUGHT THE PAST WAS BEHIND THEM BUT IN NANCY GIDEON’S IRRESISTIBLE NEW ROMANCE THEY DISCOVER IT MAY NEVER LET THEM GO  POLICE DETECTIVE CHARLOTTE CAISSIE AND HER SHAPE SHIFTING PARAMOUR MAX SAVOIE THOUGHT THE PAST WAS BEHIND THEM BUT IN NANCY GIDEON’S IRRESISTIBLE NEW ROMANCE THEY DISCOVER IT MAY NEVER LET Bound by MOBI :Ú THEM GO THEY SWORE THEY’D BE TOGETHER FOREVER Detective Charlotte Caissie is suddenly sharing drawer space and making local news with her shape shifter lover Max Savoie He’s determined to be accepted by her peers—so how can she ask him to return to his criminal roots to help her solve a complex case BUT THOSE THEY TRUST THE MOST Working undercover with her partner to find the serial killer who’s kidnapped a colleague’s daughter Cee Cee is caught between her job and her fiercely possessive lover And when she calls on Max’s preternatural talents to aid his hated enemy she crosses a line that strains their relationship to its limit WILL DO ANYTHING TO TEAR THEM APART With his secret spreading Max is forced to protect his family and his clan The only certainty is his love for his human mate unless the loyalties that define them divide them forever.

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  1. Lady Heather Lady Heather says:

    This was an amazing ending to the first four books about Max and Charlotteaccording to the Author's website the next books feature other characters already introduced in the seriesI was on the edge of my seat most of the time or rather pissed and wanting to 'shake the shit' out of one or both of them for being so damn stubborn and non communicativeI LOVE these characters because they're both so strong broken Alpha's that have such horrible pasts that most of the time that's what inhibits them from truly being the 'people' they're supposed to beI really enjoyed reading Max and Charlotte's story and I hope that the Author continues to include them in the rest of the series because they're such great characters to be left behind and I want to know how everything turns out for them

  2. Ezinwanyi Chinyere Ezinwanyi Chinyere says:

    I am really enjoying this series Max's territory is being threatened by another shifter with uber powers like him Charlotte has a case dealing with a serial killer who just took a fellow cop's 16 year old daughter To top it all off Max and Bab's at each others throat because of Babineux's past relationship with Charlotte as well as Max's connection with Tina and OscarThis one was just another hurdle for Charlotte and Max to get through personallyI love Max he loves Ceecee so much and despite being the Shifter King he is so tender and soft with his CeeCee I was hoping Babs would get over his issues with Tina but I don't think he can I also don't trust Tina so I hope CeeCee watches her I also look forward for Charlotte to get some closure on her past so she can move forward with Max

  3. FV Angela FV Angela says:

    First I'de like to say that I love Max and Ceecee and I love the whole premise of a traumatized cop falling for her badboy mobster who just happens to be something other who is also traumatized To make that storyline even better we throw in that is takes place in New Orleans and our couple has a past where the hero saved the heroine during the worst of her life I was so very glad to see that there was going to be a fourth book to this series featuring them and that we would continue to see them in the futureThat being said why in the world can't they just be happy together? Seriously I figured after the crap they went through the last book that the angst would be over and they would be content BUT NO There was this back and forth push and pull throughout the whole of this story where I actually wondered if they were going to make it I wonder if it's just me or are there other readers out there who wanted a definite happy ending To me the bad guy ended up being Alain not the man kidnapping all the woman whom they were looking for Alain is a douchbag who will never be redeemed in my eyes even if the author tries to further on in this series Total and complete asshat I have a feeling he will pop up later but here's to hoping he bites it in the future

  4. Lauren Lauren says:

    Bound by Moonlight4 StarsWith the relationship between Charlotte Caissie and her lover Max Savoie out in the open the detective and former crime boss are hopeful for their future together Unfortunately their fledgling happiness is put to the test when a serial killer targets the daughter of a fellow officer and Charlotte puts a strain on their romance by asking Max not only to accept that outsiders are aware of his secret but to use his abilities to aid a hated enemy Will their love for each other prevail?Although Max and Charlotte are open and honest about their feelings for one another there is still a great deal of tension and hurtful words thrown about which suggests they still have a long way to go before they are a truly unified couple Nevertheless their relationship is intense both physically and emotionally and you cannot help rooting for their happily ever after if it ever comes There are few developments in the overall story arc as the majority of the plot focuses on the serial killer investigation and on Max’s insecurities regarding Charlotte’s past with her partner Alain Babineau The murder mystery is well developed and it is exciting to see Charlotte in all out “cop mode” The friction between Max and Alain is also compelling and a great deal is revealed about each man Suffice it to say that Babs does not come off well and my annoyance with him which began in the previous book increases exponentially Similarly my affection for Tina has diminished as a result of her actions and it is clear that she and Alain deserve one anotherA couple of new characters are introduced and the series will be moving in a new direction with the next book I’m looking forward to seeing what happens

  5. Jen Jen says:

    So I love Max and Charlotte And I really did like this book But I wonder when they are going to be allowed to be happy To just be happy together I hate that Max and to chose his clan over her That just rubbed me wrong CeeCee keeps waffling back and forth nervous about the intensity of her feelings for Max and that is driving a wedge between them And then Oscar is causing a wedge Everything causes a wedge I am not sure how much I can take of thatAnd why didn't she tell him about her scars healing? Why? Especially since the had sex in his natural form I bet she is going to end up pregnant And that would make me happy because maybe it would make all these wedges go awayAnd now Alain is dead to me

  6. Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ says:

    The best book so far Finally Cee Cee and Max were working as a team mostly and thank goodness therre was hardly any angst A bit disappointed there are so many loose threads eg Cee Cee's physical changes the dickhead Alain working against Max the trackers etcI expected it to be tidy when it came to things directly relating to Cee Cee and Max since the next book doesn't feature them as main characters I hope we still get their story

  7. figuranta❤️addicted❤️to❤️books❤️ figuranta❤️addicted❤️to❤️books❤️ says:

    45 StarsYet again my love for Max grows even and He is so sweet and amazing Just perfect But i have to say Cee Cee it's really going on my nerves Max deserves someone better then her much better

  8. Helyce Helyce says:

    Previously reviewed on Smexybookscom 82011 Rating BBound by Moonlight is book four in Nancy Gideon’s Moonlight series that centers around the life of Detective Charlotte Caissie and her shifter lover Max Savoie I have not read the previous three books in this series so if I infer anything incorrectly I apologize in advanceIn this installment Charlotte and Max are now a couple and they are not hiding their relationship It’s an odd pairing considering Charlotte is a detective and Max is the protégé of Jimmy Legere a known crime boss Jimmy is gone now and Max has inherited his business If that wasn’t enough Max is still struggling with what exactly he is man vs shifter; and the only constant for him is Charlotte his mate He loves her above all else; she is the most important thing to him to the exclusion of everything But that doesn’t mean that he can ignore the business his pack or the threat to him and his loved onesCharlotte loves Max as well and while she’s bonded to him she hasn’t really completely given herself over to Max As the daughter of a decorated police officer she has big shoes to fill and she intends to do just that She is truly torn between two worlds and she cannot make what seems to be an impossible choiceThere is a lot going on is this book It’s inferred that in previous books Max has ‘helped’ Charlotte with her cases in some ways that are perhaps not altogether legal; all for the greater good of course In doing so his secret has come out and there are now a handful of Charlotte’s colleagues who know that Max is a shifter This does not sit well with Max at all but Charlotte assures him that his secret is safe Unfortunately Cassie will need Max’s help with her current case and in doing so will open up a whole new can of worms for MaxWhen the body of a young girl is found Charlotte is called in This is the 3rd young girl found beaten and raped and the similarities to the other two make it clear that they are dealing with a serial murderer After viewing the crime scene Charlotte comes home and Max is waiting up As they embrace Max picks up on several scents some of them stirring terrible memories for him Charlotte realizes that there is to learn from the body and drags Max down to the morgue so he can use his abilities and perhaps bring clues to lightWhile working the case Charlotte gets a call from vice Det Stan Schoenbaum He informs her that his daughter is missing and he thinks that she could possibly be the next victim Charlotte learns that Stan’s daughter was working in a local strip club and with little else to go on she and her partner Alain head there to investigate From there bits and pieces come to light and clues show themselves They are running out of time The pattern of the kills centers around the full moonIn the midst of all of this Max is dealing with a lot The memories stirred when he visited the victim at the morgue have him dealing with memories of his mother and her death something he’s buried deep until now His childhood memories are fractured little bits coming back at odd moments While he knows he is a shifter he is not totally aware of his abilities and apparently there is so much to him than meets the eye He’s determined to learn everything he can and looking into his past is necessary while painfulI thoroughly enjoyed Bound by Moonlight I am hooked on the characters and I have so many unanswered uestions that I am sure I will read the previous books at some point I love Max He is strong and powerful but so vulnerable at times His complete and utter devotion to Charlotte is clear and while we know Charlotte loves Max if she doesn’t get her shit together where Max is concerned soon I could easily start to dislike her I look forward to getting caught up with this series as well as reading future books

  9. Kristiej Kristiej says:

    I LOVE this series The hero Max Savoie is like no other hero I’ve read before and he just leaps off the page with his presence A bit of background for those who haven’t read the first few books Max was the ‘enforcer’ for a very influential very bad crime lord Jimmy Legere ‘rescued’ Max when he was just a child hiding in the swamps of Louisiana after his mother was brutally murdered But Max wasn’t an ordinary child; he was a shape shifter who because of circumstances didn’t know anything about his heritage Jimmy used Max aimed him pointed him and sent him after anyone in Jimmy’s way and Max was so grateful to Jimmy he would have done anything for himThis was the situation at the start of the first book Masked by Moonlight It begins when Max meets up with Charlotte Caissie or CeeCee a detective with the NOPD Max’es loyalties are tested The first three books are wonderful and CeeCee and Max try and work out a relationship with both of them on either side of the legal fenceMax is well Max is uniue He’s a criminal with a strong sense of right and wrong and a sense of loyalty that won’t uit And he is so totally wrecked for the heroine He doesn’t see how she can love him as he considers himself part monster and in some ways he is He breaks the readers heart with his damaged soul When he is in his animal form he almost repulsive but so broken up by who and what he is when he’s not The author never really explains what animal he is but whatever it is Max has powers that no other has; powers that even he isn’t aware of He is so lost as to what he is considering his mother died when he was very young before having a chance to explain what he is and his father is a mysteryCeeCee comes from an eually horrific background Second generation cop she was captured held prisoner and tortured when she was young and it was in fact Max who saved her though she hadn’t been aware of it until after the start of the first bookIn some ways these books can be compared somewhat to the In Death books by JD Robb in that both heroines are cops and both heroes are or were part of the criminal element But in other ways they are vastly different Unlike Eve Dallas CeeCee doesn’t have the same moral code when it comes to police duties She’s a rule bender with an attitude that the ends justifies the means and Max unlike Roarke is still involved in the criminal element And he’s not a cultured or suave as Roarke And unlike Roarke he is very conflicted about everything except those he is loyal toAll this so far and I haven’t even got to this particular book But I’ve very enthused about this series and background is needed As this book opens up CeeCee and Max are finally taking their relationship to a open level They have shown up together at a charity event As one can imagine this sends shock waves throughout both the criminal and cop element CeeCee is called away to work on a case where women have been kidnapped tortured and murdered When the daughter of a rather bully of a cop disappears CeeCee fears she has been taken by the serial killer and races to find her Because of some of Max’s supernatural powers and his than willingness to bend rules and out and out break the law he helps CeeCee in unobtrusive ways But he has history with the bully cop Which makes for some wonderful conflictUnlike the other books in this series we don’t learn too much about Max’s mysterious background Rather this is concentrated on solving the case as well as CeeCee and Max trying to establish the boundaries of their relationshipThere is a real shocker of a twist towards the end that I did not see coming and I think will have huge ramifications in future books Books I will be readingFor me this is a great addition in a great series and it gets a real thumbs up from me for a very unforgettable hero

  10. Sherri Sherri says:

    Book Completed August 24 2011Rating 4 starsThis was my first read by Nancy Gideon and it will not be my last This is the fourth book in the Moonlight series and although I have not read any of the previous novels it did not detract from enjoyment of this one Although the other books must have some continuity between them because at times I felt I was reading something I should have known but didn’t if you get my drift So this book can be read alone but there are probably some nuances that will be missedIt was interesting to have a character such as Max Savoie whose background is not just a little shady but a lot Although as the story progresses we learn about Max’s childhood and begin to understand that his character development was greatly influenced by those around him Overall he is a strong caring and sensitive lead character and I liked him a lot even with his uestionable backgroundCharlotte Cee Cee Caissie is the daughter of one of the City’s most respected cops and she constantly struggles to live up to the family reputation Her being the mate and dating Max Savoie throws some major hurtles in that area Also her partner Alain Babineau is constantly on her case about Max I’m not exactly sure about Alain I get the feeling he is out to get Max but that thread is left hanging so I will just need to wait and see Cee Cee is an interesting character to me there were times when I really liked her and then times I wanted to smack her upside the head and ask her “What the heck are you doing?” But overall she is loyal independent and passionate about those in her life Both Cee Cee and Max had some growing up to do and learn to actually communicate with each other and not just make assumptions about how the other would deal with things I liked that about theThe story had good pacing and I was kept interested throughout the book It took the whole book to solve the crime and the revelation of the perpetrator was unexpected Overall a good read that I would recommend You should enjoy the paranormal genre and don’t expect your characters to be all bright and shiny These characters are real and have serious flaws but are generally good decent people – just the majority of us

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