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Two Way Street PDF/EPUB Æ Two Way PDF \

Two Way Street ❮Download❯ ➶ Two Way Street Author Lauren Barnholdt – Courtney kann es nicht fassen Ihre Eltern bestehen tatsächlich darauf dass sie wie geplant zusammen mit ihrem Ex Freund Jordan die dreitägige Autofahrt zum College unternimmt obwohl er vor Kurzem mi Courtney kann es nicht fassen Ihre Eltern bestehen tatsächlich darauf dass sie wie geplant zusammen mit ihrem Ex Freund Jordan die dreitägige Autofahrt zum College unternimmt obwohl er vor Kurzem mit ihr Schluss gemacht hat Wie soll sie diesen Horrortrip nur überstehen auf kleinstem Raum mit diesem Ekelpaket diesem herzlosen Idioten diesem diesem immer noch verdammt süssen Traumboy.

  • Paperback
  • 328 pages
  • Two Way Street
  • Lauren Barnholdt
  • German
  • 23 October 2015
  • 9783401502861

10 thoughts on “Two Way Street

  1. Cara Cara says:

    Ok so let's list the pros and cons shall wePros Keep me interested enough to read the whole book Voices and thoughts of the characters were distinctly different and portrayed real teenagers The changing of time frames and narrators was done well Main guy Jordan had his sweet moments Funny at times Now for the Cons way too much cussing I know teenagers cuss but this came off as trying too hard Jordan was basically your typical horny teenage guy that the author tried to make look sweet worked only some of the time basically he still came off to me as a player Can't say I liked the main girl Courtney at all the whole MySpace thing got annoying portrayed real teenagers which frankly sometimes can be overdone and this case it was and finally what was I suppose to learn from this? I guess I'm tired of reading teenage aimed literature or maybe I'm growing out of it I don't know but what I really think the problem is that it wasn't anything really insightful that I could take into my own life That's what good books do and this book didn't do it for me

  2. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Proceed with the caution of spoilers although I truly don't think you'll be missing anything with this bookI’m probably about to be taking what’s supposed to be a light entertaining read way too seriously Still – melodrama suits the cover the story the characters and the writing of Two Way Street and if the shoe fitsThis is the summary I imagine Barnholdt sent to publishers Keep in mind that I made this up all by my Little Self Courtney and Jordan were doing fine fine fine La la la this is Courtney and Jordan doing fine They got along great they never argued they had perfect chemistry were both going to the same college and were absolutely positively head over heels with one another Cue dramatic music That is cue dramatic music until Jordan breaks up with Courtney for some random slut he met on MySpace Unfortunately their plan for travelling cross country for their college orientation is still on Why the fuck? How will Courtney stand hanging around the ex she still loves for three days? How will Jordan hide the secrets he’s keeping from Courtney? How will they be able to stand the heat festering between them?If you’re an avid reader you know what happens in the end before you even begin You know that Jordan still loves Courtney and that their break up was made of misunderstandings Now clap for me – someone anyone whether you’re reading this in your car in a bar or up high in the stars I’m a poet now – because I AM AN AVID READER THAT’S SEEN ALMOST EVERYTHING POSSIBLE IN YA LIT AND I STILL FINISHED THE BOOK No I’m not uite sure why I was so interested in TWS aside from my foolish hopes that it would provide some insightful thoughts but simply focus please on the miracle in which I FINISHED ITcutesy smile ThanksLet me begin with the good things about TWS it wasn’t heavy and it actually became entertaining – in the Point and Laugh kind of way – when the novel truly hit High on the Stupidity Chart The road trip Courtney and Jordan were on was also much easier to read than the long winded way too detailed Amy and Roger’s “Epic Detour” not because this book was interesting or anything important like that but because I actually saw the characters in TWS interacting and bringing back their fucked up pathetic relationship which is something that I didn’t see in AR So Bravo to Barnholdt for achieving the expectedThat’s about it for my positives LET THE review RANT BEGIN The cover which I know isn’t in Barnholdt’s realm of creating bothered the fuck out of me I know I’m about to enter Bad Reviewer Territory because I’m judging the book partially by its cover but some things need to be said Dudes their car didn’t break down not that they drove a convertible anyway And there aren’t “two sides to every breakup” when the person ending the relationship is lying and the other didn’t want the relationship to end which is sort of what the phrase implies OH and Jordan is only labeled “cute enough” and isn't someone who appears to be a Hercules doppelganger figure from out of Megan Meade’s This cover totally misled me from what the book really is – a reflection of lies hypocritical characters and stupid and unrealistic situationsAnd the whole “slut” tag FOR GOD'S SAKE REALLY This story was so so stupid The big “secret” Jordan was keeping from Courtney was trés over dramatic and could really only be found on an old episode of the Bold and the Beautiful Why would Jordan and this is a huge spoiler first of all go out with a girl who’s the “daughter” of the man he caught fucking his mother? Why would Courtney at the end call up her dad – NOT HER ACTUAL FATHER KIDS – and try to start things up again when everything he did every nice thing he did for her was only to save his ass and not because he loved her? Why would Courtney’s parents – ESPECIALLY her father because I mean what is he begging for his secret to come out? – let her go on a roadtrip with her ex boyfriend across the country and why would Jordan still go with her anyhow? None of this makes any logical sense I have a huge issue with the characters I’d like to start with the minor ones Jocelyn is a creepy stalker who doesn’t trust her boyfriend and gives terrible advice Enough said BJ noted boyfriend would have actually been somewhat likable had he not been such a male BFF stereotype Seriously All love interest best friends are drunks or addicts thus trying to show how superior the LI is but also underlining how mindless that LI is because they chose an idiot to be their best friend Now I’m not saying that drunks or addicts are idiots but I am saying that most fictional male BFFs are created stupid and addicted to something be it drink narcotics or sex to show how ah may zing the romantic interest is Although I’m glad Barnholdt decided to give her secondary characters page time I am seriously disappointed in what she made of themOnto Jordan who is one of the worst boyfriends I think I’ve ever had the displeasure of reading about This boy was complete with outrageous lies horrid decision making skills and no brains whatsoever Again worst boyfriend This boy this disgusting boy uses girls like their toys – I think his mentality was ‘use ‘em once and drop ‘em’ – and lets his testosterone run the show Not only that but he was a lying jerk who made terrible decisions and also a typical playboy stereotype Impressionable YA readers do not be fooled by his good looks This is a boy in the shape of a man who needs a few lessons on how to properly treat a human being And I get to Courtney and I want to gag I do This excuse for a main character is even worse than Jordan For a supposedly intelligent person Courtney was incredibly close minded and judgmental On page one she assumes that the girl her ex hooked up with was a slut who was scamming guys on MySpace Uh darling how is she a slut when it was your boyfriend who left you for her? And is she a slut because she went for what she wanted? Do you know the specifics on how they got together? On page twenty nine she slams Katie Shaw who was hurt by Jordan saying she doesn’t feel bad because this girl “gets around” And then she says that of course Jordan was friends with Madison the girl he was trying to get in bed that night because she was disgusting and did things with Kool Aid and oral AND THEN she goes and according to Jordan in the next chapter grinds into him this guy who evokes “disgusting” behavior a guy who’s type she just claimed the “disgusting” girls Uh Courtney? What the fuck? If you’re so smart wouldn’t you realize that you’re doing the exact same thing you just claimed was gross? Wouldn’t you realize that you yourself are being what you consider a “slut?” Wouldn't you come up with a synonym to disgusting? Wouldn't you realize the very big very serious problem with slut shaming? HELLO? COURTNEY? YOU’RE A HYPOCRITICAL BITCH Yuck She left a terrible taste in my mouth And not only was she totally hypocritical but she was also mindless unable to think for herself unrealistic and stupid And now THE PARENTS Jesus the parents Why would Courtney’s dad let Courtney go on a road trip with Jordan even after they’d broken up when his big secret could have been told? Why would Courtney’s mom let her go on the trip if obviously her boyfriend just dumped her – why wouldn’t she drive her herself if tickets for a flight were already sold? No parent would actually force their kid to “learn that lesson” especially in Courtney’s father’s position Completely unbelievable Barnholdt’s writing was appalling She wrote her characters with absolutely no intelligent brains and wrote what four years after this novel’s release is totally outdated Outdated This book was SO outdated Who uses MySpace any? Destiny’s Child BROKE UP and was old when this book came out and yet Courtney thinks it’s cool to dance to it when she judges Jordan for listening to Sir Mix A Lot Again I point out her stupidity and hypocrisy What kind of person like this is LIKABLE? I also didn’t appreciate Barnholdt letting her characters off the hook with everything and also making up implausible situations to get them together Jordan was afraid that he wouldn’t be accepted to BU with his unimpressive grades and poor attendance record – he wouldn’t and yet Barnholdt let him off the hook in order to get him in a car with Courtney Courtney’s parents send her on the road trip with Jordan even after he broke her heart; why would Courtney’s father logically do that or any understanding parent – as Courtney’s parents pleaded they were – for that matter? Another fish let off the hook Two Way Street is a waste of your time It’s an embarrassing addition to YA contemporary books it’s filled with ludicrous characters and situations and is truly ridiculous by the end This is not recommended and I will not be reading anything of Barnholdt’s Ever La la la this is me forgetting Two Way Street

  3. Aj the Ravenous Reader Aj the Ravenous Reader says:

    This may be the first road trip anti romance novel I have read and although the entire thing was very juvenile I enjoyed it Jordan and Courtney fresh high school graduates have just recently broken up but their road trip to Boston University can no longer be cancelled You could just imagine the disaster to happen when you have to spend so many hours alone in a car with your ex I’ll never be able to handle it LolAlthough I wasn’t the biggest fan of the writing I thought the entire thing was funny entertaining and silly sometimes sweet The narrations alternating POVs of Jordan and Courtney and dialogues are engaging the main characters seem real and the confidantes are hilarious Recommended if you’re looking for a fun light read^^PS Happy birthday to one of my dearest most awesome GR friends Alafiya I’m sure you already know what I feel about you HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetie 3

  4. Haleema Haleema says:

    What this book was filled with Annoying narrators Annoying best friends Annoying style of writing Annoying cliches Annoying parents Annoying stereotypes

  5. ~Tina~ ~Tina~ says:

    This book is just awesomeI don't know why exactly but there is something so cute and angsty about Jordan and Courtney's story I couldn't stop grinning laughing and had to finish this in one sittingI loved the way the story was told both from Jordan and Courtney point of view we get the whole situation and what exactly the dilemma is here and I totally feel for Jordan cause that was uite the dilemma To be honest it didn't have to be that big of a deal but I guess looking at it from that age it would have been so I found it to be very realisticI thought all the jealousy bits were super cute and the love story is very touching and sweet Lots of crude language from Jordan which I found hilarious but I think what I liked the most was this was a believable romance with likable characters with a great story to tellI'm pleased to say that I am now of a chicklet reader and while it may not be my first love I can say that Lauren Barnholdt work makes it easy to love it that much I can't wait to read her other booksFun funny and fantastic Two Way Street was a total blast to read

  6. Maureen Maureen says:

    I got exactly two pages into this before I decided to DNF it and that's about all you need to know

  7. Reynje Reynje says:

    25 stars Maybe it’s the onset of summer or maybe it’s just my perpetually itchy feet but I find myself drawn to road trip books recently Having just finished and enjoyed Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour I went looking for another road romance read and came up with Two Way Street However while there’s certainly a road in it I’m not sure I’d classify this as a roadtrip book I’d probably classify it under “Books That Really Irritated Me And Yet I Couldn’t Put Down” Hmm It seems I don’t have a shelf for that Perhaps I should make one The “forced into a confined space with another person” device has been used to various though similar effects in both fiction and film a truth serumconfessional scenario a set up for er “resolving” some unresolved sexual tension or just giving a faltering relationship a final shove in one direction or the other In this case recently broken up Courtney and Jordan are obliged to spend three days in each other’s company travelling to college through complicated circumstances which are gradually revealed Though we meet Courtney masking her raw hurt with snarky bravado and Jordan being insensitive and apparently deliberately provoking you just know all is not as it initially seems Compelled into close proximity the truth is going to come out one way or another I’ll start with the good The structure of Two Way Street was really effective and well orchestrated Barnholdt uses dual narratives the story passing between Courtney and Jordan’s viewpoints In addition they recount not only the events of the trip as it happens but also flashbacks of their relationship as it commences then ultimately breaks up In a sense the story is moving both horizontally between the narrators and vertically up and down along the timeline of their relationship which pulls the story together into a tight weave of their perceptions and the underlying truth I’ve probably made that sound a lot complicated than it actually is – what I mean to say is that this is case where dual perspectives work really well especially in terms of characterisation Jordan who initially comes across as a posturing player with a distinctly cavalier attitude towards his hook ups and a distasteful habit of playing girls off one another in order to score is eventually revealed to be a fairly decent guy who genuinely cares about his girlfriend Courtney riding high on her righteous anger at allegedly being dumped for a nameless MySpace girl view spoilerMySpace haha hide spoiler

  8. Alyssa Alyssa says:

    Impulse buy from BookOutlet and I didn't hate it but I also didn't love it? I was expecting a swoony second chance romance but that didn't really happen Also the ending was nowhere near as resolved as I would have liked Full thoughts to comeReview posted on The Eater of Books blogTwo Way Street by Lauren BarnholdtPublisher Simon PulsePublication Date June 26 2007Rating 3 starsSource Purchased copySummary from GoodreadsThere are two sides to every breakupThis is Jordan and Courtney totally in love Sure they were an unlikely high school couple But they clicked; it worked They're even going to the same college and driving cross country together for orientationThen Jordan dumps Courtney for a girl he met on the InternetIt's too late to change plans so the road trip is on Courtney's heartbroken but figures she can tough it out for a few days La la la this is Courtney pretending not to careBut in a strange twist Jordan cares A lotTurns out he's got a secret or two that he's not telling Courtney And it has everything to do with why they broke up why they can't get back together and how in spite of it all this couple is destined for each otherWhat I LikedThis was an impulse buy from BookOutlet the book was 059 so how could I not? I absolutely adored Barnholdt's Through to You and I figured it couldn't hurt to give this book a chance Plus one of my blogging friends absolutely loves this book Believe it or not I actually really enjoyed this book I know my rating does not uite show this but I found this book to be really well written What I found myself disappointed in was the ending in that it didn't feel like an ending There needed to have been an epilogue But I'll talk about this later onJordan and Courtney had been together for four months when Jordan breaks up with Courtney He tells her that he doesn't want to be in a relationship any and that there is this new girl he met on Myspace I know right? Courtney is devastated To make matters worse Jordan and Courtney were going to move in to college together and they had a three day roadtrip planned They're still going to go on the roadtrip but Courtney is pissed and Jordan well Jordan isn't telling her everything Some people aren't meant to be together but some people really are that's what this story is all aboutThis story is written in dual POV and dual timeline which I thought was neat Usually I don't really care for the whole flashbacks thing but it really worked in this story So we get to see chapters from Courtney's POV and chapters from Jordan's POV and each of them have chapters that are in the before the trip and after The before starts with Jordan and Courtney meeting at a party and takes us all the way up to Jordan breaking up with her The trip is exactly what you'd expect present time in which Courtney is angry about having to still go on the roadtrip with Jordan but she still goes and it doesn't uite go as planned The after is pretty much when they get to the college and she finds out about things around that time Like I said usually I don't like dual timelines flipping between past and present but it worked in this storyCourtney is someone I really related to and understood She is very analytical and Type A a planner and an overthinker to the max She likes things planned to the finest detail and when she has a plan and a schedule she likes to stick to it exactly She likes to know exactly what is going on with no grey areas I am very much like this so I understood her and I liked her For much of this book she is not happy with Jordan and rightfully so But she also misses him and rightfully soJordan is the golden boy player type the good looking one that all the girls love the one that is confident and charming but also sweet and sensitive when he wants to be He runs from his problems which is part of the reason why he and Courtney started hanging out it's complicated and he ended up realizing that he genuinely liked her and wanted to be with her Jordan is a complex guy than meets the eye and I liked him a lot He isn't sleazy and a d bag like you'd think He's a decent guy; I know his type and I like himI expected drama in the story what with Jordan having a new girl he met on Myspace and all that But surprisingly the drama wasn't that bad? I hate drama and I expected a ton of it but the drama was really all between Jordan and Courtney and not really including other people Jordan misses Courtney but can't talk to her about things Courtney misses Jordan but she is furious about the breakup Things are complicated between them Nevertheless I could really feel the bond between them and their feelings for each other The romance in this book is messy because they're broken up but it's still a really sweet romance I loved seeing them pretend like they were okay like they both weren't hurting like they both didn't want to grab the other and kiss It was good angstThis book was published in 2007 and I was twelve years old at the time apparently Myspace was still a thing back then? This book centers a lot around Myspace Jordan's mysterious Myspace girl I actually learned a lot about Myspace from this book But honestly even though this book dates itself you could replace Myspace with Snapchat or Instagram or something and replace mentions of CDs with Pandora or playlists or something and this book would be entirely applicable to teens today In fact all of Jordan's and Courtney's mannerisms speech etc are all totally applicable to teen culture today I mean it was only ten years ago but still I never had a Myspace profile so this book is a little on the old side But still very much relatableI'll wrap this up While I did not love the ending see below I liked it for the reason that it was a HEA I love HEAs and this ending wasn't a disappointing or heartbreaking ending I'm glad Courtney finally learned the truth and she and Jordan had a conversation about everything Drama sorts itself out Barnholdt wrote a pretty great roadtrip romance But I wasn't totally satisfiedWhat I Did Not LikeThere really needed to be an epilogue to this book The ending is so abrupt and left so many loose ends With Courtney being such a meticulous planner and organizer I expected her to be fixing things left and right I'm trying to be vague on purpose I just felt like there was a conversation and that was it the book ended Can we see a cute scene with Jordan and Courtney four months later during Christmas vacation? Or something? I just wanted assurance that things are working out This is my biggest complaint and it's pretty much the reason why this book isn't getting four or stars from meAlso I wanted kissing There is some kissing in the before chapters but I wanted present day kissing Second chance angsty romances make for some serious chemistry and passion y'all There should have been some intense makeout sessions complainsWould I Recommend ItAs far as YA contemporary romance novels go this isn't a bad one I liked it minus the really open ending but it won't be for everyone It's a second chance romance with some angst between the two main characters which I actually enjoyed surprisingly I do recommend Barnholdt's Through to You which is unrelated to this novel but a really good YA contemporary romance standalone I think Barnholdt writes good contemporary but each of her books are different and may not be for every YA contemporary romance readerRating3 stars I liked this book but really wanted an epilogue or chapters in the story However I hear that Right of Way is a companion novel that includes some JordanCourtney cameos so I guess I have to read that book now I hope I won't be disappointed

  9. Fiona Fiona says:

    Because let's face it no matter how much you tell yourself you're over someone your heart knows the truth When I first saw the synopsis of Two Way Street I decided to read it right away as soon as I finished The Woman in Black A road trip with your ex? That's sounds intriguing and fun to read I was giggling and excited when I saw this because I like love hate relationships you know? Anyway I loved the book and at first I thought it will be a next favorite material for me But it wasn't and that's why I gave this 35 starsSo the story starts when Courtney is headed off to college She ends up having to take the trip from Florida to a college in Boston with her ex boyfriend Jordan They had a bad breakup he dumped her for a girl on Myspace and she is absolutely dreading it She is still in love with him but tries to do everything in her power not to let him know that she still cares This proves to be uite difficult and they butt heads through out the trip Jordan on the other hand still loves Courtney too He can't tell her though because of a stupid secret he has been keeping from her He wants to be with her but if he thinks that if he tells her that she is going to hate him even Anyway I found Jordan sexy and charming At first his genes were exuding über manwhore ness but that was until he met Courtney and he just totally flipped for her He found Courtney a girlfriend material not just some one night thing The book was a dual points of view so it hops back and forth from past to present so we can see how their relationship began and ended and everything in between Throughout the story I saw a character development on Jordan and that's a plus for me He was gentleman enough to be caring and sweet towards Courtney when Courtney's actually dodging him offOn the other hand I found Courtney annoying and a bit shallow Yeah we get that she's trying so hard not to let Jordan see that she still has feelings for him but there are some points when I just couldn't stand her I didn't see the point of her pretending so hard that she's all in love with her guy bestfriend and acting very bitchy towards Jordan when truly he was in her head and she's screaming inside that they want to get back togetherThe background friends were Jocelyn and BJ and I didn't really like them BJ was always drunk and Jocelyn wasn't in the book enough for me to tell much about her but she is loyal and that is always a good trait Overall I really loved the story and the whole concept of the book The only thing that I really didn't like was the ending It was a disappointment It basically left everything unanswered for me Seems like Barnholdt just didn't know how to end it right so she just settled for something rushed I am still going to give the book 35 stars because I loved all the other content Just not the ending so much I don't know if there is a seuel out there now or if there will be but I sure hope so Everything was left too unresolved for me I loved the characters and I really want to know exactly how things ended up for them

  10. Alaina Alaina says:

    “When people start liking people that’s when someone has the ability to get hurt”I didn't hate it but I didn't love it eitherview spoiler Two Way Street is about Jordan and Courtney It's a cute little are they or aren't they together romance novel Their relationship starts off while they are in high school but it doesn't last long at all Then things get really awkward because they had this plan to drive together to Boston University because that's where they are both going for college Anyways it kind of becomes predictable other than Courtney finding out the real reason why Jordan broke up with her and they end up happily dating each other in the endYou know what my one problem with this whole story was It took 3 days for them to magically fall back in love 3 days for Jordan to admit that he was in love with her in the beginning and just wasn't man enough to tell her So of course breaking up with her was the best thing he could come up with?? I don't even remember know or care how long they were broken up for but really 3 days?? Besides all of that nonsense their families are both weird and kind of messed up except for Courtney's mom Also their friends who were hooking up with each other are beyond weird tooOther than that it was a uick and easy read hide spoiler

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