Come Unto These Yellow Sands PDF Ø Come Unto Kindle

Come Unto These Yellow Sands PDF Ø Come Unto Kindle

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  1. Baba Baba says:

    Review completed January 15 2013 You were motivated by kindness and the desire to help I don't get a lot of that in my line of work So I'll take the impaired judgment and good heart overanything else I've seen Sebastian Swift is a recovering drug addict a poet as well as a respectable college professor and the director of the prestigious Lighthouse MFA program of Casco Bay College in Southern Maine Swift is ready to go home and on his way to his office when he sees a kid slumped in a chair outside the office door The severely battered kid is Tad Corelli a very talented student Swift is trying to help him but Tad doesn't want to talk about his problems He needs a breather and Swift is offering him the key to his bungalow on Orson Island Standing in that silent shadowy room it suddenly hit Swift that it was probably too late now for things to move in the direction he'd have liked Time and tide Love had its own circadian rhythms and it was beginning to look like he and Max had missed their chance that they'd slipped into a comfortable somnolence Perhaps they would continue on indefinitely but it was all too likely one of these days they were simply going to drift gently uietly apart A couple of hours later his lover Police Chief Max Prescott is coming to Swift's home to savor a delicious dinner At the same time they are having an interesting talk A local restaurant owner Mario Corelli has been murdered The victim is Tad's father In fact Max is on the lookout for Tad since he fought with his father numerous times It's obvious that his disappearance is suspicious Max needs information about Tad but Swift acts evasively he doesn't want to speak up He believes that Tad is innocent and he doesn't want to provide the information that would lead up to Tad's arrest If anything he wants to talk to Tad once again and encourage him to turn himself in Even though Swift is driven by kind and good intentions the fallout is severe because they had never lied to each other yet and that's one of the things he liked best about their relationship With that said there is always a first for everything though The only reason I'm alive today is I had enough people who cared whether I lived or died to step in andsave me from myself You look like that angel in the front room Come Unto These Yellow Sands is beautifully written and a great addition to my ever growing Lanyon shelf Swift's house is one special place it's a former church that has been converted into a loft Swift was not particularly religious but he experienced good vibrations in this old house of worship It was a peaceful place and he had needed peace when he'd arrived in Stone Coast fresh out of rehab six years earlier Lanyon makes the best out of a rather short novel He is economical as all get out but in a very convincing as well as satisfying way With few words he is able to tell a compelling story that will draw you in from the very beginning Compared to Fair Game Come Unto These Yellow Sands is rather slow paced and yet it's the opposite of boring I love Lanyon's wit and his intelligent writing Also his characters are authentically flawed complex as well as very likable I loved Swift's exploration of his relationship his issues and inner conflicts especially his former cocaine addiction and his personal fears and shortcomings The investigation of Corelli's murder stressed Swift tremendously and he had to fight against a possible relapse I don't know if I need to go back into rehab oror what Just the thought of it makes me sick but ever since view spoileryou pulled that fucking bag out of the john I can't stop thinking about it hide spoiler

  2. LenaRibka LenaRibka says:

    That is how I should start this review It was my first book of Josh Lanyon but for sure not the last oneHis writing is AMAZING And that is my review I love poetry Not like buying a poetry eBook reading it and write a review afterI love it like to have poetry paperback books on my real shelf in my real living room I like it like to pick up from time to time a suitable for my mood book and read a poem or two or even I love poetry like writing it Of course only for mebut I LOVE POETRYI have a weak spot for the main characters who have passion for words and writing Let one of them be a former drug addicted fragile sensitive professor and lover of fine poetry and I'm lost Add to my excitement the hot handsome Police Chief Max Prescott a problematic relationship a thrilling mystery story a steamy sex a fabulous writing style and you have me Whether you want it or notMaybe somebody would like sex scenes and normally I'm THAT somebody who prefers a lot of sex Also in my romance books But here it was a perfect mixture out of everythingHere every dosage every last detail was just rightExcept the writing The writing was not just right IT was AMAZING POETIC DELICIOUS Highly recommended

  3. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    25 starsWelcome to what is apparently opposite day on Goodreads Heather edition I started off the day by loving a book that most of my friends told me to skip they disliked it so much Bad Company and ended it with feeling meh about a book that my GR friends love almost unanimously I'm waiting for the devil to help an old lady cross the street and Mother Theresa to come back as the leader of the damned because things are just cuckoo loca around here for me todayWell I'll start off with what I liked about this one I liked the moody atmospheric setting of the book It felt like real small town New England I also thought that the characters of Swift and Max were really interesting each with their own struggles and obstacles that they had to overcome I thought that Swift's battle with addiction was poignant and a highlight of the book for me Here is my issue the romance I felt like something happened between Max and Swift that I completely missed I guess there was something momentous occurring between them that I didn't pick up on From Swift's POV Max seemed distant and ambivalent about their relationship for the past few years I mean he even said that Max saying that he missed Swift one time was the most romantic thing he had ever done Swift didn't even call what they had a relationship and I saw little to no communication between them So when the relationship went from friends with benefits to I Love You well to say I was confused was an understatement I think that the fact that the story was told only from Swifts perspective made it hard to see where Max was coming from The romance came out of left field for me Aside from the romance the mystery seemed a bit all over the place I think part of my problem is that I'm not a mystery lover I tend to shy away from that genre it doesn't appeal to me much Also the pace dear god It dragged on and on in the first 12 of the book so much so that I had to force myself to continue past 50% However once I got past that I have to say that I liked this book than I expected from the first half I also didn't find this book particularly funny and without any sex on page I had a hard time finding something to latch on to AND this book ended at 91% on my Kindle which is a pet peeve of mine Do I get why people loved this book? I think so It was skillfully and thoughtfully written if not exactly to my taste I hope that I like my next Josh Lanyon book because right now he is 0 for 2 with me Don't hate me friends

  4. Snjez Snjez says:

    My favourite book by this author so farThe mystery was good but what made me like the story as much as I did were the characters I liked Swift right from the start I wasn't sure I'd like Max but he pleasantly surprised me as the story progressed The writing was really great in this one Swift and Max were already in a relationship when the story started but I never felt I was missing something from before And I really appreciated that Swift didn't act the way characters usually act when trying to solve a case I really enjoyed the audiobook Paul Fleschner did a great job narrating the story he has a very pleasant voice Loved the addition of sound effects

  5. Rosa, really Rosa, really says:

    I fucking love this book It's fucking awesome Fuckity fuck fuck it's so good it made me teary eyed It's possible I may love it than the Adrien English seriesThat's right I'm super serious about my love for this bookThere's a lot of great reviews so I'll stick to this I love the way Josh Lanyon's love of books his appreciation of other writers creeps into everything he writes In this book it's poetry and Choose Your Own Adventure books in Adrien English and the Holmes and Moriarity series it's mystery novels and The Ghost Wore Yellow Socks it's trashy detective novels Now maybe that sounds obvious He's a writer of course he loves books Dur But I freuently get the idea generally about books I dislike that the writer has read nothing but how to books on writing Or perhaps they've only read books within the genre they're writing in to get an idea of what's most popular with readers What's guaranteed to sellOkay having said that I'll add that there's nothing really wrong with that everyone has to consider their economic situation and learning what they can to improve their writing as well as choosing an audience I heard an anecdote maybe apocryphal about Lawrence Durrell he was asked why he wrote The Alexandria uartet and replied that he had kids to put through college So I guess it's just a matter of preference I love authors who have read widely who've immersed themselves in words and worlds Josh Lanyon's one of those authors Whenever I read his books I get the idea that he may have watched Beauty and the Beast 5 times in a row just to see the library Whose parents suggested he put the book down and get out of the house At the same time someone who is interested in people and the world around him He may or may not be an introvert but he reads like he pays attention to the rest of the world and the people in itOkay yeah I have no idea how to sum this up soooothose are my thoughts on thataudible edition5 stars as well Probably my favorite audio book I've bought from and it's all due to the narrator Okay and the book Also there was no annoying music between chapters I really hate that At the end there was only the sound of the ocean which made the ending all the poignant

  6. Ingie Ingie says:

    Written June 8 201438 Stars Well made stylish and tastefully presented but perhaps not breathtaking engagingI've enjoyed all six books I read by Josh Lanyon so far I can't but shudder of that wonderful expectant pleasure to immediatly throw me over yet another praised story by JL My friends' reviews are very promising and JL's great admirer Lena recommended me to read this novel months ago‘There are few things in this life bamboo under fingernails than good poetry read aloud badly —unless it is bad poetry read aloud badly’Mr Lanyon is by now a favorite author His novels have a calm amidst the chaos These men feel so real with both weaknesses and shortcomings but ultimately in the end with large tender hearts Another good one read the words on this postcard Like the one Swift got from Max Professor Sebastian Swift once the bad boy darling of the literati is now living a simple and uiet drug free life in a small town in Southern Maine His old wild poet’s society life is since long dead and buried Even Swift's relationship with the hot handsome Police Chief Max Prescott is rather modest and imprecise but healthy Or is there far too much unsaid undecided and too loose at the edges between them?‘Time and tide Love had its own circadian rhythms and it was beginning to look like he and Max had missed their chance that they'd slipped into a comfortable somnolence Perhaps they would continue on indefinitely but it was all too likely one of these days they were simply going to drift gently uietly apart’When one of Swift's most talented students Tad Corelli comes to him bruised and begging for help Swift hands over the keys to his Orson Island cabin—only to find out that the boy’s father is dead and the police are suspicious In an instant the stable life Swift has built for himself hangs on finding the boy and convincing him to give himself up before Max figures out Swift’s involvement in the case Come Unto These Yellow Sands was a relatively light hearted story about poetry writing fathers drugs love lust and so a mysterious murder to solve course The main character are as often; one cultural curious pry snoop guy —who tells the story— and one big strong stable and very sexy police detective I recognize this basic construction with character types for Mr Lanyon's stories by now And as usual I was charmed and in most parts satisfied Swift and Max are both very interesting and easy to like There is much in Swift's former story I would like to read a special book about A refill of Max previous destinies would not hurt either It is perhaps too optimistic and hopeful to believe in another novel or short story about these men but ideas for it are exceedingly in large uantities These characters are than simplified two dimensional sex 'machines'‘He woke with Max's arms wrapped around his torso and Max's genitals soft against his ass And for the first time in days he wasn't aware of wanting anything but breakfast Breakfast and Max Not necessarily in that order’ I missed maybe that little extra those heartbreaking moments the sizzling intensity between the MCs the boiling heat and a proper finish of it all Now it became a somewhat abrupt end A few pages with a wonderfully slowly and pleasurably shown HEA had been appreciated by me Or was it as often when I read a book during too many days five this time; I lose the mood and feeling for it a bit Either way really worth the read The poet Wilfred JFunk's 1932 list of most beautiful words Melody Golden Chimes Luminous Mist Tranuil Murmuring Lullaby Hush and Dawn Swifth liked these words and felt kind of calmed by them So do I It will be Mr Lanyon books I LIKE pleasant and much in my taste I got this e book book as an AReB gift from my lovely Norwegian friend Marte Lucky me Big thanks dear Marte

  7. Heather C Heather C says:

    Amazing and IntenseWell Josh has done it again Written another amazing romantic mystery with realistic imperfect characters and such vivid imagery that I felt so connected with the story and the main characters Only this time Swift made me cry even than Adrien Swift's struggle to stay sober was breaking my heart I cried when he wanted to use and I cried when Max was there to save him Those that know me well know that I hardly ever cry He only wanted to help a friend and believed he was doing the right things; and those choices nearly destroyed him I have to say that I loved the brief Choose Your Own Adventure scenarios at the beginning of each chapter For me it brought to mind the paths that Swift chose to take throughout the course of his life thus far What would you choose to do in this situation? Can you really control your own destiny? Or will the finale always end up being the same?Swift and Max's relationship was intense Here you have the recovering cocaine addict literature professor slash famous former poet and the small town's chief of police Can they be any different?? Yet they were perfect for each other I loved how Swift called Max Chief and how Max called Swift Teach It made me smile everytime And when Max told Swift I’m not going to let go of you I’m going to hold you all night So go ahead and feel whatever you feel If you’re still craving cocaine go ahead You’re safe You can crave it all you want but I won’t let go and if you still feel like you can’t trust yourself in the morning and it’s what you want I’ll drive you to rehab myself Okay? I had to take a break from reading because my chest was hurting and I had tears running down my face Like I said it was AMAZING and INTENSEETA I just realized that I did't say anything about the mystery I guess I'm like Swift and didn't really care about who the killer was It was a good mystery and I didn't have anything figured out until the end

  8. Natasha Natasha says:

    Lanyon has taught me that I had a real soft spot for recovering addictsOh Swift You just can't winSpoilers EverywhereSpoilers here there spoilers in jars next to here and thereI'd like to think I'm moderately well versed in the ways of Josh Lanyon books now since I've been practically shoving the words into a blender and injecting them into the juiciest vein I can find lately I can't get enough It's an addiction on it's own That being said this is one of my favorite Lanyon books It's in my top three so far Which is hard to pick because it's like picking a favorite child which actually might be easier for meThis book is about a beautiful perfect angel named Swift He's a professor with a smart attitude compassion flying out of his butt and a jaded past What can anyone ask for? He's been dating the police chief of their small town whose name is Max Max is fucking ballin' One of Swift's best students comes to Swift battered bloody and asks for Swift's help And Swift does what anyone with a heart would do he helps the kid He then finds out that the kid's dad has been found murdered and Swift might've just helped the kid escape But Swift doesn't think the kid did it but he fails to immediate tell his boyfriend Max about it Insert drama here I love this book because I fell hard for Swift Hard and fast Unlike some of our other sleuthing characters Swift has a reason to be nosing around the kid is a student of his who he thought he was helping out Then kid goes missing and he's looking for kid He doesn't really care who killed the kid's dad he just cares about finding the kid and this IMO seems very believable and makes senseCan our boy Swift catch a fucking break? Seriously someone throw him a bone Everyone is mean to him pushing him down never there to help him out Well Max is but he doesn't know that I felt so sad for him so many times battling his demons aloneHis relationship with Max is odd He thinks it's a casual kind of thing between two gay men there aren't many openly gay men where they live but he thinks he feels for Max than Max does for him It's sad really Two years and being so unsure But Max is there for him I love the dramatic scene in Max's office between the two “I’m not going to let go of you I’m going to hold you all night So go ahead and feel whatever you feel If you’re still craving cocaine go ahead You’re safe You can crave it all you want but I won’t let go and if you still feel like you can’t trust yourself in the morning and it’s what you want I’ll drive you to rehab myself Okay?” Swift's addiction was so hard to read about I was BRILLIANT If I could make the word brilliant shine on your computer monitor I would I shed a few very adult tears when reading about his struggles with his cocaine addiction trying to distract himself with his cooking and reading It's the simple things like that that really make a reader feel The scene where Swift calls Max and tells him he could really use the company that night? Cried Swift closed his eyes You’d think that someone who had needed as much help as he had in his life would be good at asking for it Not this time Just typing this review is making me miss this book How long since I've read it? 3 weeks? Yeah I'm going to reread this within a month I can feel itIf you haven't read a lot of or any Josh Lanyon I'd suggest reading this book Start here It's a beautiful story and you won't regret it

  9. Laura Laura says:

    THIS was exactly what I needed Josh Lanyon once again dazzled me with words banter men and mystery Swift’s voice had me grinning ear to ear chuckling laughing out loud and in tears I have said this before but I need to shout out my love one time—the settings and descriptions The way Mr Lanyon can pull me into a scene with every single one of my senses is my favorite part of the ride and read I’m right there in the moment in the room and in the tension With sound a breeze cup of tea or touch the pages come to life right before my eyes Every missed moment unsaid word and embrace feels so real to me Soft caresses and touches that I can feel right down to my toes ”Swift closed his eyes trying to concentrate on nothing than the feel of Max’s hand rubbing his back Such a simple uncomplicated pleasure that of touch Max smoothed the thin skin between Swift’s shoulder blades”Max and Swift have been seeing each other hanging out hellwhatever they want to call it for years with no big commitment or plans But their whole routine and world goes all topsy turvy when one of Swift’s favorite students is accused of murder Lies truth history and small town gossip get all kinds of tangled up causing trouble on top of turmoil Can Swift and Max’s relationship survive a murder investigation old addictions clawing their way in anger pain and danger? You’re going to have to drop by this Lanyon world to find out This doozy of a mystery had me guessing til the endAs much as I love Lanyon it is rare for him to pull big messy tears out of me He usually tip toes in oh so uietly and shreds my heart to itty bitty pieces But Swift’s struggle and pain with addiction hit me hard Big fat tears and snot on the train ride home sigh So here I am in love with another Lanyon world and character Go go go read a Lanyon tale today His words and characters will stick with you Favorite line view spoiler “It’s okay to let go I’ve got you” hide spoiler

  10. MLE MLE says:

    I liked the feel of this story and how it felt like the author understood the setting I live in Maine and too often authors who write about my home state don't do any sort of research or base it on some abstract idea of what they think Maine might be like Too much folksy charm or too many ignorant hicks This felt like a small college town in the southern part of the state I appreciate things like thatI enjoyed Swift's character and his struggles The specter of his drug addiction is a real force in his life and something he will always be dealing with I'm glad it wasn't candy coated in any way He seemed like a fully formed person and had real depth of character and motivation For most of the book his relationship with Max felt flat to me It seemed like a relationship of convenience than love I think it was because I was only given Swift's perspective and his view of the relationship was colored by his insecurity When Max became a bigger part of the story I felt like I got a better feel for the depth of their connection and how much Max did love Swift I think I would have liked to see of this bond because even at the end it was hard to reconcile what Swift thought of their relationship for most of the book with how he felt about it in the endThe mystery was interesting but seemed to take a few leaps and jumps in different parts that I didn't necessarily always follow and it seemed to wrap up a little too easily in the end I did appreciate that it wasn't a completely neat ending but it still didn't totally work for meI really enjoyed how the Chose your own Adventure stories factored into the plot and the beginning of each chapter I think this was my favorite part of the story telling The writing was well done but at times it felt it dragged a bit or was a bit dry I liked it but at times I’d find my attention wandering Overall an enjoyable read good but not great

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Come Unto These Yellow Sands [PDF / Epub] ☀ Come Unto These Yellow Sands By Josh Lanyon – Sometimes the adventure chooses you Lover of fine poetry and lousy choose your own adventure novels Professor Sebastian Swift was once the bad boy darling of the literati The only lines he does these Sometimes the adventure chooses you Lover of These Yellow PDF ↠ fine poetry and lousy choose your own adventure novels Professor Sebastian Swift was once the bad boy darling of the literati The only lines he does these days are Come Unto Kindle - Browning Frost and Cummings Even his relationship with the hot handsome Wolfe Neck Police Chief Max Prescott is healthy When one of his most talented students comes to him bruised and begging for help Swift hands over Unto These Yellow PDF ´ the keys to his Orson Island cabin—only to find out that the boy’s father is dead and the police are suspicious In an instant the stable life Swift has built for himself hangs on finding the boy and convincing him to give himself up before Max figures out Swift’s involvement in the case Max enjoys splitting an infinitive or two with his favorite nutty professor but he’s not much for sonnets or Shakespeare He likes being lied to even less Yet his instincts—and his heart—tell him his lover is being played Max can forgive lies and deception but a dangerous enemy may not stop until Swift is heading up his own dead poet’s society Warning The Surgeon General has determined that Josh Lanyon’s smart sexy sophisticated stories may prove hazardous to your heart.

  • Kindle Edition
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  • Come Unto These Yellow Sands
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