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After the Ceremony PDF/EPUB Á After the PDF/EPUB or

After the Ceremony (Wolfs Heritage, #1.5) ❮Reading❯ ➼ After the Ceremony (Wolfs Heritage, #1.5) Author Tielle St. Clare – An Ellora's Cave Naughty Nooner story and part of the Wolf’s Heritage seriesThe fun begins After the ceremonyFor Zach Taylor and Mikhel’s wedding is a bittersweet event He’s thrilled for his lov An Ellora's Cave Naughty Nooner story and part of the Wolf’s Heritage seriesThe fun begins After the ceremonyFor Zach Taylor and Mikhel’s wedding is a bittersweet event He’s thrilled for his lovers but feels left out Still he’s going to do everything in his power so they can have the perfect wedding night Just the two of them But Taylor and Mik have other plans Their perfect wedding night involves Zach and the wicked wicked things they do together.

10 thoughts on “After the Ceremony (Wolfs Heritage, #1.5)

  1. willaful willaful says:

    I haven't read the book this follows but still enjoyed it Zach is a beta wold shapeshifter facing a lonely night after the wedding of his two alphas and lovers But Mikhel and Taylor refuse to let traditional ideas about marriage come between their triad Very hot short story with a happy ending I thought it was cool to see the perspective of a submissive male in erotica as well as the perspective of the seemingly third of a threesome

  2. Lindap Lindap says:

    3 StarsNot bad for a 28 page wedding night story between 3 wolves 2M and 1F This was a free book when I picked it upI wanted to get a feel for Tielle St Clare's writing style Considering I've never read the first book in this series I still knew what was going on and the dynamics between the three of them

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    I haven't read the first book but I wanted to I am not really a fan of mmf I like better mfm Anyway they're all shifters wolfes and they're having sex after the official wedding between the two alphas Zach is the Beta but they want him to be a real part of it I think I liked him better than the two others characters maybe because he's the narrator or because he's trying to please Mikhal and Taylor even if it hurts him I probably would have liked it better if I've read Book 1 but well it's kind of too late to change that

  4. Meleka Taylor Meleka Taylor says:

    This is the story of Zach Taylor and Mikhal They all have been in a relationship Taylor and Mikhal has finished uniting in a human wedding ceremony Zach wanted to give them privacy on their wedding night and not continue to feel like a third wheel However they invite him for that night's activitiesI love threesome but I can say that this was not for me I am not into the dynamic of the men being engaged with each other That was a turnoff for me There was not much of a storyline or character development It was just a story of three people coming together to have sex

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is a perfect update book it's mikhels and Taylor's wedding will it also be for zach or will he have to leave them for the night this was a sexy romantic and funny book love it

  6. Angeles Angeles says:

    SweetPolyamory bisexuality and werewolves What's not to enjoy? A little too simplified but still leads the imagination in some fun directions

  7. TinaMarie TinaMarie says:

    A wonderful slice of cake in telling the story of marriage within a ménage and toss in a little Ds and Alphabeta wolf dynamics and steamy sex Well done

  8. Thom Swennes Thom Swennes says:

    Taylor and Mikhel are married The traditional service includes Zack as Mikhel’s best man When the public portion is over and it is time for the bridal couple to depart Zack is easily persuaded to tag along I firmly believe in different strokes for different folks and can also state uneuivocally that this story doesn’t even come close to my stroke In the first place tales of werewolves don’t rate very high on my interest chart Secondly man woman man relationships have never particularly inspired me and thirdly the combination of all of these elements with a dash of sweaty three way sex and marriage doesn’t constitute an appealing literary culinary cuisine This has proven to be a literary smorgasbord that has left me just a little ueasy This story or kind of story may be what some people are looking for but not me I am liberal enough to defend the right of this work to exist and narrow minded enough to stay away from it This said I think it is richly deserving of the single star I’ve awarded it The world of literature is as strange unpredictable and as diverse as the world we live in and is made up of all kinds that should strive to subsist in harmony

  9. I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( I ♥ Bookie Nookie ( says:

    This was a sweet read and a nice extention to book 1 it was nice to know without a doubt that Zach had a definite place in Mikhal and Taylor's life To enjoy this book you definitely need to read book 1without book 1 this would just read like a bunch of sex I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as muchIf you like this type of book you might enjoy one of these groups Check us outMenage ReadersErotic EnchantsBookie Nookie's Erotic eBook Exchange

  10. Mike Mike says:

    Short but heated MMF erotica exploring roles between two strong but different male partners within a menageA perfect scene to cap off the story in the first installment I would say without reading the first book this would mostly read like brief erotic menage story with character jockeying that makes some sense but doesn't add too muchSince I enjoyed the first book I found the character resolutions here as well as the consummating sex to be a perfect epilogue to the previous story A nice sizzling end to an MMF polyamorous story getting five stars due to tackling jockeying respect and need between two strong men who need different things from their menage relationship

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