Hearts Through Time ePUB Ì Hearts Through PDF \

Hearts Through Time ePUB Ì Hearts Through PDF \

Hearts Through Time ❮Reading❯ ➵ Hearts Through Time ➭ Author Marie Higgins – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk When a woman claiming to be a ghost from 1912 appears in Nick Marshal's office and begs for help in solving her murder he thinks he has lost his mind A scandal that rocked Hollywood almost destroyed h When a woman claiming to be a ghost from appears in Nick Marshal's office and begs for help in solving her murder he thinks he has lost his mind A scandal that rocked Hollywood almost destroyed his law practice so he doesn't need any fireworks as he rebuilds his life Still he is intrigued by Abigail Carlisle's plea and he needs clients even if this one insists she's dead The secrets Nick uncovers the deeper he falls for the beautiful ghostAbigail believes Hearts Through PDF \ Nick is her heart's true desire but how can happily ever after happen when she's already dead The time she spends with him the real she becomes until Nick can finally touch herIn a strange turn of events Nick is suddenly whisked back to two weeks before Abby's murder but she doesn't remember him When he attempts to win her over so he can save her from a tragic destiny Abby thinks Nick is courting her for her inheritance But even if he can rescue her and make her trust him again how can they be together forever.

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  1. Brenda Brenda says:

    Another super darling romance by Marie Higgins A beautiful heartbroken ghost and a reformed bad boy attorney Abby needs Nick's investigator skills to help her uncover who killed her back in 1912 Yep there's time travel Yep there's a mystery Yep there's a murder and thank goodness there's a sweet romance Fun characters that learn to trust in each other and hope that somehow sometime they can have a life or death? together Sueaky clean fun adventure in both the present and the past Once the mystery starts to unfold you can't close this book until you get your Happily Ever After

  2. Betsy Love Betsy Love says:

    Lots and lots of romance sets this sweet clean romance on the top of my favorites list While the idea of falling in love with a ghost isn't new how she sets the scenes clues and unusual twists will delight the sleuth in you The plot twisted in ways I didn't expect And while the ending was a surprise Higgins creates a character whose choice is clear After I closed the book I thought to myself I would love to see another book with these characters

  3. Cheri Cheri says:

    Nick is a lawyer who has had his share of problems in the past when he moves his office into a new building he feels like he can make a fresh start Abigail is a ghost from 1912 looking for a solicitor to help solve her murder I loved the twist and turns in this book

  4. Julie Julie says:

    This is a fun little romantic mystery that pulls you in from the start and it definitely would get 35 stars from me Our main character Nick is trying to start over in both his personal life and his professional life He is confronted by a woman from the early 1900s who says she was murdered and needs him to help solve her murder so she can cross over It is an interesting premise that kept me turning pages as they both follow leads to find out what happened to her and her father’s money I really liked the setting and the mystery The romance felt a little rushed at times and some of the dialogue was a bit overdone in places but I thought the author did a great job with showing the differences in the time periods and how the characters reacted to a different set of values It sort of reminded me a bit of the movie “Somewhere in Time” but with a murder to solve added in I do have to say I really loved the mystery aspect of it best of all The author is uite skilled at drawing out the anticipation of how it’s all going to end and that alone makes it a book worth having So if you’re looking for an entertaining afternoon read Hearts Through Time is the novel for you

  5. Heather Heather says:

    A clever plot Wanted some details on how the science of the time traveling took place and also less gushing dialog between the main characters But overall a fun read

  6. Sheryl C.s. Sheryl C.s. says:

    Hearts Through TimeIn Marie Higgins’ ghost story Hearts Through Time beautiful Abigail Carlisle finally finds the man she’s been searching for all her death She doesn't want him for his looks his flashy car or his law degree He’s just the right man in the right building with the right initials Before she died her grandmother told her she’d find a solicitor with the initials NM who would help herNick Marshal is renovating his career when he meets the ethereal Abigail garbed in elegant 1912 attire complete with an overly large bow trimmed hat In a way I wish this had been a period movie I love to watch old movies that reuire hours of choreography so male actors can seamlessly dodge the wide brimmed hats and feathers of elegant ladiesIt doesn't take long for Nick to pass a hand through Abigail’s insubstantial body and figure out he’s either seeing a ghost or having a nervous breakdown As Nick thinks over the mystery of Abigail’s murder and begins taking actions to solve it Abigail becomes solid He is able to touch her and little by little she takes form as they develop feelings for one another Alas fate finds them hopelessly entangled in syrupy doe eyed love only to thrust them into the past There alive and kicking Abigail can’t remember Nick who's wearing an Armani suit that marks him as alien to the inhabitants of 1912 Sacramento However even time can’t prevent their love and soon they’re rushing across rooms into each other’s arms again But can Nick prevent Abigail’s impending murder? How will they ever be able to stay together?Call me waxing poetic but there is something in Nick’s reaching out to the unsolid vision before him that’s akin to us reaching for our own dreams and desires When first our imaginations alight on a dream or desire it is insubstantial just like Abigail’s ghostly body However as we let our minds chew on those dreams to the point where we can’t help but take action towards attaining them we find our dreams solidifying into reality before usTen reasons I like this book1 Marie Higgins flushes out a sweet romance that’s sueaky clean meaning she spares the reader the world of lusty hormonal characters2 She does it twice because Abigail falls in love all over again in 19123 Marie weaves a whodunnit that had me really wondering who done it? Predictable is not the word to describe this book4 Nick Marshal tosses the scantily clad clacky stiletto heeled swimsuit model Whoot5 Abigail dares to live her own dreams instead of her father’s6 Down and out in 1912 Sacramento Nick picks himself up and gets a job7 Even though she’s sent the servants away for the day Abigail can still cook8 Who wouldn't love the cover of the book? Gorgeous9 Hearts Through Time entertained my thirteen year old daughter10 In Higgins’ 1912 Sacramento attractive women pull up to attractive men in Armani suits and pat the passenger seat in invitation just like they do today

  7. Mary Walling Mary Walling says:

    HEARTS THROUGH TIMEByMarie HigginsTears gathered in her eyes so she blinked them away “Believe it Mr Marshal I am a ghost”Abigail Carlisle a beautiful and charming young woman claims to be a ghost from 1912 who was murdered doesn’t know who did it and wants to enlist Nick Marshal’s help to solve the crime so she can pass over into the next life and stop haunting her father’s old newspaper office Nick Marshal an attorney from the 21st century who is recovering from a wild lifestyle that has left his once very successful career in a shambles is who Abigail appears to for help He thinks he is going crazy and is seeing things Abigail must convince him she is what she is so she can “stop living in this ghostly existence”I was taken with this book immediately The cover is absolutely perfect for this book and so beautiful I love romance mystery murders time travel haunting and ghosts Who could ask for than to have it all wrapped into one book and Marie Higgins has successfully done that with this book Once started it was hard to put it down I carried it all over the house with me and read it every chance I had I recommend it as an excellent book for youth and adults I know you will enjoy it as much as I didA copy of this book was provided to me by Walnut Springs Press LLC for reviewWalnut Springs Press LLC110 South 800 WestBrigham City Utah 84302httpwalnutspringspressblogspotcomCopies of this book can also be obtained through com and Deseret Books Visit Marie at and Marie enjoys hearing from her readers at mariehiggins84302yahoocom

  8. Cathleen Clark Cathleen Clark says:

    GREAT BOOK First of all I must say that it is slightly outside of my typical genre I read alot of science fiction and fantasy so when I started reading Hearts Through Time I was concerned that it was a romance novel with a little bit of sci fi thrown in as a plot device I was concerned it would not hold my attention because of this I must say I was very happily surprised to find that it is a great read and I cannot put it down Last night I found myself at 100 am reading by flashlight as my husband slept next to me I had to be at work early today but I just could not put the book down it was so enticing I even brought it to work with me today and read it between final exams being a reading teacher it's easy to justify it as modeling appropriate behavior lol What I like is the author's style of writing which is very clean and very clearly understood Honestly her style reminds me of JK Rowling in that she provides just enough background on each of the characters to flesh them out and keep them interesting As the plot progresses we learn about each of the characters By the end of the book I felt very comfortable with these characters and felt there could even be a seuel to Hearts Through Time Other factors I appreciated the tightly constructed mystery the perfect story arc and the ending The only flaw and it is a minor one is I would have enjoyed historical background on Sacramento circa 1912 when the 2nd half of the book takes place Ms Higgins you wrote a wonderfully entertaining story and I will be on the lookout for your other books

  9. Teri Teri says:

    Hearts Through Time by Marie HigginsIf you like time travel like I do with a beautiful female ghost from the past trying to solve her murderfrom 100 years ago you'll love this romantic suspense taleNick Marshall upon seeing Abigail Carlisle out of nowhere in his office he has thoughts of being crazy but when Abby does things to prove she is a ghost from 1912 he comes to believe her Abby has been stuck in his office building ever since her murder but when she begins spending time with Nick she's able to venture through the barrier that keeps her from leaving the building She also finds herself falling in love and so does Nick With time Abby becomes real and when an accident happens Nick is whisked back to investigate who murdered her and to find out if he can alter history When he arrives he finds that Abby doesn't r ecognize him and he needs to gain her trust to find who wants to murder herThis tale has a lot of twists and turns with a bit of ghostly humor tossed in I totally loved this book as it blends modern day with the pastI bought my copy at Publisher Walnut Springs PressDate Published May 2011ISBN 978 1 935217 92 3285pp

  10. Alleluialu Alleluialu says:

    My favorite genre is time travel and this novel didn't disappoint It is the story of a twentieth century lawyer Nick Marshall who meets the love of his life but she's a ghost She was told by her grandmother in 1912 that she would meet a man with the initials NM who would help her Nick investigates her case in the twentieth century and as he is doing so he falls in love with her After he returns a vital piece of evidence to her she disappears and he travels back to 1912 Believe me the things I've told you won't give the plot away There are plenty of things to discover in this case Some of them you can figure out some are unexpected twists The novel moved along very easily Although I am very happy in the present this novel made it seem possible to travel between times It was a very clean romance a little sappy at times but not too much There were plenty of characters to think about and they all had their little uirks and uniue personalities I won this book on the Leprechaun Hop Giveaway Tour and I'm really glad I did

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