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Andromeda Klein Andromeda Klein Has A Few Problems.Her Hair Is Kind Of Horrible.Her Partner In Occultism, Daisy, Is Dead.Her Secret, Estranged, Much Older And Forbidden Boyfriend In Theory, Has Gone AWOL.And Her Mother Has Learned How To Text.In Short, Things Couldn T Get Much Worse Until They Do Daisy Seems To Be Attempting To Make Contact From Beyond, Books Are Starting To Disappear From The Library, And Then, Strangely And Suddenly, Andromeda S Tarot Readings Are Beginning To Predict Events With Bizarrely Literal Accuracy Omens Are Everywhere Dreams Swords Fires Hidden Cards Lost, Broken, And Dead Cell Phones And What Is Daisy Trying To Tell Her In The Ensuing Struggle Of Neutral Versus Evil, It S Andromeda Klein Against The World, Modern Society, Demonic Forces, And The Friends Of The Library.From Frank Portman, Author Of King Dork, Comes Another Unique Literary Experience Andromeda Klein Is Dark, Funny, Smart, And Entirely Unforgettable From The Hardcover Edition.