Hunter of Shadows MOBI º Hunter of PDF or

Hunter of Shadows MOBI º Hunter of PDF or

Hunter of Shadows [Download] ➼ Hunter of Shadows By Nancy Gideon – NANCY GIDEON RETURNS TO HER STEAMY NEW ORLEANS PRETERNATURAL WORLD WITH AN IRRESISTIBLE NEW SHAPE SHIFTER ROMANCE The secrets he knows about her could get him killed Transferring to the New Orleans Po NANCY GIDEON RETURNS TO HER STEAMY NEW ORLEANS PRETERNATURAL WORLD WITH AN IRRESISTIBLE NEW SHAPE SHIFTER ROMANCE The secrets he knows about her could get him killed Transferring to the New Orleans Police Department Detective Silas MacCreedy has a hidden agenda to secure his clan’s place once again in the Shifter hierarchy What he didn’t count on was stumbling upon a sexy assassin who could shred his best intentions and lead Hunter of PDF or him into a dangerous dance that threatens to engage his heart But the ones he doesn’t know Monica Fraser knows just how to make a man beg—for his life But she has no clue how to fight her attraction to the fiercely intense detective who seems determined to get in her way both professionally and intimately could kill them both When emotional attachments to the past and an unexpected glimpse of a different future have her uestioning her deadly purpose Nica must discover the truth about her secret abilities in order to free herself from the forces that control her But that freedom comes with a price—trusting those she’s been ordered to eliminate.

About the Author: Nancy Gideon

With over sales to her credit since her first publication in Michigan author Nancy Gideon’s writing career is as versatile as the romance market itself Her books encompass genres from historicals and regencies to contemporary suspense and the paranormal Her works have been published overseas in Romanian Italian Russian Portuguese Danish German Icelandic and Chinese among other l.

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  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    There's nothing that I love better than a hot alpha male strong kick ass heroine and great storyline Ms Nancy Gideon delivered the goods once again in this terrific readI have to share a favorite uote from this book This is a scene between Silas and Monica Trust me Nica Let me be a part of your life Let me protect you Let me be strong for you Let me be whatever you need whenever you need it All you have to do is askWow that's one swoon worthy uote ;All in all this is a great read and series Love it

  2. Jen Jen says:

    Nica and SilasCharlotte and MaxFull review posted on Fiction Vixen Book Reviews I am not sure how well known Nancy Gideon is I have previously read four books by her in her Moonlight series That series features mobster bossshifter Max and his human matecop Charlotte Max and Charlotte are one of my favorite PNR couples I will rave to people about them if they would just listen When I found out that Gideon was doing a spin off from her Moonlight series I have to admit that I was a little apprehensive The last book about Max and Charlotte didn’t end in a place I was 100% happy with I still felt like there were too many unanswered uestions for them And to top it off the new series is in the same world with the same characters How could I possibly read about someone else when really I just want to know about Max and Charlotte?Ms Gideon was about 85% successful with the new series in my opinion And the reason I give her such a high random number is because over half of the page time included Max and Charlotte It was almost like the story really is about Max and Charlotte The main hero and heroine are Nica and Silas Both Nica and Silas show up in Bound by Moonlight Nica rescued Charlotte from four shifters who attacked her in an alley and Silas came upon Nica as she was fighting off the four men Nica is back in a town where she spent four years as a child Those four years were with Father Furness Charlotte and Mary Kate She left because she needed answers and something was calling to her Something far stronger than she could control She ran away from St Bart’s and was taken in at a place that could train her and harness the thing that was inside her Nica is a rare species She is a female shifter that can shift There have only been a handful of them ever known to be alive She is in town on a special mission that is not revealed until the end of the bookSilas was allowed into the Terriot clan only because he swore to serve them for the remainder of his days In return they were to take his sister and friend into the clan and protect them as their own In order to restore his family name Silas has this great plan to kidnap Oliver Babineau Max’s ward Oliver is considered the prince of their kind By returning Max to the Terriot clan Silas believes he will be the new hero and will be given the respect he has long deservedBoth Silas and Nica are in town with their own agenda Those agendas cause them to meet up and face and undeniable attraction between each other Ms Gideon did a good job of establishing their relationship However once all those details are presented to the reader the story veered off into Max and Charlotte land Since that is what I wanted to read about to begin with I was pretty happy But my confusion is why didn’t Ms Gideon just write about Max and Charlotte and have Silas and Nica be the secondary characters? The book was still pretty good and held my attention like all of her stories do However after having four books of the characters I adore I was so emotionally attached to them that I almost didn’t care to read about the main hero and heroine in this oneNica and Silas’ story wrapped up nicely at the end Because of the way it wrapped up we will be seeing a lot of Nica and Silas in the upcoming books Max and Charlotte still have the ongoing arc There were some major uestions answered in this book about the ending of Bound By Moonlight Charlotte’s partner Alain was as good as dead to me He had turned betrayer There are some actions in this book that put me back on the fence with him He did some good things but is still being set up to be a turncoat I am not sure how that will fare overall The big bad guy is someone we saw coming It is someone who should have paid the price a while ago I was happy to see that part come to pass but not sure where this will leave things in the business end for MaxThe big uestion from the end of Bound by Moonlight is answered and boy what an answer Along with that we learn something new about Charlotte Both things we learn make me even frustrated to hear that the next book is about bar owner Jacues and not Max and CharlotteSo while this book was good I was still left kind of antsy Ms Gideon brings all new people and plots into the mix which will make the overall story arc fresher and longer I can definitely see why the book was written and I will persevere knowing that it is all in the name of Max and Charlotte I have not heard how long before we can just get back to what we want to read about though Hopefully not too long? Final grade BFavorite uoteShe pushed back so she could openly adore him as she said “What do you mean I make lousy coffee?”He blinked then his grin broke wide “It’s really awful but if you make it I’ll drink it”Her eyes brimmed to overflowing “My hero”

  3. ILoveBooks ILoveBooks says:

    The next book in the Moonlight series is finally here The action is intense and the reader has the opportunity to know the characters even better Silas is the newest character He desires getting his clan back up to their correct status in the shifting world His goal is admirable but will not be easy to achieve Monica is controlled by an enigma with skeletons in the closet She will need Silas' help to escape the hold this man appears to have on her When the two realize that their individual missions connect perfectly the sparks begin to fly There is an instant connection between the two of them right after seeing each other for the first time a bit of a teaser for the reader Monica acts like such a tough cookie most of the time it will entertain and please the reader to see her slowly fall for Silas Silas is actually calm and collected than Monica a nice change from the typical neanderthal male love interest This book is perfect for any reader who has enjoyed the first few in the series andor loves paranormal romance The events were interesting and fast paced the ending was slightly unexpected and the characters are very likable to the reader

  4. Nikki Nikki says:

    Trained assassin Nica is used to living on her own and truthfully she likes it better that way Her entire life has been lived moment to moment connections with people just brought pain She may be able to kill a man with little emotion but denying her attraction to the fiercely guarded Silas is something she doesn’t know how to handleSilas has his own secrets Secrets he can’t afford to forget A job he can’t afford to do People are counting on him infiltrating the New Orleans police department and bringing home what he was sent to collect The last thing he needs to is fall for the assassin that seems to always be showing upNica has powers emerging she knows nothing about and she needs Silas to help her figure out what is going on The few people she is coming to understand better then herself are the very same people she is supposed to killHunter of Shadows is one of those books that you try a lot to love You want to love it You keep telling herself to read But in the end you are disappointed and feel like you ordered something and the waitress brought you something completely differentI started Hunter Of Shadows thinking that even though the story seemed to center around a different couple that we would still get to see a lot of Charlotte and Max Unfortunately they don’t have much of a role in this one and for that I felt let down Oh they are still there some Just not in the fashion I wanted them inThe previous main couple has been relegated to secondary roles for this book and after being the center for four other book this didn’t feel rightI didn’t really like Nica I can’t put my finger on why exactly She had this tough exterior which normally I can go for because eventually they soften up if only for the main hero This just didn’t feel like that She spent much of the book referring to Silas has basically a booty call She never wanted to give into the feelings she had Then all of a sudden she flipped and was in love with him and couldn’t live without him It like like she walked from one room and into another and her whole personality changedAdd to this that Silas was in a round about way cheating on his childhood sweetheart and I just couldn’t like him He had this girl back home that he has promised he would come back to They were friends for years and as they grew into adults thrown together by tragedy Silas promises they will be together after he comes back from his assignment Then he goes off and meets Nica and they start sleeping togetherwhile this other girl is waiting at home What? Now I’m not normally one that draws a line in the sandand there is definite gray area since Silas had never actually slept with this other girlBUTyou can’t go telling a girl that she should wait for you that you will be together then go sleeping with some smoking hot assassin Even if you’re doing it out of some misguided sense of family duty Yes I know that was a huge run on thoughtmy mind doesn’t do punctuationAlan also makes appearances in this one because he has been temporarily partnered with Silas I wish Alan would make up his mind about his wife He either loves her and can stomach the fact that she is a shifter Or he doesn’t and he needs to move on He has found a way to work with everyone elsebut his wife is still out in the cold I don’t get it The boy you claim you love is suffering because you’re treating him like a leper Man up and take action or leave because hanging around can’t be easy on either of themIt’s safe to say I just had issues with Hunter Of Shadows I tried I really did but ultimately I just didn’t like it I hope the next one focuses on who I had come to love Charlotte and Max Or give me characters I can get behindI give Hunter Of Shadows by Nancy Gideon 275 stars

  5. Charlene Charlene says:

    I continue to be thoroughly impressed by Ms Gideon's writing and by this series I was hesitant about this book given that it did not revolve around our beloved Max and CeeCeebut I needn't have worried Silas and Nica were than worthy of their own book and the world has been expanded in most intriguing ways The writing flows beautifully as we've become accustomed to and I especially love how this author lets the information be revealed a piece at a time She leaves us wondering but not for long enough that it becomes frustrating And then just when you think you've got it figured out she throws in a totally unexpected twist Secondary characters take on larger unforeseen roles as this world grows I can't wait to find out what happens next5 solid stars for this one

  6. Hbeebti Hbeebti says:

    This wasn't my favorite of the series That being said it was still really good I love NG writing style This story was fast paced and the new characters were pretty great as well Nica was mentioned in the previous book but not by name but by a certain action as a mystery person Silas is a new partner w detective Alain Which can I just say is still an ass He did do something noteworthy and made me like him again But by the end of the book I still don't know what his agenda is and the way he treats his wife and step son hasn't gotten any better idiot There was a lot of action and a lot for Nica and Silas to work with Trust being a huge part of it There was mystery of who was out to hurt who? What was up with Nica? Silas and Nica both have troubled pasts Nica was a hard ass and at times I wanted to smack her but then when she had her vulnerable moments it was sweet Silas was calm and once they both got their acts together they balanced each other out Cee Cee and Max were in there enough for me to be happy since I love them Big news at the end for a certain character Oh man I cant wait to see how its relieved Overall I was happy with this book even though it wasn't Cee Cee and Max story I hope it goes back to them soon

  7. Ezinwanyi Chinyere Ezinwanyi Chinyere says:

    45 starsI was 20% into this book when I wondered why do I care about Silas MacCready? Who was he in relation to Max and Cassie? Then the author starts to reveal the plotBasically we get introduced to other clans in the Moonlight seriesSilas is working undercover and encounters an assassin Nica with her own agenda While it appears that they have opposing loyalties Silas and Nica can't keep their hand off each otherWe then see that Nica Monica was a childhood friend of Mary Kate and Cassies and Silas is a cop working with Cassie's partner Babineaux So I can see who both couples are entwined and I knew the story was about to get complexI continue to enjoy this series and look forward to the next journey for the shifters and the cops

  8. Melissa Melissa says:

    A wonderful companion story to the Moonlight Series that can also be read alone Monica comes back to New Orleans with a job but a mix up in an alley gives her reason to hang around than just an old friendSilas is in town as a guest undercover cop but he's also hiding his true motives When he meets Monica he's not sure he can go through with his plans I loved how this story continued with the Moonlight series and Cee Cee and Max We learn about those beloved characters as well as meet new characters Ms Gideon tells an exciting tale where you never know what might jump out of the dark Certainly a must read for her fans

  9. Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ Lani ⚔⚔ the Destroyer ⚔⚔ says:

    I continue to have a love hate relationship with this series On one hand I actually liked Cee Cee but maybe this is because we didn't get her POV on the other hand I never really connected with Nica and Silas Sure they were likeable enough at the end but they aren't a favourite The world is interesting though and the overall story arc is starting to thicken so I feel compelled to pick up the next book

  10. Giulia Giulia says:

    Another great novel by Nancy Gideon This series just gets better and better To read my full review please see my blog

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