Happy slapped by a jellyfishThe words of Karl Pilkington

Happy slapped by a jellyfishThe words of Karl Pilkington

Happy slapped by a jellyfishThe words of Karl Pilkington ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Happy slapped by a jellyfishThe words of Karl Pilkington By Karl Pilkington ❤ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Pack your suitcase and take an irreverent trip with Karl Pilkington to the furthest corners of Europe From sunbathing in t shirts and lizards the length of Toblerones to a toxic apartment in Ibiza wit by a PDF ✓ Pack your suitcase and take an irreverent trip with Karl Pilkington to Happy slapped PDF \ the furthest corners of Europe From sunbathing in t shirts and lizards the slapped by a PDF Æ length of Toblerones to a toxic apartment in Ibiza with a used loo slapped by a jellyfishThe words PDF or that can't be flushed these witty musings could put you off travelling forever.

10 thoughts on “Happy slapped by a jellyfishThe words of Karl Pilkington

  1. Maureen Maureen says:

    I bought this book because I loved Karl in The tv series Idiot Abroad There's nothing funnier than seeing him as the reluctant traveller having to do Ricky Gervais's bidding He's funny in the tv series because he doesn't have time to think about where he's going what he's going to do unlike the book where he even manages to do things he's actually interested in I much prefer the tv series with Karl at his best being completely miserable and hilariously funny

  2. Mike Steven Mike Steven says:

    For me the genius of Karl in the podcasts is that he was unaware that he is such a hilarious man Steve and Ricky set him going and then we laughed along with them at his ridiculous outlandish statementsIn this book Karl is aware that he is an amusing man but he is trying to recreate his spontaneous natural statements in a concious way Originally the humour resided in the fact that he was unaware how funny his opinions are now he's aware of it and is deliberately doing it some of the humour has inevitably been lostRegardless of that this is an amusing book and it's very easy to read Great for on the beach on the toilet on a train journey if you're half pissed that sort of thing

  3. Sun Brockie Sun Brockie says:

    Not sure if it's because I'm a big fan of the Ricky Gervais XFM broadcasts and his famed podcasts as Karl is nearly the main feature in them all but this book was hilarious Nearly every chapter made me laugh out loud in the literal sense Definitely the polar opposite of an intellectual read but worth it for the hilarity None of the stories are fiction either at least to Karl they aren't Would have taken me less than a day to get thru the book if I had a day to waste Definitely a good break book in between your serious reading Did I ever mention Karl Pilkington is my hero?

  4. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    I bought this with my boyfriend in mind but ended up reading it myself before I'd even given it to him I was surprised that I was so little amused by the book I find Pilkington very funny indeed but as a lot of these stories have been recounted in the podcasts which I've listened to there wasn't anything which felt overly fresh about it A tiny bit disappointing

  5. Dane Cobain Dane Cobain says:

    If you’ve heard of Karl Pilkington before then you probably know what to expect He’s the daft northerner that you may already know and love from the Ricky Gervais Show as well as An Idiot Abroad Here we basically have his journal entries from various holidays along with a few extra little goodies like graphic novel style illustrations of his stories or little poems that he wroteIt was entertaining enough but it also got a little repetitive over time I like Pilkington’s humour but in some ways it’s also kind of formulaic and so I think this book was just the right length and that if it had been 100 pages longer I wouldn’t have enjoyed it as much Still I’m glad that I picked it up and there were a few bits here and there that did make me laugh out loud I just don’t think I’d read it againIt’s also a little bit like Bill Bryon’s Neither Here Nor There in which it makes travelling sound kind ofwell terrible It’s fine if the humour comes across which it does here but it was just about starting to grate on me when I reached the end So yeah

  6. Sam Still Reading Sam Still Reading says:

    I like a lot of people know Karl Pilkington as the reluctant traveller from the television programme An Idiot Abroad When I saw this online at a very good price I simply had to pick it up I love Karl’s one liners and the way he summarises what everyone is thinking brilliantly This book is a collection of diary entries and summaries from trips Karl has done with his family mates and school chums There’s also cartoons and comic strips drawn by Karl and a few attempts at poetry but it’s the stories where Karl’s talent really shinesOr should that be bad luck? Karl seems to be fraught with it on his travels There’s the solidified toilet in Ibiza the time he accidently got high on hash chocolate getting stung by a jellyfish in the Caribbean and the maze like hotel in Tunisia No wonder the poor guy isn’t keen on doing any travelThe book is written just how Karl speaks ‘me mam and dad run a butty shop’ etc My mother and father have a sandwich shop not anything involving butts but I found it easy to follow along perhaps because I know some English people who use the same collouialisms Once you get into the rhythm it’s like Karl is telling you the tale The book made me laugh at loud at many points through Karl’s ‘state everyone’s thoughts out loud’ and preference for McDonald’s even in BrusselsMy only disappointment was this was a very fast read – it’s a smaller format book and Karl’s tales of unintentional woe like telling the police about a crime going to bed and then being woken by the police addictive It’s interesting that Karl states he will never ever go to Australia not for any original reason – just the bugs spiders snakes but then he did for An Idiot AbroadIf you like your humour deadpan and stating the obvious this is the book for you as a light read Guaranteed to put you off your holiday if you’re dreaming of one

  7. Larry Larry says:

    Not something I'd read usually but my wife got it from the library so it was lying around It was ok for bathroom reading but having listened to Karl and Ricky Gervais on the podcast I could always here Karl's voice in my head and Ricky's hysterical laugh If nothing else this book settled the uestion for me of whether Karl is a comedy genius or just an idiot

  8. Amy Watt Amy Watt says:

    This is gonna be a uick review as I have 3 logs and 2 assessments this weekThis book is typical Karl Pilkington nothing ever impresses him and misfortune seems to follow himThe book is written like a diary in some parts and in others it's flashback sort of things of every holiday he's hadI didn't like it as much as An Idiot Abroad this is going to sound mean but I preferred it when he went to places that he didn't want to go to not on holidays he's booked himself I liked how Stephen and Ricky always had something mean planned for him and that Karl didn't know what was going on until it actually happenedSaying that I did like this book it was uite sweet In an old man sort of way

  9. Mia Mia says:

    25 I probably should have stopped reading Karl Pilkington's books except I bought them in bulk before I read any with my only experiences being the XFM radio show and podcasts with Ricky Gervais and Steve Merchant The showspodcasts are in my opinion significantly better though perhaps if you haven't listened to them you might enjoy the books Most of the best insightanecdotes I had already heard from the podcast My two favourite things about this book were the captioned photos and this uote about my country I look at Australia like Ikea People always say how good it is but I can't be bothered going as it's in the middle of nowhere and hard to get to Brilliant

  10. Anna Kļaviņa Anna Kļaviņa says:

    People keep going on about global warming asking us to turn the heating down cos the ice is melting and polar bears are drowning but no one cares They should tell everyone that angry spiders from Australia are moving over here cos of the heat and then we'd soon turn off one of the bars on the fire I like Karl Pilkington it is hard not to like him The book contains Karl's tales on his holiday experiences and his musing on life With pictures and Karl's illustrations Fun and uick read

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