The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld PDF

The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld PDF

The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld ❴KINDLE❵ ❅ The Last Madam: A Life in the New Orleans Underworld Author Christine Wiltz – In 1916 at age fifteen Norma Wallace arrived in New Orleans Sexy and shrewd she uickly went from streetwalker to madam and by 1920 had opened what became a legendary house of prostitution There she en In at age Madam: A PDF Î fifteen Norma Wallace arrived in New Orleans Sexy and shrewd she uickly went from streetwalker to madam and by had opened what became a legendary house of prostitution There she entertained a steady stream of governors gangsters and movie stars until she was arrested at last in Shortly before she died in she tape—recorded her memories the scandalous stories of a powerful woman who had the city's politicians in The Last eBook ´ her pocket and whose lovers included the twenty five year old boy next door whom she married when she was sixty four Combining those tapes with original research Christine Wiltz chronicles not just Norma's rise and fall but also the social history of New Orleans thick with the vice and corruption that flourished there—and like Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil and Philistines at the Hedgerow resurrects a vanished secret world.

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  1. Wendy Wendy says:

    I read a couple of the reviews of this book and I disagree with the readers that say it was a boring book Maybe I liked the book as much as I did because I grew up in New Orleans and only a true New Orleanian can appreciate the truth of this book Everything and everyone that Norma wrote about are real people in New Orleans and you can't get to the truth than what she did when she wrote it That's probably why it wasn't published until she and most everyone she wrote about were dead for 20 years or LOL What a wonderful book I thoroughly enjoyed this book Hats off to Norma Badon The Last Madam of New Orleans

  2. Karen Mardahl Karen Mardahl says:

    Read years ago Date is a guess Adding to my Goodreads files to share with othersFor 5 years in a row I went to New Orleans to work at my company's big computer conference My focus was on the conference but I could indulge in the great food the city has to offer I also did the usual tourist things like take the Charles St streetcar to the end of the line to have a beignet at the café there and walk around the French uarter and Jackson Suare Only in my last year did I go to the market which instantly made me regret I hadn't done that previously On that last trip in 2000 I bought several books on New Orleans as a way of keeping the city with me One of them was this bookI don't remember the details about the uality of the writing I do remember the tales of this world was totally foreign to me being a compelling page turner This was a harsh world and it hurt to read what some of the women had to tolerate or even die for This is the tale of a business woman and how she fought for a kind of respectiblity for at least her business if not herself Throughout her life she thought she would spill the beans on all the hypocrites of society who condemned her publicly and patronised her privately and eagerly She reflects on what that would do and comes to a decision at the end of the bookWhat stuck with me was her suggestion that keeping prostitution going as it was in the good old days would have eliminated a lot of the drugs and corruption that New Orleans now faced She said it provided a vent for some of the craziness that then maintained the status uo elsewhere With that vent closed off the seaminess permeated all of society and all suffered as a conseuence I don't know whether I agree with that but the concept fascinated me and stuck with me all these years She could have been speaking as a businesswoman but it was her sincere view of the workings of society that there was and always is a need for a vent like thisI think this is a good read for anyone who has been to New Orleans and loved the city I think it would be a good read for anyone in studying crime sociology urban studies prostitution and the like in academia

  3. Alisa Alisa says:

    What is it about the history of the underworld and corruption in New Orleans that we all find so fascinating? The original Sin City deserves its moniker and despite its gritty history the place holds a certain romanticism and mystic At the center of it all from the 1920s through the 1970s was the legendary ueen Madam Norma Wallace She ran a successful business with the help of greasing the palms and other things of the city's law enforcement and political brokers who protected her When the pressure was on she shrewdly manipulated the system to stay one step ahead of any trouble that might bring her operation down Parallel to the story of her business operation and city corruption is the story of her personal life loves and relationships Say what you will about her business she was one colorful character who didn't let much get in her way A solid 35 stars

  4. Rachel Ropp Rachel Ropp says:

    This story had so much potential to be an engaging piece of history especially for New Orleans natives who have the added appeal of seeing men with the same last names as our streets show up in a whorehouse but choppy writing and poor organizing of the story itself caused it to overall being a somewhat tedious read This had so much amazing raw material that could have been a truly intriguing and scandalous read with a defter creative hand

  5. Anita Dalton Anita Dalton says:

    I'm unsure how to go about reviewing this book What do you say about an adeuate biography that is interesting because the writer is competent and the subject matter is relevant to your interests? It was a fun enough read and because I tend to keep any books that are not outright garbage it will have a place in the biography sections on my shelves But it was a merely adeuate book Not particularly thought provoking I read it when I was ill with H1N1 when Dr Seuss would have been challenging but this book went down easy and did not reuire much of me even as I found it interesting It seems like all praise for the book is damning it faintly but it's not often a book falls into the middle zone with me a place where I could take it or leave it But seeing as I how took it it is on that basis worth discussing Read the rest of the review here

  6. Faith Justice Faith Justice says:

    Sex bootlegged booze beautiful women and powerful men set against the steamy backdrop of corruption in New Orleans from the twenties through the aftermath of WWII This is the stuff of which exciting novels are made But as in many cases truth is compelling than fiction Christine Wiltz combines her mystery writing skills and deep affection for her native city in a real life thriller The Last Madam A Life in the New Orleans Underworld Norma Wallace a powerful ambitious woman ran one of the most notorious houses of prostitution in the French uarter for over forty years Wiltz deftly unravels the mystery of the woman behind the glamor of the madam; setting us up with Norma's violent death in Chapter One then spending the rest of the book answering the proverbial uestions of Who done it? and importantly Why? Wiltz was initially reluctant to take on a non fiction project but agreed to meet with Wayne Bernard Wallace's fifth husband Traumatized by his wife's death in 1974 he resisted all offers from movie producers and book publishers for audiotapes Wallace dictated during the last two years of her life After twenty one years he felt it was time to tell Norma's story This really nice youngish man came out to greet me and I thought 'I don't remember Norma Wallace having any children' Wiltz says That's when I found out that Wayne was thirty nine years younger than she was He took me into the kitchen where Norma died and showed me the bullet hole in the ceiling The novelist in me went nuts That began a four year odyssey for Wiltz as she patiently pieced together the puzzle of Wallace's life This book is the result This is an excerpt of a longer article posted on my website and blog

  7. Danielle Dandreaux Danielle Dandreaux says:

    I received this book as a special on I was drawn to it because it was about a madam in New Orleans I lived in New Orleans for 5 years It is a city unlike any other Initially I was drawn in to the book with the descriptions of streets in a city I knew well almost 100 years later It was fantastic to be able to picture the current day city and streets described Most of the detailed city descriptions are of the French uarter It is interesting how much has changed and how little The French uarter is still known for sex; however Norma Wallace would describe it as much trashier than it was in her time I also really enjoyed the detailed description of corruption in politics and police work You can't be familiar with New Orleans and not heard about the corruption of the past and perhaps the present The book also described where the phrase neutral ground came from which I always thought was strangeNorma Wallace's story was interesting It was interesting how well known she was in the city She even received a key to the city at one point She saw many changes through her lifetime and association with the underground It is a uniue look into a city that embraces life in every way from a person who loved that city

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    This is such a fascinating story and it allows you to glimpse into a time period that has been long gone in New Orleans How anyone gave this less than 5 stars is beyond me This book was written so well I felt like I was there

  9. Sheryl Sheryl says:

    I love to read anything regarding The Big Easy I've had a fascination with it for many years The history is rich with legendary characters and Norma was one of themThis book is very well written and its obvious that Ms Wiltz did a lot of research the characters seemed to come back to life on the page I especially liked the information about Jim Garrison after watching the movie JFK I wasn't aware of some of the aspects of his life This book had me captivated and I'm ready to read about the old New Orleans

  10. Meghan Meghan says:

    I wanted this to be better The reviews said it was a page turner It was not The life of Norma could have been told in a much better way So disappointed'

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