All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living ePUB ç All

All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living ePUB ç All

All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living ➜ [Epub] ❧ All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living By Wei Wu Wei ➦ – Amazing E Book All Else Is Bondage Non Volitional Living Author Wei Wu Wei This is the best favorite book isbn 9789622090255 format Paperback and others 68 pages Amazing EBook, Is Bondage: MOBI õ All Else Is Bondage: NonVolitional Living Author Wei Wu Wei This is the best favorite book isbn format Paperback and others pages.

10 thoughts on “All Else Is Bondage: Non-Volitional Living

  1. D.K. Sale D.K. Sale says:

    I found out I don't exist at all which is a huge relief

  2. Armand Cognetta Armand Cognetta says:

    The author begins with a strong introduction underscoring the complexities of ego death and the need for a lucid treatise on the subject and then immediately launches into the use of words like obnubilation and phrases such as this which from eternity they both were in a completely unironic mannerThere's also this apparently insane partIt is as it is That is all you can say and they are Maharshi's words Which means that there is no entity or object at all as such not even ourselves not even INot even Not I How could there be Think man think Does not thought unite with intuition in this ultimate insight How could there be Ha ha haWhat a hootBut while the over complexifications random bits of French and Latin and excessive use of hyphens are probably unnecessary you get the sense that it doesn't have egoistic roots only that the author enjoys this subject to such an extent that writing this book is a form a play for him and that he can't help with the occasional childlike flourishes of joyAnyways I enjoyed reading this book Ego death is the psychological process by which a person learns to de identify with the ego The basic idea is that because all concepts are fictions although often uite useful fictions and the I or the ego that we identify with is in fact a concept the I that we think we are doesn't actually exist in any real sense In other words we aren’t what we think we are because we are unable to understand ourselves through any thought or concept of self in the same way that the concept of a “tree” doesn’t capture the nature and infinite complexity of any given tree Thoughts and concepts are all just models which while useful can never fully explain the true nature of ourself – which just isThe actual understanding of ego death is said to not be able to be stated in words as it is not an actual concept but something beyond that – but it can be pointed to One who has undergone ego death is said to go beyond good and bad pain and pleasure and all such dichotomies because these concepts only exist when one believes oneself and all selves to be a separate and individual entities rather than merely undifferentiatable parts of a unified wholeEnvy hatred and malice will be no vengeance will no longer seem desirable we shall be invulnerable and we know why for we have said it again and again in the foregoing pages and so there is no one to hurt any of us Love and hatred are replaced by universal benediction manifested as kindliness and good nature towards the world around us which we now recognise as ourself

  3. Galen Sharp Galen Sharp says:

    The foundation of my intuitive research Best little book I've ever read With patients and a good dictionary this book can get you there

  4. Sky Feather Sky Feather says:

    This small gem is utterly mind blowing One of the most influential; far out pieces of human thought I have ever read It also helped me in my process of detaching from the ego state and further to perceive in a deeper level my attachments and expectations The day I began reading it I stayed awake until 3 in the morning devouring each phrase each paragraph I so much enjoyed reading this bookThe phenomenal subjective “reality” helped me perceive “myself” as I truly am that is a vehicle of the hyper consciousness that chooses to manifest Since there is no self accordingly in fact there cannot be any notion of pleasure suffering safety danger etc In essence I am not separate from any other human being When another human being is suffering in fact I am suffering too if I choose to identify myself with the phenomenal “reality” What I can truly do is to help other sentient beings realise that in fact we are not separate There’s not even a notion of “we” or “us” There’s only one “self” or better one consciousness that perceives the separateness in this dimension on this planet acting accordingly selfishly and separately Perceiving all that I feel lightweight the bondage feels less visible and my consciousness expands to embrace each sentient beingPerceiving all that I have the necessary energy to devote myself to the manifestation of the principles of the universe Truthfulness; Compassion; Forbearance The energy through me allows me to see that when each consciousness ie phenomenally separate human beings acts as a whole then there’s only One flow the flow of the universe through the consciousness “I” and each “I” for that matterAnd as I wrote some years ago this life is a dream; everyone you meet is your reflection; there's only One person experiencing all possibilities Whenever you forgive the other person you heal your mind Seek your true self Thoughts in the absence of my presence I discover myself looking at me there's something so clear that these eyes cannot perceive and then silence springs in the forest and all things have a name that cannot be spelled far away within I appear to exist and I exist to appear between what is known and what is not known Between the two my life unravels as a wave reaches the shore Who lives my life is not yet known as the subjective perception is struggling to identify what cannot be known

  5. Alexandru Jr. Alexandru Jr. says:

    incearca sa impace advaita cu budhismul si cu taoismul traducandu le intr un limbaj occidentalnu exista un sine ca fenomen ca obiect ca ceva ce poate fi descoperit pentru ca sinele e subiectivitate pura e noumenal si unic si nu are atribute nu e sinele meu sau al tau e ceva impersonalsi toate obiectele sunt obiecte ale unei minti unice care e universul insusi care e eu dar nu eu alex sau eu x dar care e pur si simplutot ce exista totalitatea obiectelor sunt supuse legilor cauzalitatii adica sunt conditionate de alte obiecte fenomene iar iluzia vointei care vine din iluzia existentei unui eu separat e doar o iluzietot ceea ce se intampla se intampla pur si simplusi cand intelegi asta esti ceea ce esti accepti ceea ce este si nu te identifici cu eul tau mic si suferind si care se crede separatcam asta pare a fi ideea de bazamai sunt niste lucruri pe care nu le am inteles pana la capat dar nu as fi inteles nici ceea ce am scris mai sus daca nu as fi vazut lucrurile astea intr un proces care se cheama direct pointing pe un forum care se cheama liberation unleashedasa cel putin dupa experienta de direct pointing ceea ce spune wei wu wei pare fff justificat si exact doar ca intr un limbaj destul de complex dar oricum interesant chiar daca nu l intelegi pana la capatdar nu stiu cat de mult sens ar avea cartea asta pentru cineva care nu a avut deja insightul despre care se vorbeste in easau poate eu proiectez insighturile mele asupra textului pe care tocmai l am citit desi nu prea cred totul se tine prea bine si asta pare a fi cea mai coerenta interpretare

  6. Sarah Sarah says:

    I'd give this 15 stars Couldn't finish it; I think this book obscures than it allows one to connect with a harmonic universe And I've decided to look elsewhere for my spiritual development Maybe I'll return to it one day after learning from other sources about the practice of what they are trying to tell me about

  7. Dean Dean says:

    Written with some heavy conceptual ideas and phraseology yet one of the clearest and concise explorations into nonduality

  8. David David says:

    there is little else i can say abut his book other than the sentaance below check it out good readpositive negative are phenomenal conceptswe are not conceivable to all

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