The Akhenaten Adventure PDF ☆ The Akhenaten MOBI

The Akhenaten Adventure PDF ☆ The Akhenaten MOBI

10 thoughts on “The Akhenaten Adventure

  1. James Trevino James Trevino says:

    After a few challenging reads I felt the need for a palate cleanser and this worked just fine TAA might be the most British book I've ever read from the style to the characters to the humor But I can't complain about that The writing is impeccable and you can really feel the magic of this world PBKerr created The world building and mythology are excellent even though that is a two edged sword While I loved all the interesting little facts the book felt like setup for the most part But it was a setup that was needed for future installments I can confirm that because I am currently at book #3 and it is amazingI mentioned how all things feel British the villain Iblis is the same He could be a Bond villain And that is good and bad He is not really that believable as a 'the most even djinni in the universe' but as I said things get better in future booksOne thing I will say is that this gave me the same feeling as a Dan Brown book a well documented travel work Kerr seems as in love with the numerous places the book visits as with the book itself And every novel in the series is the same an Indiana JonesRobert Langdon type adventureThe pacing is a bit slow because of all the setup but in the end it is worth it I highly recommend this series

  2. Connor Connor says:

    This book has a lot of xenophobia and fatphobia in it It constantly throws down on anyone who is not able bodied thin gender conforming and white BritishAmerican The main characters do black face to commit a crime because it was “suitable for carrying out a burglary” I didn’t like any of the characters I didn’t care for writing or pacing I did not enjoy this reading experience much at all and I sadly don’t recommend this

  3. Katri Katri says:

    I found this an entertaining uick to read adventure book and the central idea that some people in the modern day world are djinns of the ancient legends whose task is to protect the world is nice enough But the plot solutions were too facile and convenient and so it was not really as exciting and fun as it could have been However what bugged me the most was the attitudes the author showed through the narrative and the attitudes of the characters towards well pretty much anything that was not American white upper class and thin Such xenophobia especially towards the French and the Arabs such disdain of everyone and everything not fitting the right kind of bracket be it fat people or Nimrod's one handed servant or anyone I really couldn't wait to be rid of the author's thought world it annoyed me enough that I'm not sure I'd have finished the book had it not been my only companion on a two hour train trip when I needed something no brainer to entertain me Won't be reading the next books I'm really not interested to learn what his attitudes are towards other European nationalities than the French Had enough of this kind

  4. Colleen Colleen says:

    What a really cute book I will definately let my daughter read this book when she is older I've seen some criticism's about the issue of smoking in this book In the book the reason why Djinn smoke is because they are made of fire and they like heat and smoke But the character Nimrod clearly states in the book that smoking is fine for Djinn but terrible for humans But isn't smoking bad for you? Objected JohnIt's terribly bad for human beings yes But not at all bad for djinn Personally I don't worry that my daugher will read this and want to take up smoking Very likeable characters adventure humor and fun Great book

  5. John John says:

    The book inspired clearly by Harry Potter if not Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson books was ok The two protagonists a set of twins who discover that they are djinn with magical powers felt cookie cutter and never really seemed to break out of the moldTo make things worse there were a fair number of xenophobic comments spread throughout the book the French receiving a good number of shots hygiene being the number one thing attacked though Egyptians were not far behindComing at the book with adult sensibilities I was clearly sensitive than my 10 year old daughter who just breezed by these blissfully unawareThat said the combination of fairly mediocre writing and near bigotry or to be generous just poorly honed humor was tough to get past The final straw was the author who is uite prolific and this is nowhere near his first or even tenth book made a mess of the pacing A major new villain was introduced in the last few chapters and dealing with them felt hurried and poorly executed neatly solved by a little deus ex machinaNowhere near the worst book I've ever read hence a non one star rating it was bad enough that I have no interest in reading the rest of the series

  6. Book Elf Book Elf says:

    Have you read the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan? It was like reading that but at the same time nothing fancy like that because i like this one better I liked how it was written I dunno i really liked how UK writers write It was like in the same boat as Red Pyramid being Cairo and travelling in London and other parts of the world but not in a very hectic manner like Rick Riordan's throwing all information to you that you were sick of it and you cannot take it any This story was a fresh perspective from the source of magic of the magiciansmade me remember Bartimaeus the whole lot because he is a Djiin too and was trapped to Nathaniel's bidding So here siblings with a Djiin roots and on their puberty they have to acknowledge their powers as Djiin So be careful what you wish for was a saying that's always in my mind all the timeIt also wants me to read the Arabian Nights stories because this book promotes reading among children and adults alike When I read the intention of PBKerr in writing this book in his interview it made sense He intended this story for his son to encourage him to read If it did not work for his son at least for me it did Six books of these adventures? I have 2 so far so i will hunt for

  7. Thom Thom says:

    Read aloud with daughter; this book has strong main characters and a great mythology along with excellent descriptions of the locales New York London and Cairo It is the first of a series and we plan to dig into the next book very soonThis story is mythological fantasy with magic but set in our modern day world This element along with what is clearly well thought out folkore of the djinn is excellent I also appreciated references to other books Tales from the Arabian Nights and The Oxford Book of English Verse The two main characters twins show excellent problem solving skills and teamwork The supporting characters while mostly caricatures provide both knowledge and humorSo why wasn't it awesome? The first part of the book felt very slow with not a lot going on If not for the humor and occasional in jokes we probably would have put the story down Perhaps that was needed for the first book in this series a lot of expositionOverall result recommended

  8. Ari Odinson Ari Odinson says:

    I remember this book It's been years since I read it but I also remember that it was a thoughtful gift from a friend She said she knew I loved book with talking animals but couldn't find any so she hoped this was alright To be honest I always been fascinated by 1001 Arabian Nights so this was a nice little discovery since it involved two children learning that they were djinns The fantasy world opened up and expanded upon the usual locations of fantasy middle grade novels Therefore I consider this of a four star read than a three star one because I was not as in love with the plot as I would have liked but the setting meant everything to me The same with the characters The setting the background information and the fact that they were djinns meant a lot to meMy memory of the novel is mostly of the end and haunted feelings of the climax It was fun I enjoyed the novel If I ever find it again then I would take the pleasure of re reading the book It's not the best because I remember almost nothing of the characters and plot I do still remember ow much fun I had and how in love I was with the world it was set in That Is important

  9. Sarah Sarah says:

    Two american children find out that they are actually Jinn or Genie and set off to London to help out their Uncle er Nimrod Not a bad book slightly action adventurish but spolied by stilted writing and a uite bizarre hatred for the French which might be ment to be humerous but instead comes off as uite xenophobic The former might be because the author tends to write for adults and was trying to write down for children the latter I have no explaination for unless his English Scot hertiage gives him some sort odd long historical memory

  10. Stella ☆Paper Wings☆ Stella ☆Paper Wings☆ says:

    I read this book in 2015 I think? I don't remember a lot about it except thinking why tf did I read this Don't take my word for it as I'm clearly no expert on the book but Just saying I really struggled

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The Akhenaten Adventure ✅ The Akhenaten Adventure PDF / Epub ⚣ Author P.B. Kerr – Phillippa e John são dois gémeos ue vivem em Nova Iorue até ue o precoce aparecimento dos dentes do siso aos doze anos lhes vai mudar a vida Os irmãos descobrem ue são descendentes de Djinn e ue Phillippa e John são dois gémeos ue vivem em Nova Iorue até ue o precoce aparecimento dos dentes do siso aos doze anos lhes vai mudar a vida Os irmãos descobrem ue são descendentes de Djinn e ue possuem poderes especiaisNesta fantástica aventura Phillippa e John vão até Londres para conhecer o Tio Nimrod o seu excêntrico tio génio ue lhes revela toda a verdadeRapidamente os gémeos aprendem a utilizar os seus The Akhenaten MOBI :Ú poderes Djinn contra Iblis o Djinn mais perverso ue existe à face da TerraUma espectacular aventura ue os vai levar ao túmulo do Faraó Akhenaton no Egipto ao Museu Britânico em Londres e por fim ao Pólo NorteSerá ue vão conseguir regressar a casaSerá ue as coisas alguma vez vão voltar a ser como eram.