The Blue Djinn of Babylon eBook Ú The Blue Epub /

The Blue Djinn of Babylon eBook Ú The Blue Epub /

The Blue Djinn of Babylon [PDF / Epub] ☉ The Blue Djinn of Babylon By P.B. Kerr – Ficar invisível é mais perigoso do ue parecePhilippa e John são dois gémeos ue aos doze anos descobrem ue são descendentes de Djinns e possuem poderes especiaisEm A Aventura de Akhenaton 1º volu Ficar invisível é mais perigoso do ue Djinn of PDF Ç parecePhilippa e John são dois gémeos ue aos doze anos descobrem ue são descendentes de Djinns e possuem poderes especiaisEm A Aventura de Akhenaton º volume da trilogia Filhos da The Blue Epub / Lâmpada os gémeos aprenderam a utilizar os seus poderes contra Iblis o Djinn mais perverso ue existe à face da terraNesta espectacular segunda aventura John e Phillipa são enviados numa missão secreta para tentar recuperar o livro mais Blue Djinn of eBook ✓ poderoso do mundo sobre feitiços antigos Durante a missão deparam se com um inimigo mortal detentor de poderes mágicos muito mais poderosos ue os deles Philippa é raptada e levada como refém para um reino secreto na antiga Babilónia onde vive a terrível Djinn AzulJohn vai precisar de toda a coragem inteligência e poderes especiais para sobreviver e salvar a sua irmã.

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  1. Thom Thom says:

    Strong characters and great locations continue including a cameo by a famous king The humor and even fart jokes is a good match as well Read aloud with my daughter and we did not appreciate the freuent djinn word punsLike the first book this story is mythological fantasy with magic but set in our modern day world This element along with what is clearly well thought out folkore of the djinn is excellent My only uibbles with this particular book aside from djinntolerable puns was the ending which crammed a lot of wrap up and some foreshadowing of future books into just a few pagesYes this took months to read but our library system had exactly one 1 copy with three other people waiting for it on hold Glad to have finally finished it; may not dive into the next immediately

  2. Mara Mara says:

    Cover Blurb Yes or No? It's exciting it's excellent art and you can't see the character's face So yes I like itCharacters John and Philippa continue to be great kid protagonists leaping into adventure without too much forethought but they're not rash either and meeting danger head on They have a great twin sibling relationship teasing each other and fighting sometimes like real siblings but they're not always constantly at one another's throats which gets annoying with some sibling pairings Nimrod is still an awesomely amusing uncle and the villains of the piece are not so much wicked as they are just determined to get what they want One of the villains was uite obvious from the beginning while the other took me somewhat by surprise which was nice I always like it when I'm surprised by the villain's identityThe Romance There isn't anyPlot When the sacred Solomon Grimoire the most powerful book for djinnkind goes missing Philippa and John are looped into trying to find it before someone can do permanent damage with it But what they don't know is that they are headed right into a trap and when it's sprung it results in Philippa's abduction And somehow the Blue Djinn of Babylon the deciding power in the djinn world; the one djinn who is above Good and Evil is involved I must admit that out of the two I have read so far in the Children of the Lamp series this one was not my favorite simply because there wasn't really a bad villain For a story involving deceit and abductions and the like John's rescue mission was pretty straightforward Sure it has the usual perils and challenges to be found in a good adventure novel but they were all pretty easy and uncomplicatedBelievability Not applicableWriting Style I still really do like this Author's writing style It's classy and has a good amount of humor Perhaps a bit too much light heartedness this series could use a bit dash of seriousness but it's not too bad When explaining a lot of concepts the Author directly addresses the Reader giving the story a historian documenting actual events feel which I always enjoyContent NoneConclusion It was a little too tidy The escape went smoothly and people turn up at the most opportune moment possible and everyone goes home laughing Not literally but that was general ambiance of the end In a series meant for kids I can let such a perfect end slide a bit than I would in other novels and there is the promise of an interesting seuel I just wish had happened in the climax Despite its few shortcomings The Blue Djinn of Babylon is a great adventure story; just not the best in the seriesRecommended Audience Girl and boy read any age Rick Riordan fans would like the concept as will fans of other like minded adventure stories

  3. J B J B says:

    I enjoyed all of the Children of the Lamp books Fun light fantasy geared for children around age 8 mid teens For adults there's some good humor and a good writing style we will enjoy as well

  4. Jasper Olson Jasper Olson says:

    The book was fantastic for people who love adventure and action It's very fast paced however makes it up with great twists and turns lovable characters and to never want to put it down

  5. Lara Lara says:

    summary Philippa and John Gaunt are 12 year old twins who find out they are descended from a line of djinn who happen to dislike the word genie They live in New York City with their wealthy parents but have fun and adventure whenever they visit with their uncle Nimrod who divides his time between London and Cairo All over the world there are various tribes of djinn and they tend to be generally good or generally evil Djinn are responsible for controlling the world's supply of luck and ideally the balance is kept in homeostasis for the benefit of humankind Through this constant struggle there is one ruling power the Blue Djinn of Babylon who steps in when things fall too out of whack and metes out punishment if necessary Her word is lawIn this the second volume of the series Philippa practices playing the famous djinn game of bluffing Djinnverso and enters the youth tournament She attracts the attention of some of the enemy tribes of djinn as well as the notice of the Blue Djinn of Babylon who is on the lookout for her replacement The Blue Djinn kidnaps Philippa after framing her for cheating in the tournament all for the greater good and brings her to the ancient now underground city of Babylon The location is also the former Biblical Garden of Good and Evil with a tree of logic that produces fruit and emits a scent which hardens one's heart to emotional involvement and allows the Blue Djinn to dispense justice fairly John sets out to rescue Philippa with the help of his uncle Nimrod one armed chauffeur Mr Groanin and the family dogs Alan and Neil who happen to be the twins' uncles they were formerly human John must navigate a series of challenges the first of which is infiltrating a US army base in Ira – the series includes some awareness of current events even as it hints at millennia of djinn involvement in human affairs In the time that it takes John to reach Philippa she has been changed by exposure to the tree of logic but the bond between twins is stronger and John manages to save her Comments This is a well written series and John and Philippa are a lot of fun because although they share an extremely close bond and value each other's strengths they also get frustrated with each other and behave like normal siblings Although some of the coincidences in the series are too good to be true it wonderful that Kerr inserts many exotic locations and tidbits about customs in foreign countries and cultures Young adults could learn a lot about other places and perhaps be inspired to travel This book ends on a cliffhanger with some of the loose ends from the story not tied up – like one of the enemy djinn whom Philippa John and Nimrod helped to imprison in the first book escaping his sentence from the Blue Djinn and tipping the balance of luck into the bad area once again Also it is not clear who will take over from the Blue Djinn when she dies which will be shortly as she knows she is reaching the end of her lifeline There are a couple of candidates – Philippa's mother has agreed to take her daughter's place though she hasn't told her family and Nimrod has also come up with a possible candidate in the meantime I see on that the fifth book in this series has just been released this month and while at Spring Garden Public Library looking for book two after I read book one I saw that they had up to book four as well so they've been adding to the collection as these books are released

  6. Richard Richard says:

    My thoughts on this book are similar to the first one The setting for the story is original with the basic storyline itself following a path that is typical to many other middle grade fantasy books Having said that the story in this book was a little bit original than the first oneThere are many other twists on originality throughout the book for example there is a spooky ferryman who would normally be a skeletal figure Charon style but in this book he is a copper automaton It’s the small details like that which keep the story new and enjoyableWhat really hurt the book were the huge and numerous plot holes One of the biggest of them was how the group get into an American military base in Ira Basically the characters one American the other English march up to the check point without any identification and claim they are passing through the area visiting Irai relatives and could they stop at the base and give a ventrilouist show the military decide this is perfectly acceptable then leave them unguarded and they is no problems with the characters sneaking off This seemed to be so implausible that it made the book hard to believe inI also thought the six ordeals one of the characters has to go through to get to the djinn secret hideout was badly done The six ordeals were basically the same and even the character says that once he got passed the third trial the rest seemed pointless and I couldn’t agree One of the characters keeps a diary I felt the early part of this wasn’t very well written It was really just a shift from third person to first person perspective and I didn’t really feel the character’s thoughts feelings and personality The later part of the diary as the character undergoes a change did get stronger and interestingOverall I thought this was a good book it was original than the first and many of the traditional parts of the stories came with twists The biggest problem I had with the book was the many big plot holes which is why I gave this book three stars instead of a higher score Some repetitive points such as the six almost duplicate trials and some parts that were not as well written such as the early part of the diary didn’t help either

  7. jamo buttafuoco jamo buttafuoco says:

    My brother goes to his friend’s house almost every single day Most of the time he does not tell my parents that he is going there If my parents want to go out to dinner or already has something planned he would never have to come Rarely I get invited with Nick my brother whether it is golfing swimming or just to go over his house I have a hard decision either to go with Nick to go over his friends’ house and have fun or go with my parents to what ever they have planned For one special occasion Nick and his friends was going to a beach in Truro I wanted to go but for some reason I decided not to go to the beach but to go to New Hampshire to go to my cousins’ house with my mom and dad to spend time with my family Just like how I know that family comes first in the book Children of the Lamp by PB Kerr John made a decision to put his family first John tries save his sisters’ life In this book Philippa’s most challenging obstacle is trying to save her own life while Ayesha and the Tree of Logic are trying to change her life forever When John was trying to get to save his sisters life but on the journey he doubts himself the whole way and is trying to decide if he wants to turn around or save his sisters life Philippa changes throughout the book because in the beginning at the Djinnersvo tournament Izzak seems like a very nice charming boy But later on he captures John and Philippa in a cigar tube and both John and his sister hate Izaak for the rest of the book People who want to read about a risky adventurous book should read this book

  8. Brett Carrier Brett Carrier says:

    After reading this the second novel of the Children of the Lamp adventure I think I'm with the series The novel is about John and Phillipa Gaunt two djinn living in New York To simplify things a djinn is pretty much a genie While djinn may seem like an intriguing concept to base a story around PB Kerr makes a lot of mistakes while writing First off the few jokes in the story are repeated many times It seems like every few pages somebody is telling Phillipa that she is a djinntelligent djinnvidual I'd be okay if Kerr made this pun once or twice but he really overuses itNext there are a lot of minor characters that Kerr goes into great detail about For example there is a twelve year old taxi driver that helps transport the main characters around Sure it might take some explaining as to why a twelve year old is driving but that doesn't merit a long drawn out backstory that has no relation to the plotLastly Kerr condenses the exciting action filled parts to a few paragraphs The climax of the book could have been a huge battle between the main characters and their villain who should remain nameless due to spoilers Instead the big battle is a few paragraphsAltogether Children of the Lamp The Blue Djinn of Babylon is an interesting concept with a poor execution

  9. Sophie Sophie says:

    I'm not sure whether I should rate this book 4 stars or 5 stars it's probably somewhere inbetween During the first half of the book I wasn't that impressed with the plotline Phillipa is playing in the Djinnverso tournemort and gets framed for cheating This bit was alright although I don't really see how it played into the overall storyline Then John and Phillipa get on a train to meet Issac and Phillipa gets kidnapped This was written uite well and I thought the thing with the devil was uite cool Then I'll try not to spoil too much we find out that the Blue Djinn of Babylon is about to die and she wants Phillipa to take overMy favourite part in this book was either the part with the king and the wish monster or the part where view spoilerAlan and Neil hide spoiler

  10. Fabian Sauceda Fabian Sauceda says:

    As 12 year old twins John and Phillipa returned from yet another adventure facing a powerful evil djinn in Cairo London They learn about a powerful book of djinn magic which has been stolen from the Blue Djinn of Babylon the most powerful djinn and the ruler of all the six tribes three good three bad But what they didn’t know is that the Blue Djinn is not only luring Phillipa into a trap but is also the grandmother of John and Phillipa When she is captured the go to rescue her but get trapped with their own obstacles If you like adventure and suspense read this book

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