A Cortina da Memória PDF ´ A Cortina PDF or

A Cortina da Memória PDF ´ A Cortina PDF or

A Cortina da Memória ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ A Cortina da Memória By Lisa Unger ✩ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Num primeiro olhar a vida de Annie Power parece feliz uase idílica Vive num bairro rico na Florida com um marido ue a adora Gray e uma filha ainda peuena Victory Mas subitamente os demónios de um pa Num primeiro olhar a vida de Annie Power parece feliz uase idílica Vive num bairro rico na Florida com um marido ue a adora Gray e uma filha ainda peuena Victory Mas subitamente os demónios de um passado ue Annie preferia a todo o custo esuecer começam a rondá la trazendo lhe A Cortina PDF or memórias de alguém ue ela foi um dia Annie vê se envolta numa espiral ascendente de puro terror à medida ue as ameaças vão assumindo contornos mais perversos e ue luta por recuperar as memórias malditas ue poderão ser a única forma de se defender a si mesma e a Victory Afinal Marlowe Geary o serial killer ue conheceu anos antes está de volta a um passo de aniuilá la.

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  1. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I totally forgot to review this one I drove extra places listening to this and put my hand up for being an extra busy taxi mum during this audio book Annie and Gray are madly in love with a lovely daughter Annie's past is creeping up on her though She lived a terrible youth alongside a narcissistic mother don't you just hate reading about these sorts of characters makes me shudder Annie is an unreliable narrator to the extreme; given her trauma she enters a highly dissociative state Her psychologist is found dead and clues from her past are beginning to crop up and strange things are happening all around I loved the build up of tension in this one a very good back to basics thriller to make us really think and hold us at the edge of our seats

  2. Phrynne Phrynne says:

    Oh that was good That was SO good It was so tense that I could not stop reading and finished the whole book in one day This was my second book by this author and I shall certainly seek out of her work I enjoyed the way the story moved from past to present and I felt an attachment to the main characters and wanted them to survive to the end And there was always doubt whether this would happen A real page turner and recommended reading for anyone who enjoys a good thriller

  3. hllf hllf says:

    A lot of unfulfilled potential Not recommended Below is a breakdown of my ratingEnjoyability 3Re Readability 1Character Development 2Complexity 35Writing Style 2Believability 2Overall 225 I picked this book up to read over vacation because I liked the description of the plot The book started out rather slow; a lot of recounting of past events In fact after the first two chapters I started over and re read them to try to get a better handle of what was occurring whenOnce the novel picked up it moved along well and the suspense was built up albeit a bit over dramatic in parts Throughout the book it was a bit difficult to keep track of what was really happening and what was in the heroin’s mindThe book liked to build up suspense by making a page or two of events appear like they were real then telling the reader it was just a dream This is a very cheap way to try to build suspense that clearly otherwise is not presentThe character development was poor at best; it wasn’t till at least the 16th or 17th chapter before we even found out how old the heroin isThe writing style was also mediocre The entire novel was told from the first person POV of the heroin which wouldn’t have been so odd but even the scenes where she was never present were told from her perspective as if she were a spectator and telling the reader a storyFinally the ending was extremely disappointing; I do not like books where you feel at the end that the time you spent reading it was wasted I still have difficulty determining which parts of the book were real and which parts were just figments of the heroin’s imagination put in for no purpose other than to mislead the reader in a very silly wayIn conclusion I was very disappointed and I do not recommend this book I may come back to Unger down the road and give her another try but she has to make many improvements to get my vote for a good new author

  4. Melanie Melanie says:

    Two stars for me is an ok read This was too long There was also one part of the main character's journey that I think ended abruptly do I not remember what happened or did the author not know what to do? Anyway just ok

  5. Wendi Lee Wendi Lee says:

    475 starsAnnie Powers has a lovely peaceful life with her husband and young daughter No one would ever guess that she was once Ophelia March stepdaughter to a serial killer in love with his eually sadistic son Those events were solidly in her past But soon strange events happen that make Annie think she isn't safe after all and she must figure out how to protect herself and her daughter from her horrific past Lisa Unger knows how to tell a story This one was riveting from the very beginning After learning just the barest details of Annie's old life I actually put the book down for a few weeks because I was terrified for her and her daughter Victory There are some great red herrings in this book and the wrap up at the end was satisfying with a few unanswered uestions I did keep wondering about AnnieOphelia and her mother All this began because Ophelia's mother started dating an incarcerated serial killer What makes a woman or in this case women fall for serial killers? There is something terribly sad hiding out beneath the plot of this book a commentary about broken women damaged girls Ophelia's mother was convinced Frank was innocent Ophelia loves Marlowe despite the violence Remarkably Ophelia's daughter while young seems to be incredibly strong Is it motherhood that changes OpheliaAnnie? It propels her through most of this book so I would like to think so Anyhoo I will stop rambling Read this book It's breathtaking

  6. Mackey Mackey says:

    Lisa Unger is such an interesting author to read each time I do I feel as though it is a completely different experience from any of her other books I also find myself learning a lot about a topic that I totally didn't expectIn Blackout the primary character Annie Powers is a beautiful socialite but who has had a horrific trauma in her past That past has caught up with her or did it ever leave and now her mind is unable to cope with all of the realities and the lies that have been part of her world for so longPart thriller part mystery and a dabble of paranormal mixed with a lot of psychological torture and you have the perfect recipe for this really good book So why only 3stars? The characters are great well developed and I totally loved Annie's character As much as I want to say the storyline is unbelievable anyone who follows politics knows better No the reason is that in this instance the back and forth timeline was incredibly confusing It should have worked and often did work but too often I had no idea what was happening and would have to read entire pages before figuring it out I'm not that slow it was that confusing Yet despite that it still was a good read and I do recommend it

  7. PattyMacDotComma PattyMacDotComma says:

    Did Not FinishUnger begins with U and for a challenge I needed a mystery writer beginning with U She's written lots of books and this one seems pretty popular but by golly I just couldn't get interested We have a troubled confused young mother with a lot to hide and as her secrets are revealed both to her and to us I expected to be drawn in Nope Just didn't like her much or care and wasn't interested in any of the other characters either I read half skimmed some but I don't even feel like peeking at the end to see who is really who and why we see her real imagined? in so many different places I apologise to Unger's many fans but at least I won't spoil her record with a low rating because I didn't actually finish

  8. Kathy Kathy says:

    What was real? What was imaginary? I feel like I need to check into a mental hospital after reading this book Black Out really messes with your mind and not in a good way It is very doubtful that I will read any other Lisa Unger books I was left to wonderwhat happened?

  9. Kelly Kelly says:

    This is the first time I've read anything by Unger but she has now earned a place on my list of newly discovered and now in complete awe of authors I can't wait to read all of her other works For the past three days I have been completely immersed in this book only putting it down when it was necessary to deal with certain real life issues and get some sleep It grabbed hold of me and refused to let go until I'd finished the very last page The main character is Annie who used to be Ophelia before she broke free of her past and started a new life in a fancy house on the beach with a husband who makes her feel safe and a little girl she loves dearly Her younger life was filled with massive amounts of trauma from which she yearns to escape complete with an absent dad and a mother who is so desperate for a man to love her that she marries an inmate sitting on death row This book is not simply about family issues though It is a psychological thriller very suspenseful with some truly creepy moments that will send chills down your spineI will say that this book is very very dark and may not appeal to everyone Scrolling through other reviews I see that a lot of people were turned off by certain elements Interestingly I've noticed this same type of polarization with several other books that are along the same lines as Black Out Craig Larsen's Mania and Lehane's Shutter Island come immediately to mind The story moves back and forth between past and present which might have a tendency to frustrate some readers I read the book in 3 large chunks of time so I was able to follow it pretty well and never felt lost; if I had read a few pages here and a few there it might have been difficult In addition you find yourself uestioning the reality of what is happening vs the sanity of the main character which seems to turn some people off I personally enjoy all the twists and turns and wondering what is true and what is not I felt that the epilogue tied up all lingering uestions uite nicely and I closed the book feeling nothing but satisfied

  10. Sharon Sharon says:

    Annie Powers leads a happy healthy and wealthy life and is happily married to Gray and they have a beautiful daughter Victory In fact you could say that those who know her well believe she possesses the perfect life but does she?Something from Annie's past reappears and now Annie finds herself confused and she has no idea how to escape her past a past she had forgotten and left behind years agoWell I must say I'm so glad I decided to read another book by Lisa Unger because I truly enjoyed this one Thriller suspense and mystery fans this one is for you

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