The Rough Guide to Psychology Epub á Guide to Epub

The Rough Guide to Psychology Epub á Guide to Epub

The Rough Guide to Psychology ➾ The Rough Guide to Psychology Download ➹ Author Christian Jarrett – The Rough Guide to Psychology looks at the uestion psychologists have been asking for over a hundred years why are we the way we are It starts with you your mind and brain broadening out to look at yo The Rough Guide to Psychology looks at Guide to Epub Þ the uestion psychologists have been asking for over a hundred years why are we the way we are It starts with you your mind and brain broadening out to look at your friends and other relationships then finally on The Rough Epub / to crowds mobs and religion It explores the latest research relevant to crime schooling sport politics shopping and health and what happens when the mind goes wrong including depression anxiety schizophrenia and unusual conditions.

10 thoughts on “The Rough Guide to Psychology

  1. S. Musavi S. Musavi says:

    Apparently a subject like psychology is too complicated to be described in a book Christian Jarrett's book is not an easy one to read He has tried to introduce a big picture of the field as comprehensive as possibleDefinitely this is the right book to start psychology with After reading the book you will know enough specialized areas of psychology and so you can go for information This book is neither a cook book of psychology tricks nor a text book This book is for serious reader who wants to start his journey in the field; she or he will find enough references for every topic if there is a craving for much content

  2. Racha Doughman Racha Doughman says:

    Ethnic psychology not enough to study human mind It must dig deeper into cultural history evolution and language gestalt psychology holistic contents of consciousness recognizing that mental experience is often distinct from the sum of its parts cognitive psychology mental activities that go into our brain cognitive psychology is the dominant approach in experimental psychologyMemory and perception work cognitive archeology rose tinted spectacles bias blindspot our tendancy to think that people are prone to self bias that we ourselves are affective forecasting grumpy aunt visit example

  3. Sammy Sammy says:

    A good interesting introduction to Psychology for someone like me who didn’t know where to start It flies very uickly though a lot of topics so I felt lost at times but it’s a good place to start and now I feel like I could dip back in to certain sections and find further reading if I wanted to

  4. Shaun Watson Shaun Watson says:

    Great introduction to psychology easy to understand as a beginner on the subjectMany topics discussed are easily relatable to everyday living Maybe not so useful for experts obviously

  5. Peym Peym says:

    Reading 2010 in 2020

  6. Kylie Young Kylie Young says:

    I must own this book I have had it on loan from my library for 3 months now to their annoyance and I'm still not finished I constantly need to reread things so that the enormity of the information gets stuck in my brain which I find ironic considering I'm reading about memory function and the sort The reason I need to read everything twice is because the book is written so well one mind blowing piece of information flows peacefully so well into another mind blowing fact I have learnt so much from this little book and I feel like I need to read it again sorry library perhaps I just need to go out and buy my own copy It's so interesting and I feel like anyone would take something away from this book

  7. Freda Mans-Labianca Freda Mans-Labianca says:

    I love the Rough Guide seriesThis one is close to the top of the ones I have read too I just really get a kick about books that help to understand our brains and why we tick the way we do This little gem of a book touches on all facets of psychology and really helps you understand about yourself and others tooI will admit since reading this book I am trying to eliminate swearing from my life completely I try to curb my teenage son from using it and the hubster as wellI think a lot of people will find this book interesting since we all can relate to it in one way or anotherDefinitely one I think you should pick up and check out455

  8. Ahmed Magdy Ahmed Magdy says:

    The Rough Guide to Psychology was an excellent introduction to Psychology for me It talks about our minds how they work and how we feel It also talks about the history of Psychology and mentions some experiments with almost every piece of informationBut the bad point for me was that I expected it to talk longer in some important and interesting subjects but he talked very superficially about them while he prolonged the speech through many boring issues so you feel that the book could have been smaller and interestingBut anyway it let me know many new things and I loved it

  9. Alex Alex says:

    This was an excellent introduction to psychology for me It covered a broad spectrum of information both chronologically thematically I also enjoyed the resources at the end but as others have said the book lacks direct citations to the cases discussed

  10. Kurt Kurt says:

    A whirlwind tour of many branches of psychology along with a little history Surprisingly deep for as broad as the subject is

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