Kindle Edition ✓ Huntress ePUB Ú

Kindle Edition ✓ Huntress ePUB Ú

Huntress ❃ [EPUB] ✻ Huntress By Malinda Lo ➜ – Nature is out of balance in the human world The sun hasn't shone in years and crops are failing Worse yet strange and hostile creatures have begun to appear The people's survival hangs in the balanceT Nature is out of balance in the human world The sun hasn't shone in years and crops are failing Worse yet strange and hostile creatures have begun to appear The people's survival hangs in the balanceTo solve the crisis the oracle stones are cast and Kaede and Taisin two seventeen year old girls are picked to go on a dangerous and unheard of journey to Tanlili the city of the Fairy ueen Taisin is a sage thrumming with magic and Kaede is of the earth without a speck of the otherworldly And yet the two girls' destinies are drawn together during the mission As members of their party succumb to unearthly attacks and fairy tricks the two come to rely on each other and even begin to fall in love But the Kingdom needs only one Huntress to save it and what it takes could tear Kaede and Taisin apart foreverThe exciting adventure preuel to Malinda Lo's highly acclaimed novel Ash is overflowing with lush Chinese influences and details inspired by the I Ching and is filled with action and romance.

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  1. Asenath Asenath says:

    I cannot comprehend why this book has so many high ratings The writing was awful There were so many point of view changes that I got dizzy Seriously there were POV changes mid sentence That is just bad writing Also I'm not sure why but I felt like this book was written like it was published in the 1990's I can't think of a better way to describe it It's slow there are pages and pages of descriptiontelling and something about the wording just seemed off to me And all the POV changes were awful I ended up skimming this book just reading the sections of dialogue and I'm glad I made that choiceI would guess that the reason so many people are saying this is a wonderful book is because of the LGBT themes in it I'm not opposed to LGBT literature but I want it to be good The romance in this book was just as unbelievable as Twilight I feel drawn to you for some reason who knows what the reason is but I don't know why but I can't help it and oooooh look we kiss and now we LOVE EACH OTHER DEEPLYright Like that's the idea of romance we should be perpetuating I would recommend skipping this one

  2. Katya Katya says:

    Whoo boyI gotta admit I just finished reading this and well my brain's pretty much scrambled folks No getting around that This novel took me for a ride in a world so full of fantastical imagery and imagination that it would take a while for me to enjoy another YA fantasy without comparing I loved this story And I really really wanted to love the book But the inevitable but comes to mind so I'll just stop apologetically beating around the bush and say it Huntress while undoubtedly wonderful was also a bit of a let downHow can you love the story but not the book you ask? Is that something like liking the concept but not the execution? Something like that but not entirely See I loved the characters I loved the world building I think Lo definitely has a knack for creating interesting mythologies and complicated character relationships and I enjoyed the imagery in this book It borrows different elements from Mideval empires such as the belief that the ruler's body is literally the body of the country as in what happens to the ruler happens to the country directly and uses them for the benefit of the storyRight So it's full of symbolism and amazing imagery and lovable characters That's usually than enough for me to like a book But as much as I wanted to give this book five stars there are a couple of problems with me the writing being the first of them Lots of telling not showing happens in this book and I feel like it was rushed in places where the reader should have been left to stew a little Which leads me to my next pointWhile Lo's characters are amazing in terms of character development Huntress is not so great Remember how in The Dark Wife a lot of people noticed that while Hades and Persephone's relationship is greatly build upon there's not enough action? Well Huntress has the exact opposite problem While the relationship between Kaede and Taisin is build upon a great part of the novel is about the heroes going from place to place and doing stuff The last third or forth of the novel is almost nonstop action while previously the heroes traveled from one place to the other And that's fine it's a novel about growing up and finding your true calling and all that But here's my problem A lot of things were left hanging or just felt uselessview spoiler Take Mona for example She's a former sage who decided to walk a path of her own and I really thought her introduction seemed too convenient not to be used as some sort of horrible plot twist What's she makes Taisin uestion the things she has been taught and suggests things aren't as clear cut as the Academy makes them seem That would have provided for some amazing character development Instead Taisin barely thinks twice about that episodeWhile the ending didn't bug me it seemed plausible enough I didn't like it that we barely saw Taisin's inner transformation Why did she choose to thread that path? What made her finally pick sagehood over staying with Kaede if leaving her lover makes her so unhappy? Surely there's a better reason than the one we're given in the book hide spoiler

  3. Barbara Barbara says:

    I was at the YALSA Young Adult Library Services Associationconference in November and was NOT one of the pucky people to obtain a pre release copy of Huntress there although I heard the author speak and lusted after on Two weeks later I went to the NCTENational Cozuncil of Teachers of English and snarfed up a copy the second I saw it available I like books that are outside th normal fare Huntress is not only different from Ash it is different from any other paranormal or fantasy It is only loosly a preuel to Ash they are both set in the same universe where fairies and other creatures co exist with humans in a not to easy alliance Several hundred years seperate the two books and the relationship between the species is different but you lose nothing by reading them in either order there isno true connectionThat said I enjoyed Huntress even than Ash Opening the book took me to a world where the fate of humanity rests on the shoulders of two teenaged girls one a future mystic the second a young huntress Although they had been in school together neithe had paid much attention to each other until they find themselves on a uest to answer the call of the Fairy ueen andtry to overcome the mysterious blight that is devistating the human world And in the courseof this uest the two fall in loveTheirs is not a world where being a lesbian is a fate worse than death or cause for being ostricized In one scene the king's son who accompanies them asks the huntress if he will need to fight her for the love of the female guard traveling with them The big issue between the huntress and her family is not that she is a lesbian but that her father has already set up a politically advantagous marriage for her just as he did her brother Her mother explains that politically advantagous marriages involving two women are rare and she will just have to obey her father So she jumps at the idea of this uest to keep her away from her father and the unknown future husband he has chosen for her at least for a time The mystic has another problem if she is to fulfill her destiny she desperatly wants she must remain celibate But she also wants a future with the huntress she now loves She has a vision of something terrible happening to the Huntress and as one member of the party after another dies or is injured she fears she will lose the girl she loves This sets up the final conflict between the two Huntress doesn't have the traditional happily ever after ending but once the ending arrived I realized it was inevitable There was nothing else the author could have done and retained the integrity of the world she created And that is the mark of an excellent storyteller that she gives the ending a reader can accept as the RIGHT way to end the bookI truly want to see of this world and hope there will be books coming

  4. Sue (Hollywood News Source) Sue (Hollywood News Source) says:

    I don't know if authors make my life excellent or a living hell Probably both That endingEven though the last part dragged I would still consider Huntress as a fast paced High fantasy book Lo explored the fantasy aspect of the story really well I find myself genuinely caring about the enthralling world building The characterization is consistent I love the banter and humour between the characters The chemistry between Kaede and Taisin is real I'm in love I want Huntress is a slow burn book that will certainly leave its readers breathless Highly recommended to fantasy fans Mini review to come

  5. Amanda Amanda says:

    I wanted to love this book Someone recommended it to me and it sounded lovely Romance between two girls magic fairies epic uest lyrical writing style what's not to love?Sadly much SPOILERS FOLLOWThe POV kept headjumping which is just about the worst thing you can do in a book It was disconcerting and dizzying and I hated it Secondly the lyrical style of prose was insufficient to carry the weight of the uest Either we were supposed to read this as a real world adventure in which case we needed about the girls about the world about the central romance just Or it's supposed to be a metaphorical fairy tale in which the metaphors shred under the weight of even a second glance As an example of the flimsy metaphor The Fairy ueen IS the Land Okay standard trope I can accept that But there's never ever ever been a break in the succession? Really? In thousands of generations of beings that live hundreds of years they have never had a ueen fall down a flight of stairs or get hit by lightning or murdered in a jealous fit or struck down by a rival or killed in war? That's a remarkably long lived regime for an eco system so fragile that it got nearly irreparably broken by one night of sex with a hot human male But the most damning thing about this book was the romance It seemed to be that they fell in love for no reason except maybe that they were fated to fall in love? Maybe Taisin fell in love because she'd had a vision about it? I just didn't buy it I didn't feel like I knew these two girls at all or like I was invested in their relationship

  6. Logan Logan says:

    First impressions The world here was so different from any other book I've read recently I couldn't put it down because I was so curious about where this story was going The first chapter is retrospective so we see where things might end up but not what has happened yet and it is achingly beautifulLasting impressions Breathtaking Grand This fantasy was gloriously epic while still remaining a uick read and avoiding an overly complicated plot This one is top notchConflicting impressions I didn't want it to end I wanted I would have loved to have had backstory on the state of the world and relations with the Fairy people There's definitely enough here to make the story work but a tad information would have just filled in the edges a bitOverall impressions If it wasn't already clear I loved this book Any book that can surprise me is on good footing already One of the things I found so refreshing about this book is the love story that builds between the two female main characters That in and of itself is a bit outside of the norm but what really made me soar was that this budding attraction was not shameful shunned or disapproved of by their society Kaede and Taisin are only kept apart by Taisin's path as a sage Sages are to be celibate yet the vision she has of the future where she knows she loves Kaede haunts her How does she choose life as a sage or life in love at the vulnerable age of seventeen?It's this struggle that defines the book When the girls are sent on a uest to meet the Fairy ueen and later to battle an evil presence the heart of the issue is this growing bond between two young girls who just want to do what is expected of them without losing themselves in the process Malinda Lo handles this tension with exuisite easeLike any good uesting fantasy this one involves bloody battles including one particularly violent clash with a band of wolves Still the love stories that wind their way through the novel are emotional than physical so I think it would be appropriate for the younger teen set as well This book tackles so many of the struggles we all feel and so well that it would be a shame for any reader to miss out

  7. Cinda Cinda says:

    Lots of action two heroines who are kick butt in different ways a star crossed lesbian love affair high stakes and fantastic world building I hope Lo will consider writing in this world One of the major conflicts in my Seven Realms series is the tension between politics and love I had never considered how a lesbian character would be even likely to be forced to make that impossible choice

  8. Fade Fade says:

    After loving Ash so much I really and truly wanted to like this book And maybe the problem was that I was expecting too much based on the previous book in this setting Where the other book gave me a known story bent into a new and fascinating shape where I wasn't uite sure how it would end this one gave me a very straightforward uest Instead of a close narrative from a single person's PoV it was head hopping casually in the middle of scenesBut really what frustrated me was the damn vision premise A character starts out with a vision that everyone swears is completely true involving a specific set of characters in a specific location which means there is absolutely no suspense at any point up until that location is reached because I can safely assume that everyone in the vision will reach that point and anyone in the adventuring party who's not in that vision isn't going to fare so well And indeed the book goes on to continue to dwell on the vision at great length adding details so that by the time the big climactic encounter arrives it'sexactly what we were told it would be Exactly As we were toldI continue to be baffled at this approach to plots I liked many of the characters uite well the setting was lovely but I really do want to have at least a tiny bit of uncertainty as to how a plot will progress to keep me interested in a story

  9. Nicky Nicky says:

    Huntress is a sort of preuel to Ash but it is set a long time before it If I remember rightly this story is mentioned in Ash Anyway this story is about the journey of six people Con the son of the king; Taisin a young woman who wants to be a celibate sage; Kaede a classmate of Taisin's with no talent for the magic; and Shae Pol and Tali their guards They have to see the Fairy ueen during a period when nature has gone out of balanceThe story of the journey itself isn't really uniue but the love between Kaede and Taisin is I loved the fact that the book treats them in pretty much the same way as a male female couple is usually treated in fantasy stories I mean that it seems natural and inevitable that they should be drawn together and that their desire for each other is palpable and not treated euphemistically Okay there's nothing explicit but the physicality of their relationship is thereIt's also easy to read a uick read and the situations and emotions ring reasonably true The emotional involvement that was lacking in Ash was definitely there for me which made it that much enjoyableI really wish books like this had existed when I was younger I hope the arrival on the market of books like Ash and Huntress isn't just a one off

  10. Carola Carola says:

    Ok so thoughtsThis book has a lot of flawsThe proportions for this book are way off The introduction of the uest is very short and we don't get much of an explanation This will be or less fixed later in the story or the author tries at least but nevertheless Then most of the book tells of the journey the characters take to the fairy city Taninli This easily takes up two thirds or of the book By the time they reach the city there is not much space left to tell the rest of the story and it all feels uite hurried Especially the final event view spoilerwhere Kaede has to hurry to meet the unicorn in order to safe the fairy ueen hide spoiler

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