Blue Days, Black Nights: A Memoir PDF Å Black Nights:

Blue Days, Black Nights: A Memoir PDF Å Black Nights:

Blue Days, Black Nights: A Memoir ➮ [Ebook] ➩ Blue Days, Black Nights: A Memoir By Ron Nyswaner ➺ – A brilliant and inspirational vision of love death and spiritual redemption in 20th Century America Ron Nyswaner's account of his struggle with real life demons great and small is gripping harrowing a A brilliant and inspirational vision of love death Black Nights: Epub Û and spiritual redemption in th Century America Ron Nyswaner's account of his struggle with real life demons great and small is gripping harrowing and sometimes shockingly intimate It is heartbreaking and yes it is also very very funny indeed It delivers an emotional intensity Blue Days, PDF \ that fiction by comparison can only hope to achieve Jonathan DemmeRon Nyswaner's courageous and exuisitely written memoir speaks to us all on the mysteries of whom we love and why The book reminds me most of Somerset Maugham's classic Of Human Bondage for true passion has an involuntary nature so well depicted here Days, Black Nights: MOBI õ Ron Nyswaner is a poet of the secret self and his first book marks a stellar debut Laura Shaine Cunningham author of Sleeping Arrangements Beautiful Bodies A Place In the Country and Dreams of RescueA wrong turn down a one way street in the shadow of the Sunset Strip's Chateau Marmont leads Academy Award nominated screenwriter Ron Nyswaner Philadelphia Soldier's Girl on a journey that will nearly drown him in the intoxicating impulsive maddening tragic and transformative nature of love Despite the success of his latest film Ron has been fighting depression and contemplating self destruction I don't want a mediocre empty life he tells his psychiatrist acupuncturist herbalist after halfheartedly attempting to hang himself with a belt Then on a trip from his home in upstate New York to Los Angeles Ron meets and falls for world weary Johann a Latin uoting leather clad hustler with a vague European accent In the next year Johann will teach him many things how to make a crack pipe out of a soda can how to come down from a crystal meth binge how to walk down a city street as if he owns it how to beg for in Hungarian and how to lose oneself utterly in reckless passion If he can survive it loving Johann might be Ron's salvationRon Nyswaner wrote the screenplays for Mrs Soffel Swing Shift Philadelphia for which he received an Academy Award nomination and Soldier's Girl He lives in Woodstock NY.

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  1. George K. Ilsley George K. Ilsley says:

    A love story of sorts with the object of affection being a rent boy or accurately a rent master Why is messy addiction so entertaining? This is a well written memoir surreal at times and oddly engaging Ron Nyswaner was nominated for an Oscar for the screenplay for Philadelphia and is uoted in the most recent Vanity Fair in the article about Mel Gibson Addicts are very good at hiding their addictions Some parts of this memoir are fiercely grim without giving anything away I'll just say Leatherman but overall the memoir is redeemed by the skill of the author

  2. PJ PJ says:

    Blue Days Black Nights A Memoir is Ron Nyswaner first published book And an excellent one at thatHis name may sound familiar as he is the Academy Award nominated screenwriter of the film Philadelphia This is not however a star filled tell all Hollywood tale uite to the contrary This is a human story told with brutal honestyFollowing the critical and commercial success of Philadelphia Mr Nyswaner went through a personal time of turmoil and painThis excellent autobiography tells that story; an inner story of pain and guilt as much as an autobiography about living in a time when not all the answers are as cut and dry as we might like Where children become parents to their parents where love has a price tag where feeling good can be purchased but being happy and content cannotWritten with clear language and daring insight this book was a real page turner for meThe story begins with an ending and it's not giving away anything to say that this is a brilliant way to begin this journey with Mr NyswanerAnd it is a journey of the heart and soul into addiction of both the mind and body The fact that Mr Nyswaner came out on the other side of such a traumatic time in his life and has been able to write about it speaks volumes about human spirit about coping and lovingThis autobiography covers so many topics but does not feel preachy or forcedIt is a genuine look into a world most of us will never visitIt's an excellent read and highly recommended

  3. Martin Martin says:

    This is memoir about an absolutely harrowing time in Ron Nyswaner's life He becomes deeply involved with drugs through the assistance of an enigmatic enabling young hustler named Johann It all ends in tragedy but narrative is too short to detail Nyswaner's redemption and recovery I was convinced that his attachment to Johann was based on his drug fueled fantasies than actual reality It is uite a compellingly cautionary tale

  4. Matthew Steiger Matthew Steiger says:

    This book is a uick read but it really affected me The author takes you along with him as his life devolves into alcoholism drugs and sex with a hustler His honesty and emotion are raw and yet intimate Can't say that I enjoyed the book but that wasn't the point He depicts a side of Los Angeles that is percolating just under the fake facade the people want you to believe is real

  5. Denis Denis says:

    This harrowing memoir reflects some of the darkest aspects of life as some gay men experience it and Nyswaner deserves respect as much as applaud for having not only the guts to write his own story with such complete honesty but also for doing it with a brave sense of humor that makes it all the poignant The author writes with fierce intelligence and compassion but without self pity about drug addiction alcoholism loneliness sickness suicide impulses and most of all about love but a very special love the one that he felt for a European hustler he met in a Los Angeles bar whom he kept seeing without really ever knowing him and for whom he developed intense feelings Did he love a real person or an image a fantasy that he created and craved from that elusive person? Nyswaner is no dupe yet he also knows that what he felt really was love and that gives his book real depth His descriptions of the drug and alcohol binges he indulged in are painful and real His chapters on Johann the mysterious hustler are both tender and funny Some pages are heartbreaking A persistent sadness floats over these pages from beginning to end It all rings true and most of it is bleak and depressing One can sense what Nyswaner went through and one can only be grateful that he found the strength to write about it and to share his story

  6. LARRY LARRY says:

    As posted in Honestly you can only write a few pages about your drug and sexual addiction without repeating Who needs to know that it's the same thing day after day even if it was a different person or a different drug Nyswaner a screenwriter of Philadelphia opens up his memoir with the death of his escort which he soon learns that he didn't even know the escort's real name Then he goes back in time to where he first encounters Johann a hustler The aftermath of Philadelphia's success soon takes Nyswaner on a tumbling spiral to drug addiction and sex To deal with stress such as his ailing parents he turns to Johann Johann is a foreign eccentric who provides Nyswaner with drugs before having sex Nyswaner soon forsakes everyone as well as his job His life revolves solely around Johann At the same time Nyswaner tries to get out of this bleak life He seeks help which he gets from a uirky Asian counselor Despite his attempts to turn his life around he still falls for Johann His turning point doesn't come until Johann dies out of the blue I found myself restless with this book because his life with drugs and sex is the same thing day in and day out There is nothing really interesting about Nyswaner's life and his enigmatic escort Johann

  7. Christie Christie says:

    Raw insight into Nyswaner's attempted suicide following the death of his lover

  8. Theo Theo says:

    Another recovering addicts bio of their rock bottom plunge and their survival Explores a man's loss of himself in reckless passionand drugs

  9. Rikki Wallace Rikki Wallace says:

    The ending was sooooo unexpected

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